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Yes. Thats also why Mobutu wanted to bring him to Mbuji Mayi after that he betrayed him. Thinking that they lynch him there, but Albert Kalonji refused, because he saw him as his brother despite all those problems (they used to be in the same party before they split). Then after that they decided to bring him to Katanga where he was tortured months long and then killed in a small village.


from 23:24 min next to Flamme Kapaya

If am not wrong is he playing mi-solo?

No he plays rhythm. Back in those days, Maison Mere didn't use the mi-solo,only during their concert at RTNC during that VSS-show. After that they used that spot once on Bercy and the first day of Double Zenith. The mi-solo spot became permanent in 2004 when Thierry Mogratana started to be accepted.

From 05:39

No, Christian Mwepu used to be a bassplayer. The guy on the rhythm is Guylain Mpungi.

Hehehe schooled.  I have never heard of Guylain Mpungi. If any one has his story or video kindly post

He joined in Maison Mere in 1997 with Flamme Kapaya & Celeo, the three guys came from Golden Tchatcho which used to be Duc Herode's band. Then he participated to all concerts of Maison Mere from the start at bar vis-a-vis until their farewhel concert at l'Esplanade de Palais du Peuple in 1999. After that Werrason left him behind with other musicians and he then left. From then nobody heard something about him.

from 23:24 min next to Flamme Kapaya

You got two different baluba's. You have Balubakat, who live in Katanga (Haut-Lomani & Tanganyika district). They speak Swahili & Kiluba (which is diffrent from Tshiluba). Laurent-Desire Kabila was a mulubakat. The other baluba's are Baluba-Kasai, they speak Tshiluba. Their ground is Kasai Oriental, they migrated there in the 17th century when there was alot of dryness in Katanga. When they went to Kasai they met other tribes (Bakuba, Binji, etc.) and with the years going on their languague Kiluba developed into Tshiluba. During the colonisation alot went to Kananga in Kasai-Occident (the Lulua-district), wth them as point becoming even the majority which didn't please the Lulua. Then when the independence came close,the Belgian wanted to create a civil-war in Congo with them creating division everywhere and that also happened in Kasai. The Lulua created the association "Les freres Lulua", because they felt that they would lose their identity and ground with the Baluba-Kasai dominting them everywhere. From 1959 the Lulua started to kill baluba's in Kananga. The lulua's and Baluba were even fighting in Kinshasa. Albert Kalonji decided at some point to create the South Kasai-Empire to protect the Baluba's, because of Lumumba and Kasa-Vubu doing nothing. He was then supported by multinationals who wanted to get diamonds there. But then Mobutu & Lumumba decided to bomb Mbuji-Mayi which killed alot of people and it made alot of Baluba hate Lumumba. But alot of people already forgot that story. The secession only lasted 2 years (1960-1962). After that the Lulua and Baluba made peace. I guess that Bill Clinton Kalonji got the inspiration of the Mbuji Mayi-Kananga animation from there. The Baluba's living Kananga are a little bit diffrent from those living in Kasai-Oriental who are very conservative. 

Back in the late 80's of the 19th century when the Belgians just started the colonisation and the years after it they brought alot of Baluba-Kasai to Katanga as punishment, because of them being against the colonisation. That's why you got alot of Baluba-Kasai in Katanga. But people living in Katanga (Bemba, Aruund "Lunda", Balubakat) don't like them, because they dominate all the business there. Back in 1991 and 1992 you had there a massacre instrumentalisted by Mobutu, Nguz Karl I Bond and Kyungu Wa Ku Mwanza, with alot of Baluba-Kasai returning to Kasai. It also happened in 1960, when Moise Tshombe proclaimed the indepedence of Katanga. Alot of Baluba-Kasai returned then to Kasai, but they didn't knew Tshiluba only Shwahili because of them living more than 50 years in Katanga. This all made the elders living in Kasai deciding that all Baluba's have to learn Tshiluba everywhere where they are and all generation to not forget their roots. But alot of them living in Kinshasa and Europe only talk Lingala.

From 05:39

No, Christian Mwepu used to be a bassplayer. The guy on the rhythm is Guylain Mpungi.

Poumpa ruined Ramazani’s partition.

Wasn’t this the concert where Soleil wasn’t happy about Mirage singing his part and people speculating about him leaving Quartier Latin ?

It smees that he can talk anymore  :'(

Wow I'm really learning I wonder if any of them got caught but Niarcos success lasted from 1978 until 1989 I heard an oillness endend his life somewhere in early January 1995 papa wemba sang songs for his memory on the 18th anniversary vhs.

They were often caught. Niarcos was spending often times in jail and the others to. He died in jail. Some people said that he died of illness other say that it was suicide. Only his close friends know it. But it smeems that it was suicide, because 3 years ago I saw a video of Madison or i don't remember who his name was and he said that he killed himself because his friends Bozi and Wemba were ungrateful and calling them yuma's etc.

