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« on: January 20, 2018, 19:44 »

Finally he us starting to put video of the traditional songs instead of those crazy crossover songs.
It's ironic that the Europe ban actually had the result of having great videos shot in Congo

Congolese Music / 8TH PLACE FOR ROBINIO
« on: January 20, 2018, 13:29 »
Strangely despite the flop Robinio is 8th on Trace Urban this means he got the same level of loyalty by his fans that Fally have.

Congolese Music / BILL CLINTON - AMALIA
« on: January 19, 2018, 11:59 »

Congolese Music / IS THIS GUY SERIOUS?
« on: January 18, 2018, 20:21 »
I hate him when he does like this

« on: January 17, 2018, 21:34 »

Is it under F'Victeam or he have already left

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« on: January 12, 2018, 16:57 »
Werra might be a good or a bad man, but what I have never wonderstood is the fact that he had never took position, starting from the money lost in a London tour for paying musician, continuing for the attack over Brigade's face made by Heritier, and going on with the Deplick 12 (douz) for finishing with the humiliation of Lobeso not only on the stage but throughout everyday's life (they were keep calling him villageois which means man of village but in a bad form like saying a guy who is from the jungle, only because he prefer to do mongo music over ndombolo one)
What is the reason that keeps Werra out.
I mean, since Wenge MM he never took any position in attacking anyone directly but only making people like Sankara and Kakol to defend him, and I can understand it, but what I don't understand is the fact that he have never took position, especially in the Brigade case, at the time Brigade was the biggest star in Wenge (way more than Heritier) and this is why Heritier did that, but Brigade said that when he told Werra everything, Werra were standing there like he was deaf and Brigade felt so much humiliated and disrespected he left.
The strange fact is that once Sankara unlikely most of the time he was there with an interviewer saying the bad thing Heritier had done since he left and so he started to say: "Heritier has never been a good kid to Werra he put pregnant, Mampata's sister, he threw that stone in the face of Brigade, the only guy that Werra is sad to have lost is Bill or Ferre" I don't remember what ye said on the end, but anyway I think it is more Bill than Ferre.
Anyway why Werra act like he was from Switzerland and act neutral? Without taking position on the band things his staff and his member does.



Family Victory Team
Avec force {With force}
Libre Parcours {Free cours}
Gambain Samurai
Charlie Mabiala Tigre
Champion N'Djoly Sona eh
Fashu Bundula idolo

Ayemba pe abina yondima, yambal'oyo aye {he sang, he danced, you approved him, and this time he has arrived}

Allez abalayama moto 'a liboso asignaka allience na Nzamne
Fally DiCap oza yaya abalayamayako wowo
Tchuba ye moroke Maître Yaya Ngani
(Akweia na tatami) {Abalayama is the first guy who have signed an allience with God, Fally DiCap you are Yaya abalayamayako wowo, pierce him moroke, Maître Yaya Ngani (He will fall on the tatami)}
Tchuba ye moroke Pitchou Sobaya
(Akweia na tatami) {Pierce him moroke Pitchou Sobaya(He will fall on the tatami)}
Basioya, bafinga, batonda ba nzoto ba liaka kaka
Kumikata alekoshi mushimata
(Akweia na tatami) {They've dissed, they've insulted, getting greedy with the spark from their insults towards us and they are still eating, kumikata alekoshi mushimata (He will fall on the tatami)}
Allez lelilelelelilelelelilele
(Akweia na tatami) {huuh lelilelelelilelelelilele(He will fall on the tatami)}
Aaa Tchuba Ye moroko Maître Manix Mwanya
(Akweia na tatami) {Pierce him moroko, Mâitre Manix Mwanya (he will fall on the tatami)}
Beta ye moroke {Beat him with moroke}

