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Such an underrated Generique, he should’ve done it when it came out in 2015 it had every possibility to be a hit but it wasn’t promoted well enough.
This also came out around the same time when Libre Parcours Generiques, Seben, Selfie, Mascara, Original were being played on full swing .
But the cover that he used for the song is incredibly weak lol

Congolese Music / WHERE’S DEFAO MAN??!!!
« on: August 09, 2020, 15:02 »
I’ve literally been waiting nearly 3 months for this so where is it? Please don’t tell me he did a Jb and by trolling us and release a snippet but not even deliver. I need a new Generique to enjoy and dance to for the summer cause the Generiques we’ve gotten so far this year have been extremelyrubbish except for that guy Scotty BK and also Gemerose


I’ve always wondered why did he leave Maison Mere before the recordings of Force D’intervention Rapide. There’s another concert with him and Maison Mere on YouTube but I can’t find it, I think it was deleted. I wonder how it would’ve been if he stayed in the group.

He says he was meant to be on the list for the europe tour and the Feux D'lamour recordings, He gave his clothes and went to the airport at 11am and their flight was meant to be at 11pm and at 6pm that's when you had to check in.
He saw Werra go past and he said to himself ahh okay it's all good I'm going, but Werra just went past and checked in, then Alain Mpela, Ficarre, Patient Kusangila and Mbuta Kiss went past and checked in and Ferre just stood there surprised and the whole band went and checked in and went through. He tried to get their attention and then it got to 10pm and they closed the gate, and he watched the flight take off, He ended up going back home disappointed and stayed at home for 3 weeks disappointed. Luckily for him they stayed in europe for three months and he waited for them, and Jb gave him some clothes from Europe.

Poor Ferre mannnn he was so close from participating in a Wenge Album  :D

« on: August 01, 2020, 12:11 »
Please Quadra don’t get my hopes up.


I always thought it was Alain Mpela who was the first they were calling the leader of the 5th Generation, Funnily enough both didn’t end up becoming it and didn’t have the career most people expected from them.
Ahh Sam vraiment is a complete musician what a career he could’ve had if the Ngulu affaire didn’t happen and if he wasn’t so eager to go back to Europe. I’ve always said that newly recruited team in Kin was super promising, I honestly believe Eric Menthe and Tonton Lay would’ve had better careers if Academia didn’t have all them problems.

For June 2021, I’ve seen it on so many pages.

« on: July 24, 2020, 18:56 »

I found myself listening to Quartier Latin Integral, the guy doing the animation along with CNN sounds exactly like Somono. His name is Chaleur, I’m surprised he wasn’t recruited by Sam Tshintu after Somono left Academia. Him and CNN were like the perfect replica of the Mboshi and Somono duo.

With people saying “it’s not real, it’s not Congolese money, it’s not his, it can be his because look at your room” and so on

I totally forgot about this Generique, but I really like this. I never really grew up listening to Anti Choc or Bozi Boziana but I appreciate them. Theo Mbala did such a good performance on this.

They’ve fired Claude for a racist comment the other day, I like Claude but sometimes this channel makes us Arsenal fans look bad and toxic. 


With their Aggressive way of playing Sebene in Force D’intervention Rapide, because I slightly prefer the sebene in Force D’intervention Rapide even though Solola Bien had better sound due to being recorded in Europe.

Also on Werra’s brothers album Ladin Montana Fini la recreation it still had the same style as Force D’intervention Rapide, and I think the sebenes were better than Solola bien too.

Of course I’m not saying Solola Bien was bad no not at all I love the album but I guess I prefer their previous style of playing, so thoughts?

I forgot that they credited Mabiala’s song to Kabose who was his replacement. It was bad enough Serge was barely performing during that tour and barely participated in the album due to his problems back in Congo, but to credit his song to someone else is harsh, especially now that he can’t even claim that song back to him at SACEM even though it’s credited to Werra but Kabose could if he wanted to.

So yesterday I was speaking to a really close friend and admittedly he’s a combattant and was one of those very radical ones till about last year. We were speaking about Fally’s concert at Bercy and how it was all decent show and to my surprise he said he literally hopes Fally releases the audio and footage of the show. I turned around to him saying “whaaaat?”
And I asked him wasn’t he against the return of concerts, and he said No not anymore because it solves nothing and also most of those that are against the return of concerts don’t really care about Congo and haven’t even been in 10/20 years 
and they just don’t want it to return due to personal issues with the musicians themselves, and the same people that are against the return of music are the same to pay for Mabanga in songs.

He also said it’s unfair because the older generation of combattants had their time to go and enjoy concerts in Europe and now the new generation have to suffer because they don’t get to see their favourite artists live and he gave for example Fally’s concert at Bercy there were a lot of young people in attendance so it shows that it’s time for the new generation.
He admitted the whole ban and threats were/are very ridiculous because the combattants that were celebrating making the news after setting fire outside the station in Paris thinking that the problems in Congo would be noticed and solved whereas they weren’t concentrating on the problems back home but just made us congolese look like terrorists.

He also told me that there are actually a lot of people that are up for the return of music but they get threatened and are forced to block whilst him he’s openly said he’s up for the return and no ones tried anything on him.
Our music is down because of the ban and the same people that are moaning about the lack of good music these days are the same ones blocking a group to Europe and the combattants need to find another tactic because it’s clearly not working when in fact Congo is getting worse by the minute since he went last year.
What made him change his mind on the whole thing was the fact that he realised nothing was changing and one time his nieces were dancing to Fally and Innoss’B and one of them turned around to him and said she wishes she could see Fally live one day and the way she said it it saddened him.

He also gave a few jabs to Jb saying if Jb ever comes and brings with him Kibens, Rio, JDL and Seguin he’ll personally block the concert since he can’t stand those guys  :D ;D

So thoughts?

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