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This song is pretty good. I think this band comes from Tanzania but probably has some Congolese musicians around or they may come from Eastern Congo.

« on: December 09, 2023, 18:10 »
It looks that they are people trying to stop Koffi from performing in Kenya due a debt that he owes apparently. That is the story circulating around.

Congolese Music / Re: JAMES ONOBIONO - Tshala Muana
« on: December 09, 2023, 18:08 »
The only place so far to play that song would be on Spotify. If you have a Spotify, you should find this song.

Congolese Music / Re: Koffi Olomide - Legende (Clip)
« on: December 09, 2023, 17:51 »
I am surprised that this song is poorly promoted. It is a decent song (not great but good enough). What is going on with Koffi's promotional team?

« on: December 09, 2023, 17:47 »
Actually Blaise Bula has never really abandoned. He just does not music full time. If I am not mistaken, I believe he is an engineer part time too. I am not sure.

« on: December 06, 2023, 07:56 »
Ketchup Nando is a very good drummer. Felix needs to actually make more simpler dances for this drummer to really show himself.

« on: December 04, 2023, 07:54 »
He is still not happy with his animation team. Goldberg should try to create better animations to impress Werra more.

Congolese Music / Re: WMM TESTING A SINGER
« on: December 04, 2023, 07:19 »
He sounds similar to Kabose Bulembi.

It is so sad that Fally's success at U Arena is ruined by the conflict between Fally and Koffi. Shameful.

Let's wait and see how the song will be?

Gode Lofombo and Djuna Mumbafu will not like this interview too much.

We know that Djuna Mumbafu and Gode Lofombo have had issues (though it not as bad) and they have given different takes on Delta Force but here are things that they both say about one another
- They were very close with one another before Pepe Kalle's death
- They never had any conflict before Pepe Kalle's death
- They spoke of good things being together while being with Pepe Kalle
- Both admit that they had problems with other musicians before Pepe Kalle's death but Lofombo says he was hated by most of the members of the band while Djuna claims that Lofombo had an ugly dispute with Rolls Papillion.
- Both confirm that Lofombo was near Pepe Kalle on the day of Pepe's death

However we have a former member that actually disputes both of these men's claims. Some know him but he is Lugilo Madaka Daka. He is a great drummer actually. He was Empire Bakuba's drummer during the final years with albums Merci Maman and Full Option as well as Tour de Babel.
Lugilo refutes Lofombo's claim that he played all drums on Pepe's final album Cocktail. Lugilo also refutes Kinanga Boeing 737's version of how Dilu got away from Empire Bakuba. Lugilo claims that real reason that Empire Bakuba went downhill is because Papy Tex wanted him to take charge of Empire Bakuba leading to Doris Ebuya and Elvis Kunku running away to Europe and it harmed the Empire band. Lugilo also says that Lofombo hated him and he tried to everything he could to mess him up and have no success.

Lugilo says in his own words that Lofombo was fighting with everyone including Djuna Mumbafu himself. This claim will make Djuna and Gode very mad but Lugilo probably sticks to this claim.

Here are the videos

Congolese Music / Re: 10 years since Tabu Ley left us
« on: December 01, 2023, 00:51 »
This song of Tabu Ley is so sweet to hear now.

Pepe Kalle would have been a positive influence indeed. Pepe Kalle would have helped with the Koffi Olomide and Papa Wemba as well as the Clan Wenge situation.

Congolese Music / Re: Marie Paul - Fatshi Beton Aza Nanu (Clip)
« on: December 01, 2023, 00:48 »
Marie Paul actually sang well in this song.

Fallout between Dilu Dilumona, Papy Tex and Pepe Kalle

First Part: 1989
The fallout came from the 1989 dispute between Dilu, Papy and Pepe as Djuna Mumbafu mentioned to Popol Mukelenge when Pepe decided to separate himself due to an issue of traveling to Europe. This was when Pepe Kalle was having some solo success and was preparing his biggest solo album GERANT. This was the time where I think Dilu and Papy never really got over Pepe's sudden impulse for an attempt at separation. This leads the second part.
Second Part: Dilu, Papy and Pepe not singing as much together as the past
When Dilu Dilumona, Papy Tex and Pepe Kalle got back together, all the singers had left. It remained only the three. Actually it was a good thing because they were having success but some members like Kinanga Boeing 737 wanted other singers around Trio Kadima. In 1992, they would add Bovi Mukoko, Djodjo Ikomo and Blaise Matadidi. Afterwards, Dilu, Papy and Pepe would do their own albums however Pepe wanted Dilu to release his album after him and Papy which Dilu got very upset about (according to Yaya Londa). Dilu and Papy would not sing together for 5 years while Pepe would sing with Dilu and Papy on their own prespective albums however Dilu and Pepe were not supposed to sing together. According to Yaya Londa, the song Biya, the solo vocal Pepe made was supposed to be for Djodjo but Pepe forced the removal of Djodjo's solo vocals into the song. It does explain why we never saw Dilu and Pepe perform at the same time during the 1994 European trip and they never played the Biya song. This was clear that there was some bad blood between Dilu and Pepe that would get deeper later on (I will return to that on the fourth part). Dilu, Papy and Pepe's relationship started to fracture a bit more slowly and it would get deeper due to Pepe's two favorites
Third Part: Djuna Mumbafu and Gode Lofombo
As Pepe Kalle grew less closer to Dilu and Papy, he started to find his clear favorites. Among them were Djuna Mumbafu and Gode Lofombo. Pepe Kalle considered these two men to very talented in his ears. Pepe would let them know what musical style he was looking. Djuna and Gode were good students and they were always doing their best to impress Pepe Kalle. Djuna Mumbafu became among the top animators while Gode Lofombo was becoming one of the best bassists in Congolese music scene. But because of Pepe's closeness to Djuna and Gode, it actually helped the Empire Bakuba group as a whole. Folks like Kinanga Boeing 737 who was a rebellious man at times, realized that Djuna and Gode were the ones to use to get some demands met especially about money. This however created a deeper fraction between Dilu, Papy and Pepe partially because of the Savoir Vivre album which Dilu and Pepe would sing and Papy would not sing in and it led to the album flopping. Papy was very mad that Djuna Mumbafu, Gode Lofombo and others wanted to do an album of their own when it was not permitted. Dilu and Pepe disagreed and I believe, it created a deeper fraction. But then music scene changed also. New animation style started arriving and Empire Bakuba was considered an old school band being unable to attract the youth. Deeply hurted by this, Pepe Kalle felt the need to get some new dancers to lure new fans. This lead to the fourth part that killed the brotherhood
Fourth Part: Delta Force
Pepe Kalle had finished the album Cocktail which Dilu and Papy had no role. Dilu and Pepe already had tension from years ago due to his solo album "MOTO". Dilu got very upset when Pepe decided to bring new dancers to the clips of Cocktail. Papy appeared to not be too happy either as he felt that he was uninformed about this decision. Pepe's decisions about Cocktail, I believe was the final nail in coffin of the brotherhood between Dilu, Papy and Pepe as Dilu and Papy grew more and more distant from Pepe. Pepe was determined to get Empire Bakuba back in action for the public. Dilu and Papy were not pleased when Pepe decided to bring those dancers as full time Empire Bakuba members. We all know what happened afterwards when Pepe passed away. 

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