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That's not true. In Congolese Music, women are the strongest fanbase. Many legends made it in their career because of girls, Papa Wemba, Tabu Ley, Franco, Koffi Olomide, Nyoka Longo, Lita Bembo, the list is long. Also those of the 5th generation Fally Ipupa, JDT, Ferre Gola, Heritier Wantanabe... Girls bring important donors to the artists, they can be send on mission to eliminate rivals which happened to many of the 3th generation, bring money to those artists (most Congolese musicians are like gigolo, even bandleaders), etc. You will notice that if a Congolese singer start a solo career, try always to come close to "Les Grandes Dames de Paris, Bruxelles & Londres". 

Koffi Olomide, Papa Wemba, Lita Bembo & Nyoka Longo often said that the bigesst nkisi in Congolese music is girls. If you have them, than you can go very far in your career.

One of the reasons that Wenge EL Paris had alot of difficulties, is because they hadn't girls in their fanbase. While Wenge 4x4 had alot.

*Pepe Felly Manuaku who lived in Switserland came as guest.


I noticed that performing in Genève (Switserland), doesn’t have the same impact like it had in the 90s & 80s and DVD’s & VHS’s of concerts after 2000 are very rare to find on the market. Does it come because of the Congolese community in London getting bigger tHan them ? Back in the 80s and early 90s, Congolese artists were often bragging about performing in Genève and some dreaming about running away there. Because back in those years it was easier to get papers there than in France & Belgium.

There isn't a musician of Wenge Maison Mere who attack Werrason hard and often like Bill Clinton Kalonji did. But nobody started to hate him, like people hate Ferre Gola. I noticed that Bill doesn't have the same fame like he used to have in his first years of his solo career, after having reconciled with Werrason. What happened ? Also why did happened to his announced concert at Bataclan with Les Samourais back in 2007 ? Because he was making alot of noise about it with his musicians.

Dady Bola is younger than Thierry Mogratana he was 17 years old or something like that when he joined Nouvelle Ecriture in 2000.

Christian Solo prefered to stay in Europe to get papers when they came to mix Techno Malewa volume 1. So they recruited Kimbangu Solo and Rodriguez Solo to replace him. I was seeing Kimbangu Solo as a better solist than Christian Solo and was excepting alot from him on Techno Malewa Suite et Fin, after seeing his test at La Zamba Playa, FIKIN 2009 and Zenith 2010. But I was very dissapointed when I heard the album. I found it also strange that Werrason didn't release the mecanique-version of the Suite et Fin-generique

I didn't say that Deplick had better songs than Heritier. I said that people that back in 2008/09, people started to claim that Deplick was better than Heritier because of the succes of Le Representant (btw it isn't even Deplick's song, but a song credited to Linda & Gisele) and Confession Intime not getting the succes that people were expecting from people. It was because of Heritier hyping to much about the song like it would be the best song in the world, before the release of Mayi Ya Sika, being then the last musician of the dream team. I guess that you know what often happens to people when they don't fill the exceptions. Heritier started to get respect back from people after Techno Malewa vol.1 with his song Par Amour which was better received than Confession Intime while people excepted that Deplick would confirm his succes with Champgne Mitterand which was also well received but didn't had the same succes like Le Representant. With the eyes of people switching from Deplick to Fabregas, because the succes of the song Diego Music which was the biggest hit of that album.

Deplick could have been far in his career and better then Fabregas, if he stayed in Europe, after Stade de France to live with that skinny girl in Brussels who used to work with Congomikili back in 2012, to get papers and work on a solo album. He used to have a big fanbase in Europe (only girls lol). He was one of the musicians that the combattans were looking to beat when that phenomenon started, just because they were hating the way girls were following him.


Mogratana didn't like the way people were prefering Christian Bombele above him. He could never mention Christian's name in interviews properly (keeping saying mutu wana) and claming that he made the Techno Malewa-sebene.

from 3:54 min

I never understood what was going between Prince d'Angola and Bill Clinton Kalonji

He wasn't sidelined because he was almost killed by Papy Kakol and his friends in France after performing in Lyon back in 2008/09 when they were touring and recording Techno Malewa, being then abandonned by Werrason and nobody visited him in the hospital, that's why he left. With him then back many videos on youtube attacking Papy Kakol, showing then also his ex'girlfriend of mixed race. He started to work on his solo album who came out in 2010, but I forgot the name of it.

