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Why was Bill Clinton suspended? I wonder if this contributed to the fallout between Bill Clinton and Werrason.

Like I said, Celeo is the mature one here on this case with Brigade. It's Brigade for some reason still holds grudges for whatever reason.

Aimelia Lias

Seeing the headlines of Aimelia Lias, got me thinking of him. He is another man who should be a big star in the DRC Scene but he is not which is actually sad if you ask me.

I mean this man has all the means to be a big star or a legend. I will give you five things that he actually has
1) He has a good mabanga voice
2) His voice is charming
3) He has the Wenge look (I mean he is the type that make Wenge fans pay attention to him)
4) He knows how to get the right musicians around him
5) He is not scary at all in first impression. He is friendly which is important.

Aimelia Lias is someone who had a promising future especially when he came to replace Manda Chante (not my favorite singer but is popular with some folks here). Originally Tutu Callugi was supposed to be the one but Aimelia won the hearts of the original Wenge bosses. His voice was noted a lot throughout the Wenge songs on Wenge Musica 4x4's last album Pentagone. After the Wenge split, Aimelia went to join the side of JB Mpiana which was Wenge BCBG but for some reason, JB decided to chase Aimelia out of the band. Aimelia released a solo album which some folks here love but for some reason, he went no where.
Here is the solo album.

So as result, Aimelia would join Werrason's side Wenge Maison Mere. He would be with this band for about 6 years. He would have one song of his own on Werrason's 2002 album Queue Leu Leu

After Aimelia left in 2007, he would restart solo career but he was not really going anywhere. However when he realized songs, it did get some noticable from Wenge fans mostly such as this one.

To this day, it appears that song Djodjo Mandiki gets more buzz from Wenge fans if they were talking about Aimelia's post Wenge life.

Aimelia is a very talented singer but one thing I believe what holds him back is motivation. I believe Aimelia is mad that his 2000 album did not get the success he expected and that is why likely he does not push himself to work hard now to get himself out there to be noticed more. That is why he is reduced into polemics like the recent one he had with Fally Ipupa and even with Stino Mubi of all people. SMH which leads to another problem that I believe also holds himself back. Lack of confidence. One thing I can see consistently is he is insecure and he does not enjoy being around those whom he thinks may threaten his spot like for example Ferre Gola. This has been documented by two people.

Aimelia himself has lately helped make some accusations of his ego problems have credibility such as getting into controversy with Fally Ipupa and attacking Stino Mubi for no particular reason.

Aimelia needs to do three things if he wants to be big.
1) Believe in himself
2) Stop seeking to attacking at all cost.
3) Promote himself in a musical sense.

If Aimelia does those three things, he can be maybe be bigger. Will he do them? Future will tell.

This is no shocker. Tabu Ley was too egoistic and he often let his ego get the best of him. No wonder musicians would leave Tabu Ley more easily. This interview confirms Tabu Ley's ego problem that was well documented over the years if you are a serious Congolese music follower. Stealing money was part of it.

What is the origin of this conflict between Aimelia and Fally Ipupa? It makes no sense at all.

Is Petit Cachet a good childhood friend of Evoloko Lay Lay?

At least I was wrong and I am glad that I was wrong. This is a good thing.

At this rate, JB's team of Madalas can own us in live concerts. This young generation has failed to hit the high bar that was set by the dream team. We are past it and we live history.
The problem is that Werrason doesn't want to hear logical criticism from fans such as yourself. You make good analysis. If Werrason would listen, he would have a strong team like he did back then.


Suzuki 4x4 discussion that someone mentioned leads to this great singer. I am speaking of Sam Tshintu.
Sam Tshintu is not as big as he should be right now. He was so promising during his time in Quartier Latin. In fact Koffi Olomide used to speak in high regard of Sam in even apparently calling him "President". In fact before being in Quartier Latin, he was actually a member of Flash Musica which also had other QL members such as Modogo and Suzuki 4x4. Also he was close friends with Papa Cheri JB Mpiana.

