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No chill  ;D ;D ;D

Hat tip to @CM Prince. As a huge Defao enthusiast, this really has me excited. Defao for me is the most consistent artist - Ive never heard a bad song from him in my decades of listening

Here at the Magie/Bonne Année 95 concert at the end of the concert is singing Koweit, Rive Gauche but is exercising lyrics that would be released later in V12. The seamless transition between songs make me believe Fouta Djallon and Bambino are extensions of Koweït, rive gauche which was a tremendously successful rhumba back then



I remeber being absolutely stunned by how how the good sound quality was/is when it first came out - 21st century sound at the very end of the 20th century. The Steinberger solo licks, chorus, rhythm/mi-solo and the animations are perfect.

The use of the shakers is still the best I've ever heard in generique (it's become a lost art since artists/bands have forgetten about it)

The clip also very good

One of my favorite underrated génériques. The guy had a great animating voice; pure tenor. RIP

For my 5000th post, I present the official teaser JB Mpiana’s & Wenge BCBG’s upcoming album “Balle de Match”. It’s the first time I hear of this album; it is said that the project began shortly after “Soyons Sérieux”, released just a short time ago.

JB, a man who who’s done a tremendous job of remaining relevant and not being a source of mockery has reportedly stated that he doesn’t want to any loose momentum from heralded SS, an album that had perfect sound on each track and did not disappoint key fans.

Releasing a teaser surely means the album will be released very soon, without any delay, to get us through this pandemic. Enjoy.....

« on: May 25, 2020, 00:20 »

Reddy Amisi, Fally, Ferre, JB and Koffi get parodied hilariously. Trop d’abus de mabanga - he may have topped Werra’s mabanga on Nostalgie with 15 mins nonstop mabanga 

Congolese Music / RIP MORY KANTE (1950-2020)
« on: May 22, 2020, 14:44 »
The man who introduced west African music to a global audience. The legend has passed age 70. Cause of death not yet publicly confirmed. 2020 is such a morbid year

You’ve been warned

Décompte Final - brand new, still in plastic wraps. After literally a decade of search, I was able to find a copy online. Was a bit expensive, but definitely worth it. Will post the booklet in the booklet thread later on. I also found Madilu’s Pouvoir, which My previous copy was stolen years ago.

If anyone know where I can get CDs of Aimelia’s Constat and Extra Musica’s Shalai, please let me know

Also - If anyone is interested, I have the booklet for all of Wazekwa’s early albums. Not sure if they’ve been posted already

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