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I also attended the concert so that’s another one he can tick off the list.

« on: November 29, 2023, 14:17 »
I was meant to do it a few days ago but I lost the file where I wrote the review so I rewrote it.
I will be explaining my whole experience from the beginning till end stay tuned..

« on: November 26, 2023, 04:52 »
Congratulations to Fally for performing at a PACKED U Arena, I was there and the vibe was incredible. I will be giving a review for the show very soon. But congratulations to Fally for being the first Congolese artist to perform there and the 2nd African artist, and he also (allegedly) had a bigger crowd than Burna boy who had over 30,000 whereas Fally had over 40,000.

Ferre deleted his song A qui la faute featuring Rebo from his YouTube channel, then reuploaded it without crediting Rebo. Rebo and Innoss in return unfollowed Ferre, so what’s going on between the three? Because on Ferre’s latest post on IG promoting his Generique Rebo and Innoss’s fans are attacking him in the comment section. There were also rumours that Ferre slept with Rebo at one point.


Fally’s getting backlash because today he just announced a concert in Brussels which will be the week after his London concert.
The reason he’s getting backlash because like the London one people already bought their tickets for U Arena and paid for accommodation only for him to announce concert in their city at late notice. People feel he should’ve spaced out those 3 concerts apart from each other rather than having it three weeks apart from each other

I said this also when he announced London, my thing is I said this as well it could’ve been better if he announced the tour dates all at the same time, or he should’ve just spaced it out, because he can risk a Mpiaka by doing that.
It’s like when Koffi came in 1998 he performed at Olympia, Brixton Academy and Zenith but those were months apart, he should’ve done the same thing


When people talk about quartier latin choruses it's always the legendary Magic/V12 chorus that consists of Suzuki, Babia, Eric, Modogo, Willy, and Sam, or sometimes the danger de mort lineup chorus. But I always think the Attentat  chorus deserves to be up there too, it's only because we had one album of that chorus. The Force de frappe chorus was good too, mainly because Mustapha was covering majority of the songs before having his vocals deleted.

I really like the Attentat Chorus because it's literally dominated by Babia, Eric, Mustapha and Mamale to bring a balance for the rest of the line up. You can feel their absence in later albums and concerts especially from 2001-2005 with Lola and Jipson destroying the chorus especially at their concert in LSC after Mustapa's departure

Also at their concert for Christmas in LSC 2002 Soleil was also ruining the chorus on some songs especially in SOS he was doing too much.

My question is Koffi used to care so much about choruses in the early years, why didn't he quickly sort it out after Effrakata or coach them how to do choruses properly? I know Fally and co were chasing tenorists away but surely he could've sorted it out. I know Paparazzi who was brought in to replace Mustapha and Babia took Jipson's place for an African tour with Jipson getting left behind, they apparently did witchcraft on him because he suddenly couldn't hit high notes anymore which resulted with Koffi calling his staff back in Kin and ordered them to get Jipson to join them, which made Paparazzi lose his place.


This was his interview right after Ferre’s Stade des martyrs but it wasn’t posted. He said Koffi misused him and he’s one of the best singers in the 5th generation but he wasn’t exploited properly and lacked direction.

Now my question is do you agree with what Werra said because for me I strongly disagree because Koffi gave him so much space.

« on: September 09, 2023, 00:18 »


For young guys back then excluding Eric tutsi they sounded very experienced and professional, I wish Fally would go back to these type of arrangements.


This video shows small extracts of the first version of the 4 Coins Kandala clips filmed in Kin with Sam and the musicians from 0:29, 0:45, 1:19, 1:41. It must be somewhere on YouTube because all the videos put together have are videos from YouTube, does anyone have it or know anyone that does have it?


Looks like his staff finally convinced him to go ahead with his plan to counter Ferre, Watch Heritier come out of nowhere to announce a triple SDM lol


I used to hate on this album harddd back in the days and it’s recently I’ve started loving this album lol it took 17 years to like it  ;D
My question is would it have been better if Koffi left the vocals of Mirage, Asso, Brigade in the album instead of erasing them in favour of Modogo, Bouro and Mboshi who all returned, because the album was recorded in Kin it was meant to even be released before it actually was, and they reworked some parts in Europe.
Bouro replaced Mirages vocals after the latter disappeared in Brussels, Modogo replaced Asso’s vocals and Mboshi replaces some of brigades cries.
I’m only asking because the returnees didn’t even last long in the group and Asso and Mirage were meant to co lead Binda Bass’s song Moustiquaire. I was so disappointed when I realised Koffi left Asso, Brigade, Tshe Tshe de Balle, Mbetenge in kin I was looking forward to seeing them after watching the boma nga n’elengi DVD.


I think this is the first live sebene to go viral since Papa Mobimba, but this has become requested on the dance floor at weddings and parties.
I think this now joins the list of most popular live Sebene in no particular order, Zaiko Bob Maman Siska, Koffi Papa Mobimba, Werrason Zenith solo dances, Koffi Bercy Rond Point, Koffi Olympia.

Another thing people seem to forget it’s literally the same as Vibes which he released 2 years ago just different lyrics

It's either Dynasty vol 2 or apparently he might announce his plans to perform at Bercy soon.

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