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« on: February 19, 2019, 14:09 »
In summary: He is asked the now all too familiar question of why no former BCBG member has had a succesful career as compared to WMMM in answer he says the problem is that at BCBG everything starts and ends with the leader, so if the leader relaxes everyone relaxes while in Maison Mere its not like that, even when the Leader is in relax mode them musicians would be seriously working. He goes on to say the secret to remaining relevant is being organised the way Ferre, Fally and Himself are organised musically and also outside music.

He goes on to appreciate the young animators coming through nowadays particularly the one who did animation in Deplick's song Kabongo and Cedar Capo. Further regrets that the same guy is no longer with Deplick's orchestra. He is asked the secret to staying long in one group for an atalaku, he says the problem with atalakus nowadays is that they are in a hurry to reach Bill's level but what they need to ask themselves is whether their leader has the capacity to take them to that level in a short period of time.

 Naty Lokole tells him that ever since He left Maison Mere the level of animation has dropped and if he would consider going back to help out. In answer he says he cant go back in Maison Mere because now he has his own group of about 30 artists. But that if invited by Werra to do something a feature or so, he wouldnt hesitate becoz Werra is his Old Man.

He goes on to praise atalakus who came before him such as Vieux Nono, Djuna Mumbafu, Roberto Ekokota, Tutu Callugi. He is also asked about Celio Scram and his contribution to memorable cries, he says Celio has some good cries as well. He is asked about which cries from QL he appreciates in answer he says mostly in QL they have a habit of stealing cries and rush off to the studio to record ;D ;D, they dont originate. He says they copied the "ndombolo crie". But he goes on to appreciate animators such as Somono Dolce and Mboshi.

Balobi ke, kufa nsoni komona pasi.

Behind Marchouse in blue pantalo starting at 10 minutes.

Some interesting images.

But he has gotten me confused. He is saying he is the last born in a family of 9 but also says on his mother side he is the 3rd born of 5 brothers?

« on: January 14, 2019, 10:19 »
Like title says, i read that when this song came out it was politically censored due to what the authorities deemed as lyrics likely to incite the population to rise against the newly formed government of Mzee Kabila. And who is the original composer?

« on: January 07, 2019, 09:16 »
Nice acoustic, this Univers TV group is doing fine with these kind of shows. Voyage never misses on the playlist of Tata and nice group of musicians he has there. :D
Député élu.

« on: January 04, 2019, 14:27 »
Starting at 37 minutes he talks about how those who have left BCBG particularly Abraham and how there solo careers seem not to be taking of as expected and how they feel like returning but forgetting that Abraham in particular has been going on taking shots at his former patron JB even went as far as calling himself Abraham Igwee. Says JB should not assist Abraham since that he never showed gratitude to JB since leaving BCBG but now that career solo is not happening, he wants assistance from JB. Goes on to say how musicians of this generations deceive themselves about a solo career even though musically within a goup they have nothing to show for like it was with Fally and Ferre, Heritier et al at the time they left QL AND MM respectively, to pursue solo careers. Says musicians nowadays look themselves in the mirror and see that they have a potbelly like Mbuta, locks and choko and then say to themselves that " i am going solo". ;D ;D

Updates / Bébé Tshanda
« on: December 30, 2018, 01:19 »
Ya Archos translation please. The French parts are throwing me off course. I remember this name from the "Laureates deux Mille" song by Marechal Mukulu. I have only realised now how sensational and the star that was Bébé Tshanda a l'epoque. I will appreciate the translation for the whole interview. Merci.

Updates / Miel De Son
« on: December 24, 2018, 16:00 »
He says Papa Wemba told him that one day he would replace him (Papa Wemba) and Tabu Ley in singing. The sebene at 31 sounds good.

« on: December 11, 2018, 06:39 »
I stand to be corrected but i have never heard of any Extra Musica rumba as good as this one. Normally when someones hears the name Extra Musica we normally associate it with top generiques not rumbas. Everything is just top notch in this track. Been on repeat for some days now.

« on: December 03, 2018, 13:40 »

« on: November 13, 2018, 13:08 »
I always find it difficult to differentiate between solo and mi-solo guitar in a song. Ramazani explains the two in simple terms starting at 12:30. Very insightful interview.