Ya Fally Dicap tangisa ban'oyo namiziki nabango
Ae mozob'a ko longwa
Tindika {Elder DiCap school this kids on their own music the dumbness of leaving, push}
(Oko zwa mwana) (You will be beaten kid)
Tindika {Push}
(Oko zwa mwana) (You will be beaten)
Yannick Nkreme kolembete
(Oko zwa mwana) (You will be beaten kid)
Allez, tindika {Com on, push}
(Oko zwa mwana) (You will be beaten kid)
Gavin Kazeka kulembete
(Oko zwa mwana) (You will be beaten kid)
Allez, Tindika {Come on push}
(Oko zwa mwana) (You will be beaten kid)
Olivier Mboyo tindika {Olivier Mboyo push}
(Oko zwa mwana) (You will be beaten kid)
Tindika {push}
(Oko zwa mwana) (You will ne beaten kid)

Balibili limbondo balibili limbondo balibili limbondo lolenge nyekese, libili limbondo niyoko tumbamakasi boye mama e
Yaya tindika {elder push}
(Oko zwa mwana) (You will be beaten kid)

Tindika {Push}
(Oko zwa mwana) (You will be beaten kid)
Gina Mita kulembete
(Oko zwa mwana) (You will be beaten kid)
Allez, tindika {Come on push}
(Oko zwa mwana) (You will be beaten kid)
Yaya tindika {Elder push}
(Oko zwa mwana) (You will be beaten kid)
Tindika {Push}
(Oko zwa mwana) (You will be beaten kid)
Fabis Sembe kulembele
(Oko zwa mwana) (You will be beaten kid)
Tindika {push}
(Oko zwa mwana) (You will be beaten kid)
Richer Ler Mbemba tindika {Richer Ler Mbemba push}
(Oko zwa mwana) (You will be beaten kid)


Abeta pe tobina tomona yambal'oyo aye
Félix Tyson, Félix Tyson beta beta beta beta be {He played, We've danced and we have seen, but this time he has arrived, Félix Tyson, Félix Tyson, play play play pla}

Mbadimame mbadimame yankidi obaba o
Mbadimame lekia
Mbadimame yankidi
Ozalaka nayo moko {Alas mother alas mother o father alas lil bro, woe is me}
(Ye Moko) (Alone)
Ye moko {Alone}
(Ye moko) (Alone)
Dédé mubengo saki aloso {Dédé mubengo bag of rice}
(Ye Moko) (Alone)
Ye moko {Alone}
(Ye moko) (Alone)
Eeeee Fally DiCap yoka
Yowowoo Mama Makese na nga
Tango bajaloux balukaki nga Dicap, ba témoins bazalaki
Tango bato nyonso balanda yo
Ozalaka no yo moko {Uuuuuuh Fally DiCap listen, wowoo Mother Makesa of mine, when the jealous were looking for me DiCap there were testifies, when all the people started to follow  you, you were poorly alone}
(Ye moko) (Alone)
Ye moko {Alone}
(Ye moko) (Alone)
Allez tshubela maman come on
Tshubel'enge tshubele maman come on e {Come on pierce him mother come on pierce him with piece mom come on}
Tshubele mama come on e
Tshubel'enge Tshubele mama come on e {Pierce him mother come on e pierce him with Pierce come on e}
Ozalaka nayo moko {You were poorly alone}

Allez nga na yo ya libela Nzambe el marabillosho {Come on, me and you forever God the wonderful}
Nga nayo nalibela Nzambe Pamela Dubaï oo {Me and you forever God Pamela Dubaï oo}
Allez tshuku tshuku toko bouge
Eric Lakase akobina {Come on tshuku tshuku we will move Eric Lakase will dance}
Didier Nteko na Türkiye {Didiee Nteko in Turkey}
Papy Benis ako bouge
Tony Zope Santer Jese Mbenge Mbenze mignon {Papy Benis will move Tony Zope Santer Jese Mbenge Mbenze cutie pie}

Allez Iseke mwana iseke mwana polokosomosikadile, allez iseke mwana iseke mwana polokosomosikadile toke {Come on watch out kid watchout kid beacyse the greediness won't get you anywhere/the greediness will not make you go far,  come on watch out kid watch out kid because the greediness won't get you anywhere/the greediness will not make you go far}
Ndeke bapanzi nzala, ndeke bapanzi nzala, ndeke bapanzi nzala, bapanzi nzala, bapanzi nzalee {the birds have hungry  hips, the birds have hungry hips the birds have hungry hips, have hungry hips, have hungry hips}

