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Sometimes a great video can redeem a not so great song.

Sanction had no "bad' songs or songs you deliberately skip after the first listen whereas Miracle had a couple of those. But the excellent songs in Miracle were extremely excellent. Way excellent than the excellent songs of Sanction.

Another plus for Miracles for me was the fact that it did not sound in any way like a Maison Mere album both in sound and style. Sanction was to me an excellent Quartier latin album without Mopao.

A tough choice between the two but I'll be the first one to go with Le Marquis' Miracle.

« on: September 20, 2018, 11:20 »

For real man, this generique is better than Premiere Classe and Ecole but somehow people treat this song.lile it was tika ko or joeur le ballon

No it's not. I know people have different tastes & maybe it's not as horrible as people say but on my list of the three it will be at the bottom. I have listened to it about 5 times now but there's nothing that stands out. For premier classe the opening Cri is unforgettable. It sticks from the first listen. For Ecole I can't forget where they chant Fally oh Fally. In Kata Fumbwa for example Hugo Synthe's keyboard stands out & is very catchy

My take is a good generique needs to have something memorable which 5eme Vitesse lacks. I actually feel like the margin is very small. If he had gone a different direction with the instruments work,  this generique could have been a killer.

The 1989 remix does it for me

« on: September 19, 2018, 13:12 »
Starts with a lot of promise but then gets stuck somewhere in between. I think Ambulance did well but the background team let him down.

With different kind of arrangement this could be a big hit. I wouldn't mind listening to Ambulance minus the instruments

Is it impossible for Watta to ask someone like Flamme Kapaya or Japonais to assist him with just one generique & then he can pick up from there?


What does this guy need to do to rise to the top of the pile or at least get some recognition. He does a lot of good songs that never get any recognition.

He says he's releasing 5eme Vitesse on Tuesday  the 18th  and the video will come out on that Friday fhe 21st.

Today is Tuesday 18th. I'm really eager to hear how Ambulance does.

He still sounds better than the guys in Extra today though


I don't know why you treat Werra like a God

I don't. I just find your criticism of Werra unfounded & exaggerated most of the times. I have admitted severally that Werra like all human beings is not flawless. he's nothing near perfect.

If he still had the first team and all the talented guy togheter Fally success would be much smaller

In this case we wouldn't have known how good Ferre could become as a solo artist. Koffi lost even bigger stars in comparison to Ngiama. Suzuki, Modogo, Somono, Beniko, Felly tyson, Babia Ndonga, Sam Tshintu, Mboshi Lipasa, Soleil, Gipson, Gecko Mpela, Fally Ipupa ..... Do you think they left because they were happy with Mopao? JB Mpiana did away with some of the stars that he started out with...Aimelia, Makaba, Blaise bula, Mpela & many others that he raised himslef like Djino, Abram, Metrau, Abel de charme. Funny thing is that a lot of BCBG supporters complain about the old guards who haven't left like Rio, Kibens & Seguin. Even Le grand Maitre Franco used to lose musicians. For the 1 millionth time, musicians leaving is not unique to Maison Mere & Werrason. Musicians leave for many reason & it's a very normal thing.

And of course Werra is lucky, right now if a singer like him would pop up and sing like he does only God how much criticism he will get

Werra is definitely not the best singer to have emerged from DRC. He is nowhere near the best vocally. But like we have argued here before, there is more to music & running a band than just the ability to sing. Great singers like Babia, whom I rate so highly by the way, didn't have a memorable time as solo artist. I wouldn't say Wazekwa is a spectacular singer but he is doing equally good.

Wenge and Werra are known for Wenge 4 x 4 and Bill & Celeo duo, tell me what solo song in Werra's solo career (except his generique which he buys lyrics for) has stucked in Congo, in A la queue leu leu Nostalgie was one of those well received songs, in Temoignage Demi Tour which was originally written by J3 and for J3 with Heritier, and Sous-Sol Medicament by Lacoste, and so on.

