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Congolese Music / I NEED NEW MUSIC
« on: September 18, 2017, 08:12 »
I think I nave downloaded every congolese song in the web band on the podcast world so I ask Yii if Yii nave sone songs of the level of Lokolo to feed me

Congolese Music / LEADER ISSUES
« on: September 17, 2017, 12:00 »
I have noticed that in many stories of Congolese musicians there is a pattern who repeat his self, everytime someone goes solo basically starts to fire or kick away all the people that worked with him, except for Fally, Heritier, Robinio, and Brigade which are considered the "good guys" and the one who basically have the most shy employees, and Koffi who of course can't be put here since he has been a leader since ages, the guys who had multiple leader system at one time they decide to kick all the guys who are a threat to them even though the guys there don't even think or want to be leader.

Werrason and Adolphe Dominguez:
In the Solola Bien project they were together and even though Dominguez even though was effectively a secind leader wasn't really respected by the members under the order of Werra  who feared to loose the leadership in fact after Solola Bien Adolphe Dominguez just left and disappeared from the radar of valuable Congolese musicians.

JB Mpiana & Mboka Liya
Since the departure of Blaise Bula and Alain Makaba JB was very anxious to proof he was the best between him and Werra so he released Titanic, even though Mboka Libya got a song, and got some very important influence under the new youngs Genta and Kaludji, JB treated him like shit by refusing to pay him while he was giving very good money to his "enfant Cherie" Seguin, Genta, Tutu Caludji, emo's favorite Kibens, making Mboka Liya runaway from Werra then tried to got solo byt never got success since every musician he had was "stolen" by JB

Extra Musica original formation (Herman Ngassaki, Arafat, Doudou Copa, Oxygen, Papy Bastin & Jah, Sonor & Espe Bass) & Roga Roga
Extra Musica is the only collective group left in Congo to be considered relevant, but his formation has changed, created originally by a group of church coral singing friends and then gaining success with their stunning generiques (Amnistie Shalai, Etat Major) at a certain point in the period of Obbligatoire since Sorcellerie/Kindoki Roga Roga leadership desires basically made erase all the work of his colleagues by acting harder on the colleagues since he took the full leadership only Sonor & Espe Bass left, the thing that makes you feel the change is the Mabanga's usually it was Oxygen, Doudoi Copa, Arafat, Kila Mbongo, Herman and so on, but now Roga leadership got the best of him the decision of making Roga singing was the worst decision Extra Musica ever took since now Extra Musica has became a very monotonous Rumba and Generique group there are a lot of groups came out from Extra Musica, the Doudou Copa's one is the one who is delivering the best music

And then the last one Fabregas
Fabregas & Ibrator

Fabregas is an ex Wenge scholar who gained istant success with Mascara and the dance Ya Mado, unlike Extra Musica the change of the songwriters and the musicians didn't effect at all Fabregas's success but he as well really changed his behaviour towards the ones who were his childhood friends and personal songwriters, first one of the guys of Ya Mado left along with the big girl doing the Mascara dance then the final cut came when Fabregas and Ibrator had that famous car discussion where Fabregas instantly kicked out Fabregas and basically created Ibrator and Adada movement which got very positive reviews by people of Congolese diaspora but got blocked in every way by Fabregas which is determined to kill every success of Ibrator
After this preview, I have only one question, why most Congolese leader can't stand to be with guys with personality?? Or guys who has the ball to say to them what is not going right? Why they think they should act like Gods for making things doing great as has been proven several times you need people compared the success of Mascara and the so called shame Zigida, compare Solola Bien and 7eme Jours De La Semaine, the success that Titanic had and the the Balle De Match project, album? That is still not out and Etat Major and Amnistie Shalai's album made by Roga Roga

« on: September 15, 2017, 10:18 »
Finally a good generique by Fabregas in Circus who doesn't speak about death I am honestly amazed by the quality of the video, first and of the song, Bravo to Light Music

Congolese Music / I FEEL SORRY FOR THEM
« on: September 11, 2017, 12:43 »

For the ex members Of BCBG like Zakoko,Chai,Abel and for Sunda Bass because I honestly doubt that a bassist furthermore of BCBG will have any solo career, anyway I feel sorry for them because they are paying something they did not generate Zakoko of course couldn't stay in BCBG forever waiting for the album to get dropped and the sad fact he didn't left in a bad way, maybe he was a little bit sneaky about it but didn't insult anyone like Djino did so when I have red in this forum that he struggles to live now after being a loyal member for 17 years to JB that really gave my heart bleeding, and for Chai for whatever reason he left he was too much bad treated by Seguin first and JB his album will never come out and for the constant gossiping by those three, and for Abel he is getting a shit treatment for the same reason only because he went to Koffi's house? I mean if you have a problem with another person and I speak with that other person what is the big deal? BCBG like Wenge MM administration are always acting childish then blame on the people who left for the bad outgoing Of the industry SMH

