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hahahahahaha naseki po naza na kanda te hahahahahahahahaha

Congolese Music / Re: KOFFI'S NEW CLIP
« on: October 21, 2017, 21:27 »

Duc Herode revealed in this interview that the song Bibina was written by Koffi Olomide himself. Maybe it's also why he remixed that song.

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Congolese Music / Re: KOFFI'S NEW CLIP
« on: October 21, 2017, 21:17 »

Duc Herode revealed in this interview that the song Bibina was written by Koffi Olomide himself. Maybe it's also why he remixed that song.

Congolese Music / Re: credits of Amelia's Constat (2000)
« on: October 20, 2017, 22:15 »
I'm not sure why he was left behind. But people said to me that he asked Koffi if he could record a solo album,  like Reddy Amisi in Viva La Musica after the many things he did for him in Quartier Latin. Which made Koffi furious, so he left Suzuki in Cameroun without his passeport, which had a visum for Olympia and was then arrested on the airport when he tried to go back to Kinshasa. He met then Mr Simon (ex' manager of JB Mpiana), who helped him.

No it was not that Koffi perferd Depticho over Suzuki. It was just that he wanted to punish Suzuki. Suzuki himself was sacred of Depitsho and tried to attack him spiritually several times. Koffi Olomide treated Depitsho differently than other Quartier Latin-members, because he came then from Wenge El Paris, who were the rivals of Wenge 4x4 and where he was the number 3 of the band (after Marie Paul and Manda Chante). It was like Blaise Bula joining Quartier Latin. I think that Babia would stay behind in Kinshasa, if Koffi decided to bring Suzuki to Quartier Latin.

The attentat videos pissed me off, I hope one day the full bercy concert will be released

I don't have any hope also for Koffi's Zenith. The music-channel MCM Africa who made that Bercy-videotape doesn't exist anymore, the same thing for Sonodisc who produced the videotapes of Koffi's Olympia and Zenith. I don't think that Theo Badoana saved anything of Koffi's Zenith of 1998. There are many people saying that Zenith '98 was Koffi's best show.


In this videoclip you can see how the crowd and Koffi himself had alot of fun during the show

Congolese Music / Re: credits of Amelia's Constat (2000)
« on: October 19, 2017, 22:23 »
Ah, thanks. One of my favorite albums ever. Released at the wrong time like all the other young solo acts (Montana, Alpatshino, Suzuki, etc.), unfortunately.

An absolute all star studio backing; an artist couldn't have asked for better

credits from Suzuki's Decompte Finale. Never understand why S.I.P.E. Production didn't like to make booklets like JPS Productions or Sonodisc.


African Kings from the Attentat-album. He invited the French-Congolese rapper Passi to rap on that song. Passi was at that moment after Doc Gyneco the most populair rapper of France. Passi didn't participate on this videoclips. So Koffi decided to put some image of him from the Bercy-Show were they performed the song. so sad that they  didn't include the moments with his guests Passi, Meiway, Roga Roga, Pepe Felly Manuaku, Nayanka Bell on the "Live a Bercy"-videotape and that moment that he was singing Apolosto Ya Bolingo on his acoustic guitare. All because music-channel MCM Africa was behind the production of the video and wanted a 90 minutes videotape. I'm sure that if Sonodisc made the videotape it would be 3 hours long.

Si Si Si from Attentat. Here he sung with Goumba Gawlo from Senegal, who was at that moment n1 in France for singing Miriam Makeba's song Pata Pata.

Festival from Album Sans Nom/Bord Ezanga Kombo/l'Album du Patro/Koffi featering Youssou N'dour.

Congolese Music / credits of Amelia's Constat (2000)
« on: October 19, 2017, 21:13 »

Big names like Pepe Felly Manuaku, Sec Bidens, Alain Makaba, Dindo Yogo, Nene Tchakou & Kitenge Ngefu aka "Guy Wa Nzambi".

The then young Leny Bidens also participated to this album.

I always thought that Theo Mbala was the man who played the shaker in this album, while it was Mavungu. I'm doubting now if he was the person who played the shaker on the albums of Defao. I just discovered that Defao himself was doing the whistle on his albums.


 classiccc  :D :D :D :D :D

Kiekiekiekie Claude le Roy "Grand Trainer". But the thing he said about people dying is true.


the former-members of the Zaiko-generation of 1971-1974 gained alot of money by making reunion-albums and concerts in the '80s and '90s.

They remained bothers without complexes. Grand Job & Quattro+1 are two really fantastic albums; I play both all the time.

There was that on Clan Wenge album with Tata Dominguez & Lacoste (Kuma kukiele, 2001), but let's be real it meant nothing at all. The sad part though was it sounded better that Dominguez's first album. He handicapped himself by not recording in Europe

With Clan Wenge I meant Werrason, J.B. Mpiana, Blaise Bula, Makaba & Masela. Imagine if they recorded in 2009 a reunion-album and to counter the power of G5. They would have then gained alot of money.

I saw Kuma Kukiele like a preview of Affaire Tonya Tonya. Kuma Kukiele was like a zong-zing album. I remember that Maison Mere-fans saw Serge Mabiala & Didier Lacoste as traitors when the album was released.

If Aldophe Dominguez had a serious manager instead of Jacko Sayala, he could have brought a mobile-studio to Kinshasa and record the album the way Somo Trop of Papa Wemba and Sponsor of Wazekwa were recorded.

I didn't like their first album "Grand Job". But Les Quatro+1 is one of my favorite albums. Many people don't know that the song Penitance na Nga is the remix version of the third song Penitance.

Aah motema pasi R.I.P.


the former-members of the Zaiko-generation of 1971-1974 gained alot of money by making reunion-albums and concerts in the '80s and '90s.

« on: October 18, 2017, 01:55 »
exactly in that period not only the throat but the spiritual part of his job was affecting him i dont want to elaborate on it but in i think the famous mama angebi concert werra clearly hinted who is who in the spiritual section of the group he was sick a lot of times prior to that throat thing and i guess its part of why he has been so media shy he knows he will be asked about how all of a sudden things went downhill and whether its due to spiritual reasons

Was that animation of "Eeh baboyi nga nadima Jesus massiya eeh, naboya te..." in Pentagone not a hint towards the problems he got ? After that Werrason said that, they started performing Pentagone and Ekokota was not really looking happy when he started animating. Did the problems not start after Anges Adorables ? Because before that album Calugi was nothing but after it he came with alot of new cries and started to be a face-to face atalaku, but people started not noticing that Ekokota started to lost it and not long after that he started to dominate Ekokota, who had then nothing to offer to counter him very hard, except that Jesus, Toyoyo, Kitaku-taku and Mabuidi-animation.

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