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Congolese Music / Re: Who are your favourite bass players
« on: February 20, 2018, 10:51 »
Michel Lumana (ex Werrason) is by a country mile the best bassist I have ever seen and listened to. He is the man who inspired me to start bass lessons.......... How he played on Tindika Loketo & Alerte Generale was trendsetting and set the Congole music world on a new path of bass playing......he plays bass with heavy slides and is almost like a lead player.

Lofombo is also very good. So is Rocky Blanchard, Pati Kaja Bass, Sunda & Wallo.......

Unlike some I find Mimiche, Binda, Masela and all to be functional no frills bassists. No exciting at all.

« on: February 16, 2018, 21:09 »


It doesn't natch with the argument but why is Werra give that much credibility to Diego is hilarious lol, first tune ever after Mayi Ya Sika that I don't see him drunk or high, anyway the guy is good but it doesn't mean anything he is the guy who was behind for 10 plus years with Werra not even knowing it, and that Goldberg crie why he didn't put that in 7 Jours? It was fire, anyway I still believe that Wenge will die, it is not the quality of the music but is the quality of administration that is lacking

I showed you a video of a guy who is doing Ambulance and Brigade's animations performing even better than the former and  instead of engaging with that point, you've now dragged in Diego and Goldberg into it. Your statement is nothing but empty criticism........I cannot make head or tail of it but will reiterate that Werra is an astute musician and has a way of confounding his critics and keeping the fanbase happy.

There is nothing new you are telling us.

We heard people pronounce the death of WMMM in 2002 when Les Maquis left but now we are in 2018 and the movement is going strong. After Temoignage, I also heard people say Werra is finished but last year he finished the year with a blockbuster song....Zenga Luketu. Year after year we hear this..........Werrason will finish the day he decides he has had enough, not when some musican leaves the band.

Lions do not concern themselves with the opinion of sheep

Wenge ekufi? That is wishful thinking of the worst kind.......Wenge MMM is Werrason and for as long as he is alive, the group is also alive and kicking. You under estimate the man........Congo is a sea of talent & Werra's work is cut out in that he won't even go to find them.............they find him

Look at that.........another nobody already killing it for Werra. Watch from 5 mins

I was about to make a post about MM's issues and this drops out.
I have to say that I was expecting it.
A lot of you are asking how in the world a guy who is the number one atalaku in Wenge could leave for a smaller group, where he would probably be the 3rd/4tg well it is simple.
Bill was even bigger than Ambulance but left, even though he wanted to stay for ever.
It is always about money, MM will collapse soon if Werra doesn't start to change that bully empire that he have built, once Deplick went to Werra for asking him 300$ [which in European standard (not change value but terms of living) it is about 2000€] and Werra gave it, then Deplick was visited by administration, Kakol and so on and he left with 50$.
This is a small example of how Wenge works and now I understand why MM doesn't have the same appeal, you cannot always rely on donors to pay your employees if Werra doesn't want to finish like Djino needs to stop acting greedy

Wenge Musica Maison Mere is Werrason. He is the alpha and Omega.......staff will come and go. I never imagined life after Bill & Celeo but here we are. I liked Ambulance a lot but found him noisy plus irritating as he became more confident on stage and started running all over the place. Goldberg is good.......he needs the opportunity to progress & is in the Bill Clinton mould. I expect more from this guy

« on: February 09, 2018, 08:24 »
There is hardly anything new on that dance........check out from 1:50 on this video

Listen to the guitar partitions and atalaku animation

Then in came Fally and all he did on Libre Parcours was to remix this album.

lol, don't kill the messenger. We gotta be careful what you say about Wenge alumni. Did you know that Werra's staff had the previous forums that existed before CongoVibes eliminated from the internet? Very frustrating as it fractured the established online Congolese music community. Hence why there's a special section for Werrason posts.

His people have relaxed in recent years, but we still have to be careful, as eyes are everywhere.

If I remember correctly, it was just one lovelorn, attention seeking old aged lunatic from Tanzania that appropriatred and assigned to herself the role of Werra's protector.  ;).........We used to have very passionate battles though. The conversations were as informative and entertaining as they were brutal........PC Mpondolo, HAHAl eProf, Alex, Tamando, Yvonne, Ronny Zee, Martin Sinnock, Sly, VickyBenz………omg 

I read Yanky Mpuy’s brief obituary of Chela and he credited him for all the songs I mentioned…….I find it very frustrating, confusing and disappointing that Congolese artistes cannot give us accurate information. I think that these brains behind most of these blockbuster songs deserve open recognition as opposed to this closet type of recognition. We want to see their names credited on CD sleeves.

I thought the author of Blandine was Chela naChina who passed away just this December! He is credited with authoring Blandine pemba, Femme model, 520 Gigas, Demi Tour, Loin de toi etc

« on: November 08, 2017, 13:44 »
Will the combatants allow him to perform at Stade de France?

The combattants are the least of his worries but the French authorities.....he skipped bail & still hasn't answered charges put against him.

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