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« on: May 18, 2018, 18:14 »

« on: May 18, 2018, 10:55 »

I really don't know why Ferre is in this things but he really doesn't want to apologize or give any good praise to Brigade he sent two members of his Orchestra to insult him, in Congolese simbology this means that you are so little that I don't even answer you and I let my people kill you with words.
As soon as I opened the video I laughed hard because Brigadiers is waaay more little than Ferre in success so don't need to answer, but I think that Ferre wants to be the absolute boss and will answer whoever who will insult him like he did with Koffi and Fally, I am on noome's side, to me all beefs are stupid Ferre and especially Brigade should focusing only on music.
Most of the things Ferre's musician said are the no one listen to Brigade in Congo, which album he played that got accepted everywhere? He is ungrateful and so on.

« on: May 18, 2018, 06:42 »
I might have missed some.

« on: May 16, 2018, 20:56 »

I can sense some Congolese guitar on the minute 3:19 - 3:36 do you agree with that?
Toofan are heavily influenced from Congolese music and you can hear Afrika n'Afrika ko which is a very famous Awilo Longomba line in Coupé Bibamba, once again the influence of Congolese music

Congolese Music / BILL INTERVIEW
« on: May 15, 2018, 14:04 »

Congolese Music / FALLY... STOP IT, PLEASE!
« on: May 14, 2018, 17:59 »

You know this King thing has gone too far, it is ridiculous but no one in his staff tells him or if someone's says it on insta he will eliminate those comments.

« on: May 14, 2018, 16:38 »
Bill Clinton - Palpitation Total

2:05 - 3:20

Werrason - Lokoso
00:09 - 01:22 throughout the whole song

It is a rhythm totally different to what usually you hear which is the Kakol trademark of fast pace, here is more of a relaxed pace but fast, without the hypnotic battery we are used to listen, not only Werra or Bill but a lot of Congese artists use this rhythm, but I can't understand where it comes from and what is the name of it.

« on: May 13, 2018, 23:20 »

1st version in Wenge Musica in the album Bouger Bouger with the notable duo with JB

2nd version in Simply The Best of with Heritier taking the Werra/JB part

3rd version in Sans Poteau where Arnake plays the Heritier part

« on: May 13, 2018, 20:08 »

Congolese Music / ALVARITO'S NEW SONG
« on: May 13, 2018, 20:01 »

Definitely not a good idea to have left Fally.

« on: May 09, 2018, 10:12 »
What do you think about Childish Gambino's video?

« on: May 09, 2018, 10:10 »
Not for body shaming but this image of Naza make me laugh hard

Wmmm one because I don't think that Koffi could ever produce a staminge and a charisma this big in his time in QL



Yoka eh le manatoi na sawuma (Listen is the Manatoi na Sawuma)

Mipende ya le'o Mipende oooo ekoka n'ango eee (Thighs of today Thighs are on point)

Cherie obotama naturel tika hydro chinon (Honey you are born with a natural skin stop using Hydro Chinon)

Luka oy'a malamu okobebisa nzoto nayo Mama eh (Search a good cream because if not you will ruin your body babe)

(Mipende ya le'o Mipende oooo ekoka n'ango) {Thighs of today Thighs are on point}

Mbanda tika tembe na nga eee, (Love rival you better stop with your stubborness)
Nga babala nga na mbongo (They married me with money) nalata lopete na musapi yango nafanda nalibala ooo (I have wear  a ring on my finger, this is why I am happily married)

Soki tembe e'ali oo tobima libanda tokutana tolotolo okomona mamambo ozoluka e (If there is tension let's go outside, so we can met breast to breast you will find the trouble that you had searched)

Mipende ya le'o Mipende oooo ekoka n'ango {Thighs of today Thighs are on point}

Mipende na nga ya mwindu ee
Mipende na nga ya pembe oo
Mipende na nga ya choco ee
Yango nazela libala bandeko (I have waited the marriage, forefathers, because of my darkskin thighs, because of my lightskin thighs, because of my chocoskin thighs)