I i i i Gisette Kasima i i i

Kaki Yajawe Balandaki Ya Fally nabana ngube  bana ngub'e {Kaki Yajawe they have chased Fally with little peanuts, with littlepeanuts}
(Aaa shide) (Ooh Shit)
Arthur Molo Koyelana  na bana ngube {Arthur Molo Koyelana with little peanuts}
(AA shide) (Ooh Shit)
Margarine Clementine wo
(AA shide) (Ooh Shit)
Eric Mandala oooo balandaki Ya Fally na bana ngube, Lolo Kayisee {Eric Mandala ooo they have chased Fally with little peanuts, Lolo Kayise}
(AA shide) (Ooh shit)
Aaah Junior Mpiana na nga ba ndeku maaaa {Aah my own Junior Mpiana the forefathers maa}
(AA shide) (Oo Shit)

Eh mama e, Dieu ma Sauvez oyoyo {Oh motheeer, God saved me yoyo}
Dieu ma sauvez oyoyo {God saved me yoyo}
Dieu ma sauvez oyoyo Fabrice Mampuya na George Liyeyi {God saved me yoyo Fabrice Mampuya and George Liyeyi}
Naty Lokole na Papy Mboma {Naty Lokole and Papy Mboma}
E botika Fally alimbisi mwan'oyo {Get off of Fally/Leave Fally alone, because he has forgave this children}
(O Yesu e) (Oh Jesus)
Namelaki bazododo ba whisky nazwaki eloko te {I used to drink Zododo and whisky without nothing received back/without nothing in return}
(O Yesu e) (Oh Jesus)

Aa Dieux ma sauvez oyoyo {Aa God saved me yoyo}
Dieux ma guerir yoyo {God healed me yoyo}
Kabuya badia badia yoyo da {Kabuya to eat to eat yoyo finished}

Wallo Bass Alfe Lilope {Wallo Bass Alfe Lilope}
A badia bata nonono {Hmm to eat to eat nonono}
Kabuya azongeli kobwaka {Kabuya now came back to just doing the atalaku/came back to singing/came back to perform}
(O Yesu) (O Jesus)
Namelaki bazododo na whisky nazuaki eloko te {I used to drink zododo and whisky and I had nothing in return}
(O Yesu e) (Oh Jesus)
Christian Luyabaaa Willy Likayi
(O Yesu e) (Oh Jesus)
Dieu ma sauvez oyoyo {God saved me oyoyo}
Dieu ma guerir oyo {God healed me yoyo}
Suleimani Kavunga na nga {My own Suleimani Kavunga}
Abadi ngabadia
Abadia mada madia mada abadia abada mut'a {to ea- I want to eat to eat, to go up the food to go up to eat to ea-the head}

Jolly Kimwangi abongoli motema {Jolly Kimwangi has opened his heart/now has a soft heart}
(O Yesu e) (Oh Jesus)
Papy Zavane abongoli motema {Papy Zavane has opened his heart/ now has a soft eheart}
(O Yesu e) (Oh Jesus)
Sango nabiso  tojangi na Saint-Felix na nga
Oh Ye Shot Record {Oh Je-Shot record}

