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It still shocks me how a kid that young, who didn't own a guitar could be so incredibly skilled.

Some of future big names from that group like Eleison's Will Ebondaki and I believe Wazekwa's first drummer.

Took me a bit to release it, but the partitions Japonais plays starting at (1:04) is the same as what Rama Ramazani played on Manda Chante's Serbuma nearly 30 years later. Show the level of reasearch a great instrumentalists do.


Will there even be a great documentary on the genre again like "Under African Skies"? I highly doubt it... pure music was at it's peak during that time peiod.

WTF was he smoking  (2:45) Weekend mood ;D ;D ;D

A lot of Theo Mbala's credits online are actually Peco's work. He would've became a big name if he didn't settle in Canada early.

Both were really good. Honestly not sure who I preferred, Pecos is textbook Calugist though.

Theo Mbala


She just graduated from a great university in Chicago. I remember seeing her, Glady and their mom at functions when they first came to the states years ago

Ndombolo - Tutu Calludji. Ekokota barely paticipated, so I consider this a solo atalakou performance.

Titanic - Tutu Calludji

Alphatshino - Kolo Histoire. This generique hit Kin by storm in 2000. All original Kikongo animations when everyone was using mostly the same animations. RIP Le Meilleur Atalakou-Chanteur.

CNN - Attentat. Needs no explanation.

Theo Mbala - Animation. The clip (Defao’s dancing skills) and song was a sensation in Kin & West Africa. Short and to the point

Arafat 2500v - Trop c’est Trop

I feel like I missed a few, but these were the most popular ones back in the day. Please add any you feel are missing.

Tough one, I might lean towards Kolo Histoire because all the animations were original.

The airport presently is such an embarrassment compared to all other African airports. It’s mostly been the same since colonial era.

They probably going to contract it to the Chinese, like do for everything else and have it be sh*t quality. Budget looks unrealistic

Shading her so hard (or maybe not?) ;D ;D ;D

"Ça la c'est naturelle oooo"

The next question is why are they being seen in public together? The line between Congolese politicians and comedians is very thin

Always an embarrasment for the Congolese community.

If were told to describe rhumba with just one song, this would be it. Superb lyrics, guitar & bass work, real horns, and nice smooth sebene at the end to complete it

Malage, for someone who has one of the best voices has been underrated.

As great and popular as Shalai was in 1999-2000, the international success of Trop c'est Trop seemed to overshadow it completely and ending up being the group's peak. 

Doudou Copa, Espé Bass, Herman Ngassaki, Oxy Oxygene, Abilissi, Papy Jah, & Papy Bastin on vocals.

Ah, Espe kamola Bass. Amazing bass work.

The arrangement reminds me of a QL group song just a bit as it diverts from the usual Extra style. I'm also still impressed that it was Roga Roga who did all the arrangement and instrument tuning.

For French speakers this is hilarious. The journalist immediately f'ed up when he started off by saying "chante des trucs" meaning "he sings random stuff", so the interview fell apart from there and turned into a disaster. Why the hell this guy went to interview Koffi Olomide about monkeys in central Africa in the first place... the world may never know ;D ;D ;D

Once you piss off Koffi, he gives you that special GTFO treatment ;D I felt bad for the guy who was clearly inexperienced

For someone of his stature, it’s weird that he barely has concerts in Kin now

“El Profesor” is more acceptable than “the GOAT”

Off topic.. How the heck can you be an African American and a direct decendent of slaves and say with a straight face that slavery was a choice? And he continues to express his strong love for the US president. Too many false idols in positions to influence but end up doing the opposite.

Shout out to the brother at the end put who him in his place like no one has ever done to him. Respect to him for humbling Kanye to the point where he started to apologize. He needs clinical help... it's sad at this point.

I thought since we sort of know where members stand with which artists/groups and music time periods we like, it’d be interesting to know opinions you have that aren’t of popular opinion. I think alternative viewpoints can make for interesting discussions/debates.

- People gave Werra crap for his singing abilities, but in recent years... there some times where I think JB is an overrated singer as blasphemous as it sounds. Particularly when I watch some of his later concerts. After TH and Internet, it seemed to me he wasn’t putting that much effort into his singing like he used to. Makaba really brought best out of him in the golden era Wenge 4x4 BCBG TT. I am well aware that part of the reason is because of the period of vache maigre he went through during the mid-2000’s.

- I think Evoloko Lay Lay was the worst leader/singer. I was a big fan of his dances like “Dallas” way back in the day, but his singing voice always seemed to be a cheap version of Wemba’s. In some songs his voice sounds like a whining child. He is good on chorus though.

His featuring on 13eme apotre was disappointing. Cindy was doing too much also.

- Koffi completely lost consistency after BEK. I struggle to listen (or want to listen) to just about all his albums post-2008, but I think most of us agree on that.

Congolese Music / FALLY IPUPA LIVE IN BRUKINA FASO 29/4/2018
« on: April 30, 2018, 21:31 »
It's time that Fally needs to needs to find some fresh talent to have on stage. When I'm watching his concerts it feels like a Wenge BCBG part 2 with his lineup of very average dancers  (& singers).

You can hear Felly Tyson playing some of his old Qartier Latin partitions (Danger de Mort), which always nice.

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