« on: September 09, 2017, 23:25 »

Here he actually managed to make a crie with sense and meaningful messages

Here Werra  tried to replicate a second Sous-Sol being primus the subject but didn't succeeded anyway Bercy in the last minutes deliver some very good crie more for the vocal time

I honestly don't understand why Musselu, Buba, and Didi Kinuani crime weren't added here and put on Stabilisation if you swipe the cries it would have been a huge success this and stabilisation should have been present as the main generique, is almost unknown this generique since Werra  doesn't promote Diego for various reason but here Bercy and Diego deliver some high flying material especially the crie "Nalingi ko bala Lica" by Diego and "Moyi Makasi" by Bercy

« on: September 08, 2017, 22:20 »
until the Cindy part

« on: September 07, 2017, 13:54 »

« on: September 07, 2017, 09:22 »

Eeeee yo oyebi Zigida? (Nga nayebi Zigida, avion ekweya na Zigida ekata ba mama ba têtes têtes likolo 'a matungulu eee) [Eee do you know Zigida, a plane has fallen in Zigida, has cutted the heads of the mommy who have fallen onto some onions she was about to sell eeeee]
Yo oyebi Zigida ko? (Nga nayebi Zigida, avion ekweya na Zigida ekata ba mama ba têtes têtes likolo 'a matungulu eee) [Eee do you know Zigida, a plane has fallen in Zigida, has cutted the heads of the mommy who have fallen onto some onions she was about to sell eeeee]

Sala lokola Lokolo n'o ezo tombola te
Ca c'est la novelle dance [Dancelikeyourlegscan'tmakeyoustandupanymore, dance like your legs can't make you stand up anymore this is new dance]

I honestly couldn't listen to and translate it more because this lyrics are disgusting me I am transwriting this lyrics only because people who don't understand lingala needs to be aware of the music they are listening too the only explanation you need to hear on the Wikipedia and on the YouTube link in the end which I can reassume in a Market Plane Crash in Kinshasa where 227 (225 on ground,the journalist says 300) people died, and  injured  500 people you need to see the images to see and feel why this music is honestly shit. Imagine having a relative there died in the Zigida crash and some fools dancing and singing over it...
One of the most frightening thing is the dance in the first seconds where on the minutes 00:18-00:25/00:28-00:40 you can see the dancers acting like a body agonizing (almost like the images of Cellulaire R.I.P when he was dying) and at this minute 00:26-00:28 the dancer stops and stays there like she was dead, after that all the dancers act like they are agonizing but with a smile on their face.
A lot of people in this forum don't believe the ones who say that Satanism is a reality in Congolese music, but this is a proof of this and before of dancing, singing or purchasing something in music like in life be aware of where it comes from

Congolese Music / THE OLD TIMES
« on: September 01, 2017, 14:51 »

Aaaaaah I miss this times where people were just happy to do music, no problems no charts no Orchestre problems between chefs and employees just a guitar and a voice look the smile on the face of Brigade

Congolese Music / WHO IS THE BEST SINGER?
« on: August 30, 2017, 17:16 »
Straight and simple who is the best to you? Fally or Ferre?  You already know my answer

« on: August 29, 2017, 21:33 »
I don't know what is wrong with Kakol, evem though he is the best drummer of his generation.
And should thimk about his family simce he has nothing to prove he always get in fight with musicians (Bercy, Primce, Miel, Diego) and gossip to Werra or block musician evem though they should deserve better treatment (Deplick for example) and on the domestic side he lives in his wife's home (Manhood complex acting like a boss at work because your lady dominates you at home) and Linda it is or it was Werrason's most "used" sidechick he even had a baby with her that Werra basically hamded to Kakol, all this seems to don't touch Kakol at all even though it is one of the most low blow for a man.
He seems he only interested to be the son Werra never had and blocking others...
My reflections about Kakol

« on: August 28, 2017, 17:59 »
Even though a lot of people gave Kirikou for over now he is the atalaku who did great in his first chance with Koffi, why? Why Werra, and Ferrè  didn't give Kirikou the chance to shine, by relegating him to a minor spot after success (Ferrè) and by making him sing some minor ad (Werra).
Koffi when everybody thought he couldn't do anythig after selfie, came in with Nyataquance in one of the best atalaku leader I have ever heard your thoughts

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