Shot Record {Shot Record}

The song is a mixture of QL period and an expirement of bringing that abobolais d'oriengo back.
Fally loved that Abobolais a lot especially on the period of post Droit Chemin
Man this guy Identite really delivering some serious dimes, the he played you have danced you have approved, followed by the he have played you have danced you have approved, is referred first to Fally and then to Felly Tyson, the Fally part it is referring to the constant success Fally has been doing since his first and now the he has arrived is referred to the fact that the position of leader is cemented by the fact he gave his group the first group album, thing only big leaders do.
For the Félix part it is referred to all the work he had done throughout the QL period, in fact in memory of those days Felly plays in a "QL" way and Fally danced in a classical "Koffi" style.
Abalayama is a crie that speak about religion especially the Christian one since in the Bible, like the episode of Abraham and Isaac or the episode with Noah and his Arc and many other episodes there are a lot of examples where God signed alliance in a way or another with his people, unfortunately, the jews are known in world as the "blessed" people of God but in Congo especially Kimbanguiste and Bakongo claim they are them, and this is the reason why many bad things happened to African people and especially Congolese, with that said, this crie is made to counter all the people who always claim that Congolese musician with big success they definitely went to see some witch and are possessed by demon since the crie says Abalayama is the first guy who really signed alliance with God (Before of Noah, before of Abraham and so on) and then he adds Fally you are Yaya Abalayama for saying that between the musicians like the biblical heroes he has been the first musician ever to be blessed in this way since he is the first after Koffi, Werra and all the people who came earlier and marked Congolese music (Franco, Tabu, Papa Wemba, Bozi, Emeneya), then he continue the sentences adding in Karate which is purely a defensive art, there is a common thing that unifies all the Karateka the respect for the opponent, no matter how small or big or strong or weak you are you always respect your opponent, but at the same time the opponent of Identite falls every time on the tatami no matter how much time he tries to bounce back, is the metaphor that Fally has mad respect for every guy in the game, but even though he is not a guy into polemic and all that he will always finish to tear you down if you try to challenge him because he might not be the best or the worst guy around but it will find a way to attack you since he is the guy who signed alliance with God, and has his blessings Yaya stands for elders, a guy who is bigger then you, gotta be called Yaya or Ya especially with your older Brothers or Sisters, in fact it is a massive sign of disrespect calling your big brother or big sister with only her name who will lead to massive beatings, I rarely use the Yaya since I an Angolan I use a lot Mano/Manu which is for mans and Mana with the women.
Basioyia Bafinda Batonda banzoto baliaka kaka, means that they had  money, food, and gifts over some silly insults and  they are now greedy because they have already all they needed over insulting people, but even though they are full they are still eating.
A clear reference to the spokesman, who only become  popularwhen they start to insult the opponent of their own leader like Sankara and many others

Elder Fally DiCap school this kids on their own music the dumbness of leaving is referring to all the guys who left orchestras for following the same pace of Fally by going solo but failed miserably with their career destroyed but that at the same time couldn't go back to their own leaders because with mozoba (dumbness) they thought they were better that their own leaders and started dissed them, missing respect thinking they could live well without them, or the guys who left being dumb because they kinda throw themselves in an empty space, since they really didn't know how to make things work without their leaders backing them.
That is when the intelligent part of the crie ends and it starts the crazy one
He literally says push and you will get a baby, but can be even seen as push me and you will be beaten kid which I translated with, but seing the movement is obviously the sane crie who talks about sex over and over again
I have already spoke about the Identite crie about going solo and being the only guy there ('victeam-(lyrics-and-explanation)/ )
But in this crie Identite addictions Tshubel'enge which can be seen if you see it as a Kikongo word as Bring him peace but since Identite has very religious message sometimes I think it is only an advice of making peace.

Me and you forever God The wonderful
The wonderful as Fally fans know is not referred to Fally as Fally like to nicknamed himself various names with the last one THE GOAT (Greatest Of All Time originally used for Alì and MJ) being very annoying to a lot of guys in the forum me included, the word God many times is used as something that shocks, or get you excuted, since religious life is a very important part of most of the Congolese people (like God!! I've finallly found a job, God!!! I am very excited to travel and so on) and in this crie Atalaku #2 (sorry but I can't remember his name) said that he will stay forever with Fally no matter what, what surprised me most of the crie is the extreme quantities of Mabanga since except saying me and you forever Fally the crie is only mabanga.
The next crie in feature with Guelore is in very strict lingala and a bit of Kikongo with the classical French word allez and said watch out kid because the greediness won't get you anywhere, in fact being greedy usually doesn't bring you in any place the more greedy you are the less you receive in exchange, the more good you are the more you received and the people will start to love you, the crie is made in a classical place where the Koko (Grandpas literally but can be seen as guys with a wisdom straightly made by living life and by listening to their time to the Kokos of that time) advice the kid or the nephew some advices to live a perfect life and avoid the mistakes that guy with no guidance usually do, the theme of BoKoko as I said in Libre Parcours#1 it is very consistent, even Anti-Balle in Se Na Se says that (You uneducated/rude kid who is used to insult older guys/girls if they fire back and give you a malediction you will be seriously be hit) because in Congo there is absolutely no way you can talk over a bigger guy or talk back in impolite way with the elders, older guys are madly respected.
Then they goes the birds have hips who feel the hunger, because the association is simple, the birds usually don't have thin body the way that healthy humans do, no if a bird is in health you will see him a little fat, while if you see a skinny bird it means that his hips are hungry, the hips are hungry because he didn't listen to the advice the older where gave him in this case Mother bird, so for avoid being like the bird who have his hips who are hungry follow the advice and don't be a big headed.
Guelor there lol, on the first part I didn't get anything of what Guelor were saying, but now I got it and it is puuure senseless
They have chased elder Fally with some little peanuts little peanuts oh Shit.