First let's not make an issue out of the concept of buying music. Even Michael Jackson & Beyonce have paid lyricists. JB Mpiana didn't write all the songs of his solo album Feux de l'amour. Koffi Olomide has sung song composed by others. It goes all the way back to the great Luambo Makiadi.

Secondly do you realise that the Bill & Celeo you are mentioning are a product of Werra's solo career? All those songs you mention are products of Werra's solo career. It's a shame if you chose to ignore all the songs of the album Kibuisa Mpimpa while listing Werra's work as a solo artist. It shows that you are not being objective.

And if Werra knows everything that passes in his orchestra howcome Bonbon, Brigade and many other got seriously injured or got verbally abused or hmiliated by Werra's staff? Why Werra didn't make anything when Celeo and Bill and all the ream were starving in London?

These are some of the things I really don't like about Maison Mere. But I chose not to take them to heart. As a music fan I enjoy the music & pay little attention to the back stage mechanisms. They are there in every music group & I am not ready to quit listening to music just yet.

My God Werra is not God he is not the grand formateur he only knows how to spotlight people and put them in star place but many singers and atalaku are already formed before coming to Wenge

If these people came already formed then you can't blame Werra for how they behave after leaving Maison Mere. THEY WERE ALREADY FORMED! Werra has got no ability of "forming anyone"

Arafat has got one of those voices & styles that makes you want to dance. Just like Mboshi Lipasa & CNN.

« on: September 18, 2018, 10:22 »
Congo is not Europe.neither USA, most of the influential journalists doesn't get much views unless they are based in France, Congolese peoppe base influence on how that guy is respected, and how much influence he has for example Ferre might bot be known in Europe or USA but if Ferre wants to make something he makes it, because in Congo you are famous if the people know you outside of the online views

And that was in fact my question. What other medium do they use other than internet/Online TV? Blogs? radio? Tv? Newspaper? Funerals & events? And just how influential are they?


The behaviour of adults? Bill, Celeo and most of the goldrn members of WMMM eere guys with no proper education about money rights and behavuour maybe only Celeo in time is the one who could survive without Werra but for the others they have learned all by Werra, it is very hard to hear ex QL members beefing within themselves and of BCBG maybe only Djino (who became big headed) and Abel De Charme sre mad against JB or fellow members Werra needs to change administration ASAP, he has a bunch of Yesman who makes him think Wenge is still on Top while Fabregas, Ferre and Fally and Heritier are taking over, he is lucky that Brigadegot that incident if not it would be Werra end

Another ridiculous assertion. Werra is not lucky. You cannot be lucky for so many years. He has a formula that is working for him & he has every right to stick to it. You make it sound a if Werra is some brainless robot who is not aware of what goes on around him and has to depend on the so called yes men.

If indeed Ferre, Fally, Watta (with one ish ish album), Fabro et al are taking over then so be it. It's only natural that they do. Nsone is getting older & at some point someone will take over whether we like it or not. But they shouldn't expect Werra to hand it over to them. That's his daily bread too. Damn it!

On a lighter note though, I will only accept your argument that Werra taught these guys the bad behaviors the day you all agree that Werra made these "thugs" the stars they are today. You cannot dispute Werra's claim to the title Le grand formateur but want to impose on him the title of the grand trainer of kulunas. he either "formed them" or he didn't.

By the way, why are you always so mad at Werrason?

« on: September 17, 2018, 14:21 »
It's a shame Monstre hasn't achieved the recognition he deserves outside DRC. He's one of my favourites. Hopefully he'll have more big hits like Yo nani? Sponsor & especially Fimbu na Fimbu

« on: September 17, 2018, 14:09 »
It's funny but JB & Werra did what they needed to do to survive. Without a definite center of power even the best groups crumble at some point. Maybe they learned this from their experience in 4X4.

On another note, just how influential are these journalists because most of the interviews barely get 3,000 views on youtube. Why do these musicians feel like they have to somewhat toe the journalists' line? 

It would have been great if these beefs would be resulting to some great music in the studio. Otherwise they are meaningless

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