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So what happened to the group album I was so eagerly waiting for?

« on: October 26, 2018, 06:18 »
Sounds like Emeraude Season 2. The flatness in Canne a Sucre, then this underwhelming photocopy of Emeraude, Fally needs to put a bit more effort in his writing and singing. There was this time when a friend of mine came to my hostel in campus and Eternellement was playing and it was his first time of listening to the song, he asked me who the artist was and I told him then the comment he made was that if Fally ever came to a funeral and sang whoever was dead would just rise to savour that beautiful voice. He has been an ardent Fally fan since then. I miss that soulful Fally that sang Cadenas, Attente and some of his beautiful early rhumbas. He is good at getting social media following, adopting titles like GOAT, King and is an aggressive marketer but this is way below what I expected after all this waiting. Good thing for him is that taste and preferences cover the whole spectrum and for those like me who think this is more crap than masterpiece, there will be an almost equal number or more who will think this is the next blockbuster of course accompanied by a million views within hours. I have not lost hope though and I am keenly waiting for the full album and I will pray and fast that out of the 30 songs I will find at least 10 unforgettable rhumbas I will want to listen to more than 5 times daily.

« on: October 25, 2018, 18:11 »

atalaku you can hear him at 0 20

Oh yeah, the papa Soda cri....he is good enough I think.

« on: October 25, 2018, 13:30 »

Long time @archos. Is he a vocalist, instrumentalist, atalaku or admin? And if he is any of the first three which albums/songs did he participate in so I can sample him an know whether his return helps the group or not

« on: October 19, 2018, 07:02 »
Apart from Japponais, Chikito, Kunzardo and Muana Kongo, who are the other members?

WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE QUARTIER LATIN MEMBER and WHY?? (It could be a singer, animator, guitarist/bassist, drummer or dancer)

Current or all time?
If current its a tie between Mayase and Lindalala
If all time its again a tie between Babia and Eric Tutsi

My reason for both is the uniqueness of their voices. I am a sucker for those melancholic sounding voices

Music meant for people of class.

But do you say!!!!!!Omera Ujaluo itakuua

(I'm fully prepared to argue...) This is better than Fally's, Ferre's, & Fabro's recent generiques. I'll wait for the finally release quality, but it seems the solo and bass are seemingly on point

It's very danceable from a party DJ perspective

When is the official release? I agree with you on the almost perfect instrumentation but in the 3 minutes there are no atalaku cris and I suspect there will be none in the full generique, just Koffi singing and that for me is a big disappointment. That beat, with his atalakus especially the new tenor animator would have been killer!!!!

« on: September 27, 2018, 18:15 »
Time for the supporting cast!!!

Being foolish is a relative term. Even the obsession with hating on guys who don't just give a fuck is considered foolish in my part of the world!!!


I don't know why you treat Werra like a God

I don't. I just find your criticism of Werra unfounded & exaggerated most of the times. I have admitted severally that Werra like all human beings is not flawless. he's nothing near perfect.

If he still had the first team and all the talented guy togheter Fally success would be much smaller

In this case we wouldn't have known how good Ferre could become as a solo artist. Koffi lost even bigger stars in comparison to Ngiama. Suzuki, Modogo, Somono, Beniko, Felly tyson, Babia Ndonga, Sam Tshintu, Mboshi Lipasa, Soleil, Gipson, Gecko Mpela, Fally Ipupa ..... Do you think they left because they were happy with Mopao? JB Mpiana did away with some of the stars that he started out with...Aimelia, Makaba, Blaise bula, Mpela & many others that he raised himslef like Djino, Abram, Metrau, Abel de charme. Funny thing is that a lot of BCBG supporters complain about the old guards who haven't left like Rio, Kibens & Seguin. Even Le grand Maitre Franco used to lose musicians. For the 1 millionth time, musicians leaving is not unique to Maison Mere & Werrason. Musicians leave for many reason & it's a very normal thing.

And of course Werra is lucky, right now if a singer like him would pop up and sing like he does only God how much criticism he will get

Werra is definitely not the best singer to have emerged from DRC. He is nowhere near the best vocally. But like we have argued here before, there is more to music & running a band than just the ability to sing. Great singers like Babia, whom I rate so highly by the way, didn't have a memorable time as solo artist. I wouldn't say Wazekwa is a spectacular singer but he is doing equally good.

Wenge and Werra are known for Wenge 4 x 4 and Bill & Celeo duo, tell me what solo song in Werra's solo career (except his generique which he buys lyrics for) has stucked in Congo, in A la queue leu leu Nostalgie was one of those well received songs, in Temoignage Demi Tour which was originally written by J3 and for J3 with Heritier, and Sous-Sol Medicament by Lacoste, and so on.

First let's not make an issue out of the concept of buying music. Even Michael Jackson & Beyonce have paid lyricists. JB Mpiana didn't write all the songs of his solo album Feux de l'amour. Koffi Olomide has sung song composed by others. It goes all the way back to the great Luambo Makiadi.

Secondly do you realise that the Bill & Celeo you are mentioning are a product of Werra's solo career? All those songs you mention are products of Werra's solo career. It's a shame if you chose to ignore all the songs of the album Kibuisa Mpimpa while listing Werra's work as a solo artist. It shows that you are not being objective.

And if Werra knows everything that passes in his orchestra howcome Bonbon, Brigade and many other got seriously injured or got verbally abused or hmiliated by Werra's staff? Why Werra didn't make anything when Celeo and Bill and all the ream were starving in London?

These are some of the things I really don't like about Maison Mere. But I chose not to take them to heart. As a music fan I enjoy the music & pay little attention to the back stage mechanisms. They are there in every music group & I am not ready to quit listening to music just yet.

My God Werra is not God he is not the grand formateur he only knows how to spotlight people and put them in star place but many singers and atalaku are already formed before coming to Wenge

If these people came already formed then you can't blame Werra for how they behave after leaving Maison Mere. THEY WERE ALREADY FORMED! Werra has got no ability of "forming anyone"

You have argued like a true intellectual. Isolating the issues and addressing them one by one is the mark of some badass brains. The objectivity you have approached the debate with is quite refreshing for a forum where infantile, emotional outbursts wins you a Nobel.Of course there is always a lot of bile thrown Werrason's way. Whenever a thread comes up about him 90% of comments are always very nasty. Maybe he has done something to these guys, you never know!!!!! But if one can accuse Werrason for controlling the actions of those who have already left Maison Mere(like the insinuation that he sends the likes of Bill and Celeo to beef with one another and they oblige years after leaving) then Werrason is sooo powerful maybe he can be regarded as a "god".

Congolese Music / Re: FERRE BLEACHING?
« on: September 12, 2018, 07:14 »
1. Always check the hands and especially the knuckles. If they differ in complexion from the face then the answer is YES.
2. All those guys in the photo look extremely light skinned. Could they all be bleaching?

Congolese Music / Re: FERRE & JETSET LIVE SUNDAY 26/8/18
« on: August 29, 2018, 09:24 »
That guy with the first vocal in Jack Pimba....Ferre calls him Chelele or Cherenge or something like that in another concert I me goosebumps everytime he does the vocal. He should be in the first team ahead of someone like Balotelli who though sounds decent in QQJD sounds very average vocally in the concerts I have watched him sing


apparently they voted and he got picked as the new chef,ruth nzele getting the discipline role after a short time as a stand in chef d orchestre,and  nicolas kept his spot of in charge of rehearsals

Who was the former chef and why was he replaced?

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