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Congolese Music / Re: Archive; First concert of Les Marquis (2004)
« on: December 15, 2018, 05:50 »
What a promising band. So sad that egos got in a way with a great band like this.

Yes Celeo Scram makes the claim that Fally and Sankara were never "real friends" but Sankara was a strong of him, Deplick Pomba and Kadjos. REALLY? I find that very hard to believe. I doubt that Sankara and Celeo Scram could ever been friends especially that both are too aggressive. While I believe Celeo on most things with Fally Ipupa and Werrason as well as Maison Mere affaires, I find laughable to say that Fally and Sankara were not friends but Celeo was buddies with Sankara De Kunta. Nonsense. Celeo also says that Fally and Sankara are friends for publicity. Come on Celeo. Sankara and Deplick make sense together but never Sankara and Celeo together.

BTW Fally and Sankara were members of Flash Success and they make sense because they could complete one another. That is the truth.

He says this in this interview: 43:22 to 44:09

This is a great song in today's age. It is strong especially with the animations of Roi David.

Congolese Music / Re: Bill Clinton's new generique Escalator
« on: December 15, 2018, 05:23 »
Very effective song and I like the fire that Bill Clinton puts on the song.

The issue is that my generation are too much into gimmicks only and that is killing Congolese music so much. But it is not unique in Congo. It is also true in other countries such as my country USA. That is why albums like this get overlooked. That is the truth.

Congolese Music / Re: TNS feat Werrason - Votez Richard Muyej
« on: December 15, 2018, 05:14 »
I wish Werrason would sing in his natural voice more than use autotune. Good song but I am tired of the autotune use. It is so annoying. Why is it being used so much these days SMH?

« on: December 15, 2018, 05:12 »
This was a good generique here. Fally Ipupa with Bicarbonate. HBD Fally Ipupa.


This Vincent is too obsessed with Werrason, it is very creepy.

I am going to do a little controversial thing. I have been listening to some Koffi songs. I feel that they are two members that would have been perfect fit into Empire Bakuba. I know one QL member did sing with Pepe Kalle who was Laudy Demingongo. But they are two QL members that would have fitted well into the music of Empire Bakuba and be great with Pepe Kalle's smooth voice.

They are three people. Here they are.

I would say Bouro Mpela, Suzuki 4x4 and Modogo Abarambwa. These men would have fitted well under the style of Empire Bakuba. When I listen to their vocals, I wonder if Pepe Kalle was a little more ambitious then he could have gotten these men into his band because they would have added a more youthful element into Empire Bakuba especially when Wenge Musica was on the rise during the 1990s.

With Suzuki, he could be the middle singer with Blaise Matadidi in a song like Mwana Mobowa or Djouna's song Keba na Mopepe, because Suzuki would have made the songs have more breath into the vocals with Blaise's simple high vocals and Pepe Kalle's strong baritone vocals or he could sing low if he sang with Djodjo Ikomo and Blaise Matadidi or German Kanza. Suzuki could have been a great fit for Pepe Kalle and Empire Bakuba.

With Bouro Mpela, he would bring in a more softer version of Evoloko Jocker because Pepe Kalle loved Evoloko's voice (I don't know why since his voice is a joke at best). Yes there was Desouza Santu but Desouza sounded more like Evoloko but with a little vibrato. Bouro would be able to sing the high notes with more softness in a more controlled than Evoloko could have ever had dreamed of. Yes Bouro's voice can be a bit raspy but with Pepe Kalle, it would have been more controlled. He would be a great fit sing high with the middle range of Djodjo Ikomo's middle range with Pepe Kalle's lower range. Think of songs like  Saravejo Continue and Lisola. Bouro Mpela would be the greatest fit for Empire Bakuba.