Kabuya naleli aaaa, this guy is so much talented with that rough voice of his, the great fact about this third version of this crie is the fact that there is a different digression and progression of guitar compared to the main generique #1, and #2 this type of progression is usually made to a crie that is repeated throughout the album (mainly the crie who in the mind of leader will have most success) almost like a challenge for the musicians, usually the progression is the same notes but with an higher key like Felly did with the notes of Dieux M'a Sauvez but surprisingly instead of following the guitar and going higher, Kabuya did an excellent job of going lower ( this work is great especially in rosendan towards the end when he says something in Tshiluba and saying it goes even lower) I bet that his guy did little effort to do this kind of games vocally and is always a regret if you think how it ended with Fally, Felix also did a great job (except the abobolais part where the guitar part hasn't been played) to play Quarter Latin style on the crie who are in #1,#2 and on the crie new for libre parcours work of art.

« on: January 07, 2018, 12:11 »
2017 is over, and has been a year of great albums with good musicians, which one was your favorite?


Ebembe na'o batu nyonso ba'o bina Dicap eheheh {Dicap nickname that Congolese people give to men who are very handsome which can be synonymous of American if a guy is way tall and handsome or Mwasi Kitoko hot girl and jeune fille for the ladies, actually there are a lot of nicknames for beauty but we will speak about it in another case, anyway here Kabuya is saying all the  Congolese  musician are dancing with your dead body DiCap Fally (Dicap is Dicaprio by the way) which means in a more deeper analysis that enemies of  Fally with his voodoo doll for let his music down, or can be seen as an insult to the haters who supports another musician instead of fally since Ebembe nayo your dead body is a very anger and disrespectful insult to give to someone, in fact if a person says like this he really wish you were dead, and Kabuya with this second version since he was one of Fally'smost loyal employees, Kabuya says Ebembe nayo since he is a very extreme guy, that even if you don't listen to Fally you are the only one since everyone in Congo are dancing his music}
Mama  yoyoyoyoyoyo
(Mama yoyo Mama yoyo Mama yoyo)
Banda nakota namboka oyo
(Namona mona te Fally atoka mayi 'asokola na kikoso)
Banda nakota namboka oyoyo
(Namona mona te Fally atoka mayi 'asokola na kikoso) {mama yoyo I have never seen Fally taking shower with water in buckets, Kikoso is a Kikongo term which is used to indicate people who don't have current water at home and use river water to wash them selves lol, again as I said before Kabuya is a savage this is both a compliment and an indirect attack since he is saying that Fally is so rich and has so much charme that you will never see him making the shower with bucket waters, since I came in this country I have never seen him taking bucket showers is a weird phrase since Kabuya is Congolese and born in Congo so I don't know what is he talking about there}

Ah Cedric Foyè moi je tent pas mon amis
(Ba bamba te)
Olivier Tchapa vraiment cas Chocolat
(Ba bamba te)
Ngoyi Kasanji gouverneur 'a Kasai eee
(Ba bamba te)
Oliver Tcahapa e-e-e-e-e-e-e
(Ba bamba te) {Oooh Cedric Foyé I don't tempt your friends (they've never thrown), Olivier Tchapa Chocolate (they've never thrown), Ngoyi Kasanji Kasai Governator, is frequent that senators of the Congolese Republic throw their money on mabangas...(they've never thrown) Olivier Thcapa e-e-e-e (They've never thrown)}