Mipende ya le'o Mipende oooo ekoka n'ango {Thighs of today Thighs are on point}

Tolo eeeeee (Chest eee)
Tolo 'a Tata na Mama ekoki kokutana soki bolingo ezali bu (Dad and Mom's chest can meet each other if there is love bu)

Obayaya balingaka bamama na pokwa basalaka nini eee (The elders who loves the girls what did they do in the afternoon)


Kumba ye namoto Yannick Shesha na Velo (Drive him onto the motorbike Yannick Shesha onto the Bike)

Kumba ye namoto eee Serge Ibaka Graciel (Drive him onto the motorbike Serge Ibaka Graciel)

Kumba ye namoto Iler Mutombo Pakebo (Drive him onto the motorbike Iler Mutombo Pakebo)

Kumb'e, Kumb'e, Kumb'e, Kumb'e Grevi Futila Matita Liyebo (Drive him, drive him, drive him, drive him, Grevi Futila Matita Liyebo)

Kumbaka ye namoto Apocalypse Bela Papa ee (Drive him onto the motorbike Apocalypse Bela Papa ee)

Allez Kumba ye na moto (Go ahead drive her onto the motorbike)



Ilongo makulaka San Kikidio e
(Ilo) {Hello/Cheers}
Ba Tata  ba mama bakulaka san kikidio na couloir 'a Kimbuta ee (Shout out to the ancestors the dads and the moms having fun in the area of Kimbuta)

(Ilo) {Hello/Cheers}

Mama yaka nanu ee, yaka  (Baby come here a bit, come)
Mama yaka nanu (Baby come here a bit)
Odette Tukeba pusana eh (Odette Tukeba come close eh)
Na pusani (I came close)
Papa pusana (Dad come close)
Napusani (I came close)

Papa otelemi (Dad stand up)
Fidel Caterpillar atelemi (has stood up)
Roger Niwa telema eee (stand up)
Alain Mbiya telema (stand up)
Roger Mascotte telema (stand up)
GP Suisse baluka e (GP suspisse turn around)
Terraine manga balukai (turn around)
Ba députés 'a La Zamba babaluki e (La Zamba's deputies have turned around)
Soso Mbika ba baluko Mbika they have turned around)
Divine Ndaya na tenue Suisse,  les amis (Divine Ndaya in the Suisse tenure the friends)
Allez kenda liboso Pitchou Mbongo naza kolanda yo kenda (Pitchou Mbongo go upfront I am following go ahead, upfront)
Zonga, zonga, zonga, zonga, zonga, zonga, zonga, José Malanda simba kiti nkruu (Now go back, go back, go back, go back, go back José Malanda hold the chair)

Allez nguruta eee (Go ahead grate)
Alain Kazadi nguruta o nguruta (grate o grate)
Eustache que nguruta (grate)
Nguruta Mama na nguruti (Grate baby I have grated)
Olukaka ango nga nanguruta eh (You try to send me to grate it)
Oleki mbongo boko nguruta (Have you stole money you will grate)
Bonguruta Patty nanguruta (You will grate Patty I will grate it)
Bruno Lubika nguruta (grate)
Ado Muwanga banguruta (let them grate it)
Foul Lukisu na Chin'e (In China r)
Ngurut'eee nguruta (Grate it, grate it)
Tonton Soleil Mesaa
Major Tony nguruta e (grate)

(Isongola ee)

(Isongola oo)

Blaise Lubaki, Tshuke Lomboto Ilongo Le Palestinienne de Werrason San Kikidio eee (What about the Palestinian of Werrason San Kikidio?)