He enters Quartier Latin in 1993 but he was still not ready yet to hit the group officially. It is noted that his song Shambuyi ended being on Koffi's 1994 album Magie which he did not sing at all. However you will see Sam on Koffi's 1995 album V12 clips. He would finally begin to be noticed on Quartier Latin's 1997 album Ultimatum. His voice touched many people and he was definitely a fan favorite. In fact when Koffi would not want to play music, it was Sam Tshintu who would be the "leader" of the show. This comes from Addy Londole with his interview in Ngembo TV here.

9-14 is where Addy Londole speaks of how Koffi wanted Sam to lead the show if he would be absent.

Sam Tshintu would shine again well on Koffi's solo album Loi esepcially on Motomolo

But as Sam gained more and more power within Quartier Latin, there was bound to be a clash between Koffi and Sam which would hit the lowest point when they took the trip in Tanzania where Sam Tshintu decided to leave Koffi to form Quartier Latin Academia. This was done just before the release the album Droit de Veto in which you see the music video of other folks singing the solo vocals of the likes of Sam Tshintu in the song Rond Point. 

Quartier Latin Academia release their first album Sanction in which they had the famous animation Malanda Ngombe in which they attack Koffi Olomide.

The album had big success and Sam Tshintu started to get more respect from the Congolese music fans. From there, they started to get promotions and this helped Sam develop a strong band. In fact Quartier Latin Academia was even in competition with likes of Wenge Musica Maison Mere
This helped him get some older Quartier Latin members such Beniko Popilipo and Suzuki Luzubu 4x4 into the band with the second album Viagra.

Though Viagra was not as successful as Sanction, Quartier Latin Academia was considered a serious band and they were getting noticed by the international audiences even being to perform in Kora

Quartier Latin Academia was hitting the media circus in being in controversies. For examples, Sam Tshintu would attack Koffi at times.

But Sam Tshintu was not able to keep up with the success he was having during the 2000 to 2002. Also he was not good in staying in good terms with his Quartier Latin colleagues who joined him in Academia. One notable example was Somono Dolce left because he was feeling less valued. Sam Tshintu would become the leader of the Academia band but the downfall would ensue.
This would be noticed on the 2003's album Coins 4 Kandala. In spite the album being a bigger success than Viagra, defections and disputes grew more and more into the band. Bit by bit, more musicians would leave. This would have an impact on Sam Tshintu's 2004 album Sexy Chocolat which was a flop at this point. Afterwards, the group was basically finished and Modogo and Mboshi would return to Quartier Latin which led to anger of Sam Tshintu and he would not forgive them for a long time (he would not invite them for his 2009 album Sacrifices). Luckily Modogo and Sam reconciled officially in 2012 when Black Bazar came outm but they would leave the movement since they claimed to be properly be paid.

Sam Tshintu will have moderate success with his recent album Eyoma. Sam's voice is not the same but it is still good.

What do you guys think of Sam Tshintu? Could he have been bigger? Yes if you ask me.

This is good news. Now we need to add Herman Ngassaki into the fold.

Tosha sounds like a lighter version of Modogo. Tosha and Sam match perfectly together.

Congolese Music / Re: Currently interviewing CNN
« on: May 11, 2022, 21:26 »
Give us the details about this interview.

This is good humor stuff from Celeo Scram. When Celeo was doing well as a solo artist.

This really hit me today RIP. He was so intelligent and humble to hear and read from growing up. So the last of the great journalist is Manda Tchebwa now..Lukunku Sampu, Bolowa Bozakwa, Lukezo Luansi, Michel Lady Luya, Ngimba Lelo, etc atiki bisso now

Journalism in the genre is now a mockery
You are right but there are few exceptions. One of them is Marcel Landu. He is actually a good journalist. His Sekele tv show is more informative than other journalists.

This is a great idea. This can be a good trio. Eric Tutsi (tenor 1), Sam Tshintu (tenor 2) and Montana (baritone). Who was behind this idea of this great project? Simolo Katondi himself or another producer?

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