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Congolese Music / FALLY IPUPA - NZOTO CLIP
« on: November 12, 2021, 11:10 »



Werra was shown a video of Patient thanking him for all he did for him and his career, you could tell Werra was feeling a bit emotional, he was even at a loss for words

The reason I'm asking this is because we all know he was very close to returning after Les Marquis split and his solo career wasn't working at that point and he had the choice to either go back to Maison Mere or join Quartier Latin preferring to join Quartier Latin instead.
Now we know in Maison Mere if you're an important member and you leave and come back the crowd or band members will force you to kneel to the leader like Lacoste famously did at Stade de martyrs, so do you guys think Ferre would've had to kneel to Werra, and would he have had his place next to Werra again because Heritier pretty much took his role and a part of me can't really imagine seeing Ferre with the team of Cappuccino, kojak, taddet even though he already sang with Aimelia, Kabose, Lacoste, Jitrois, Heritier, and Eboa briefly. So would Ferre had been the chef again or would have Maison Mere have given him a 12 later down the line?


1:38:26 ladies and gentlemen we’ve officially found the worst person to do the koyimbi ko dance in the golden dream team, the way even Werra couldn’t hold back his laughter.
People on here like to give shit to Mabiala and Aimelia for their attempts but they were no where near as bad as Adjani at least Aimelia wasn’t  ;D ;D


22 years later and it still pisses me off how bad these two clips are, Koffi was the master of clips but these were straight trash, and the audio quality was bad too. They filmed in front of the sun when everyone knows you have to be facing the sun, because otherwise it will appear too dark and Rond Point clip is the perfect example because you can barely see the musicians and dancers faces. and lastly on both clips you can see the other cameraman get in the shots, I’ve never seen that in my life! I couldn’t believe it  ;D ;D
Side note seeing Gibson and JF playbacking Bouro and Modogo’s vocals is hilarious.


4:08 to 5:06

2:22 to 4:06

3:58 to 5:28 and 9:00 to the end

2:40 to 3:20 and 5:55 to the end he did a good job playing Beniko’s licks from Étage ya Suka

6:10 to 7:00

He says here that Les Marquis influenced musicians to want to leave their groups and start recording solo albums including Fally, now my question to you guys is do you agree with him?


It came on my suggestion today, with Marie Paul reuniting with Manda Chante and Depitcho. What year was this?


« on: July 01, 2021, 16:51 »

I don’t really listen to Wazekwa I sometimes find his style of music especially Generiques and Sebene too complicated lmao, but this one right here is a good one.


He’s calling himself The G.O.A.T If you remember Fally was calling himself The Goat back in the Tokooss days, first Double King, now Greatest of all time lmao  ;D ;D


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