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she got roasted by the fally brigade and claimed it was not aimed towards fally and it was just a joke with a friend who is musician

She putted her career in danger. Fally can call those tv-channels radio in Dr Congo, Francophone countries in Africa and those in the France to not put her music, like dad Koffi Olomide used to do to many Congolese artists who were in rivals, “friends” or just concurrents who could steal his market in Africa. A guy like Lucthiana 100% can’t talk normal about. Do you all remember how Wemba’s staff accussed Koffi for blocking the second press of Fula Ngenge who was then sold out and not more to find in shops.

Do you think signing with them woulda made him bigger in world music? Do you think they woulda made him water his music down like Papa Wemba had to in the late 80s/early 90s or do you think he wouldnt been able to still give us Force de Frappes, Effrakatas and such?

Yes, don't forget that he was close to perform at Parc des Princes in 2001. But the administration refusing it, because they didn't knew him, because he was an African and he didn't sign with a Major. Somewhere in 2006 he attacked the French media for being racist, when he was interviewed by a French channel, with them all feeling humiliated. Forgetting that they had some quota on European media for putting foreign music. Even local artists like Lynnsha, Passi, etc. suffered, before changing it somewhere in 2012. David Monsoh used to say that many French television-channels refused to put Koffi's music, because it wasn't commercial enough and it was to African.
In 2000 when he had to release Force de Frappe, he was again close to sign with a big major company. Alot of English, America and French labels were following until 2002. But i don't know what him didn't made to sign with them.

Album like Force de Frappe, Affaire d'Etat, Ulimatum, Droit de Veto, Magie and Pas de Faux Pas were procuded by Koffi himself with his label "Universal Tcha-Tcho" with Sonodisc doing the distribution deals.

It's possible that he could produce classic album like Effrakata, etc. But with then putting some commercials song in that album and/or featerings with topstars of that era. Like he did on Attenat with Passi and Goumba Gawlo which made it easier for him to promote his show of Bercy and getting more sympathy from African youngsters who were born in France. Or he could do Papa Wemba's style by release Congolese solo albums in meantime (Pole Position, Nouvelle Ecriture & Foridoles). Papa Wemba's world-music career made him more known in Africa with songs like Show Me The Way, Rail On, Le Voygeur & Maria Valencia. Because before that he was only known in Zaire and it's neighbor countries. Back in the days he was also not releasing solo-album. When he was releasing his discs it were mostly singels who they were calling 45 tours or a disc with 4 songs with then 2 songs or 1 being credited to him and rest of the songs being done by Viva La Musica singers (Dindo Yogo, Emeneya, Fafa de Molokai, Lidjo Kwempa, Luciana, Maray Maray, etc.). His only solo albums of that era were Zea of 1982 and Proclamation which made more a duo-album with Stervos Niarcos. Wemba started to release solo albums when he started his world music-career. The first one was 'Papa Wemba' released somewhere in 1989 which had remix-songs, Le Voyageur in 1991. Then in the Congolese community he started also to release solo albums after being critizised for being finished and only singing in sapeurs albums (Modogo Gianfranco Ferre, Pacha, etc.) and his singers who had on the moment for fame then him (Reddy, Stino, Joly, etc.) and only focusing on his world career. This all made him release Foridoles and 5 years later Fula Ngenge as solo albums. In the years between it he released also Nouvelle Ecriture, Pole Position were he gave his musicians he occasion to put songs with himself having 4/6 songs in the album. In an album like 'L he barely sung only in Safari and Ba Yankee were he did some shout outs and sung in the chorus. It's not really Wemba's cup of tea to release solo-albums, he really started to focus on that when Nouvelle Ecriture started to die. Realize that it wasn't even his idea to create his own band Viva La Musica in 1977, back in 1975 his friends adviced him to start his own band because of Evoloko being jealous to him in Isifi, but he didn't had the faith in himself. Which made him ask Mavuela, Bozi to create a band together in called Yoka Lokola which didn't last a year.

that's all because of Koffi & Wenge 4x4. Koffi was first laid back but the copied Wenge 4x4-, who were hyping their local shows and those in Belgium and France who didn't really represent something in the showbiz-world.

