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I guess  mossaka wont be creating another buzz with Fally  stating that Jdl sung eloko oyo during this concert before

None...he aint a big star anyway

I am a big fan of Fally but the way i am seeing things these days.. I feel like in the next 2 or 3 years no one will be talking of him again . his ego is destroying his career and dont be surprised for him getting kicked from warner or his next album is not  well received.  Lets wait and see. .but still am a big fan though.

Congolese Music / Caludji vs ditutala
« on: June 10, 2018, 21:24 »

Today after listening to choc stars . i came to realize that  caludji scamed us all with that animation chantée thing .. I realized that he never brought something new and he was not the first to do so. When you listen to Ditutala you can notice that he actually did animation with melodie and not shouthing like  nono  djuna  or ekokota.
Calidji got lucky because he changed the wenge style but not the congolese music seben wise. As wenge was one of the top performer at that time everyone followed. The atalaku  singing style existed already but people only noticed it well on caludji.


Koffi went head to head with caludji on this one

Seriously guy ..there is no need to argue about these 2 album.  Libre parcour is a classic album that did not get  a proper promotion but managed to get some contracts out the country..while cursus was just a local success and congolese community abroad and was definitely well received but youngsters newly discovering congolese music. Fally did not play well when it came to promoting the album.. The album would have been huge success if only he was really involve into promoting it well himself. In opinion it was not a flop but just wrongly  managed ..fabregas learned from it and worked on the promo but still when it come quality and melodies cursus does not stand ..LP is way better.
To be honest i have the album but the only song i listen to is zigida and the rest is luaza...
To me LP is on the same rank as TITANIC , mortal combat..Well realised and conceived  but poorly received..

Seriously... Whats wrong with thus guy..? This not what we are all waiting from him .. And by the way whats the beef between him and jb .i dont get it..
What happened to this
Im so pissed right now.

Congolese Music / Re: FALLY... STOP IT, PLEASE!
« on: May 15, 2018, 08:30 »
Stop following him on insta .. And stop being so involve in everything he does  could  be a better solution for you... That way you could avoid having headache each time you see his pic..just saying grand pretrrrrrre manzambi

I have a great idea.. What dont we sign a petition and get some bana kin to endorse it. The petition will for having  kibens and especially Jdl and genta as the atalaku  sehain as mutu ya mbonda ( i liked his style in zenith) transfer yo zaiko kolo mboka ..jidol can also follow if he wants and still getting paid in bcbg because o l know the pay is the issue here
.trust me guys they will fit well..

wenge 4x4 reunion will only HAPPEN IF ONE OF THEM DIES ...  but  its going to be very hard for them to get to the matanga as fans will probably beat one one them up for showing up ...
this will be worse than wemba , koffi, kester  sh*****t ..

Congolese Music / Re: VIEUX MOKO BOYE!!!
« on: May 11, 2018, 02:11 »
bakala dia kuba

Moto ya wenge, ya quartier latin  na ya big stars e limwisa ba vieux ya choc stars mawa trop. This used to be my favorite band right  bedore i shifted to wenge

Congolese Music / Re: Slavery
« on: May 06, 2018, 15:25 »
In My opinion . i believe that what we have been told is a lie. When i look at it in different angle i think  people were back in the day lie to . how can a well established kingdom and all warrior stay Inactive when seeing loved one ,virile And string men and women being taken away from them. Im pretty sure that Portugese or other white nation that can in did not invade our land like they do now .the number of african warrior was possibly good enough to  attack those people that came into our lands. To me i think there was a deal between them Portugese and our ancestors . i believe they were promised something " it should be something spiritual as people back than were really into it.stuff like" if you come with us ,you will be more powerful than what you are now" or something else  without knowing that what they were getting into was actually signing for their own death. Once they made in middle of the ocean things changed and the game changed and became slaves without their own consent. No phone or way of long distance communication existed back then to let their ows back home know what they were getting into.  Once the make to the land they were shipped to they were told that their own people sold them to cover their asses(you know how w people are) they always blame other people for bad things they do. I recall not knowing what the ghetto was till i came tonamerica  not because i was ignorant but not because i was told what they wanted us to know(america +europe=heaven) same thing here they dont show people the good side of africa and until now some white peep thinks that africa is a country and people are miserable there which is not true.
Anyway its the system they lie to get what they want and put the blame on us  so they can bleach them self from trouble.

Congolese Music / Re: Trace Kitoko
« on: April 28, 2018, 06:19 »
In my opinion i think the project is a bad idea  and the statement saying that its  meant to promote congoleae music more is false .guys the chanel is dedicated only for congolese music ..this to me show how deep they want to sink congolese music ..non-congolese people will not be watching it.they will focus on new stuff on trace urban or africa and make our music only popular for congolese comunities around the world  not for all african ..i dont see a guy from cameroun or ivory coast watching a 100% congole music chanel. This is a bad idea.

And this same guy wants to be president of drc ... Smfh...really?

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