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« on: December 04, 2019, 11:06 »
Share the link we sympathise with her

I can't agree more. Our sympathy is only meaningful if we can see the sympathesee in the act that requires our sympathy so as JV says bring it on so we can sympathize then move on to more pressing matters like climate change and the Hong Kong protests. ;D ;D

It's Basele. He sings on Angello Ombollo song, Hugo Malongi song and another song. Dinara sings on Caferoum song. Chinois sings on Likufi song in volume 2. Satellite sings on Kakol song in volume 2.  Guys who have not featured will sing on volume 2. I hear they are adding Jamaique's new generique to volume 2. He has a hit generique which should have replaced formidable as main generique had they gone for one volume.

Yes, Basele sings in Angelo Ombolo from minute 3.00 while Chinois also sings in the same song from minute 4.25 and to me it is Chinois who sounds closer to Adjani. Here he varies his voice a bit but even in repetition listen and tell me who is more Adjanisque between Basele and Chinois

His name is basele

It is not Basele, the one who sings like Adjani is called Chinois formerly Iniesta. Arnold Basele is a high tenorist...

I wish I can share but he sent it to me on WhatsApp and for those who have iPhone you know you  can’t save that shit.

Same as Nkosi forward to my Whatsapp +254724115151......please

No teasers bro, I’m listening to full songs and I must admit this shit is good....Machine ya Beaute song is a 10/10 for me

Bro can you share, Friday is too far

Congolese Music / Re: KOFFI OLOMIDE - UN DOLLAR (new song)
« on: November 05, 2019, 12:39 »
I am a huge Koffi fan but like his recent releases(post-Danger de Mort), I am not feeling it. I like my Rhumba sounding like Cadenas, Medicament, Jeannete Bombole, Andy Mputu, Blandine, Ba Chinois, .....all these songs have a similar beat so that is my beat because i cannot explain the type i can only refer you to these songs and you will find the type of beat i enjoy. Then the singing must be melodious(those songs again) and the chorus soulful(those songs again). This song meets none of this criteria.

Everything coming from werra is rubish ..not worth listening.. Thank you... i passs
Maybe your ears don't work well
my ears are okay bud...its actually my nose not standing the smell of that garbage music from werra. Not a fan at

I totally respect your opinion but remember sometimes your hate for the artist makes you miss some good vibes they release. From the little I hear so far the generiques are quite solid and danceable and as a rhumba fanatic they are also going to be huge(papy kalubi full boss seems like gonna be my hymn). You can hate the guy but allow yourself the objectivity of enjoying the music if and only if it is quality and Formidable does not sound that bad from the tidbits.

Very childish if drama from wearing the same clothes arises.

not that  it would be the starting point bro,there are little things happening more and more currently,for example ken mpiana and manicke are starting to go hard on koffi while they are on control from f victeam administration
also some people consider that koffi is planning his concert at la defense arena,twice as big as bercy just to undermine fally's biggest event of his career because deep down he is upset with fally's success

Do these people use their bottoms to think? If Koffi is jealous of Fally's success, then they need not worry because that means Fally is bigger than Koffi which means Fally's event will be filled to the rafters while Koffi's event will be empty. So instead of hating Koffi for trying to rival Fally they should encourage him to go ahead with his event so that he fails and prove that Fally is the G.O.A.T and Koffi is finished.

« on: October 27, 2019, 18:53 »
I am a rhumba fanatic and those tunes sound fantastic. I can't wait for this Fleche Ingeta Season 2 or 7 Jours de la Semaine Episode 2. @archos any clarity on when Formidable coming out? I am one of the few remaining believers in this 'finished' band!!!

« on: October 16, 2019, 19:20 »
lol no koffi was in paris,and if you follow polemic,she used to be very well with koffi then went hard on koffi and koffi was is in studio in paris went to meet her,i insisted in "goes to meet her" because normally its the younger who is expected to go to see the older to apologize even if the older was wrong,you get me?

Perfectly understood Sir.....seems Carine has some hell of a honey pot

« on: October 16, 2019, 14:24 »
So Koffi flew all the way to Paris to meet Carine or did i misread the title of this post? If so then I cannot blame Carine, Koffi is the one who sought her out( if this title is as i read it)

« on: October 12, 2019, 12:12 »
1. No Cindy
2. Koffi still has 'that' voice that i thought he had lost with how he has been mumbling in songs released in the last few years.
3. Good to see the likes of Suzuki, Modogo, Gipson, Zoe Bella, Champion,Binda Bass etc
4. Good sound quality

1. If he had to bring any of the current squad, why BB Jitrois when he has the more vocally blessed artists such as Lindalala, Mayase, Eric33 and even Fabrice Mayela

Is that Junior Kingombe sharing a mic with Zoe Bella at the extreme right?

If someone wrongs you, whatever the reason, they lose the moral advantage in your eyes. If they recognize their fault and ask for forgiveness, they regain some of that moral ground. If you refuse to engage that request you also lose the moral advantage. Koffi on a personal level is a clown of a person and will pay for his sins as the deity so wishes. If God forgives, then man should too and I don't think the huffing and puffing here is gonna change anything. And judging from the emotional outbursts on this forum, one may think Koffi asked for forgiveness from our bloggers here. If Koffi did not personally ask for you to forgive him then kindly stop mourning more than the bereaved.

« on: September 16, 2019, 18:58 »
Why Master Virus acting like a teenage girl fan? Be a man don't comment like you were a groupie Master Virus

lol fally's answer explains why
So commenting on another persons post is suddenly a groupie? Lol people on this forum really like making any post related to Fally negative

@CM Prince; on a related note, people’s attitudes and tendencies over time play heavily into people’s perceptions of them. This is what we’re seeing lately regarding Fally. A few years ago it was fine and tolerable because his ego complex wasn’t so blatant

Trust me bro I get it I really do but the issue I have with it is you all act like he’s the first and only one to be like that. But let’s be honest with ourselves the guy is still active whilst what are his peers doing? You said Fally bores you as an artist but in the past year aside from Fally and Fabregas who has released an album in the 5th Generation? most people on this forum recently are just discrediting his talents on what he’s done for the genre just cause they don’t like the way he’s acting is just really dumb, and then you have guys like @mrvibes who’s always leaving nasty insults on every Fally post which is not normal. Like I said this forum has become so anti Fally that there’s people who love jumping on the Fally hate wagon cause it’s the fun thing to do.

Bro...let them be. But have you ever taken time to think that their unwarranted hatred for Fally can be as annoying as your obvious adoration for the guy. You always defend Fally so passionately even when it is not warranted. It is weird too for a man(which assume you are) to be such a sycophant of another man they barely know. Unless you know each other then that would make a lot of sense !!!!

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