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Just a bit fun… what are some of the biggest missed opportunities in the genre? We can date all the way from Franco to now? It can be anything from albums, tours, groups, features


Quartier latin at its absolute finest! 2:45 always gets me hyped! Brigade and Kerozene had amazing chemistry that people forget they only participated in 2 albums together as a duo. Ya Fofo! 3:24


RIP and Happy Birthday Lebou, one of the best guitarists you are truly missed.

I’m asking this because I’m just thinking about how when Koffi released Legende the promotion was questionable but only because he was in the US touring but now he’s back in Kin he just had a release party and his been promoting the album.
Fally same thing he’s been touring all over Africa since Formule 7 came out and just had the release party in Paris but since the album came out he hasn’t been in Kinshasa, the promotion for that album itself has been okay but probably the weakest promotion out of all his albums. Is it better for artists to release when they’re in kin? I’m talking about todays music not of 20 years ago when some artists would release whilst they’re still in Europe on tour.

« on: January 26, 2023, 19:23 »
Man really said it’s “Coli” instead of Cold”  ;D ;D
Seems like everytime he’s in Chicago with his family his very funny side comes out  ;D ;D


Two years ago we were all calling for his head but I can happily say I fully trust the process. Man has built the best Arsenal team in 16 years. We’re gonna win the league I can feel it, thank you Arteta ;D :D


Just after the release of Baguio Ngando. This concert was really good, I think this was the first time people saw Willy Bula in ages since he disappeared from the scene in 2000 after leaving Zaiko.

We know Les Marquis was formed in 2004 and planned since 2000 but this list of musicians that were approached is actually quite insane, I’m sure there’s more musicians from other groups that were contacted to join

Ferre Gola
JDT Mulopwe
Serge Mabiala

Baby Ndombe
Fally Ipupa
Shella Mputu
Jordan Kusa
Joss Diena
Heritier Wata

Bill Clinton

Celeo Scram
Bebe Kerozene

Mimiche Bass

Flamme Kapaya

There is no way they would’ve all co existed absolutely no way. They would’ve split after a few months especially with all the ego with each guys coming from their respective groups as chiefs they wouldn’t accept XYZ being their leader. 

« on: January 11, 2023, 17:12 »

He says he has his own private  clinic at university which is why he's not around in cultura a lot but he's still in the group.He's asked about the changes in the group since he's returned and he says the office is very well done and the structure of the group is good and comfortable. When asked about Koffi and Wazekwa making peace he says its a good thing when asked if he would get close to Koffi again and Quarter latin he says why not but there's a lot of things that need to be changed with the group.
He says Bill tried to get him to join Les Marquis when he was in Paris but he refused as he was still loyal to Wazekwa, he says all Celeo does is go on the internet and do interviews to attack Fally and others but doesn't even perform concerts, He's asked about dynasty and Bill leaving the project and he says Ferre should just do the project on his own rather than rely on others and Celeo's voice will ruin dynasty. For him Ferre should get Bill back for dynasty and if not he should get Brigade, Franck says Celeo is still there and Joss says Brigade is better if not then he should get Roi David if not then Ferre should do the animation by himself.

The guy is literally the most complete musician we’ve ever seen and still remains one of the best chef d’orchestre in Congolese music, but damn he really didn’t have the career everyone expected. These songs are really good. Such a waste of a potential career, but I feel like because he done a good job in Wenge 4x4 and bcbg he gets a pass.

These are the songs I was playing during my family Christmas party only strictly songs released this year, in no particular order haha

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