(Ilo)  {Cheers}

Mama yaka nanu e, yaka (Baby come here a bit, come)
Mama pusana (Baby come close)

Angel Mwanza yaka nanu yaka (Come here a bit, come)
Papa yaka nanu (Daddy come here a bit)
Bobis Sungu yaka nanu e yaka (Come here a bit, come)
Papa pusana e (Daddy come close)
Pusana Tata otelemi (Come close, father you stood up)
Natelemi, Alfa Nsumbu telema (I stood up, Alfa Nsumbu stand up)
Guy Malela telema n'telema (Guy Malela stand up stand up)
Papa yaka nanu yaka e mama balukai e (Daddy come here a but come, Baby turn around)

 Yaka ye (Come here though)


Mama yaka nanu, bébé Kuti yaka nanu (Baby come over here, Baby Kuti come here a bit)
Roger Lacadette yaka (come)
Guillain Griba Allam
Yaka tata otelemi (Come here, father you stood up)
Jackie ba form atelemi (stood up)
Igwe Luvelela atelemi (stood up)
Boss Kanga telema e (stand up)
Manu Mavoka kenda liboso  kenda liboso kenda libo (Go ahead, go ahead go ahe)
Raissa Sali-Sali zonga, zonga, zonga, zonga, zonga, zonga, zonga, zonga Mama eee (Come back, come back, come back, come back, come back,  come back, come back, babygirl)
Zonga sima zonga, zonga (Come back over here, come back)
José Ngomba Mbila simba kiti krii (hold the chair krii)

Allez nguruta ye Dieudonne Imangma Issing Bae Bae  (Come on grate her Dieudonne Imangma Issing Bae Bae)
Sate Bazu bazo nguruta ye (they are grating him)
Trésor Kadima angurutiki (grated)
Johnathan Mutambala angurutaka (usually grate)
Colonel Mbisa Yakuza
Eric Mboyi Bokose


Mela Mbuma na Varenne

Alain Bisoro

Adolphe Ngake le Grand Moyi (The big sun)

Oo na Mwambe (Oo with peanuts butter/peanuts cream)
Letizia Songo e
Merlin Kilendi
Jean-Paul Mbiye Moyiseta Tchobere o
Jennick Laba Kumba ye na se (Drive him onto the ground)


Patrick Gola mema ye na coin (Bring her onto the corner)



Edith Temena na Faran Sunga eh (Edith Temena and Faran Sunga)


Brigade Malenda, Raoul Musungu


Job Choco, Maître Toka ee(Boss Toka)


Landry Bilombi e kumba ye nase (drive him onto the ground)

Tshiba Tshibatsu mema ye nakati e (Bring into the middle)


Jean-Marie Bohoto, Père Faustin Cicala


Sangwa Nguya
La Mère Osango mema ye nakati e (The Mother Osango bring him onto the middle)


Bawali na nga eMbandaka nabofeta  basa musenyeteko i i (My memories of Mbandaka
Memaka ye nalikolo (Bring her up to the sky/bring her higher)
Papy Matalatala nankati (in the middle)
Tolo eeee (Breast/Chest eee)
Tolo Tata na Mama ekoki kokutana Soki lolango ezali bu (Daddy and Mommy's chest can meat each other if there is love)

[INMATE N° 67690]

Mama alobaki, soki oke libala kolala boye te, lalaka boye (Mom were used to say, if you go to a marriage/marriage party don't sleep like this, but sleep like that)

Mama alobaki soki oke nafeti kofanda boye te fandaka boye (Mom were used to say if you go to a party don't you sit like this, but site like that)

Mama alobaki soki nanu babali yo te kolala boye te, Yaya lalaka boye (Mom were used to say if they haven't still married you, don't sleep like this, elder sleep like that)
Eee Mam'eeee eeeeya (O Mother)

Mama alobaki soki nanu babali yo te, kolala boye te, lalaka boye (Mom were used to say if they still haven't married you, don't sleep like this, but sleep like that)

Lelelelelelelele Andy Manaka

(Lalaka boye) {Sleep like this/sleep in this way}

Lelelele Charlel Masiala
(Lalaka  boye) {Sleep like this/sleep in this way}

Lelelelele ngeradera eya
(Lalaka boye) {Sleep like this/sleep in this way}
Yaya kota mama twin (Elder, come in, Mother twin)

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