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What songs did Lebou Kabuya play lead guitar on for Monde Arab?

Riziki & Mopao en Or

Some cries of V12 were cries Calugi was animating in concerts of Wenge. Which don’t really match with his voice,

Beevans was there until 1998. It was just that he wasn’t creative in bringing New cries and like I said Somono admitted indireclty what he did. Also Beevans style of animating became old on the same moment when Ekokota started to fo down with Calugi then getting fame and everybody prefering atalaku’s who were animating like him.

He have many kids and is married to Mamie Bakemba

our musicians gave massive help to combattants by sending people to block each other concerts,even until today,wazekwa's massive support to heritier's olympia concert did not go well at all with his friends among the older guys they saw him like a traitor when they were either actively or passively pulling the strings behind the scenes to reinforce blocking because it would give heritier too much of a boost and make him edge towards entering the league of the really big stars
some were directly involved in blocking some shut their mouth or just talked a bit about blocking him without making a serious statement,while wazekwa personally wrote to all the authorities he knows to try to make heritier's concert possible

I’m feeling optimisting about the return of concerts in Europe since the day that Bemba is out prison. I don’t see combattans attack musicians anymore on Facebook. First I was doubting if they would allow concerts even after Kabila’s departure. Wait and see.

fally and ferre did not participate because they ran away,our musicians are on tight control of ANR and  fally ferre managed to move to europe days before campaign which blocked moves of other musicians because guys from PPRD knew if they all find reasons to move like concerts abroad or family stuff they might all go,you'll notice even after elections jb for example threw a lot of shots because he had health issues at that moment and could not see his doctor, plus they did not even receive anywhere around the money promised except some of them only like 4 5  of them especially when katumba mwanke died it was the end of their hope to get their deserved money because he was the one who   was tasked of that whole mission
i recently heard something a bit surprising about tshisekedi,i heard felix contacted jb werra and wazekwa secretly for his father but his father advised them to eat government's money since its congo's money to avoid problems with authorities,and later he did the same with artists who came to his house to offer cd's saying it was best for them not being seen anywhere around or they could be in serious trouble

Mawa trop... They really see musicians as their puppets and dump them on a dirty way. Is it true that it gave Wazekwa the inspiration of “On Vas Vous Appeler”. I heard that people of PPRD always dump them on that way by saying on vas vous appeler if they time comes to pay them or short their problems.

I remember how angry I was when I saw all those bandleaders singing for Kabila’s campaig and PPRD-congres at Stade des Martyrs (which was more a music-festival of 3 days with those politicians not having said something, only Kimbuta who just came to reconcile JB & Werra instead of talking about their political vision). My ex’girlfriend and my cousin who are close to PPRD pissed me very off in those days hahahaha.

It piss me off that they only use Stade des Martyrs for those political campaign for Kabila and PPRD, but not for concerts. The last concerts there were festivals. That of Primus in 2013, the other one for the Francophonia in 2012. If artist want to perform there by himself, then the event is always cancelled for “security reasons” 2003. It’s even difficult to be allowed to perform at Stade Tata Raphael. Artists only perform there if a football-club (Renaissance, Imana & Vita) invites them to celebrate something or if a tournement take place. With those artist trying to take those events on their name. I wonder if they could fill those stadiums. Maybe Stade Tata Raphael, but not Stade des Martyrs. Since 2014 its rare to see the stadium be packed during a match.

What made those 5eme Generation artists Fally Ipupa, Ferre Gola, Bill Clinton and Didier Lacoste (who was famous back in 2010) not being present during those 2011 presidential campaign ? Because they are close to those policitians of PPRD and some even to their daughters. Were they blocked by their elders, who didn't what to share money ? (I heard that Manda Chante and some others weren't even paid). Or weren't they contacted ? They weren't also present in that Bomoko-association in 2013-14 (where they excluded Koffi), which was like Maisha Parc-2. They were lucky on the other side that they didn't participate to that, because if they participated then they would have a tought life for 2 years long in Europe, like Werrason, Reddy, etc. who were running for their lives, dressing like women to not be recongnized. Compared to 2006 when JB Mpiana & Felix Wazekwa also supported JP Bemba, nobody from those bandleaders supported Etienne Tshisekedi in 2011.

It would be fair if they were allowed by the combattans to perform in Europe and espcially Marie Paul who risked his life by supporting Etienne Tshisekedi. Being jailed by ANR (congelese secret-service) and blocked in Kinshasa. Bill Clinton went to Brazzaville with his house in Kinshasa being attacked by kuluna's who were under PPRD-control with Francis Kalombo controlling it (who now pro-Katumbi) after rumors being speard that he sung for Tshisekedi. Some combattans (mostly youngsters) agreed with artists who didn't support Kabila performing in Europe. But the majority were against . This because alot were victims of scam from musicians for the ngulu-business, some being victims of musicians who staying in their house during tours making their women/daughters pregnant to get European-papers or just by accident, some of them being ex'drugdealers, fraudsters who went broke, others being hurt how Werrason insulted them they work in the construction and some being women/girls who were dumped by those musicians after a love-affair (some being left alone with the kids without financial suppport).

