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Congolese Music / SO IT IS REAL?
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I don't know if I have to be happy or be worried

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Congolese Music / IS THIS REAL?
« on: November 09, 2018, 16:06 »

Guy alnost beat a guy over interview about Carine Mokonzi


He started music with Adolphe Dominguez (when BCBG was united) he really didn't start music until Adolphe recruited him as a melody or songwriter and he made songs for Pascal Poba and so on with his vieux Asitu Mwana Dallas.
Once on a Tuesday the little brother of Adolphe called a sleeping Lacoste telling him that Adolphe was outside and people got mad crazy because they heard Wenge BCBG was spliting, so Adolphe talk fast to his mother to have the permission to let him go in Wenge so Lacoste got a quick shower and saw Werra in a balcony, everyone was waitimg since long time.
FiCarre came to Werra's house to see if they were any chances to get things done in order to make the group back, Fi Carre went on a long talk and Werra got on a room to reflect leavimg Lacoste with Christian Mabanga, Ferre, and Adolphe Dominguez, he tried to make Ferre look like a traitor saying that he was from another group BCBG but Adolphe stopped him and told him that we don't do that in Wenge, Serge Mabiala and Celeo added up then Baby Ndombe came, so the original group was Lacoste, Baby, Ferre and Celeo and Mabiala which wasn't originally meant for the group since it was like a first version of Heritier and Elvis.
Werra told them to practice and Ferre and him started to sing Nicky D and KalaYi Boeing