His succes ended a little bit, after problems started between him and Wemba. Because of being angry the way Niarcos humilated him during the concert at Palais du Peuple. After that Stervos tried to send people to reconcile with Wemba, but Wemba refused which made the concerts they had to give with him, Bozi and Emeneya in Brazzaville, Pointe Noire, Matadi and Boma being cancelled. Wemba returned to Paris and send Niarcos's rival Modogo to diss him very hard. After they went to record Place Vendome where they attacked Niarcos very strong.


Could you reupload the booklet for Shalai? The other forum post doesn't make the picture viewable

I didn't upload that, that somebody else, I think Congolitude or Granpretre. I only uploaded B.E.K.

So Niarcos never earned clothes himself?

Sometimes, but in the most cases in and his friends went deeply in the night to do some burglaries, coming back with 80 leather jackets, alot of shoes or other things. If a band like Victoria Eleison or Viva La Musica came for a tour in Europe then those stores wouldn't be safe lol. Didn't you know the sapeurs of that era didn't had clean hands ? Most sapeurs were drugdealers, thiefs, other doing fraud, etc. Some of those old sapeurs and people known for mabanga are also praud to say that on the tv or youtube-videos. Btw the way alot of Stervos's friends were dangerous criminals, the most were killed in 1974 in the Stade de 20 Mai-stadium by Mobutu's soldiers before the Ali-Foreman fight, because Kinshasa was then unsafe in those days. They were like kuluna's, so to finsh that phenomenon and to be sure that tourists would be safe, Mobutu ordered to kill them all. Stervos was then lucky to be in Brazza otherwise he could have been killed to.
Congolese people living in Europe who didn't like that sape-stuff found it always strange how those sapeurs were received like in kings in Kinshasa by the population and the press and always getting honoroued by musicians while they were known as big thiefs and/or drugdealers. Today alot of sapeurs become gay to get those clothes for free, they will date then those old rich men or those who work for those clothing companies to get those clothes or some go to Turkey, China or Maroc to make fake clothes. In Instabul you have alot of Turkish people who talk Lingala now. It's often funny to see how they try to convice Congolese people to buy a Yohji Yamamoto by saying "JB mutu alataki yango" lol.

It has nothing to do with struggels. It was because of the sapeurs who were returning to their country, who  made them dream to go to Europe. The same thing happened in Zaïre from 1980 when Papa Wemba kind of hyponitized the young generation by letting them think that Europe is an Paradiso while it isn’t with every wanting to go to Europe since 1980. Back in 60s & 70s people were also dreaming about Europe but not to live there. The smal amount of people who lived there then were students and they didn’t like Europe, they all wanted to return. Back in those days it was very hard to see a black man on the streets and you didn’t had fufu or other African food. In those days Congolese people had a good reputation and people were liking, thinking that would be the new Generation who will rule over Zaïre like those who came in the 60s (Sakombi, etc.). After 1980 the reputation of them got ruïned because of Stervos Niarcos and his friends and “Bana N’djili” who went to steal clohtes. Just for that Sape-religion with some sending it to Kinshasa. With those people living in Kinshasa thinking that they were rich and them giving some some false stories to those in Kinshasa. While they were struggeling hard in Europe with the most not having a job and starting to become bodyguards or some selling drugs.

How much ? Hahaha the list very very long if you take all the journalist from 50's until 1990. Because you have different genre (music, sports, policits) and those then being divided in radio, television and newspapers. The list will be more longer if you take also the new generation who came after 1990 and 2000. Because in 1990 the so called "democracy" came in Zaire which made businessmen create other tv-channels (Antenne A, Canal Kin, etc.), because back in the days you only one tv-channel (Tele Zaire).

Zacharie Bababaswe, Lutu Mabangu, Nila Mbungu, Mbamba Toko, Mbuji Mbwembwe, Bijoux Mbiyevanga Lengime, Kabulo wa Kabulo, Michel Lady Luya (so sad how died, he contributed alot to the career of many topartists but nobody came to his mourning), Dieudonne Yangumba, etc. there are so much I didn't even name 10% of those I know lol...

In this clip, who is that old guy appearing at 1:21?

That’s their ex’manager Ferreol Ngassaki

Yeah, that was him. He was seen as one of the best atalaku's of Congo Brazza. He took Brazzaville in 1999 by storm with his animations in Extra Musica International's first album Super Helico. The dance of his cri Helico inspired Wenge Maison Mere to take the dance to use it in Solola Bien.

I think that his voice changed, because of drinking and smoking much. Don't also forget that it isn't for falsetto atalaku's to mantain their voice 20 years long.


from 3:35 min on the animation Speed Life (who animated on Awilo's album Mondongo)

The audience never heard music like that.

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