Banani bazo komata Mpunda
(Mbwenge, mbwenge)
Alitcho Contre-Maitre aza komata Mpund'eee
(Mbwenge, mbwenge) {Which are the guys who wants to ride the horse? (Beans, Beans) Alitcho Contre-Maitre is about to ride the horse!! (Beans, Beans), Komata Mpunda is a metaphor a sexual metaphor to describe a very known sexual position do not need to describe it here you have all womderstood, in fact he remarks the sex he is doing by leading the next cries with Tolo-Tolo that literally means chest, but in sexual contest is a secret reference to the woman's breasts, the more you will understand Congolese's lyrics the more you will see how much. Sexual references are there the champion in this weird chart is Brigade the difference between he and others is that most of the times he literally goes too much far like Kaaris in France or Lil Wayne in America}
Ai Tolo-tolo
(Ai tolo) {Breast, Breast  (Breast)}
Ai tolo-tolo we
(Ai tolo) {Breast, Breast ye (Breast)}
Cedric Tambwe tolo
(Ai tolo) {Cedric Tambwe breast (Breast)}
Djanu Musu Tolo
(Ai tolo) {Djanu Musu Breast (Breast)}
Odette YiBamba Tolo
(Ai tolo) {Odette YiBamba Breast (Breast)}
Tolo Tolo Ouais
(Ai Tolo) {Breast Breast yes (Breast)}
Mbuta Kangamba tolo
(Ai Tolo) {Mbuta Kangamba Breast (Breast)}
Breno Mayi  Tolo Ouais
(Ai Tolo) {Breno Mayi Breast ye (Breast)}
Tolo Tolo
(Ai Tolo) {Breast Breast (Breast)}
Bina Lukufu Tolo
(Ai Tolo) {Oh my God this guy is crazy lol that Ai at the beginning of every tolo are literally bed sounds}

Eh Mama yoyoyo
(Mama yoyo Mama yoyoyo Mama yoyo)
Bato nyonso ba'o bina Dicap etshua
Ça c'est Kabuya Cardinal Mfumu Ntoto Sango Mukudia
Yoyoyo C'est qui passe qui
Kalungela ku na Tutu Caludji e
Nakoma na ndaku Kabuya ba ndoki batieli nga misu oyo {pamba} {Mama Yoyo everybody are dancind Dicap etshua, etshua literally is a mispronunciation of the word Ezwa which means take it in Lingala but in music language it is the signal for starting the seven or starting some heavy guitar, mbonda, bass, and drums work, not synthe because usually the synth starts on his own or when the atalaku scream the synthe guy's name. Mfumu Toto literally means boss of the land, in KiKongo and is the word attributed to the traditional BaKongo chief the traditional leaders who were the bosses when the Kingdom of Kongo was still a Kingdom and the King accepted the traditional knowings of the forefathers (bakoko, this is why you hear bakoko word a lot of time in Congolese music) to some extents even though their power (Mfumu Ntoto) it is not official they way it was in Kongo's Kingdom the Mfumu Ntoto left are still respected, and a lot of powerful people like to make themselves call in this way for being more closed to the Kongolese roots, in the case of Kabuya he says, Cardinal Mfumu Ntoto Sango Mukudiaa
Which Means Cardinal, Mfumu Ntoto, Priest, Priince, Mukudia is another mispronunciation of the word Mokonzi which means boss, while Mfumu Ntoto was the name given to the traditional chief the older ones, in the Kingdom of Kongo (Kongo literally means Kingdom or King) the Mokonzi were the Prince ready to take the power after the Kongo (The King) would be dead, so Kabuya says he is the Cardinal in charge of the control of the music the older traditional chief in charge of the spirit of the Koko (ancestors, forefathers) but also the Prince who will give new fuel to Congolese music and the priest who will guide youngsters to the light of music. It might seams egotripping or the classic megalomaniac lyrics that we are used to hear in today's music but are not, actually for understanding this again you need to know about Kingdom of Kongo.
The full name of Kongo's Kingdom was Kongo Dia Ntotila which means Kingdom of the totality or Kingdom of the land, we will analyze the first meaning since we have already spoke about the Ntoto word, Kongo Dia Ntotila, was given as a name since Kongolese people believed that the Kongolese land was seen as paradise not paradise like a great place but literally paradise, since Kongolese people believed that they were the God's real people way before the arrival of Christianity and Portoguese, Belgian, and French people. Kabuya adds that is the hier of Kaludji, and for that reason the witch and the demon have put eyes on him, wishing him bad luck the phrase would end like that but Fally adds pamba which literally means vain, or empty so the phrase is I have all the eyes of demons on me but vainly}


