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Did I read someone saying Robino is the future of Congolese music?

Didn't JB & his BCBG guys do the same to Alain Makaba, Blaise & Aimelia?

Yes that's satellite. Dinara and mwaka also feature in other songs. This is a very good album. The generiques were overplayed before release making them sound so weak. I think Werra needs either Bercy or Ambulance back. Diego and Golbert are too average for such a big group. Jamaique needs serious competition. He has potential and is versatile but he lacks Bercy's energy.

I'm of a different opinion. I feel Jamaique is not living up to initial hype and I have a feeling Werra might ditch him soon. Goldbert is not being given the spotlight he deserves but so far he's bettering Jamaique in all possible ways

Congolese musicians always do this to each other for whatever reasons. I don't like it but I also don't understand why Ferre fans are always up in arms when it's done to them. Maybe Ferre too needs to look at his relationship with his colleagues and decide whether he's OK with things the way they are or whether he wants to change them. If it doesn't affect his music then he shouldn't be bothered. Werra has been the official "unwanted" guy for a long time either by design or by default by he found a way to make that work for him.

In showbiz there's nothing like bad publicity. Just make all the "hate" attract attention towards yourself then capitalize on it

I like the funky vibe of the dance. Based on current standards of generiques I feel he's done relatively well. The drumming and solo guitar is starting to sound too familiar. Kabuya didn't really live to my expectations of him. Identite is always the guy who brings the fire  for me but for the first time he's let me down. He wasn't bad. Just a bit too mild. But I love how his voice has evolved. He sounds very close to Pecose of Defao and Big Stars

Congolese Music / Re: Koffi Olomide - U Arena (spot)
« on: June 03, 2020, 06:44 »
A lot of time Congolese music fans lament about how the standards and fortunes of the music genre has gone down & rightly so. The relevance of Congolese "rhumba" music is dwindling at an alarming rate. But I also think the fans are a big part of the problem. There's just too much negativity that I cannot honestly understand. It's almost as if the fans themselves enjoy watching the artists fail

Congolese Music / Re: Koffi Olomide - U Arena (spot)
« on: June 03, 2020, 06:40 »
Hopefully for him it will sell out because I still think there will be fears due to the Coronavirus so I'm not sure what the outcome will be.

I still wanna know what the QL lineup will be.

Cindy, BB Jitrois, Mukusa ya Mbua, bleached Eric Tutsi, and a bunch of average unknowns.

This concert is not going to happen.


How old is Faya Tess?

Damn!!  Ferre fans are so flammable!  ;D ;D ;D That's on a lighter  though

I like Kabose's music. Unfortunately it seems like the only way Congolese musicians know how to create buzz is to create some sort of a beef with someone higher up the pecking order. I wish Kabose could work harder on promoting his image as an artist and his work because it is an undeniable fact that his music is very high quality.

He can learn how to effectively use social media, learn some foreign language (Swahili, English) to broaden his scope, get more involved in community charity works, spend some small money on promotion, do a lot of freestyling on social media, connect himself with Djs & radio/Tv presenters outside DRC...etc

These petty beefs can only be useful if the artists involved are both established names. Otherwise nobody will care about Kabose & what he thinks about Ferre

Congolese Music / Re: Ex’ mineur Rolly Mayemba - Imprévu
« on: April 29, 2020, 09:52 »
Rolly's voice was a beautiful blend of Fally & Ferre voices + style. The man just disappeared into thin air. I hope this is the beginning of his return. Such talent shouldn't go to waste like this

Boss! Thanks so much. I've been looking for this album for a long time. A lot of Adolphe's music is not available on streaming services I don't know why

Eboa is/was a rare talent. If he was able to write his own songs & do the same for other band members, I just don't understand why there hasn't been enough music from him so far

I have a question for you all both Congolese and Non Congolese if you all know that Congolese (Werra, Koffi, Fally, Ferre JB etc.) and non Congolese (Arafat, Samuel Eto'O) artists do that nkisi stuff why are you still listening to them supporting their music and sharing their matieral? I would love for everybody in this post to answer

I'll speak for myself. I limit my interest to the music. Juju will never make Werra, Adolphe, Wazekwa have the voice of Ferre, Adjani or Fally. Again juju is everywhere in Africa. In business, in churches, etc. You'd be shocked to learn that your local shopkeeper uses juju to keep you coming back everyday, or that your local pastor went to see a juju man to get powers to perform miracles  ;D ;D ;D ;D If you pay too much attention to these things your life will literally come to a grind.


Ndeko, that stuff is not only in Congo. It also in Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Cameroun, Benin, Gabon & Congo Brazzaville.

Congo is not going forward because of the way politicians are ruling over Congo and don’t care about investing in Music, Education, Sports, etc. I had already explained how they killed the Music industry in the early 70s which made musicians being totally dependant from politicians & Europe.

It's everywhere across the globe. Juju among South Americans is on another level especially in football & the drug cartels.
But what baffles me is the way some people will stick to juju/spiritualism even when it's clear this is not helping their course in any way. For example Africa should have won the football world cup enough times with all the juju we practice

for me it should have been ferre,he was already their chef in maison mere so it was for me logical a bit like sam in academia
in those days it was not as long as today,nowadays days it can take almost a decade at times there is always a bit of luck in those things its like visas sometimes you see the student with brilliant results get rejected and somebody like ken mpiana getting his visa lol

I'd say Ferre too because he already had a sizeable fan base of his own. He was obviously the star man of the group even though the other guys were hugely talented as well. he had the face, character & charisma but I'm not sure he was ruthless enough. To successfully lead a Congolese band you must have a ruthless streak behind you, to make everyone to toe the line & never challenge your position.

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