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Congolese Music / Re: WATA HERITIER
« on: April 17, 2018, 15:52 »
Herritier focused too much on his beef with Werra instead of working on his product. many people will view his work from the angle of his polemic with Werra & ignore his talent and product. There is only so far polemic can take you. Fabro on the other hand seems to be a natural leader. In addition he has the passion and drive and works extremely hard. I never expected him to do this well but here he is

OK. Why Werra? Why not Ferre or JB or any of the other guys?

Will Werra ever want to work with Baby Ndombe really? For some reason I am 100% sure that at some point in future Werra vs Ferre thing will be buried. When it stops being of value to Ferre especially

Mashemeji really love Mopao  ;D ;D ;D

Their husbands/boyfriends most likely  ;D ;D ;D ;D


i find it strange that new approach of deplick,you already have an handicap of limited funds and not enough people putting you up there among the very best of the new generation,and its stupid to waste time on that polemic with robinio

If I remember well someone once shared here an interview where Deplick was saying he visited Ferre & Ferre gave him advise on how to increase his relevance or something like that & soon after he started head on this beef with Robinio. I just hope this is not the advise he got from Ferre & even if it were it has now outlived its usefulness. The beef has been milked dry by now. I see a lot of potential in Deplick & if he just concentrates on putting good music out there without all these unnecessary side shows, he can be great.



Who are these Robinho look alikes & why can't Deplick just do his stuff & quit this kiddish beefing? He's already done a Robinio diss track. Isn't that enough or he's got nothing else to offer?

Actually Deplick is very kiddish from the way he's enjoying that lurid dance & encouraging that girl. That is the kind of stuff of strip clubs & not a music concert. I wish I could unsee all that trash

he did actually explain in another part of the interview which is seemingly the one people watched and talked the least about saying that he meant that for the respect he has for grown men like alain mpela chai and co he cant call them his children,but people can say "bana ya groupe bcbg or maison mere or whoever" because it would be arrogant from him to claim he singlehandedly made them who they are
then again the bana thing was started years ago by maison mere knowing they had a irreversible edge on all rivals on that field and obviously what jb said was wonderfully instrumentalised in the context of polemic,prior to that exes were called former musicians or pire petits by their ex leaders,and ex members would for some like madilu say luambo is his father,or some will say big brother or ex boss or still call pres like fally does with koffi its only recently that people made "papa na bana" the only possible choice
but all this is jb's "fault" if he was releasing,people will have less time to pick whatever they have on their sight to throw hate at him and would criticize him on his release

JB Mpiana can never be wrong in your eyes. He's lucky to have a friend like you Archos

Congolese Music / Re: Werrasons feeling for Ferre Gola 2018
« on: April 09, 2018, 15:31 »

You really think Werrason still harbors hard feelings about their split? Sometimes I don't think he has ill feelings, because it's been almost twenty years since the offshoot of Les Marquis.

But then again, you never really know...after all, it is the entertainment industry.

I don't think Werra holds anything against any of his past musicians to be fair. I think his style is to let them be. He doesn't crowd their space once they leave.
But then there are some ex members who maybe expect him to be hostile and keep away from him. Taddet said he could not face Werra to tell him he's leaving for a solo career. Then there are some who did not leave in a happy manner and will want to throw jibes here & there at Werra. Like Kabose used to chide Werra saying music is not about generiques & dance all the time or something like that, & certainly Werra's people will respond in kind. The general belief is that they do this with Werra's consent but I think these are people who try to justify their roles in the group.

I remember also when Fabro started out he was not particularly in good books with Werra but lately we are seeing a very cordial relationship between the two. Werra will definitely never reach out to Ferre but I am 100% sure that if Ferre does reach out to him, he will not have a problem with that. I listened to an old interview where Serge Mabiala was asked if he could rejoin Maison Mere and he said never but if Werra asks him to come do a project he wouldn't mind. Now Werra again will never reach out to him & many might see this as having hard feelings towards his former members.

Congolese Music / Re: From Brazzaville Wallo Boss Tino
« on: April 04, 2018, 12:08 »
Nice one. “Chanteur Capable” like he calls himself. Kind of reminds me of Papy Bastin a little bit. He chose the right time to go solo with his ex-boss’ current situation.

Walo Boss os really close to F’Victeam’s bassist, Wallo Bass.

Finally some decent looking women in the clip. Recently it seem like it was just donor’s gf and wives being selected (cough* Robinio)

What's his boss' current situation?

Why is it a joke? I think he's doing right to try and capitalise on his fame & popularity

Congolese Music / Re: Best voice of all times
« on: March 26, 2018, 16:18 »
Babia Ndonga's voice. To me this is the best voice alongside Ntesa Dalienst & Reddy Amisi.

I can't rank Werra's albums in terms of favourites. I pretty much love all of them. The one album that I don't really feel is Tecno Malewa. For whatever reason this album just doesn't get to me. Maybe a few songs here and there but I don't feel it.

As for the rest my favourite is the one I'm listening to at that particular point

Congolese Music / Re: Jamaique is massive talent!
« on: March 08, 2018, 10:55 »
I dont think Werra was impressed by Bercys 'talent' but rather his 'move' from the jetsons band. Remember during this period camp WMM and Ferre's boys we beefing really hard. Nsone is an experienced leader and he knows what a real gem is.

Ditto! The excitement was more about getting one over Ferre than Bercy's talent. With Jamaique Werra is genuinely pleased and excited with his catch. You can see from the way he looks on happily when Jamaique is on stage and he even throws in the occasional dollar note

« on: March 08, 2018, 10:48 »
Carcini was always my favourite Cultura member & I'm disappointed that he left this way. When Wazekwa was in Nairobi, everyone loved Carcini as he's such a good entertainer on stage

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