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I think that it's the wrong video

Congolese Music / Re: Before Aliane Olomide we had Stephanie
« on: December 10, 2017, 10:11 »
Yes she participated on Danger de Mort. But not on Tuer de Lion that was somebody else.

The crazy thing is that Koffi Olomide sung on Desormais of Abacadabra that he was against Polygamie and himself bragging about it in interviews during that time.

Congolese Music / Re: LACOSTE STARTED VERY WELL...
« on: December 10, 2017, 10:04 »
The song Inspiration is from the Mouna-album of Wenge Tonya Tonya in 2002. I guess that Werrason decided to take Diego, because he came from Wenge Tonya Tonya and also for his voice, which close to that of Celeo.

C'est par la, la solution was the most awaited album of 2007. His song Medicament of Sous Sol was hitting the top charts at that moment. I remember that Roi David was supposed to do the animation on that album. But those Werra-fans and Zoulous attacked him, when he was on the way to the Marcadet-studio. People were very dissapointed when they heard that album. I remember Sankara mocking him of using Djonolo's song, saying that Djonolo was very angry against him and that Lacoste was stupid to say Bisou ya 2007, while they are in 2008.

 All those "fans" and mabanga people left Lacoste alone when that album flopped. But he came very strong back in 2010 with Kingongolo "Tir Au But" dominating Kinshasa at the moment that people were waiting for Techno Malewa vol. 2 & Soyons Serieux. Didier Lacoste was susspossed to perform at Zenith de Paris at year with Reddy Amisi, but the concert got cancelled. The whole band was rewarded at the Ndule Awards. Blaise Createur was voted as beat atalaku of the year.

Congolese Music / Re: Before Aliane Olomide we had Stephanie
« on: December 10, 2017, 06:39 »
Koffi is a real player. In the same noblesse oblige album he also dedicate miss des miss to aliane

In that era Aliane was not Koffi's official wife. Stephanie (Godee) was then Koffi's official wife. Koffi Olomide and Quartier Latin-members were always praising here in vocals or interview as "Maman na Rocky". Werrason gave her a shoot-out in Ntima-Mbote song from the Kibuisa Mpimpa-album. They divorced around 2002 or 2001. From then Koffi Olomide started to praise Aliane alot in Affaire d'Etat as "Lettre A" and since Monde Arabe she was always getting songs from Koffi. Pomme Verte, Aliya, Grand Pretre Mere, 12eme Dan, Patronne and Alidor. She also posed with him on the album-cover of SWI "Chocolate Chaud", but you could not see her face. Before that Koffi only praised here in Miss des Miss and gave her some shootouts in Attetat as "Aliol" and posed him on the Album-cover of Atttenat were you could only see her hands. From 2001 she was always present in big events of him. Some told me that Koffi always want her to be present in his big events. Because his ex'wife Stephanie was tired of staying at home during big events and waiting monhts/weeks for if he was touring. Which was apparently one of the things which led to their divorce.

Koffi Olomide had also another girlfriend in that era called Manou "petite panthere noire". She dedicated two songs for her Wake Up and Manou from Loi.

« on: December 10, 2017, 06:15 »
hahahah bouro killed me with the story the way kerozene was dressed when he came for the test to join quartier latinand the way modogo challegend Sam to fight with Sam reacting "yo oyebi nga" hahahahaa. Something which I didn't  expect from Modogo, because he's very chill. Wow Babia was very desperate to not be selected for that Ultimatum-tour. In another interview 4 years ago Bouro said then that Babia wanted to attack him with a broken beer-bottle.

After watching all those interviews of ex'Academia members the last 10 years , I think that Bouro is the one only who's telling the truth about that story of recruiting more musicians. Because the others were also claiming that they were against that idea and were then pointing fingers to eachother, but they never mentioned Bouro's name in that idea. It was always Sam or Somono fault. I think that Bouro Mpela was on the right way in his career, but he made a big mistake to rejoin Quartier Latin in 2006 as Ferre's replacer. While they had to promote Mortel Combat with his brother Alain Mpela. I remember how angry Bouro's parents were against Koffi and Bouro and that they cursed him. Because it was a big treason from Bouro's part.

There is no split band in Congo who survived longer than 2 years. They always split because of leadership-issues. While bands like Zaiko Langa Langa & Wenge Musica 4x4 survived longer because they weren't known in the beginning and were because of that looking a way to break trough on the Congolese music-scene with those leadership-issue coming 10 years later, when they were known and when they had the potential to competing personally with big names of Congo.

