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This was his interview right after Ferre’s Stade des martyrs but it wasn’t posted. He said Koffi misused him and he’s one of the best singers in the 5th generation but he wasn’t exploited properly and lacked direction.

Now my question is do you agree with what Werra said because for me I strongly disagree because Koffi gave him so much space.

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For young guys back then excluding Eric tutsi they sounded very experienced and professional, I wish Fally would go back to these type of arrangements.


This video shows small extracts of the first version of the 4 Coins Kandala clips filmed in Kin with Sam and the musicians from 0:29, 0:45, 1:19, 1:41. It must be somewhere on YouTube because all the videos put together have are videos from YouTube, does anyone have it or know anyone that does have it?


Looks like his staff finally convinced him to go ahead with his plan to counter Ferre, Watch Heritier come out of nowhere to announce a triple SDM lol


I used to hate on this album harddd back in the days and it’s recently I’ve started loving this album lol it took 17 years to like it  ;D
My question is would it have been better if Koffi left the vocals of Mirage, Asso, Brigade in the album instead of erasing them in favour of Modogo, Bouro and Mboshi who all returned, because the album was recorded in Kin it was meant to even be released before it actually was, and they reworked some parts in Europe.
Bouro replaced Mirages vocals after the latter disappeared in Brussels, Modogo replaced Asso’s vocals and Mboshi replaces some of brigades cries.
I’m only asking because the returnees didn’t even last long in the group and Asso and Mirage were meant to co lead Binda Bass’s song Moustiquaire. I was so disappointed when I realised Koffi left Asso, Brigade, Tshe Tshe de Balle, Mbetenge in kin I was looking forward to seeing them after watching the boma nga n’elengi DVD.


I think this is the first live sebene to go viral since Papa Mobimba, but this has become requested on the dance floor at weddings and parties.
I think this now joins the list of most popular live Sebene in no particular order, Zaiko Bob Maman Siska, Koffi Papa Mobimba, Werrason Zenith solo dances, Koffi Bercy Rond Point, Koffi Olympia.

Another thing people seem to forget it’s literally the same as Vibes which he released 2 years ago just different lyrics

It's either Dynasty vol 2 or apparently he might announce his plans to perform at Bercy soon.


Wazekwa was also in attendance. My condolences to Cindy and her family


The male dancer made it awkward and was a bit sus, why didn’t he just use one of his female dancers to dance during the jb singing feux de l’amour? Is that why they cut it out of the dvd version because of how awkward it is

Side note I enjoyed this concert it was a good follow up to zenith.

So I know some people in his staff, and apparently Heritier was pissed that Ferre filled stade des martyrs. He’s also unhappy about the inevitable reconciliation between Werra and Ferre (with the rest of the clan Wenge seniors) and how Werra said in an interview a few days ago that after him and Jb Ferre is the 3rd on the list with the most crowd. Heritier has been telling his staff he’s gonna pull a bigger crowd then Ferre and he was convinced Ferre was finished after his prison stint and how himself (Heritier) had the backing of the whole Wenge 4x4 when he was a guest at their stade des martyrs with being given the label dernier fils he thought he was given that power.
Whilst with Fally’s reaction my uncle is around his circle Fally’s more unbothered about Ferre having a big crowd, he even told some of his close people “fair play Herve” because they’ve been exchanging messages a little bit since Guy Gola’s death. But Fally as well after U Arena might plan another stade des martyrs,

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