He entered Maison Mere through a test in a Tuesday and as soon as he arrived Shabani Nonda and Aziz Makukula (two Congolese players, Shabani nonda a finalist of Champions Leauge with Monaco, Turkey Champion with Galatasaray and international with RD Congo section 49 caps and 32 goals. Aziz Makukula winner of the Euro League with Siviglia and Portugues international since his born from a Congolese mom, scored his only goal in 4 caps with fhe national team against Kazakhstan playing with Ronaldo and subsituting at 63rd minute an injured Nuno Gomes, he had 14 caps and 3 goals with portugal's under 21 also) who were hanging with Werra which told Papy Kakol to refer to Diego to comeback the following day.
He got tested on old Wenge Seben and they got happy with him and they accepted him along with Cuisse De Pulet and he started to work with Brigade, Prince and Lobeso which was in the second team at the time and called Diego to work with him on a crie and Diego told him if we work togheter eith our own respective cries this generique might be a great success so to Diego's wordsit is thanks to him that Lobeso got the spot on Mayi Ya Sika, at the time Werra was at the Yannick Noah birthday party and when he got back Diego told him about this nee cries him and Lobeso had and for that Lobeso got promoted to the first team.
He respect Celeo and his work and didn't meet him when he came and he knew that MM was searching for a good replacement for Celeo and this is why when  old songs of Wenge come he always sings Celeo pars, but he thinks he surpassed Celeo in terms of quality with Eloko Ya Matelu (his crie in Mayi Ya Sika).
His first album in WMMM was Temps Present/Mayi Ya Sika who got recorded in studio N'Diaye at Kinshasa (this is why the sound of the song is terrible) and he thinks his is best cire so far (I agree) because is one of those cries who will be historic, Mayi Ya Sika as a whole is his creation and they didn't make it become a one man generique song because he was the new one so they had to share it (lol this guy can't be serious).
He think he is important WMMM because he is the guy who have worked with pretty much any animator post Celeo, Bill and Roi David, he had worked with Brigade, Prince, Lobeso, Musamaria, Deodorant,  Tresor Nzinga, Ambulance, Bercy, Kirkiou, without counting test and so on.
The only atalaku who he respected was Brigade, and Anelaka Ba Fossette brought back the Brigade/Ferre affaire asking who is older between you and Brigade and saying that Diego must be careful on what he answers because Brigade clearly do not like being called petit b y guys slightly older than him, and Diego said that to his is useless because Brigade is only his friend.
MusikaSika came with Deplick and since he was singing like Fally WMMM fans liked him but they were fearing that people might think they got him only to have a guy who sings like Fally, so Werra took Linda and Giselle song and gave it to Deplick so he could have his own voice without sounding like Fally, Diego adds that Deplick couldn't sing old Wenge songs so Kakol took him in his house and along with Fabrice (Fabregas) and Cafe Rhoum tgey made success with their songs in Mayi Ya Sika.
Diego never got gift and never got stsrting from 2nd team because he thinks that Werra felt that his image was already good and he didn't need anything to add for his wenge image, unlike Deplick whi were struggling puting an image of a big star, since he was coming from Adolphe's group.
He was already having kids and a wife so it was unheard and a little bit humiliating staying in Kakol's house like Deplixk, Fabrice, and Cafe Rhoum did, like Bourro he lost the count of his sons and he knows he has 4 officials kids plus one wgo they told him was when MM went to a concert in Angola that studies in Portugal.
Fabregas came with a test with an initial thiugh kf substituting Eboa (since Eboa was suspended a d were already facing at th at the time 2008 code 12) but he was singing a bit like Eboa and a bit in a weird and funny way, Fabrice to him his more strong into writing songs and that js ghe reason why Werra respected him so much since Fabregas got a lot of songs and vocals written by him who got secretly given to his colleagues in MM.
Cafe Rhoum was also in the 2nd team despite being in the WMMM longer than Fabrice and Deplick, Duego have also seen the arrival of the new guys like Nicodem, Jenny, Ronaldinho, Anaclais and many others.
Despite having a lot of suspension Diego feels that some weren't right lime when they suspemded him since he was smoking weed that he says he doesn't, and even if they suspend him he always goes to the studio get the song done and take the money, and he forgives the person who got him that suspension since he died (but won't reveal who is it probably Yanki Mpui or Monib) and he says that a lot of guys walk with death on their pocket and he doesn't fear death if it will come in a natural way he wants that the little ones will bury that olders ans not viceversa because it wouldn't be normal.
Anelka ask him about the Nkisi (Magic potions for witchcraft) in mjsic and Diego replies that it is normal since when you aresick you get treatment (because in Lingala Nkisi can have mlutiple meaning Nkisi can mean Medicine in a good way or Nkisi in a bad way like Poison or Magical potion) and he says that the only Nkisi that he knows is the medicine one he never heard of Nkisi for witchcraft so Anelka gets more specific and says "Gri Gri" "Fetish" (Which in Congolese world means wooodo guy/girl) and Diego replies that to him is not true and he neber saw that happening. Kitambala (Hugues Kitambala marketing director) got a shock and died right in the back of the Zamba podium and Diego got that shock too once he came for the repetiiton and almost died, it started by feeling headache, and if you have strokes or  shock to him is normal since you deal with a lot of stress in life, maybe the money you were investijg got in a bad investment or maybe the kids needs to go to school and the family asks you money, and since his father died now he became his mom's husband and whatever money he gets he will always give back to his mom and he thinks that it is the reason for it, if it wasn't for some guys rescuing him bringing him to the hospital he would be probably died, it was a heavy situation he was not moving and after that he got into a two days coma, and he thanks the hospital and his petit sunc ethey saved his life, and after those two days of coma he wasn't moving and soeaking, he thanks Werra also because he did everything to make him heal.
When Bercy came to Wenge he knew he had something and when the Fara Fara (battle beteeen animators came) he didn' want to be involved since Werra told him to back off since it wasn't the case he tried to tell Lobeso to stay out of trouble but since Lobeso is big headed he got there anyway and got the famous humiliation, he was happy anyway that Bercy came becayse he brought good competition.
12 is a system where people act like they are your best friend for than heating you with all their power, when they were heading in Zambia a country that prefers way mire the generique than the rhumbas only Lobeso gkt the ticket to go and late Monib Production told him that he would have to go home with Wata and Miel being surprised so after this incident late Yanki Mpui did everything to get him back and to make visa for him with the plane waiting for Diego that could finally make the concert, and that is the good memories he has about Yanki and the missing ticket will certainly be a strategy from the guys who habe bad hearts and only want to see other people life ruined.
(I don't know why journalists are obsessed with this question but here it goes) Anelka asks him which was the enfsnt cherie/golden child of Werra and Diego says that it wasn't anyone but the favorite guy who Heritier and Kakol who Werra treats like a friend, and Anelka insists on the question but Diego says that Werra has an hidden side and if you meet a guy who boost about knowing Werra is a hypocrite since Werra never reveal his true sides and he have never seen people in Werra's house except Cristian Solo who then lived with Kakol and Mayi Ndombe, and the house they are living it is a smaller house since Werra now lives on his own since Exaucee and Gladys are in the States with Mampata and Werra's house is a complexion of houses.
He doesn't fear neither miss any atalaku since until he is there animation will be in good hands ????✋.
He doesn't believe all the songs and whining about the stinginess of Werra since Werra helped him a lot and adds that Werra actually helps a lot of guys paying their houses without them contributing even guys from other groups with 2000 and 6000 dollars as gift or payment for houses and other things.
He reject all tbe drunk and weed addict voices behind him, because God made alcohool and Aguenne and Weed too lol.
He is glad that Werra might have a place in parlamemt and he finds stupid and foolish that J3 polemic on Werra's french since deputies language should be their own, you don't see dutch people making emission in French, neith Americna or English one, English do their emmision in English Belgian in Vallon and Dutch in Dutch in Congo an old man rarely understand the french news so he thinks that the emissions in Congo should change in African languages