Oyo akomeka na nga
Arnaud Madruma ako kanga yo
Bo keba na nga
Nga naza mbongo yaka na plan keba oko zoka
Yaka na plan
Nga naza mbongo Patrick Kimbuta la keba oko zoka
Leileilei ba leileilei me
Ibengo IFashion na nga
Ivo Tempetsha
Na Maroc
Yaka na plan eh Sulejman eh
Keba Oko Zoka
Yaka na plan nga naza mbongo
Keba oko zoka {The guy who will mess with me, will be caught by Arnaud Madruma, you netter watchout and don't mess with me, come with a plan to attack me, to kill me, to wish me bad luck, but it will backfire I have got money so it will backfire, it means that you can do everything against Kabuya but after the protection of Fally Arnaud Madruma and the whole band, if you still think you can attack him you will be hit back, it will backfire because he knows how to counter back and he has money that means he have got more money that anybody who can attack him so he can attack him back spiritually both in a positive way (Cardinal, Mfumu Ntoto, Sango, Mukudia), or in a negative way (Kindoki), furthermore I fashion is a mispronunciation of the word Fashion which was popular few years ago which led people to walk with very low low jeans the way rapper do}

Mbadi mam'eeee
Mbadi mama yankidi ya Tata
Mbadi mama nono
Mbadi mama yankidi
Azalaki na ye moko
(Ye moko)
Ye moko
(Ye moko)
Michelle Makula Ye Moko
(Ye Moko)
Ye Moko
(Ye Moko)
Eeeeee Fally Dicap Yoka
Yoooo Tshiba Tshibanke na NGA
Tango Dicap abetaki
Moto Moko te
Dicap ye Moko
(Ye Moko)
Ye Moko
(Ye Moko)
Doudou Makolo
(Ye Moko)
Ye Moko
(Ye Moko)
Azalaki naye moko
(Ye Moko)
Ye Moko
(Ye moko) {Mbadi is the short version of Katuka Mbadi which means getaway = Katuka, Mbadi = person, and in this time means ahimé in Italian which in English is alas or woe is me, so woe is me, woe is me, father, woe is me, be started music Alone, (Alone) alone (alone) ye moko alone, himself, by his self, the crie means that when Fally started the solo career he was the only one, since going solo was always due to bad relationship with your Ex-Boss like it happened with Ferre, Celeo, Bill, or missed promises and basic help Chai with his ex-boss recently, or in the lass Kapaya missed promise of a home by Werra. But in the case of Fally even though Ferre went solo on his same period he was the only one who did it with the purpose of becoming greater than his ex boss, and because he wanted to do a solo album, so bow, that he sees all this group from all groups, following his path is asking himself, Alas, woe is me woe is me, father, why when I went solo nobody told me anything? But now all the people in group want to follow my same path without neither thanking me}

Fonira Nzau di love naligalia
Si masokorokoto kimagorogo na sexy mafuta
Itiii, iti
Simon cien iti, iti
Allez Yanzeke , Yanzeke, Yanzeke
Papa Tshwambolose
Allez Yanzeke, Yanzeke
Arnaud Madruma
Oteki Nini, osombi Nini, ombwanga Nini
CD azo binisa na mankoko ah
(Ba danse akikoko bal iti fetish)
Fatigue Lele
Fatigue Lele
Fatigue Lele
Jonathan Makunzaaaa {I will be honest I don't know the language Guelor Boussoule a.k.a. Fally's cousin is using on the first part and I really didn't understand much because is talking extra fast a language that I don't know, but I guess is Mongo, anyway he conclude the sentence with a strange Sexy Mafuta, sexy oil, very weird, then I wonderstood what he said but I really can't find any logic sense to what he says except for the fatigue, which means tired}