Everybody danced on his crie "Muana oyo nabota na maman muluba" et "mon chapeau" who were really apreciated back in 2008. Hahaha Brigade saving the songs's grace, I don't know if you witnessed when the album came out and the months after it. But people started to call Brigade a "faux animator" saying that he did nothing special and came with nasty cries (Lidusu), praising the Diego Cao and Lobeso (who became then the best atalaku of 2008). People were then claiming that Diego Cao was far better then Brigade and that he had to give him more space. That's why Werrason changed his tactic and let Brigade only animate on the end of Techno Malewa Mecanique and giving Diego Cao then alot of space. It went then in Brigade's adavantage and getting his trust back from Maison Mere-fans with that Sima Ekoli-crie. The thing also happended to Heritier, because of his two songs not being well received like excepted and people claiming then that Deplick was better then him because of the succes of Le Representant and Deplick profiting from Heritier's absence who started to miss rehearsals because of troat-problems.

Thierry Mogratana didn't shine, because there was a man called Flamme Kapaya who was the main solist of Wenge Maison Mere, who was doing wonders in that era. When Flamme Kapaya was in Europe for 2 months or something like that and almost to leave Maison Mere for Quartier Latin, Mogratana took his place, but wasn't able to show that he was better then him and didn't do something special (except Kora 2005). He had even difficulties to cover songs like Heritier Itele. Then when Flamme Kapaya decided to leave in 2007, he became the main solist of Maison Mere, but wasn't impressing fans and then stayed in Europe for longs month to get his papers after perforing at the SFINKS-festival of sept 2007 with Yannick Noah, which made Christian Solo "Airbag" of Operation Dragon (2nd team of Maison Mere) and who started to share the solo-role with him, getting his place quickland fans loving him. Then when Thierry Mogratana rejoined it was already to late.

from 4:06 min, Christian Solo officialy presented as the main solist of Maison Mere at Tshangu. With him promising that he would never disappoint the Wenge Maison Mere-fans and not ran away in Europe lol.

Thierry Mogratana never really conviced me in Maison Mere. I was him more seeing as a mi-solist. I think that some underground lead-guitarist was giving him sebenes when he used to be in Nouvelle Ecriture. Lambio Lambio and Dady Bola used to attack him often when he decided to leave Nouvelle Ecriture for Maison Mere with Dady Bola claiming that he taught Thierry Mogratana playing guitar in Masina. I found it already strange that they decided to give the Somo Trop-generique to Dady Bola, when Thierry Mogratana was around.

They didn't really form a real duo like Les Freres Soki. It was Moovison who came with project. He was about to produce Alain Mpela's first solo album Feuille de Route, but wasn't sure if it would succeed since that his EP Intifada wasn't well received. On the other side he was about to produce Bouro Mpela (who then just left Quartier Latin) first album Vice de Procedure, but he was also with not sure if that album would succeed. So he asked Alain Mpela, if he could record a duo-album together with his little brother Bouro Mpela and he accepted. They started then to record Mortel Combat with Alain Mpela's band Generation A in Kinshasa and a part in Europe with arranger/guitarist Alain Makaba. Then when the album was finished they didn't go back to Kinshasa to do the promotion, because Moovison want didn't give them the money to promote the album their since that he knew that he wouldn't get  that money back because of the huge piracy there. So a conflict started, that's also why the album flopped. Moovinson prefered to promote the album in Brasil, Colombia, Suriname, Cuba with songs like Rumba Kongo, Aicha, etc. (I heard Rumba Congo 3 times on the Latin Radio back in 2007). So after spending almost a year in Europe, Bouro Mpela received an offer from Koffi Olomide to rejoin Quartier Latin, knowing that one of the two F's would leave soon (Ferre & Fally). Bouro Mpela accepted the offer which made Bouro's parents, his own family and Alain Mpela furious with Bouro's parents even cursing. That's why the Mortel Combat-project stopped, but back in 2008 or 2009, I don't remember they toured with Alain Mpela in the USA and made some playbacks in New York and were also the first Congolese artists to perform Las Vegas (Maybe they lied lol, because they are from the Wenge-Generation).

Yes, rejoining Quartier Latin ruined Bouro's career. He finished his own career for doing that and from then people weren't taking him serious anymore. While if he would record Vice de Procedure staight away then think that he would succeed with G5-revolution already starting with Fally and Bill Clinton (in Kinshasa). In the Mortel Combat-DVD they were already promoting Vice de Procedure. After leaving Quartier Latin against after 7 months, the press and himself announced that Vice de Procedure would be produced by David Monsoh's label Obouo Music, but I don't know what went wrong. Maybe Fally wasn't happy with that and did everything to get him out. Then after that Bouro Mpela was about to sign with a recordlabel, but that label received threats and alot of letters (hahahaha that must be Koffi), so they refused to produced Bouro Mpela. Which made him sign with Le Duo d'Enfer (Papy Mukiadi & Adrien Mukiadi), the guys who produced Temps Present "Mayi Ya Sika", but that album wasn't well promoted and flopped very hard. While it had very good songs.

