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It's been eerie quiet lately as if all the big artists are on sabbatical until sometime in 2018.

Not much recent developments from Koffi/QL, Wazekwa, BCBG (yeah, I know), Zaiko, Karmapa, Roga Roga & Extra, and more.

Ferre & Werrason already blessed us with great new albums.

Or even some of the Europe artists - although they are not major.
- Alain Mpela has a complete album, but seems to have lost confidence.
- Blaise Bula's still taking his sweet time working on his album
- Sam Tshintu?
- Reddy Amisi has recorded many new songs over past few years. And there's that duo project with Werrason coming whenever

Or a song dedicated to Koffi? Never heard of him, but lol is all I have to say. New music... I guess. Don't roast him too hard  ;D ;D

The female singer is really impressive, I must say. At least mention her name


« on: October 15, 2017, 02:56 »
Roberto Ekokota vs. Nono Atalakou Mombélé "L'empereur". Wenge Musica 4x4 BCBG vs. Zaiko Langa Langa

The orginal atalakou vs. the hottest atalakou of the early 90's. Roberto was way too hot to handle so he won by popular decision. The crowd fanning him and throwing money while he's performing ;D ;D

It's so nice to see how happy everyone was here and having fun. This is the happiest I've ever seen Werrason on stage

Man time has not been too kind to the sound quality. Like Solola Bien, the solo often sounds like mid-solo. I wonder why Al Nzimbi tuned percussions (snares specifically) the way he did. Most of the time the album sounds like they recorded it in a tin can.

The superb vocals & compositions by the Maison Mère dream is what saves the album. Every time I listen to Kibuisa I think "legendary"; everything was perfect. But this album, most times I can't listen in full.

It was recorded at Studio Guillaume Tell, a prestiugous Paris studio and the great Al Nzimbi was arrangeur, so I' don't understand how the sound was so subpar.

*Side note, this album and period (Koyimbiko) was the highpoint of Celeo's career.

It's great that Congolese music has infiltrated French popular music, but the negative side is that they're stealing artistic property and making it theirs. All (literally) the choreography from this song comes sebene portion Force de Frappe - Au Secours of Binda Bass. This is due to the lack of herdity in genre.

Then the western audience watches and thinks they created a new amazing dance. Lots of other examples, but this is the clearest

His interview with Ado Yuhe was so insightful about all things Wenge, but was unfortunately deleted. Finally he has returned to recount the entire orginal Wenge story again from start-to-finish.

I would never question anything he or "Fondé" Didier Masela has to say regarding Wenge history. All these years I never knew Kija was the inverse of his name Jaki (Jackie), and Brown was given to him by JB

So much information - like Werrason the childhood drummer in Celio stars.

"Ambassadeur Kija Brown, omoni niveau?"  :D

« on: October 12, 2017, 06:02 »

Cindy's back to her full duties as first lady ;D

16 mins of nostalgia

A late 2013 release, but my strong feeling is that it flew under the radar, so some of you guys not have heard it yet. I think it's great, but why was Equaliser invited? 5 sec of him and you realize why things didn't work out after leaving Fally.

Somono Dolce
Mboshi Lipasa

Champion Esthétique
Solo: Ramazani & Felly Tyson (he's namechecked by Champion)
Accompa: Fofo Le Collégien
Bass: Binda Bass "Roberto Carlos"

Sounds like it was recorded in Studio NRJ, Ramazani's home base In recent years. So he's probably  the arranger as well.

Man, Awilo messed up ... Barbara Kanam is still the most beautiful chanteuse. Aging gracefully

Behaving like all of us with our mothers :D :D

This always cracks me up (1:14) ;D ;D. This is when the concept for next album Pentagone was set in stone

Here you see how they were the most tight-knit band ever for the genre

Haha, Roberto

They don't have a big 5 gen like DRC, but for sure Tresor is the leader.

A humorous and clean sebene song, Bazza style

His album "Pesa Posa" released over the summer is also highly reccommened.

Congolese Music / MABE EKOTI!
« on: October 06, 2017, 00:56 »
One of the funniest things I've seen recently  ;D He's definitely married to a Congolese girl, a white guy speaking perfect Lingala

« on: October 05, 2017, 22:18 »
lol, I actually miss the Kuluna Duo Extrodinaire of Sankara & Blaise. They had so much fun

I Dobe you, I Sibi you  ;D ;D

Their album was exactly what you expected from them  ;D

Last I saw Blaise, it looked like he lost his head (mentally) in one of France's banlieues

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