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« on: March 18, 2018, 16:23 »

Just listen the energy he put in Kotazo/Debarquement, Emeneya was really one of the best artist Africa and world has had, it is sad that he passed away.

Congolese Music / WENGE'S
« on: March 16, 2018, 19:25 »
Being a very hard fan of Werra and enjoying JB as well, I really think that if you want to be important in the future, you need to be in WMMM, simply because BCBG's singers are too much loved by JB, not only Seguin, but Genta, Josky and all of them basically get everything without much effort, most of the people of BCBG unless they have problems with Seguin would never leave and think solo career is suicide, while on Wenge, Werra can help you in many ways but if you are not talented you will get booed or not taking seriously, like Robinio that really was a marginal members since he is not a very good singer.
And I think this is what leads MM's alumni to be more successful.
Simply because you need to know the hunger for then appreciate eating, if you have already a lot to eat at home, you will never leave your house, on the other side, if you don't eat at your house you'll rather die once you are out then being without food.

Congolese Music / BLACK PANTHER
« on: March 15, 2018, 07:57 »
Talking about black panther (a movie based on African pride) I really found very lovely when Chad Boseman interviewed on Rolling Stones said that he inspired himself to Obama, Mandela and most of all Lumumba, I admit I have cried because I felt that somehow Lumumba's work wasn't vain, anyway what really pissed me off about that movie is that they were no Congolese on the Soundtrack, no Angolans, no Ivorian or Togolese but only commonwealth people, which is totally absurd, especially if you take Lumumba as the staring inspiration, Fally, Ferre even Fabro would have been perfect for that and could have given the antique spark our music needed, why does American people even though they know Congo (talking about black guys) don't consider our country for thus things?

« on: March 14, 2018, 19:58 »
This guy really took seriously MABELE ELISI's group and is really making everything to keep alive the movement.

Congolese Music / ROGA ROGA & EXTRA MUSICA - 242 (AUDIO)
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Congolese Music / AWW THAT'S LOVELY
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« on: March 04, 2018, 12:33 »

After all I will always be a Werrasonique
Iniesta is on next level dancing

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« on: February 22, 2018, 19:42 »
The function and the work of Congolese orchestra's system is something a lot of you asked for so I have decided to show you and explain you how it works.


I will take Werra's example because I am a Werrasonique
He is the guy making the big money and has the legal and financial responsibility of the group he is in charge of everything and has a very small group of friends/colleagues that works with him advising him the better choice to make, most of his income comes from commercial deals especially with Primus, every time you see a Primus albums or song is due to this deal that they have, being in Primus has an artist gives you the chance to control another artist's life since no new musician can join Primus unless old musicians agree on him or her.
After the publicity most of the leaders have private business JB, Fally for example have a strong Hotel marketing so they can fund on their own the music or live a good life without risking to become poor if the music goes down the third and last type of income that leaders make is by music, basically in the music of Congo the leaders sign all the papers for the royalties, whole the solo albums and has generic song (typically and historically the most successful songs) on his name for example Werra in 7 Jours is a solo Album with Werra having whole the money for him, not like Ingeta group album that had only Werra's name only in the generiqye and some rumba/sebenes, everything that happens in the orchestra need to be told to him, and most of the time (the only guy who accept advices from his musicians is Wazekwa) his leadership is untouchable, if he does have a second job or a trip for personal reasons that brings him out of time for a lot of time he hands it all to the Chef D'Orchestre for the artistic part and to the administration for the financial part.

Congolese Music / 7 JOURS'S MESSAGE
« on: February 21, 2018, 10:51 »
Yesterday before sleeping I thought how most of the generique and important songs in 7 Jours are deeply satanic or to put it in a not very scared way how they kindoki songs, because you have cries like Diemba (which is swing) which is a metaphor of going high into the normal world (when the swing goes up) and down in the dark and spiritual world (when the swing goes down) or esi ekomi (has already arrived) esi ekomi kala bazo yeba te mama (has already came, but they still don't know) which means that the spiritual power has come without the people knowing, and then on the the other two generique Se Na Se and Charge.
Se Na Se is honestly clear because it means (down and down) Se, Se, Se, Se biloko 'a Se Na Se (Down, down, down, down, the things of down and down) which hasn't much sense but if you look it on a spiritual is way too much clear the things of hell, the things of witchery that happen when you go down into the spiritual world, another example of the kindoki present in 7 Jours is the praise to Werra, the Oh Mama Oh Mama... Banani ngana zamba... Which means for going at LA Zamba you need to ask to the king of the forest, the money doesn't interest him, and doesn't buy him, and whoever try to balance back Werra in a spiritual way will be reach by fishbones and he will limp (basically a description of the classic voodoo technique of people to attack spiritually someone until he suffers physically) Sende ekoti nga nazo tambola tengu tengu (a fishbone has entered in me and I am walking limping limping) eeeh to bina biloko 'a Se Na Se ma. And Anti-Balle too with his mwana empoli omesana kofinga mikolo soki balakeli yo mabe oko zoka oko zwa embodu embodu embodu (Rude guy who is used to insult the elders and the dads and the moms if someone send you a malediction, you will hit very hard, very hard, very hard) which is of course direct to Heritier, and how Werra didn't want to give his spiritual power to Heritier.
And for concluding Charge, Charge Charge batax eleki nga mutu, Cynthia zemi oko zwa oko bwaka soi pwe (which says responsibilities responsibilities tax is getting over my head Cynthia the pregnancy you had you will throw you saliva which is a metaphor to say abortion) which it doesn't seem nothing but Archos confirmed it was spiritual and you can sense it is because Ambulance says that he have a lot of things to pay and people to feed (parents, relatives) but his hypothetical sister which he had forbid to go out got pregnant and since he doesn't have a mouth to feed he will start with abortion and then since he hasn't got a stable hob he will go spiritually very hard to keep his family's wealth, and the sacrifice is the unborn baby, I mean until Cynthia wasn't pregnant, Ambulance had nobody to sacrify for getting "rich" so he says that Cynthia will have to sacrifice her baby so he could spiritually have the money for feeding the family.
This is no polemic, but only a fact constatation, why Congolese musician can't really make any music without spiritual power?? (Power 001, Zigida, Koffi's song where he speaks about the devil, Operation Dragon, Tabu Ley not paying his musician who refused to got deep down in the game) an artist who didn't used any spiritual power until this day is Deplick who got forbid by parents to use spiritual and kindoki power for anything, the result of Deplici were excellent with enough donors to pay him 20 songs, production home releasing the videos and songs, with good amount of views why most of the musicians doesn't follow the "Deplick's example" but would still sell family and friends (Fabregas with Ibrator is a perfect example) for more money and fame? I mean after Tabu Ley, Evoloko, Zaiko, Franco and many others's example artist should have learned but instead they always go deep down in kindoki

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