 I found it crazy how Fally Ipupa & Ferre Gola returned in Kinshasa without problem giving soldout-vip concerts in Kinshasa and also Bill Clinton Kalonji who spend months in Brazzaville. With him then mentioning Papy Tamba (member of PPRD) alot.

The true behind of all this behind the scene was to prepare them slowly for the presidential campaign of Joseph Kabila who wasn't really popular in Kinshasa, Equateur, Bandundu, the two Kasai's and Bas Congo. Only the east of the country. So he wanted their support for his presidential campaign with them getting modern studio's, real fight against piracy and a proper copyright society who would pay those royalties correcly like SACEM, SABAM,etc. in return. But the musicians themselves messed it up during the second meeting with Joseph Kabila, which was meant to talk about that. Only for 4 leaders (Koffi, JB, Wemba and Werrason) and Tshala Muana of all musicians invited that day were allowed to talk with Joseph Kabila. But when they came instead to talk about those projects they started to talk about their own business saying that they need some money to finish those business with Jospeh Kabila seeing that they are clowns. Giving them then 15.000 dollars to share between themselves. When other musicians heard that story it created havoc and the press and Congolese music-scene being divided and alot of musicians deciding to leave Maisha Parc. With Emeneya doing that famous interview with journalist Francis Kakonde to talk about that problem and Koffi Olomide & Wemba denieying it and later on in interviews mocking Emeneya that he's finished, jealous and a comedian.

 It became worser when Ferre joined Quartier Latin which brought the polemic between Werrason & Koffi Olomide back and the FIKIN-affaire of Werrason and JB Mpiana which brought tribalism back with the press and Congolese music-scene being more divided with people of Kasai being behind JB Mpiana, Papa Wemba, Tshala Muana, Koffi Olomide who were pro-Maisha Parc and people of Bandundu & Bas Congo being behind Emeneya, Werrason, Karmapa, Shakakongo who were anti-Maisha Parc. But people forget it quickly during the elections of JP Bemba against Joseph Kabila.

This all created anger in the Congolese diaspora in Brussels & London against musicians, where a big part was already anti-Kabila since day 1 when he became president in 2001. Especially against Werrason, which was because of the 'Massacre Fikin 2005-dvd". It made people think that Werrason was close to PPRD and Kabila's regime. They didn't also like how all those bandleaders were present at Kabila's wedding with Olive Lembe. With those combattans in Brussels promising that all those musicians who were present wouldn't perform anymore in the Schengen-area. With then the combattans-campaign starting in 2006 in London with JB Mpiana's concerts in London being sabotated. Then in November 2006 Werrason's double concerts at Dock Eiffel & Dock Haussman were cancelled after that combattans saboted it. Werrason didn't give up and performed in Brussels with help of the police, but it was in an empty musichall. After that he saw that he had to talk with them and they reconciled with him performing at Elysee Montmarte and all musicians allowed who participated to Kabila's presidential campaign being allowed to perform in the Schengen-area. But in London they didn't change their opinion towards musicians and beating politicians like Manda Chante very hard and getting a "mutakalisation". Koffi Olomide tried to perform in 2007 there, but those combattans blocked his concerts with him running away. With his rivals in Kinshasa being happy the way they blocked his concerts and supporting those combattans behind the scene.He tried to return in 2008 but it didn't work.

I remember Zacharie Bababaswe not being happy with this all. Screeming on tv "polemique ekozala !!!!, etc" and saying that it was hypocrisy (which was for a part true).

Then after 5 or 10 years a band will become famous with that style and whites claiming that they created it.

Yeah Koffi was the master at doing that

I hated how he barely included his atalaku in clips
Yeah you're right, I mean Magie bivens was in nearly all the clips.. v12 same thing... ultimatum somono was in all of them except for mboshi who made I think 2 or 3 appearances... same with Loi.... attentat CNN appeared a little bit.... force de frappe nothing, effrakata... was a joke kerozene and brigade barely appeared only for like a couple of seconds in the generique and kerozene in ravisse.... affaire d'edat yeah a couple of clips and then bord ezanga kombo just two clip appearances.

I'm not a fan of when someone's vocals is in the song but they're not in the clip especially when that person is still in the group for example the first part of attentat clips pissed me and a lot of people off because koffi didn't record the singers in clips of victoire and malanda ngombe he should've just recorded the clips in kin

Same for Danger de Mort & Monde Arabe.

All clips of Attentat vol. 1-VHS (except Si Si Si & Boda Bodack) were recorded in Kin. I found it also strange why he didn’t film his singers during those vocals. It looks like he wanted just to show to people his livingroom, his new tv and the part of the kitchen. He made that fault up on the Mokonzi-VHS filming them all on Cameleon, Nul n’est Parfait, Kamutshima & Number One with Soleil & Spino who were in Kinshasa. It would have been intressting if he presented all his singers & dancers on a bonus in the Attentat-vol. 1 VHS since that they were on the way to Bercy.

Yeah Koffi was the master at doing that

But he was also the only bandleader to put only the name of his band on an album cover

My favorite song is Dr F. Okemba.

Koffi Olomide was also doing the same thing on every bandalbum except Ultimatum. On Force deFrappe he didn’t even write Quartier Latin letting look it like a solo album.

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