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Clearly photoshopped his face but all this honestly needs to calm down

« on: August 13, 2018, 17:07 »
Archos and mvulusi can you tell us about the original plan of the album of anti terro with Alain mpela and les ppu we obviously know the final product but I'd like to know how many songs was it originally gonna have and would the first team of kibens and co participated and would the likes of Richard mukena and so on would have been able to add in their songs?

« on: August 09, 2018, 01:00 »



Anti terro the clips were just straight trash quality terrible, same locations just felt like a continuation of the previous clips

Internet - only cause the bits where jb was filmed was just lazy he didn't look interested and also the fact that you can sense alain mpela is missing with kibens trying to fill the role as the head of bcbg just wasn't working for me

Temoignage - just cringy and bad and also with werra releasing high budget movie like clips for the generiques of operation dragon and ligne II got people excited thinking the same thing was gonna happen for ca sonne but nope

Droit de veto - even though 4 clips were released due to academia forming it was terrible probably the worst the fact that in rond point and droit de veto there's blatantly two cameras recording them and in droit de veto you can see the other cameraman just not acceptable

Sans issue - just plain lazy filming

Bokosepela clips - wenge recorded clips of some songs from les antes adorables pleins feux and kalayi boeing they were just bad clearly filmed with a cheap cam recorder

Honourable mention
Monde arabe - the clips that were filmed in kin weren't necessarily bad but the quality wasn't like that of the previous clips and was kinda whack
Titanic - only because I was missing blaise and makaba and it wasn't comfortable seeing them replaced by kibens and rio
Attentat vol 1 - hated how he didn't show his musicians in the clips of victoire and malanda gnome and in sisi we didn't see Coumba gawlo and in vol 2 we didn't see passi in african kings only the bercy playback footage

« on: August 06, 2018, 16:47 »
Both were returning to Kinshasa

The album face b by the group he was with talent latent, with the likes of Eric Tutsi, genta, cellulaire and so on, I believe it was released in 1998 just before he went to QL it's also available on the digits stores. Fally should sing some of these songs in his concerts

This is my favourite song off the album

Like the title says which album which you have liked to have witnessed or had been recorded so you could watch
For me it's got to be
all wenge 4x4 albums including feux de l'amour
Bcbg titanic
TH and internet
Koffi- from noblesse oblige all the way to danger de mort
Werra - kibuisa mpimpa
Maison mere- force d'intervention rapide and solola bien
QL academia - sanction and viagra
Les marquis - miracles
Fally - droit chemin
Ferre - sens interdit
Zaiko - Nippon banzai, Avis de recherce, nous y sommes, poison
Papa wemba - Fula ngenge
Wake up


I found this old tape... so the story is the album les anges adorables just came out and wenge didn't really release clips like other artists and my dad and uncles used to complain about it.. then one day they went to the shops and saw this VHS and couldn't believe their eyes and believed that 4x4 finally released clips so they all bought a copy each at the same time and excitedly went home each went their separate ways. Then my dad came home and was very excited he had food ready and called my mum so they can sit and eat and watch the clips. as they put the vhs they noticed it was a concert and my dad at first thought it was a quick preview but then he realised the whole thing was a concert which got him super pissed and then my uncles starting calling and they were furious and they all started calling each other and blaming each other. I asked my dad years later how did he not realise the titles in the back were a dead giveaway his answer was he thought they put the clips from Kalayi Boeing too lol, but yeah a few people I spoke to about it fell for it too so wenge trolled a lot of people hahahaha  ;D ;D :D :D

This is the concert by the way


With Alain Mpela, Aimelia, Rio, Kibens, Chai, and JDL

Is it just me but does anyone else think aimelia looks unhappy here

He was shot dead in his car may he rest in peace I wasn't a fan of his music or his controversial character but you can't celebrate death

I was just listening to some ferre songs and this got me thinking when did you realise he'd be big for me it's got to be
His vocal in kalayi Boeing remix him redoing jb's part I remember first hearing it saying to myself this guy has a bright future

Also his song vita imana was being played everywhere forever a classic

Lastly his performance at zenith 2002 amazed me
Honourable mention likelemba where he proper showcased his dancing skills 

« on: June 07, 2018, 16:50 »

JB posted the poster on his snapchat... this is what I'm talking about nice one jb for supporting his brother

Just 8 titles so far

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