Kandatou Mandala rond na ligalia
Si masokorokoto komerika na
Sexy mafuta
Alé Ya Tsika Ya Tsika Ya Tsika
Alé ma Tsika ee ma Tsika EE
Fany Tshwamboluse
Oteki Nini osombi Nini
Ombwanga nini ah nazo binisa na bankoko ah
(Ba danse a kikoko bal fetish)
Bob Gola fatigue leleleee
Fatigueeee lelele Files Zapata eee

(Le Petit, Le Petit Na Solo, wowowo)
Eh Mama eee Dieu Ma Sauvez yoyoyo {Merci}
Dieu ma guérir yoyoyo {Eh-he}
Nana Ketchup Mama {Bafana}
Bibish Matoko mwasi kitoko
Divine Muleka, na George Muleka
Ouoo botika Fally alimbisi Kabuya
(O Yesu)
Namelaki ba zododo na whisky nazwaki eloko te (O Yesu)
Chico Mundele l'argent de Betu n'Angola kolibengele (O Yesu)
Obuoo {Oh mother God saved me oyo, God healed me oyo, Nana Ketchup mama (which is Fally's wife and the reason why Kabuya stayed this much in F'VICTEAM before of totally messing it up) stop criticizing or bashing Fally because he forgaved Kabuya, (Oh Jesus), I used to be drank, drinking whisky and Zododo (which is a traditional drug) and I was receiving nothing in exchange, in Congolese culture when someone does something stupid more, than being very mad parents or older people tells namuzoba Oyo osali ozuaki eloko te (with the dumb thing you have made you took nothing) in fact in Congolese culture whatever you do in life you do it because you will have something in exchange likeyou go to school to learn and you learn for a future job which will lead you to have money for your job and that money you will lead to buy whatever you want, while drinking whisky and zodod will give you nothing in exchange, so namelaki zododo na whisky nazwaki eloko te o Yesu e}
Allez Lia Musuni, musuni, musuni
Maître Nkontsho aza musuni musuni musuni
Tolo Bass, Tolo Bass, Tolo Bass
A badia badia nonono
Kabuya azongeli kobuaka
(O Yesu)
Ya Fanny Tshakala vraiment nazongeli ko yemba
(Oh Yesu)
Naty Lokole, Kwendil- Cardozo Mwamba Finston Sai Sai e
Allez zombozo bilamba te
Soki Ndenge naye
Kabuya nabombi mongongo te
Oyo eza Ndenge ma NGA
Fuenge ban'oyo ya ba momi e
Odette Sankai na vingt-troi
Jessica Mutshipayi {Originally the dance which has been officially presented as Dieu M'a Sauvez was planed for Allez zwa musuni a dance which never got developed but that Kabuya wanted to "pay tribute" to in fact knowing the lyrics you will find awkward that a praise to the Lord is correlated to a loketo dance Allez Lia Musuni literally meat eat the meat, Tolo Bass, is the bassist and usually in generique Atalakus tell mainly the name of Soloist,  Bassist, and Drummer so people can know them better, i n fact before his crie the choir called the name of the soloist Le Petit Na Solo. Kabuya is happy that is back to singing leaving drinking problem behind, furthermore he adds that he doesn't judge people by the way the dress so he would like people to not judge him by the way he behave, because all that Dieux M'a Sauvez etc. was fake since him in an interview confirmed that he never (sadly) stop drinking and that Fally yes saved him, but he will never leave alcohol, so people should accept him the way it is with mongongo na ye the voice of his which is really really rough due to excessive drinking and smoking, sadly Fally got sick of his late to rehearsals his excessive drink problems and his divo behaviour and basically fired him}


Tokos, Aah Tembe esili {Tokos is an abbreviation of Kitokoss, which is a mispronunciation of Kitoko, which means beautiful or I am fine, and Tembe Esili means the hostility are over, Fally is saying the music us over and you have enjoyed this means that the hostilitues are over since he is clearly the winner}

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I have seen the post about him and I went on YouTube listening him and this guy is great give him a shoot he is super talente

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