Congolese Music / Re: R.I.P. Forum Member Mwana Nsalu
« on: December 06, 2017, 18:23 »
Rest In Peace  :'( :'( :'( :'(

Look how Zwa Connexxion 'aka' Didier Dilu is mocking Koffi Olomide

Congolese Music / Before Aliane Olomide we had Stephanie
« on: December 06, 2017, 17:34 »

Koffi Olomide dedicated many songs to her.

Werrason, JB Mpiana and Papa Wemba all said that they would correct Koffi's Bercy. But nobody corrected Koffi's Bercy in my opinion after looking the videotapes of the 4 Bercy's. I'm happy that I didn't buy the volume 2 video of Werrason's Bercy. Everything was boring, except the medley part. I don't understand why they released all those parts in one video.

I remember Zacharie Bababaswe and many other journalists criticizing Koffi Olomide for not promoting the culture of our tribes.  I guess that it gave Werrason the idea to promote the culture of the Pende-tribe. JB Mpiana followed also that path by letting his singers and female-dancers dance to folklore before his entrace. Papa Wemba did the same thing by promoting the Tetela-culture.

Koffi is to smart. He knows how to play the game. I don't think that he could have survived so long if he didn't use beefs, scandals and followed Wenge's and G5's style in his music-career. He knew how to adapt to each generation. If he was still Julio Iglesias de l'Afrique with his original Tcha-Tcho style then he would end up like his mates Debaba (R.I.P.), Carlito & Djanana. People forget that 2018 will be his 40th year on the music-scene.

...and the fact both groups were starting  to look almost like clones of each other in terms of profiles(maybe i will elaborate on it after) and the fact  to weaken werra koffi approach most of the main members

I remember that guys from Werrason's camp claimed before Stade de des Martyrs in 2002 that Koffi went to the Ibis Hotel to pay Linda, Kadogo, Tshala money to stay in Europe, the way he did to Chibida, Spino, etc. of Wenge Tonya Tonya earlier that year.

Then the moment when the videoclips of Affaire d'Etat were released. Fans of Maison Mere were claiming that Quartier Latin was copying their style and using their choreography of Double Zenith. With the Quartier Latin-camp claiming that those moves were already done when they perfomed at the Licoln Center & Zenith de Paris in 2001. Koffi Olomide & Werrason were still quiet until that Koffi attacked Werrason in a interview with Africa N1-radio. It made Werrason furious and reacting against him in a interview, saying that he could not do what he does on stage. Which officially started the beef with spokesmen & musicians attacking each other on tv. Tshala Muana's idea to form Maisha Parc came on the right moment for Koffi. Because he was then beefing with both JB & Werrason and wanted to have peace with one of them for strategic reasons. The release of the polemic-videotape Les Allies contre Ben Laden, which was JB Mpiana vs Koffi Olomide after Bercy made a little bit kill the JB Mpiana vs Werrason rivalery. The press was even reporting that Werrason wasn't happy the way Koffi mixed in their beef and saying that Werrason wasn't even picking his calls up. With his staff saying to him that Koffi doesn't love him, etc. That he's talking bad about him behind his back and that he didn'tlike the way Clan Wenge was dominating the Congolese music-scene. And that he was using the beef with JB Mpiana to kill their rivalery. And they were right in my opinion. All those things worried Werrason alot, which made him take some distance from Koffi.

Just gossips of their staffs


The time is going to fast. This concert was 2 months before Zenith '10. Werrason & Wenge Maison Mere were on fire with Techno Malewa vol. 1 and the new dances they created for Techno Malewa vol. 2 (alingi alela, mbelelele).

Also in this concert Didi Kinuani gave Werrason an ultimatum of 48h to go to Koffi's house an reconcile with him. With the public booing as reaction to Didi Kinuani's ultimatum. Werrason & Koffi Olomide started beefing against each other since 2002. It became worser after a short reconcilation during Maisha Parc in 2005, after that Ferre joined Quartier Latin. Badive wanted to organise a face-to-face concert in 2007, in Paris, but it got cancelled on the last minute. With Badive losing all his money and Werrason that he could not perform because of not receiving visa's, while it was because his fans refused and his staff intoxacting him that Koffi wanted to steal his fame through witchcraft.

In 2009 they were fighting about the dance Sima Ekoli. With the Werrason-camp claiming that they created that dance, which came from those coupe-decale groups from Brazzaville. With Koffi Olomide saying that they were the real creators, because they had atalaku Rossignol in their band who recreated that animation. But Koffi Olomide became quickly quiet when the problems about him and the French justice were known by the Congolese press. And the musicians of Maison Mere started then to mock him and started to call him Franc Congolais(which is the money they use in Congo), since that he was going to Europe anymore. With his single Skol Mandramanda being a flop and people wondering if this was not finally the end of his career.

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