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The protoype for what would become the modern generique, which has been a pillar for the genre for the past 20 years. It was also the first time a Congolese artist used sampling in a record like a DJ on 1's and 2's, which gave it a techno sound.

Biggest African dance record of 1995... and most famous Zong-zing album, ever? But really it was created after they (Alain) started struggling finacially due to Mobutu's banning of performances back in Kin. Afterwards he put his focus on the Wake Up project and started slowly drifting from Wenge

I remember when I was told it was Titina animating I was shocked. "L'artist Polyvalent" - he is animating, on drums, bass, and accompanying guitar. He also did an amazing job with the shakers you hear from start to finish

Can someone explain why he made the change? Was it because of a unsuccessful career like JF Ifonge and others - aka mpiaka? He's one of those guys I really haven't paid attention to in recent years.

I remember he was making bank from Bralima, then they cut him off a few years ago.

Lots of talent came from his group

This was a banger in the ndombolo era:


It's weird to see these guys as pastors and men of  god now when they used to practice kindoki. Does it really give them a fresh start regardless of their history?
Il a choisi de se détourner du mal? pour embrasser la voie de Dieu. Le mal, pour lui, a été de pratiquer la musique profane sous l’influence diabolique. Vous l’avez compris il s’agit de l’évangéliste Christian Kimbukusu Newman autrement dit Nouvel homme.

Il y a quelques jours, il a avoué l’inconscience de de ses actes à une certaine époque. Pendant qu’il était le patron de Lavinyora Esthetique, il avait été confronté à la tentation de s’engager avec le diable pour réussir. Mais étant un appelé de Dieu, il avait réussi à se retenir.

Il a, par ailleurs, révélé que la danse Linda avait pour source une sirène.  Raison pour laquelle à chaque fois qu’il interpréter ce cri, la population était emportée dans une ambiance  folle et inexpliquée. L’esprit de la sirène soufflait sur elle. Il n’a pu comprendre toutes ces choses qu’une fois délivré.

C’est dans le même sens, qu’il martèle pour attirer l’attention des congolais sur certaines chansons étrangères, notamment Dorobucci des nigérians. Car il s’agit là encore d’un autre mauvais esprit envoyé par le diable. Un esprit qui avait été chassé au Nigéria et qui s’est réfugié au Congo.

Il promet d’intercéder tous les jours pour tous ceux qui persistent dans la mauvaise voie et marchent avec le diable.

Étant fils de Dieu, il estime que nous ne devons pas nous soumettre et servir un être inférieur à nous : Lucifer.  Il est donc important de faire très attention aux endroits où nous nous rendons, selon l’homme de Dieu.

Notez que l’évangéliste Christian vient de mettre sur le marché un nouvel album chrétien, son tout premier d’ailleurs, qui s’intitule “Wumela na yo Yesu”. Pour l’instant, le disque n’est disponible qu’en version audio. il comporte 7 titres dont  “Amour du prochain”.

A little off topic, but I appreciate how “Yao na bisso” has stuck to his humble roots unlike most African athletes when they become millionaires. He’s also heavily funding Fally, Héritier, Werra, Extra, and Doudou Copa for their recent and upcoming albums

The song and album of 1993, then late in the year Noblesse Oblige came out. RIP to one of best songwriter and guitarist ever. My mother used to play this album all the time.

One the most beautiful sounding songs I’ve ever heard. Carlyto & Pembe Cherole (I believe her daughter is a famous Instagrammer/NWE)

^1.6 million views

The compositions and sebenes were wonderful.

I used to dislike this album when it first album when it came out (I don't exactly remember why now). I was in Kin when the album dropped and people were beating the generique to death at events. As a result I gravitated more towards King Kester's "Le Jour le plus plus long", Wazekwa's "Que demande le peuple ?", & JB's "Quel Est Ton Probleme?" which were released around the same period.

When I don't initially like an album I can go years without listening to it, so it felt like I was listening it for the first time on my commute home. June will be 10 years since release, man time flies.

Brigade killed it

Then there were good songs from Heritier "Sol De Mi-Amor" & "Confession Intime", Cappucino "Point Carré", Papy Kakol "Fanatique Na Ngai", Eboa Lotin "Bulawayo Chaud Lapin", etc.

Dancers Linda & Giselle composed their own song "Le Représentant", which is rare from female dancers.

We are seen lots of big channels deleted in recent years, but the biggest page of African music is somehow still around. Lots of copywright violations technically commited. I'm not saying they should be deleted at all, but I'm curious how they figured out the system to still be around. Other great channels got deleted quick, and without notice when someone submitted just one complaint.

They show that they have Sony Music partnership, but Sony has nothing to do with most their content

Why is this man such a salty hater all the time? :D

No comment .

My guy really needs to go on a diet for his well-being...

Because the most popular songs in the world right now are cheaply made crap songs that've been turned into challenges & the more often than not it's Spanish or Korean. Has to be a real short also, so no 10 minute generiques....

The other issue is that is other cultures have taken a lot from Congolese music but without giving proper credit. A Colombian band literally made a start-to-finish remix of Extra Musica's "Etat major" and it has more views that Extra's original.

I appreciate that they appreciate our music, but still they should indicate somewhere that this is a remix.


I might've posted this in past, but this song is too good. Celebu Blaise Bula, Titina atalakou, & prime Effrakata-era Bebe Kerozene

Pure BCBG arrangement and perfect acoustic sound & drum tuning. You can hear every instrument crystal clear

Congolese Music / GREAT NEWS....
« on: April 10, 2018, 23:48 »
Koffi’s recent “Le Live” will be in released in MP3 format for streaming this week. This will pay some debts for some of his lackluster studio releases on this decade

Critically acclaimed as Koff's best album ever.

After all these years, I never noted that Nyboma participated in the chorus. That’s probably an additional reason the chrous on that album was the best ever for Quartier Latin. I consider him the best deuxieme voix the genre will ever have.

Version 2 of clips recorded in Kinshasa & Senegal

Vocals: Koffi Olomide, Nyboma Mwan'dido Danos, Olivier "Suzuki" Luzubu, Eric Ezenge "Tutsi", Serge "Babia" Ndonga (RIP), Leopold "Modogo" Balogana
Guitar Soloist: Mpoyi Jacques Lisaloko "Lebou" Kabuya, Zangilu Beniko Popolipo "Zero Faute", Mumba "Felly Tyson" Dimbedi
Guitar Mi-Solo: Felly Tyson, Lebou Kabuya
Guitar Rhythm: Koffi Olomide, Felly Tyson, Lebou Kabuya
Guitar Bass:  Miantezolo Ngunda "Rocky Blanchard", Beniko Popolipo
Drums: Djudjuchet Luvengoka
Keyboards: Philippe Guez
Programming Drums: Philippe Guez
Percussions: Bienvenue Beevans Rappason
Animation: Beevans Rappason, Koffi Olomide
Arranged By – Hilaire M. Kashal (tracks: 1, 5), Koffi Olomide, Koffi Olomide (tracks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11), Philippe Guez (tracks: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)
Engineer – Hervé Marignac, Hugo Tonal, Jean Matthieu Poitevin, Koffi Olomide, Pascal Colomb, Stéphane May
Mastered By – Yves Delaunay
Executive-Producer – Hervé Marignac -  [Direction Artistique] – Koffi Olomide

Recorded At – Studio Plus XXX
Mixed At – Studio Plus XXX
Made By – MPO
Mastered At – Dyam

Antic journalists having a bigger musical platform that dedicated non-leader artists

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