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« on: October 16, 2020, 15:11 »

R.I.P Maman

Congolese Music / Innoss’B Ft Damso - Best (Official video)
« on: October 15, 2020, 16:11 »

« on: October 06, 2020, 18:23 »


I was listening to Attentat earlier and I thought to myself was Koffi the first to have more than 6 singers in his group because in Attentat there were only 10 singers that participated and 14 singers credited who were the main team (Depitcho, Babia, Mamale, Eric, Fally, Mustapha, Lola, Gibson, Spino, Soleil, with Chikito, Jf, Jordan, and Sarbatino who were also on the main team but didn’t participate in the album.
Obviously after Academia was formed more singers were recruited and before the arrival of Fally, Mustapha, Lola, there were plenty of singers who eventually disappeared and joined other groups or became in the second team.
So did Koffi start this trend? Because he was one of the first to have more 9 mics on stage in 2005, and for the zenith of 2007 he had 12 mics on stage.


Both generiques Ngwende and Mboka Mboka deserve to be up there along with Mascara and Zigida.
It annoys me that he prefers to promote his generiques with the loud Synth with keyboard, like I get he tries to have his own sound but its very monotonous.
Another thing he releases too much songs in an album so the generiques like these can easily get lost, Ngwende sounds like a Werra/MM type influence Generique and Mboka Mboka sounds Koffi/QL influenced.
He should’ve recorded clips for both so that people know the dance of both songs but at least there’s the rehearsal of Ngwende to know a bit.

This year has been so disappointing in terms of everything that's gone on in the world, and also we've not been getting much releases and ones we have been getting have just been nonsense from the crap generiques from Ferre and Fally which both sucked and flopped.
Also we've gotten nonsense from Werra and Koffi
We got a remix from Defao which was alright, and a new single from Innoss'B which was also alright, Ferre's recent opera which was nice, and from Jb nothing surprise surprise  ;D
I hope someone releases a nice Generique to give us something to dance to cause I know we ain't getting no albums,
I remember back in the day there was a lot of options to play for Christmas but this year ehhh.
I'm slowly starting to get tired of playing classics all the time. This genre has become so dead.


From 25:45 no justice whatsoever, How can he ruin Modogo's vocal from Papa Na Roissy. Why is he still in the band? Matter of fact why is he even a musician? Not only he can't sing but he's an average dancer, Faux chanteur moko boye.


By forget I mean when people talk about Maison Mere’s Albums they tend to leave this one out at times, it’s always Solola Bien, Kibuisa and A La que leu leu and so on.
For me this is my favourite Maison Mere album, proper powerful sebene and nice Rhumba’s too, with Ferre singing having the most vocals on the album, his vocal in Kalayi Boeing amazed me he did a good job replacing Jb (I always wonder what Jb’s reaction was when he heard it) and from that I knew Ferre would have a good future in music.
Everytime I listen to it it brings me back to my childhood, My Mother (RIP) was also a big fan of this album and would always play it when given the chance.
I’ve seen and know some people who claim they’re the biggest Maison Mere fan but haven’t even listened to this album which I’m like you can’t claim to be the biggest Maison Mère fan if you haven’t listened to all their albums .



As a big QL fan I honestly don’t know any of these musicians only Asso and Omba

« on: September 14, 2020, 21:55 »

This is the second time Aimelia has spoken out against Tutu, the first time was when he went on Ado's show and spoke out against Tutu for his interview with Ado where he blamed the whole split solely on Werra, whilst for Aimelia that interview was too biased and uncalled for since Tutu had just rejoined BCBG before that interview and he made Jb sound like a saint whilst during the days of the split he was very close to Werra.

Aimelia is celebrating his 50th birthday with a concert on the 24th of October with the likes of Ferre, Heritier, Alain Mpela, Celeo, Titina as guests, and Tutu suddenly announced his own concert on the same date even though he knew Aimelia was planning this event for the past 4/6 months and Aimelia invited Tutu months in advance and they spoke about his birthday and the event.
He says he no longer wants to have contact with someone who's a hypocrite and he's disappointed with Tutu for trying to make a fara fara with his own Wenge brother and trying to keep that old Wenge rivalry since it doesn't make sense for Clan Wenge to do fara fara's against each other and it would make sense for them to do fara fara against the likes of Clan QL and Clan Viva.

« on: September 11, 2020, 17:46 »

« on: September 11, 2020, 17:39 »
I'm only asking because I saw on Twitter lol shout out to @Congo-243 who's regularly on twitter haha. I saw someone tweet saying Awilo's music isn't that good compared to the rest and it's non congolese people that enjoy his music, with a majority of people agreeing, so what's everyone's thoughts?

Like the title says damnnnn, they definitely went off and had fun once the interview was over just look at the way she’s looking at him and getting close to him even after. I don’t even remember her name but this was a few years ago.
It reminds me of an interview with Papa Wemba when he kissed the journalist.

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