With Modogo, he is much more a lower range or a high bass or low baritone singer. He would make some Pepe Kalle fans happy because some argue Pepe Kalle would be better singing the middle or slightly high baritone than the low baritone that we were accustomed with him. That is where Modogo would fit perfectly. He has a little more smoother voice than Pepe had and has a more finessed vibrato than Pepe had. I think he would be great as a the low range singer with Pepe in the middle with German Kanza as the high range man. Think of the songs like Guy Guy Madimba and Chou. Modogo would have been a excellent fit for Empire Bakuba.

What do you guys think?

Pepe Kalle did a few songs with Bozi Boziana. BTW they were members of Papa Noel's La Bamboula. They sounded very alike and yet made memorable harmonies. Enjoy them here.

Congolese Music / Fally Ipupa gives a press conference
« on: November 30, 2018, 04:55 »
Watch the press conference of Fally Ipupa

Congolese Music / Re: The last trio kadima album
« on: November 30, 2018, 04:52 »

It's not full option?

As Drumstar98 said, it was Gardez Votre Souffle that Pepe Kalle sang with Papy Tex and Dilu Dilumona together as Kadima. Dilu and Papy appeared on Merci Maman but they sang with others and not together.

Actually Kadima really ended after 1990. I mean in a sense of new music. After 1990, they sang only remixes of the songs that they did in the 1970s and 1980s which would be Gardez Votre Souffle. In 1992, Papy releases his solo album while Dilu would do that in 1993 and they did not sing together at all. Pepe Kalle would sing with Dilu and Papy on their perspective albums. Pepe Kalle would release Divise Par deux which Papy only sang one song while Dilu did not appear at all on that album and then in 1993, he releases Loins des yeux which has no Papy and Dilu at all. It was clear that their relationship was not the same anymore. Papy started to focus more on the production side while Dilu was more into banking stuff. Pepe Kalle was the one who focused on music as he did when he was younger.

Then in 1998, their relationship went into hole when Pepe Kalle made Delta Force with Kinanga Boeing 737 and Lofombo. Now Pepe Kalle wants to prepare this band to get more spotlight alongside with some other Empire Bakuba members like Djodjo Ikomo, Djouna Mumbafu, Biya Chante and Desouza Santu. Papy Tex goes to France hoping for another Empire Bakuba tour in Europe and USA. Dilu Dilumona remains in Kinshasa to do banking and doing financial work for Empire Bakuba. Dilu was also preparing for his second solo work "Tour de Babel" which had Pepe Kalle likely only sing on the remixes. That album I believe was released after Pepe Kalle passed away. Papy Tex got into a terrible car accident before Pepe Kalle died from a heart attack. Dilu Dilumona was deeply hurt after not being able for Pepe Kalle to comeback alive.

It sucks that this album was the last time that they sang together as a trio.

Congolese Music / Re: Wenge Musica 4x4 BCBG
« on: November 30, 2018, 04:33 »
Clan Zaiko and Clan Wenge are similar in a sense where they made great music and they had a sense of making inpactful songs. They had a sense of power in their hands.

But the issue is that Clan Wenge is very divided contrary to Clan Zaiko. Clan Zaiko had conflicts but they managed to keep it down except with Koffi Olomide and Papa Wemba but the conflicts were mostly managed well compare to Clan Wenge. As I indicated before, Wenge BCBG 4x4 will be unlikely because Adolphe Dominguez, Alain Makaba, Blaise Bula, Didier Masela, JB Mpiana and Werrason not all together. Didier and Werra don't care for one another as well Blaise Bula and he does not care for JB that much. As I said, Blaise Bula is a coldfish while JB has a egoistic attitude while Werra appears more thuggish in my view and Didier just does not care about many of the Wenge people especially Werrason with Alain Makaba wanting to stay in his corner. Only Adolphe gets along with everyone but it will tough for a Clan Wenge reunion as long as the other big names still resent each other in a deep manner.

« on: November 30, 2018, 04:28 »
I know Koffi Olomide will mad about this. He was probably hoping to get JB and Werra to beef again but it looks like it may fail again.

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