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« on: August 15, 2019, 19:48 »
With the arrival of the 5th generation leaders (Fally, Ferre, Fabro, Heritier, Robinio) the previous generation is relaxing a little bit more.
With that said who to you was the best Group and the best leader from the 90's till the 2006? (The year were Fally decided to launch a solo career)
Koffi & QL? Werra and Wenge MM? JB and Wenge BCBG? Wazekwa and 'S Grave?
To me music wise I think that the genrrique are a toe to toe between QL and Wenge. QL earlier generique weren't that agressive but the upcoming and bigger by the day success of Wenge made Koffi fear to lose his spot in Comgolese Music. For Wenge I think that it is hard to judge them fairly in generique since until Fleche Ingeta it was hard to see a generique by Wenge flop despite his actual Quality. Alerte Gemerale (2003), Ça Sonne (2004) Tindika Lokito (SKOL AD) Primus AD, Sous-Sol (2006) Mayi Ya Sika/Temps Present (2008) and so on. I think that the first bad generique by Wenge were the Malewa ones not because of the one with Sima Ekoli and the Mini Radio Generique of that Album but the main one of 14 minutes long was really off except maybe for Sabena and Brigade. BCBG could be inthe covnversation but they make pass too much time between albums to be taken seriously im this context but I have to admit it is impossible that a generique from JB fails Anti-Terro, Mpunda, Je Ne Te Calcule Pas etc.
For Rhumbas Koffi and JB are toe to toe but Koffi has a slight advantage since Koffi's rhumba tend to stick more in the memory unlike JB's recent ones (I am talking about recent ones) for the ols ones Koffi wins but JB also produced some incredible Rhumbas and Conseille songs that earned him the spot and the may loyal loyal fans he has.
Wazekwa really did some stellar generique but I don't know why he always lack something in the Rumba.
My personal choice (despite being a HUUUUGE, and Matebu can confirm a HUUUUUGE Wenge MMM fn) is Koffi. The guy is there from the 70's and he still competing with young guys from nowhere he made Selfie and reach worldwide at like what 60?
2nd Werra. I put him second because I think that a lot of Wenge Members especially recently after the golden generation are taken for the looks and/or to counterattack something or someone. Even the guys after the Ferre/Bill generation.
Deplick to counterattack Fally, Fabregas, Cafe Rhoum and Deplick himself to counter attack JB's success with Abraham, Djino and Nono Fudji in Francis Solution. Sous-Sol to counter attack the success from Fally Ipupa and even in the early days Bill given more space and time over Celeo to counter attack Tutu Caludji's success in animation.
Recently Arnake to Counter attack Ferre, Bercy also to counter attack Ferre, Ronaldinho for looks (the guy is a mediocre singer). Ozil for looks he is also a mediocre singer.
3rd JB. JB could be number one but he fails to be consistent. For real the guy has always amde great music, tell me one bad generique of him there is not a single one but JB is treating music like a 2nd job so he is nit very interested in being in that category of always releasimg

Congolese Music / IS THIS TRUE?
« on: July 22, 2019, 08:35 »

Davina still claims that Ferre do not really takes care of her

« on: July 10, 2019, 14:42 »

Basically A BaKongo Man is at a Korean airport because he fled the country (watch the video for more details) the important thing is that you share wherever you want but bring awareness to this cause.

I will predict all the young leaders that will take the place of the old ones and explain the reson why.
Werra = Fabregas
I think that Fabregas will take the spot of Werra because he is the one between all the ex members of Wenge Musica Maison Mere (Bill, Ferre and the golden generation of stars included) who have kept the most relationship with Werra and kinda humbled down atoo.
Wherever he makes an interview and he is talking about Werra he never ever, ever criticize him even making up fake facts to push the image of Werra hard and make people believe that Werra is a good person.
Music wise even though Fabregas is trying to make a style out of that typical Congolese synthe with tradional Zebola, his generique (except the last one honestly the one Novelas)

 are on point and they are technically and stylistically perfect, even though he is not a big fan of the fast pace guitar heavy lick style of Maison Mere, he did some really really great generique in Wenge style like Mboka Mboka which is a reference to Emeneya's album (if you are a fan of Werra, you know that he was a big fan of King Kester)

Yamba BB

Usine which is a mix of both


To me Fabregas did some very good rumbas like Manix but he has way more work to do to have a song like Nicky D.

The initial bond he had with Koffi right after the departure from Wenge gave him the little push that most of Wenge Maison Mere ex members (except Heritier and maybe just a little Kakol) lack in terms of promotion and buzz outside of Congo.

Ferre Gola = JB Mpiana

Despite Ferre being an ex-Wenge Member he developed a totally different career than Werra's one after the Marquis experience I think Ferre has been very wise to join Quartier Latin even though has cost him until to this day a lot of the Wenge Musica fans and the costant hate that he receives (even though now little less) by Wenge Fans for having "betrayed" his "own father" by joining Koffi.
Like Fabregas Koffi sponsoring Ferre and give him an half of the money he promise too Ferre really helped him push his career forward when Werra and many members around Werra didn't even wanted to think about Ferre.
Unlike Werra Ferre is known for very slow pace Rhumbas  like Jugement

Ekoti Ya Nzube

Monotonie and many others

and for being a natural singer who focuses his shows on himself rather than other members shine and sing. His weaekness is the generique department even though he made some improovement especially with Kinshasa the Tshiluba song he made with Ilunga his dancer

and Kipelekiese the feature with Tutu Caludji

I think he will be like JB because they have the same ability to sing with their natural voices and Ferre is a very excellent singer. Even though they are very similar they have huge differences like the fact that JB is very slow with releases unlike Ferre and from Ferre part the other thing he doesn't have that JB does is a very good songwriter like Kibens, if Ferre can solve the generique issues (like he had partialy done on QQJD) and to be able to hire better songwriters this guy might be the next Papa Wemba who konws.

I will end up with this two guys and will make the rest very soon

« on: June 15, 2019, 00:08 »
Despite being the guy with most potential to go solo in Wenge strangely Abraham Mignon is the guy who has the least views and the least attention in Clan Wenge but why? I mean I can understand that JB has a very very low scale of attention by people, but people should give Abraham a chance

Great accomplishment

« on: May 29, 2019, 17:49 »

« on: May 29, 2019, 13:21 »
It doesn't seems like someone who still hates Werra.


Look at 6:55 minute until 8:05 and how Koffi reacts to Bourro's dancing it really seems to me like a father son relationship



In short these two gentlemens Mvuela on the left and I don't recall the name of the other guy denounce and teach to the Congolese public the correct and the proper form to refer and thinking about Albinos. For example Ndundu (A derogatory term for refering to Albinos in Congo) it is for them as to say Nigger to a black guy or calling a black guy Monkey so they want to stop all the discrimination and legends like the one that says that Albinos have magical power or they are great in the spiritual wold and so on.

« on: April 19, 2019, 12:33 »

From 0:00 until 0:26

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