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The crazy fact is that it is hard to find songs now in the Rumba section with this level of intensity

Congolese Music / EX BCBG'S MEMBERS
« on: April 20, 2017, 11:58 »
Werrason's ex members have the highest rate of possibility to get a good solo career, about Koffi only Fally has been the one with a great solo career (excluding Brigade and Ferré who were MM members) for BCBG ex members instead it seems that they lack something Djino, then Chai, now Abraham, even though Abraham has been the one with the best results his results aren't comparable to Robinio, Fabregas, Brigade, Ferré why that?
Why the 100% of Ex members of BCBG never manage to have a successful career like their colleagues in MM?

« on: April 16, 2017, 19:08 »

I might be a Werrasonik, the best Werrasonik ever but I think that no one will argue my definition. Because it is one of the best rumba ever in Congolese music maybe the best from Werra since Nicky D, I think Temoignage due to the absence of Bill was the 3rd or 2nd album in the list of the top of Igwe's album I don't understand why Heritier didn't participate on this song anyway Eboa and Lacoste killed it.


Mmmm I love the sound of this song I wish it had a video, I know this style isn't new on the Congolese scene I have heard when I was little similar songs, who brought this sound into the Congolese Music?

« on: April 08, 2017, 14:38 »

Because I see he has a very good relationship with Congolese musicians especially with Le Padre (Férre Gola) even though there is a lot of Ivorian and West African music in Niggaz With Enjallement


I don't remember whose song was this maybe JDL or JB himself, but this song was excellent, the last excellent song made by the oldies of BCBG, especially the seben part, I think that Anti-Terro was the big great Album where Kibense, Rio and so on gave their best, the last one because Mpunda was of Mignong, Zakoko, Fudji and so on, Balle De Match should have been the album of Fusèe, Abraham, Metrau, Quado but I don't think that album will never comes out

After seeing Aimelia doing the delivery man, and Kerozene do the trash catcher work, what are the other jobs that guys do don't n Europe? What Japonais did when he was in Europe, about Kimbangu? And Kapaya, and again Serge Mabiala, Roi David and the others. I am always amazed by the fact that when artist are in Congo they are rich and they can have all the things they want only by making music while on the other side I am amazed by the fact that in Europe except for Maître Gims and Stromae ( who is not Congolese but said that he always uses Congolese style guitar in his song like in Papaoutai) there aren't successful Congolese artist how can this be possible.

Excluding Ferré, Fally and Héritier, who is the best singer of the 2000-2017 era for you? To me Deplick and Metrau even the guy of MM short who sings 1st voice tone (not Merlin) don't remember his name

« on: March 28, 2017, 20:36 »
An album that will never come out????
Or even in BCBG they wonderstood that fans are impatient.


Bill in short says that he knew that Lobeso was about to leave, because the day he left Maison Mère wasn't for leader aspirations as a lot of people think but it was because he has the feeling that Werra's staff didn't like him anymore, the fact that they took Roi David, and that after Europe's concert, the staff told to him and Celeo to go back to Kin in one week or they will be kicked out gave him the sureness that he wasn't wanted anymore, in fact he said that he had an interview wehere he said that he won't leave Maison Mère for nothing at all before knowing the conditions that the guys gave him.
He adds also that knowing how difficult are the conditions in Europe for African People (and knowing tha tmost of the time passports of members are led by bosses's friends) it was impossible to come back in a week.
Then he adds that if things don't change in the entourage  of Werra the members and especially the atalaku will always leave.
The fact that in that period there were a severe concurrance between Werra, JB and Koffi led the members of buying new cars, new clothes new houses and etc. To be always ahead of the others, and this is the reason why while the remaining members of WMM plus Bill stayed in Europe longer, he also said that Roi David shouldn't have gone in WMM because in fact now he is lost in Europe with no relevance for music.
And then he speaks about some grimace which I don't know what does it mean lol.

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