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Congolese Music / I couldn't stop laughing about that
« on: October 14, 2018, 14:16 »

from 2:23 min

« on: October 13, 2018, 20:19 »
fans take the beefs of their artists too seriously at times(assuming this also comes from fans,i also hear it was like that because combattants wanted fally wanted some money to allow him the way they make some pay just to make their shopping in peace in europe,both can be true) ,they should let them deal with the gossip which divides them, their kindoki attacks,their attack and revenge with sidekicks and so made them who they became because of music not because of their stupid behind the scenes life
fabro is the saddest case,europe concerts could have given his career  a different dimension

yeah, the same for Heritier Watanabe. I think that Fally is able to fill Stade de France on this moment with all those fans in the diaspora and the new public he made recently with Tokooos. It was also the original object with David Monsoh (just before performing there as guest of Kassav before releasing Arsenal des Belles Melodie), to hit Stade de France with a world-album as first African artist, after performing at Olympia, Zenith and Bercy.

« on: October 13, 2018, 18:54 »
I think that the most of those people were JB-fans. Because Montreal is a city with alot of JB Mpiana fans and most people living there are Baluba. I don’t think that JB will get the same problem. Wait and see...

If Congolese artists and their will continue with this behaviour they wil risk to not perform in Europe until 2023 or maybe even until 2028. London did already 12 years without music and Paris 7 years. An artist like Fabregas didn’t got the chance tour with his bands in Europe and perform at musichall like Bataclan, Elysee Montmarte, Le Grand Rex, Casino de Paris...

« on: October 13, 2018, 16:26 »
I have not seen videos yet but i saw images which claim combattants came to protest and the concert was meant to be cancelled but they ended up performing elsewhere at the same moment

Werrason used to do the same thing in Germany in 2011. Congolese artists has to use that tactic announcing a concert in Olympia or Zenith and ending up by performing at Cabaret Sauvage or Trianon on the last minute.


My cousin said to me years ago that some animations Mboshi did in Danger de Mort were those of Brigade. With Koffi Olomide deleting Brigade parts a giving that space to Mboshi and Mboshi then doing some animations Brigade did but in his own way. I was thinking about that today when he heard Brigade doing that animation in this video when they performed with Maison Mere at Marche de Liberte.

0:04 min to 0:20 min

My cousin said that Brigade and Apocalyps used to get alot of cries from a guy living in Mbanza-Lemba. The same guy gave Brigade cries for Droit Chemin, but Koffi left him behind in Kinshasa which made Apocalyps doing all cries along with Fally who did that Fufu-part.

from 0:50 min 1:10 min Brigade animating it.

« on: October 13, 2018, 14:12 »
Mawa Trop.... Olivier Doumou azo kosa ye makasi. He has to release a good rumba like Romantico and Calvaire. Or a strong generique with help from Celeo or Roi David with a good solist like Mogratana, Kimbangu or Mbetenge or just a generique with Somono & Mboshi to bring memories of QL back. He must stop with copying Nigerians. He need to contact Leny Bidens and sign with Publicomstudio.

Congolese Music / So Fally’s concert got almost cancelled ?
« on: October 13, 2018, 10:32 »

Talking about Nsele being an attractive place but there's another location where Madilu filmed the clip Sa Majeste I know it's not his house but where was the location and there are any images of galerie la fleur?

Hahaha what do you have with Galerie la Fleur. It isn't even that special. All those Couvre Feu videos were filmed there. Bozi shooted some videoclips. That's all that I can remember. Some journalists like Zacharie Bababaswe, Serge Kayembe, Paulin Mukendi, were interviewing people there.

I don't know if it's Madilu's house or not. But the video of Rendez Vous Manque was filmed at Werrason's house in Ma Campagne before changing it. That of Wemba was filmed in the house he got from Bracongo which is also in Ma Campagne. Wemba's house changed alot. He was changing it every year.

Mobutu was a scary person after that Defao is making a video in a location where people were buried very curious.

Lol many people filmed videos there and people used to perform there. It used to be attractive location. Those things with Mobutu happened before he build those things there like Palais du Peuple. Wenge 4x4 used to perform in Nsele often. It became a ruin when LD Kabila took the in 1997. Simolo Katondi and Heritier Watanabe used to shoot video there recently .

They were many artists filmed at the grand hotel even the gardens. I remember Defao filmed Amour Interdit in Nsele correct if I'm Nsele is out of the area Kinshasa?

Nsele makes part of the 24 area's of Kinshasa. It's outside the city but it's in the Kinshasa-provinces. Back in the days it was making part of the Kwilu-district when Bandundu, Kinshasa and Kongo Central used to be one province (Leopoldville-province). Then in 1966 Mobutu decided to split the Leopoldville-provinces in three parts. With him adding some ground of Kwilu (Maluku, Nsele) and Lukaya (Mont Ngafula & Lemba) which now one of the districs of Kongo Central to Kinshasa. In 1966 Mobutu made Domaine Presidentielle de Nsele in Nsele. One year later he created there his party MPR along with Etienne Tshisekedi, Justin Bomboko and Singa Udjuu who were all co-founders of MPR. They made also Manifeste de Nsele. In 1991 it was looted and after 1997 it became abannoned.

My oncle said that Mobutu did some human sacrifices there in Nsele and that those 4 martyrs of the pentecost were buried there secretly.

The lootings of 1991 & 1993 really killed Zaire. It brought Zaire really down economically and FIKIN, Gombe and Nsele were destroyed.

Like Maluku who's outside the city you can also buy alot of ground in Nsele. The same for some quarters and villages in Mont Ngafula.

Must have cost a lot of money to rent out a shopping centre just to film clips.

Not really. Most bandleaders were doing it for free since that they knew the boss. The same for the former Intercontinental-hotel also known as Grand Hotel (nowadays Pullman).


It was the last of one of their last concerts in Europe before returning to Kinshasa.

shopping center.

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