Congolese Music / BOOBA AND FALLY
« on: November 07, 2018, 06:44 »

I hooe Fally doesn't get beaten too

« on: November 04, 2018, 15:52 »

I really love this melodies fusing Europe and South Africa together and I love the fact that the song is totally in Zulu


He said that he came to QL (in '96 in full promotion of V12 and in preparation of Wake Up Album that Koffi made with Papa Wemba) after being in a small group of Young Guys with no leader, thanks to his late vieux Maître 150 he had the opportunity to make the test straight to Koffi house with Mbochi and Koffi took him but he felt like he had much to  accomplish and to learn since Koffi didn't scream or got crazy over his voice like leaders do when they are impressed with someone, (and like Koffi did with Mbochi) he didn't like what Jordan Kusa said about Koffi's dancers in his era (that they are Koffi's animals) since now they are married and with kids and in our culture is disrespectful calling someone's mom or a woman in general an animal, he didn't feel like Olympia was a big deal like everybody had becauss he was about 20 y.o. so to him was another concert while QL members with kids and family in Eurooe felt that it was the tine wherethey would have huge chunk of money ????.

He doesn't speak a lot throughout the Congolese Diaspora Journalist because he simply didn't have much to say.

He didn't partecipate in Ultimatum despite being a member because he wasn't still ready
The artist who impressed him the most was CNN, thee is no way he had the power to leave Jordan Kusa behind for the trip in South Africa, being in the Olympia roster gave him the acknowledge to know how to treat Koffi, despite being neighbors Mamale Tupac never went to Koffi's house unless he got called like Felly, Fally and the newer generation does, and since Jordan Kusa he is the guy who is from Bandal like him he could never think or make bad things to him. Probably is Koffi who have spread that rumour since when Koffi came in Eurioe Mamale ask Koffi face to face what was the reason behind leaving him in Kin not making him touring with him,and Koffi said to him that it was his beloved vieux (a very very important guy in DRC which Mamale do not reveal) that ased Koffi to made Mamale stay in Kin
The Bercy formation was made of Fally Ipupa, Lola Muana, Depitsho Savanet, Babia Ndonga, Eric Tutsi, JF Ifonge, they rehearsed in Ma Campagna and then got ready to leave for Bercy, despite having an excellent relationship between he Academia members he couldn't qui5e reveal it since Koffi was way mad at the guys who formed Academia, Olympia guys have the same spirit and the same mentality, united and yoy will never see Champion, Modogo or other guys speaking bad about each other