Papa Wemba was very different. Back in the 80's and 90's he met various world stars (Sting, Phil Collins, Stevie Wonder, etc.) and used to perform with them several times on the same stage with also being interviewed by big tv-channels and put in top magazines of that era. But he never hyped it, but look what Fally Ipupa is doing today. Even when he created Nouvelle Ecriture and started performing at Zenith, Olympia and Bercy he never hyped it.

Hahahaha kosa leka


He ended up by performing 34 times in 16 days! 14 days as support act of French singer Julien de Clerc. His first concert was broadcasted live on the Congolese television. After his shows at Olympia, he had to tour in Europe, but financial problems made him return quickly to Kinshasa. He received a triomphal reception and made a national tour throught the cities of DR Congo (Kisangani, Lubumbashi, Goma, Bukavu, etc.).

The sad part of the story is that Olympia refused him to give the video of his show at Olympia and the original audio-version, because of not respecting the contract. In 1979 they would release a Live a l’Olympia, but that disc was fake because it was recorded years later.

Two represenentative of Sony wanted to talk with Koffi to sign a contract with them. But Koffi refused to let them enter in his logde before performing at Zenith de Paris in 1998. I guess that he didn’t even that they were working for Sony.

Congolese Music / Re: IS MIEL BACK OR HE NEVER LEFT WMMM...??
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So this guy pretty much left because Kakol was mad at him for doing an album that  the boss himself authorized him to do. Kakol is a horrible chef.

Watch this interview and you will understand that it was a 12. Werrason just used Kakol for that 12. Kakol himself had 3 songs on that album. Werrason and his staff changed his mind when they saw Miel de Son already talk about his album in interviews.

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Congolese Music / Re: Affaire Marquis: Baby Ndombe (2005)
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Miracles was a masterpiece!!!! I was just listening to it today. I don't know why it failed?

It didn't fail. It was just that the album was bad promoted in the first two months when they released the album. Many people were even not aware about the release of the album and they were all focused on the banger of Alerte Generale. The album started to be a succes when the band disbanded. On the end it was considered as the best album of 2005 behind Monde Arabe.

Congolese Music / Re: Affaire Marquis: Baby Ndombe (2005)
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He was ready to join them and had already the visa and ticket in his pocket. Les Marquis in Paris made clear that he was on his way to join them and they put even his picture on the ad-poster of their first concert in LSC. But the interview they made with Yves Kambala made Baby Ndombe change his mind. Because that interview made clear that they would not last more than 1 year or even 6 months lol (I hope that they will upload that interview one day). Baby Ndombe was also not happy the way they didn't credit him as founder of the band in Kinshasa when they were preparing Les Marquis-project back 2003 before getting suspended. So he decided to recreate his own band and record Tour de Babel. He went to give concerts in Kinshasa who were several times interrupted by Maison Mere-fans or cancelled because dead threats or callphones from Werrason-staff. I think that it would have boosted both Ferre Gola and Baby Ndombe if they united their forces. But the 5eme generation artists are very different then their older brothers of the 4th and 3rd generation.

Hmmm so Kester produced this album by himself like Longue Histoire. JDK Decor stabbed him some years later in his back, by stealing 1 million US dollars from Longue Histoire. Just be able to organise Wemba’s concert at Bercy. But he would end up in jail with Wemba because of bringing ngulu’s to Europe for the Bercy-show, just to get alot money.


He had to leave Viva at that moment and start his own band. He was then more popular then Wemba with his albums Injustice and Prudence, who were a huge succes especially Prudence. I think that he regrets about it.

Ooh so it’s true that she had an affair with Fally. I saw her everytime writing King on her instagram and Facebook. I was first not believing it, because Ntesa was also doing the same thing.

She seems now to make alot of money. She recently made a made with Mbilia Bel which was dedicated to Docteur Jeff Leteta, bought a jeep and made recently her own hair-extension brand. I guess that she got a sugardaddie.

Congolese Music / Affaire Marquis: Baby Ndombe (2005)
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