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Damn after seeing this these two sound identical and they even look similar too. Are these two related? Hahaha

Congolese Music / NEW FABREGAS - EPAVE
« on: May 04, 2019, 19:03 »


This was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better then the actual main generique I don’t why they messed up the only bit I like of the Internet generique was JDL and Afande’s animation, but this really should’ve been it. I feel like the generique kinda messed up the album a little bit even though the album is brilliant.


I don’t know who else watches WWE here but I feel like this is an important cause to celebrate cause in over 50 years there’s never been a full African champion. The closest is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson” who happens to also be half Samoan, and Kofi Kingston who’s a Ghanaian Born has finally become WWE Champion!


Beautiful song I just love it, it’s my favourite from this album from the way he sings a bit like Papa Wemba is incredible, the chorus, the saxophone at the end. Ahh Ferre should’ve done a clip.

Merlin IDOL distribution have blocked and taken down everything SMH seems like koffi's team are behind all of this.


Since it got put on the streaming services recently I've taken the time to listen to it Top Top album from Alain Prince. He needs to release another album soon. Even when I was listening to this I was saying to myself if jb didn't get rid of him so soon how would the sound of bcbg sound like and so on. He needs to collaborate with Werra and Jb again.

« on: February 18, 2019, 15:44 »

As the title says they're now available on platforms. It's my first time hearing the cd versions of zenith in full with only some extracts available on YouTube


Adolphe really overdid it in this song and this came out in 2001, I remember hearing this for the first time and I was like oh my goodness this is ridiculous. He's just talking throughout the whole song.


Anti Terro I find myself listening to it quite often, I didn't like it in the beginning due to the sound and the fact that it came out the same year as Alerte Generale and Monde Arabe. I also think this is a way better generique then that of Internet which I usually skip.


The way he sang in Pas De Faux Pas was incredible and not to forget how young he was and also one of his most famous vocals in Noblesse Oblige and later Papa Na Roissy. Suzuki really was the face of QL in the early days which was then later shared with Willy Bula, then taken over by Babia Ndonga Chokoro, then taken by Bouro and Sam, then taken briefly by Depitcho who then later shared it with Champion Estetique, and then taken by Fally and then finally and unfortunately taken by Cindy.

He really deserved that award at the anniversary reunion, I'm sure even he was surprised by the award.

My friend pointed it out to me so I was curious and checked and fally really has unfollowed him since the documentary and his doing his best to distance himself from the situation. Rightfully so lol

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