Jordan falling into the public while trying to dive into them it was because Jordan came waaay late (he had to build a commercial bond with someone since money wasn't enough) and before going back to stage he had kneel down to Koffi crying and out of humiliation Jordan left QL
Mamale brought good dancing skills a good singing voice and an impeccable image in QL but he can't say more because it is the people who judge musician, QL is a movemebt for the ladies and being there automatically gives you new fan and plenty of ladies to choose if you want to have fun, if you could bring 5,6,7 ladies to Rambo (as QL mbers like to call him) you would be forever in his grace.
They were paid and Mamale didn't even think about money in the first place and in QL before having mojey you have to show your ability in fact when Mamale got accepted to the geoup Koffi called him and order to him to go in his office and told him to sign a paper and give him 100 dollars as his monthly salary (wow that's very low) and even outside of DRC in everywhere in Afruca you woyld get 100 dollars and for him as a youngguy of 20/21 was great to him, ans after the South African tour musician have started to make huge projects with the money they were expecting from Koffi so he go to Koffi house and funds Do Akongo and Depitsho Savanet and with Koffi they see Madilu System, so they waitand leave the room they were in to let Koffi and Madilu soeak, even though they weren' on the same room they have heard some glimpse of the conversation Koffi and Madilu was having and basically Koffi said: Now wait, Imma pay my petit musicians" and Madilu said: "What? What are you doing? Soyou pay these kids, you pay these musicians?" Koffi answerd "Of course, why don't you pay your musicians?" and Madilu fired back saying "Well, this month don't pay them so we see if the next month they will be your musicias  again".
All the project of most musicians felt and they haven't left also since Bercy was coming close, but beside that the salary was there in QL and beside that Koffi was a guy that he eas giving you trousers, shoes, and clothes in general and he was doing many many times and gave him even a car aftet they came back in Olympia and knew that his original car was broken, and as usual some witchcraft happened where almost every me mmm ber of QL was having serious accidents and he was one of the few left who was still unharmed and he adds thatof course witchcraft is there but no one will say hey look I go to the witchcrafters to have power it is a secret within each of th if they did it or not and I personally think that Mamale didn't do it.
They have cancelled a trip because Koffi said that there is toouch witchery one time, musicians, lovers, sons, daughter, dancers all of them had massive witchcraft so Koffi feared his life and cancelled the trip, and adds that it is clearly visible when someone does witchcraft or not since they are specific rules to each occasion, for example in that occasion he knew that a guy didn't have shower always wear black and so on, and he knows whp these guys are but won't reveal it, Koffi just book the flight for the next day and the flight went well.
He didn't left nor he hasn't been left by QL it is that in a trip from Brazzaville which was way after him and Koffi fell off, he wasn't called for going with the group after a long list of musicians, and since hewas an important member two other musicians (whcih Mamale did not reveal) said President there is Mamale who is missing in that list and Koffi re-red agaun ghe list and didn't  say the name of Mamale and Mamale was actually happy to being left because he knew that if he went it would have been other problems in that period he was living with Felix Tyson (Feilx Tyson sleeping in Mamale's house) and Felix Tyson which was at the time the new member and a smaller member than Mamale was in that list so he packed his stuff and got ready for the trip and Koffi (typical Koffi style, eliminate you than pretending it was other people who made him do it) called him but the phone was off and when Mamale started it again he got the Koffi call which was asking why Mamale wasn't in Brazza with the rest of the group, and Mamale packed his bags and almost risked to die in the Congo river, before of the call he was happy to have stayed since if you have problems with Koffi you will deal with a lot of stress and evil mind games. Koffi took the first canoe with dancers, Christian Anzenza, synthe, musicians, and other guys Koffi was protecting, while him and other were in the second canoe and biblical rain start to fall with the canoe who were almost sinking with peoole around who negan to cry or to prey Montana and others and Mamale got angry with himself since he wanted to stay and knew that this trup wasn't a good idea to begin with and some river guys made a system to save them, so Mamale couldn't take it anymore, and Mamale on a second time where QL were going in Europe him, Champion Estethique, CNN, Eric Tutsu and others weren't on the list and the same guys asked again why Mamale isn't there but Koffi this time didn't ask Modogo and Joniko tried everything to get him back whike Mamale was leaving and this time he didn't want to be tricked since other musicians visas were there from ages andd strangely his CNN, Champi9n, and Eric Tutsi visa were not available, and Koffi tried to get him to Brazza again and Mamale replied don't worry you can go and there he left

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I like how Ado Yuhe is trying to go international and interviews even non Congolese people

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