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Monde Arabe (Heros National)... Good stuff.... Koffi keeps a fresh/young band, which is something that can't be said about some of his colleagues

Très fort

Not 100% traditional sebene like we're used to, but nevertheless nice

lol, gotta love Congolese

"Quand Cristiano marque le but il saute comment ?" "When Cristiano scores a goal, how does he jump?"

« on: June 13, 2018, 23:59 »
And fantastic interpretation by Koffi. At his best

An overlooked album?

I feel like we as the listening public regard Kin é Bouge (groundbreaking opus) & Pentagone (nostalgia) with higher esteem than these two LPs. As time has passed, I starting to believe this was their most complete album, from a composition and acoustic sound standpoint.

Werra proved himself a chanteur here:

One of, if not the best forced praise songs (Saddam) by Masela:

JB had two hit songs; “Hi Ho Ha New Image” & “Cap de Benelux (really Makaba’s composition)”

Alain Mpela’s song which made him a huge sensation:

It has absolutely nothing to do with the song and gives me nkisi undertones. Who's conception was it? I've only watched it like 3-4 times as a result

RIP Jeanette Bombole

« on: June 05, 2018, 22:10 »
Meaning dedicated writers, and not big leaders.

Simaro - Greatest, all-time. Repertoire speaks for itself - Faute ya Commercant, Mabele, Ebale Ya Zaire, Affaire Kitikwala, Verre Cassé, Mandola, Dati Petrole, Kadima

Max Mongali (RIP) - beautiful self-reflection song. Remix of Idi Mane (1973).

Mayaula Mayoni - Don Padrino (RIP)

Pascal Poba - Voyage, Chantal Switzerland, Blandine, Omba. All of Wenge's most famous rhumbas

Benz Petrole - “Le Savant de la RDC”. Highly respect and has collaborated with most artists. Song for Arthis Photo (aka the person who did the cover art for most artists)

Do Akongo “Dikoel” -  Sens Inverse, Kot-Kot

El Dorado -

Honorable mentions - Strevos Niarcos (RIP) Pida Star, Didace Iboula, Mosaka, Riva Menga (RIP), Adada & Mobe, Fiston Youlou

My two favorite songs from Viagra, along with Très Fort.

I used to think Collation was Sam’s composition, but a friend once said it’s not:

^ Fogy Tureau “le grand pétrolier finance” has lots of great songs in his name, but has disappeared from the scene.

Ah, one of my favorite Sunday afternoon relaxation songs. Also, officially credited to Sam:

Rightfully so, I’m afraid. Looking like he was going to choke trying to entertain JB

People are calling this Reponse ya Caligula, kiekie

One of my favorite songs from QQJD. Preferably with it the singers in the clip

"Ecoutez Marchouse Damba, pleure au dessus de la Montagne... qui peut le conseille si ce n'est pas vous Papa Mathias? Yoka manzaka..."

Chance eloko pamba... Héros National  ;D ;D

Werra's day 1 musical idol and vocal influence. From noted drummer/arrangeur/sometimes vocalist, Adricha Tipo Tipo:

Also featuring Wenge BCBG's Pathy Moleso, Japonais Maladi, Ali Mbonda, and prime Bill Clinton animating, produced by Jacko Sayala - 2000. Star-studded album.

RIP Kester NkuaMambu

Things really get cooking at (3:12)... Makasi:

Promotion for this album wasn't that great because he had serious health issues after, if I recall correctly

smh, Wazekwa was the only person who had Bercy Muana disciplined.

Papa Cherie is too passionate about his équipe Real Madrid  ;D

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