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I wonder why Mosaka and Sankara De Kunta are in the same room. I wonder why? They hate each other apparently. I wonder why they are next to each other.
 ??? ???

Thanks to the death of Monib Production, now Ferre Gola has decided to meet Werrason. I wonder how it will be when they meet eachother. Resentments are deep but I hope that maybe one day we can see Werrason and Ferre Gola together again for the fans.

« on: June 05, 2018, 22:38 »
Who ever wrote some of classic songs for the late Pepe Kalle, I would like give him a shout out.

Was this the period that they were trying to get Papa Wemba and Koffi Olomide to do their "Wake-UP" Tour. I heard that it was in 2002. Who was behind this idea? I want to know. Matebu or Archos or Mvulusi96.

Congolese Music / Happy birthday BENDO SON
« on: June 05, 2018, 22:09 »
His real name I believe is Bendo Son Beya wa Beya
What a great singer. I always liked his voice with Papa Wemba.

Hear this song he did on the album Somo Trop. Perfect and well made.

Ironic song again coming from Koffi which some people accuse him of treating women as "slaves". I don't know what is happening with Koffi Olomide. Koffi Mopao is long gone. This Koffi is totally from the Koffi that we knew back in the days.

Congolese Music / Re: Les Quatro De Langa Langa
« on: June 04, 2018, 22:53 »
This is the part that I liked about Papa Wemba. He had genuine love for his colleagues. He always wanted to have reunions with people from Zaiko Langa Langa and his own band Viva La Musica.

Case in point in 2008, he got his ex-VL members Luciana Demingongo and Reddy Amisi on the song "Libongo"
Lovely song

I love this song Point Carre. I appreciate this song so much. Cappuccino sounded very nice. Actually Werrason sang well. He was amazing in this song. I wish Werrason had sung a little more in this song but it is a great song regardless. ENJOY.

How ironic they release this video as Koffi Olomide is about get arrested for sexual assault at his dancer.

« on: June 04, 2018, 22:44 »
I like this song and the video. I wish he had not used autotune. His flaws are still heard even with autotune.

These are nice videos. They are very well organized together. This was a great band. Koffi needs to do this again. We want QL like we had in this period here.

I disagree. Tabu Ley, Franco, Grand Kalle and their age had their polemic but it was nothing like the generation Wenge. Sure they had women issues but it was not as personal as today. First of all, Grand Kalle (rip) did not anything dirty. I don't believe that they actually tried to kill each other. That is nonsense. If that was the case, we would hear it by now. Congolese are known for not very able to shut the fuck up.

Tabu Ley and Madilu were one of the disgusting human beings in their generations. Tabu Ley was jealous of Franco because he did not have the greatness that Franco had. Tabu Ley could only beat him in singing but eveything else, Franco was much better than Tabu Ley. Even Pepe Kalle is better than Tabu Ley regarding management. Franco and Pepe Kalle were better managers than Tabu Ley. Tabu Ley was stupid for not getting Pepe Kalle into Afrisa. Tabu Ley never appreciated talent or knew a thing about talent.

Madilu was an ass and very stupid. I am sorry but I need to say it. He was absolute ass. He was addicted with Simaro for some reason. He diced him pretty often on songs (Consolation, Simeon, etc) saying "Tata'yo" and "Tonton". It was Madilu who destroyed OKJ because he let his ego get the best of him and Simaro was an idiot for letting Madilu going back into OKJ when his personality was for himself so much. Madilu was self-centered prick. It was him who played a role in creating the stupidity that we see in Congolese music. Madilu made so many stupid decisions such as forming Bakuba Mayopi (insulting Pepe Kalle) as well as separating from Pepe Kalle (he wanted to sound like him), refusing to sing with Nyboma in Lipua Lipua (he overused Nyboma on his solo albums) and on top of that being in OKJ (bad move) as well as not leaving it after Franco's death. If Madilu had any intelligence, he would have been better with Nyboma than being with Franco or others.

I wish Madilu and Werrason had done a duet album together. It would have been nice.

I think he became big too young. He never was able to angle himself properly because of that and it destroyed his career.

I know Franco Pepe Kalle might disagree ah ah ah LOL

As I said, he was overvalued by many Congolese press. He was not and never was the best singer. For some reason, they wanted to make him more than he actually was. He started to make "real music" in the mid 1980s and late 1980s but then nobody cared to talk about him anymore.

Congolese Music / Nice new music from Vieux Bozi Boziana
« on: May 28, 2018, 23:07 »
So far Ndombolhino got three songs of Bozi Boziana. They are more but I will post them before more comes.

Here are the posts

My favorite is the last post I putted because Bozi Boziana sounds perfect with Desouza Santu who used to be with the late Pepe Kalle. BTW Bozi Boziana sounds somewhat like Pepe Kalle but he is much more fragile than Pepe was. Djuna Djanana sounds good as well as the female singer (who is she?). It has the folkore effect which I like a lot in this case. But the Desouza and Bozi Boziana harmony together was my favorite. I hope they sing together more in the feature.

I am sure that it looks to me that Werrason is starting to wonder how he let Ferre Gola the way he did. By Sankara's words about Ferre Gola, it is clear that they hate Ferre but they miss him because he was essential behind their early success.

Listen to this song by Reddy Amisi. Without memory. This song showed how great his voice was. He was impressive. I cannot get enough of this song.

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