That attack towards Koffi kills me in Ecole d'Amour kills me, he did it also in the Mortel Combat hahahaha. "Et puis ozo continuer koloba que nga nazela, dit en tant que qui, pourquoi et de quel droit" Those 3th and 4th generation bandleaders were sick and killed many careers.

the generique with Thierry Mogratana, the female drummer (i forgot her name) and Michel Bass.

Congolese Music / Re: Is it true that Didier Ndenga died ?
« on: March 21, 2019, 19:59 »
I don't know  but all this Wenge Maison Mere sudden death are weirds very weords they are dying like mosquitos

He also worked with King Kester Emeneya, Koffi Olomide, Papa Wemba, ..... and many others. He wasn't a member of Wenge Maison Mere, but Werrason liked to work with him often. He also made that Hôtel River movie where Fally participated.

I guess Fimbu which he animated towards the end. Because he used to animation it sometimes back in 2006 and also in that little tv-concert Werrason made with Jacky Ndala (to react against Koffi).

Kene Kene said that Prince came as a dancer in Wenge Maison Mere and that he became a animator when they were in Kinshasa. But why did he do animations when they came to recruit him in Cabinda (Angola) ?

Yes, I remember Flamme Kapaya skipping studio sessions and sabotating Werrason's worldalbum by not participating to those recording sessions along with Celeo and Werrason with his staff being very furious and planning a big 12 against them and Heritier in case that they would return to Kinshasa. But  apparently nothing happened to Heritier. I spot following Maison Mere when Celeo left, being also pissed of the way Heritier, Kakol & Brigade were dissing him on tv until Techno Malewa came out.

Man, that would have been a big buzz if Flamme Kapaya returned with Maison Mere and that multi-neck guitar (Madame Jacqueline) to Kinshasa. It would have boost Flamme's succes even more. Those departures really weakened Wenge Maison Mere, but people weren't seeing it because of Werra's succes. Thierry Mogratana wanted to copy him by returning in 2009 also with a multi-neck guitar calling it Jesus Christ, but nobody paid attention it and him leaving the band when they went to mix Techno Malewa.

Guy-Guy Fall - 3eme Jour (2005) ? and Extra Musica International - M.E.R.C.I. (2000) ?

Wow just watch Bouro's dancing part.I've just watched it countless times.This guy is a master dancer .I wonder between his brother and him who is better than the other.

watch this video and judge. I remember Alain Mpela once joking in Naty Lokole's or Papy Mboma's interview that Bouro Mpela isn't a better than him. Adding that what Bouro Mpela does isn't dancing but acrobatics hahahaha

Hahaha Prince will not be happy with this interview. I'm sure that will attack Kene Kene strongly. About which so called friend was Kene Kene talking about, Roi David ?

So if I understand well Bonbon Kojack wasn't left behind for Taddet doing nkisi on him, but just of Werrason not wanting Kene Kene & Bonbon Kojack getting papers in Europe ? But why did Werrason accept it later with Brigade, Miel and Heritier ? I used always to believe WMMM false stories, saying that Kene Kene hadn't engough cries and that he ran away because Roi David, but it seems not to be true. I remember Koffi Olomide offering Kene Kene to join Quartier Latin some months before Gessac joining QL, with him accepting the offer, but Kene Kene then not joining after getting threats from Maison Mere-fans. Back in those days it was almost impossible to live in Kinshasa if you were against Wenge Maison Mere (as musicians, spokemen, journalist). I had always some big difficulties to accept Kene Kene, because I always saw him as a bad copycat of Bill Clinton. I started to accept him when I heard Primus Changement de Frequence and Temoinage, but that vision came back when Brigade & Prince joined and hearing those stories from Werra-staff saying that he hadn't inspiration anymore when they came for that 2006/07 tour. They came with the same stories to in 2005 to get Celeo out the band, letting him then not participated to the song Werrason made with Benji & Mpassi, but it didn't work since that he was animating the most in concerts with people not believing them.

That story about that kuluna with that policeofficer at Stade des Martyrs killed me hahahahaha. I heard that Shaggy was very angry and said to never return back to DR Congo. The show at Grand Hotel Kinshasa was already a big problem with Shaggy not wanting to go on stage because of him not being paid with Werrason quickly paying him a part of the money. But the press didn't talk about that problem (Werrason had at that time 80% of the press in his pocket) and said that the show was fantastic. foreign artists (USA, France, Jamaica, etc.) in DR Congo had always been a big mess since Jimmy Ciff & Kassav.

Celeo, Kene Kene & Roi David was a good combo, with that solid defense (Papy Kakol, Ali Mbonda, Coreen Polystar, Thierry Mogratana, Flamme Kapaya, Mimiche Bass & Chevignon Synthe), he didn't have to recruit Brigade & Prince. But it think that it would been interessting to hear them Celeo, Brigade, Prince, Roi David on the original Temps Present. Did they already record generique and finished the album when Flamme Kapaya left ? Because it was meant to get released mid-2007.

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