« on: November 06, 2018, 09:05 »

ROI MARQUIS IS IN DALLAS? Any latest on his album?

Botika ngai nalanda cheri...

Congolese Music / Lamineur leaves Ferre's group.
« on: November 04, 2018, 20:43 »
Could it be that he wasn't given a song in the upcoming album?

Summary of the interview. He explains how he joined Maison Mere after being approached by Ferre and that for some time he had become a fan of Werrason even before the dislocation of Wenge 4*4 Tout Terrain. He also says the first day he was due for tests at la zamba, he didnt manage to do the test for some reason. So Ferre approached Igwee on the 2nd day after he saw that the person he had brought to join the group was not being given a chance to do the tests. And that when Ferre was introducing him (Kabose) to Nsone he (Nsone) mistook him for Montana Kamenga. He says he was then able to do the test on the same day as Zulema who would later join BCBG. He goes on to say Ferre was really worried that Kabose may not really impress the La Zamba parliamentarians, lol (the la zamba faithful audience who usually have a huge say as to who joins the movement). But to the surprise of everyone including himself he impressed during the test when he sang the song "Koffi Ayina". But that after that impressive test the worry about were he would fit into the Maison Mere first line up crept in since that almost every position in the line up had equally very good musicians such as JDT, Baby Ndombe, Ferre, Heritier, Adjani and Mabiala etc. So he says after the test Ferre advised him to buy a walkman and get all the three albums of Maison Mere at the time so that he could perfect his knowledge of the songs.

He also explains how Eboa Lotin joined the group. He says since Werrason was buying sometimes songs from Do Akongo. He says Do Akongo would write songs and play the guitar and basically put the melody to the songs by having Eboa Lotin sing in the songs before sending them to Werrason and that Eboa would deliver the cassettes to Werrason. So at some point Werrason asked Do Akongo to say who is the guy who sings in the cassettes you send to me and Do Akongo explained that Eboa the one who delivers the cassettes is the one who used to do the singing for him. He says thats how Eboa was asked to join the group. And that point during repetitions they would put Eboa to Compete with Ferre on some songs. He says it is at this point that he personally saw problems coming because that Eboa was sort of being sent to do that in order to frustrate Ferre.

He goes on to say they were on tour i think (UK) if i heard correctly, and it is during this time that he heard (he didn't witness it) but the story was that Ferre and Nsone got into a disagreement were Nsone slapped Ferre and Ferre was found crying in the toilet by Bill Clinton, so Bill Clinton appraoched Nsone to find out why he had slapped Ferre but that he couldnt get a clear explanation. And it seems that disagreement was the last straw and that is how Les Marquis was officially born while the rest of the group went back to Kin. He goes on to disclose how Nsone was clearly sad during the flight with the fact that Ferre and Co had officially left, and that he went to encourage him not to feel down.

He also talks about Heritier and how anyone who has passed through MM always has something bad to say about Heritier when in MM but that he didnt want to criticise Heritier because it happens that in every group there is that one guy who is close to the boss who is used to do the dirty work for the boss. He also talks about the Aimelia and Heritier affaire which i think Ndeko @Archos has written about in some posts sometime back. He also talks about how he left the group after being told that he was too old for the group and that he was not needed anymore.

He ends by talking about his upcoming group album with how many titles? (My french is still pretty bad but am teaching myself, any help will be appreciated ba ndeko. Lol). Ado then asks him why is it that songs by musicians nowadays have "explicit" lyrics. Kabose answers to say it just the interpretation of people which makes the songs to seem explicit. He gives an example of how people want to relate his recent generique "buka mbeto" to insults or excplicit lyrics. Lol

« on: October 20, 2018, 06:01 »
What songs do forum members listen to when on a long distance journeys?
Am coming from Europe and me not being so much of a movie person, I endend up listening to audio extracts of the 1998 Bata clan concert by BCBG, Djodjo Ngonda song in particular. The chemistry among the band was simply out of this world. Amelia Liass was on top of his game with Ingenieur Cielebu Bula with his commentary in the song like "balobi mbula yasika, makambu yasika", made my over 10 hours flight short.

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