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One thing that they could do is organize a concert with Adolphe Dominguez, JB Mpiana and Werrason. Those three men can perform together for a mini Wenge Reunion since Adolphe is tight with JB and Werra.
I don't like seeing them without Blaise , Masela and Makaba.
You are right but Blaise Bula, Didier Masela and Alain Makaba don't want to be near Werrason. They don't hate him but they want very little to do with him. The only people that can be with him or tolerate are Adolphe Dominguez and JB Mpiana.
Why do you keep saying that? That's not true ahh yo pe, it's like you wish for it be true and you love trying to paint Werra in a bad light.
I think Bula and Makaba have an inferiority complex towards Werra, after the split they doubted he’ll ever become the artist he is today. They resent his success and Werra knows it that’s why he doesn’t care much for them especially Makaba who used to and still undermines him and Bula who Werra hates for dissing him harshly during the split and recently for stealing the socoda funds and fleeing to Europe

Who else remembers this crap by Fally Ipupa. I used to wonder how an intelligent person could be so thick headed

Congolese Music / R.I.P Manu Dibango
« on: March 24, 2020, 08:46 »
Another legend has fallen condolences to his family and friends

I heard it was a poorly managed abortion that caused Mireille’s death

OMG this is indeed disturbing. No African man should dance like that, sometimes I hate some of fally’s dance moves

Wtf Ferre? all these years of artistic growth, why can’t you seem to make a decent generique, this is by far the worst song  I’ve heard from you. If this level of musical output continues from you and your band then the high standards I’ve reserved for you will seize. You’ve  thoroughly disappointed me

I’m not sure if Ferrè is ready he hasn’t forgotten the past humiliation directed at his mother when he left Maison mere maybe Werrason might have to be the bigger man and approach him

Rumbas bambino and parking ya ba baba. Th choruses in both songs are amazing. For sebene I enjoy chantou and dosier du jour. I don’t know if it’s just me but I only enjoy the first half of fouta djallon before it switches beat to that monotonous tcha tcho rhythm, to this day I thought Koffi ruined the song by changing the rhythm

THANKS for opening up about your personal struggles. People have no idea how therapeutic this forum is. Your story has help me so much

« on: January 04, 2020, 07:03 »
Manzambi come back as an aspiring musician this is a great platform for you. As Mr. Ibu said, "it doesn't matter whether you do good or bad in life people will always talk".

Is this a 2020 trend or what?? Let's be sensitive towards each another, we're preserving culture here. You have no idea how much joy this forum brings to people. Let's be mature and ethical with our views.

Congolese Music / Re: I get chills when i watch this video
« on: January 04, 2020, 06:51 »
Cheer up bro they're still alive, maybe it's the nostalgia of the 90s. It's like going through an old photo album and seeing old friends you haven't seen in years. You could see the genuine love and friendship they have for each other, I'm sure they still talk to one another. I'm truly happy for each member that contributed to Wenge Musica, it's not easy to overcome abject poverty and rise to the where they are.

They have been friends for a long time koffi is a big Wenge Musica fan. He really appreciated Ekokata and the innovation Wenge Musica brought to Congolese culture in the 1990s and 2000s

What impresses me most in this album is Werrason's vocal control.
The album is indeed fire ????. Mwindia, Machine a voter, libala, esclave ya bolingo, Chemin de L'Amour, parking, sans limites, sans conquerant are truly great songs

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