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What are your top 5 emotional songs you've ever heard in Congolese music ? Or you can name me your favourite emotional song.

My one is Papa Wemba *Maman*. But i have few other emotional songs that gets to me like Carlyto & Malage *Calamite*, Pepe Kalle & Nyboma *Nina*, Koffi Olomide *non assistance* there's a lot from Koffi that are emotional that I like. There's so many to name but my favourite one is Maman by Papa Wemba.

Congolese Music / Structure of album songs
« on: October 07, 2020, 00:40 »
How would you describe the way artists usually structure out their songs. Is there a reason why artists choose songs in certain orders to appear on the CD?

Like for example,

From 90s to 2006 I know that albums usually kick off with a generique then the next song after is usually rumba then the next song could be a rumba/seben and so on.

But obviously nowadays it's 1. Generiques then 2-11 rumba. Rarely see rumba/seben.

Because I look at some of the tracklists and say they put the songs in the best order it could be in. There's been some albums where I feel like the last track was poor and as a result it wasn't a good ending to the album.

There's been other albums where from start to finish it's been a masterpiece.

Congolese Music / Strevos.. Strervos.. Stervos?
« on: August 07, 2020, 15:12 »
How is his name spelt? Strervos, Strevos or Stervos?

Its unbelievable how different albums have it spelt differently. Like don't the artists check that their names are spelt correctly?

I've seen for example Carlyto, then Carlitto, Carlito. Like why?

I'm trying to update my S Niarcos' albums on my phone with the correct spelling but I see 3 different types. I want to know the actual spelling.

Unbelievable. I don't like my music on my phone having spelling errors. Or missing the album cover art.

Congolese Music / Question 2: Quality of music produced.
« on: July 31, 2020, 15:37 »
I'd also like to discuss on which decade would you consider to be the best in terms of the quality of the music that came out.

(Please don't think that the quality of music only means the instrumental and how clear it is.

It also means to include the level of productivity and it's impact, consistency to produce great music. The themes, lyrcis, the whole package.

So Which decade was the most enjoyable in terms of music quality etc)

Choose from the following decades

The 70s
The 80s
The 90s
The 2000s
The 2010s

Which decade produced the best music, a good solid 10 years quality music?

What are your thoughts?

Congolese Music / Question 1 : Influence
« on: July 31, 2020, 15:35 »
Which decade do you consider to be the most influential decade in terms of the influence it had in Congo, or in africa or even outside of africa. Which decade of our music was influential.

Whether it's the dance, rumba, soukous .. or politics and music,  or sapeur and music. Whatever reason it is.

Choose from the following decades

The 70s
The 80s
The 90s
The 2000s
The 2010s

Which decade would you consider the most influential?

Congolese Music / The art of rumba
« on: July 21, 2020, 12:06 »
I want honest views and I want us to put our feelings to the side about our favourite artists.

Can anyone explain the differences in artists rumbas. Like what makes Koffi's rumba different or better than the next artist.

Like how would you explain to someone that Ferre's rumba consists of a b c and JB's rumba consists of a b but not c because of whatever reason.

how do you explain, the differences in the artists rumbas. The strengths each artists has.. Is it the texts or melodies, how do you explain the differences.

Congolese Music / Solo catalogue of artists from 2000-2019
« on: July 19, 2020, 22:21 »
I find it fascinating how although wenge dominated Congo and Werra and JB are more popular than Koffi in the motherland..

No one has even had a stronger solo catalogue than Koffi's. From his generation.

Like I was looking at Werra's solo albums and was surprised to see how weak it looked. JB only has 2.

Werra's first 2 albums are good But his next ones are debatable. JB had 2 strong albums and that's it.

Wazekwa's solo catalogue looks even stronger than Werra (correct me if you feel I'm wrong)

Koffi had effrakata, monde Arabe, bord ezanga kombo, abracadabra, 13eme apotre, nyataquance. I mean looking at that list from 2000s to 2010s it looks strong.

Papa Wemba I can't remember all his albums (in order) from 2000s/2010s but he also had a good list of albums.

What do you think?

Congolese Music / Your favourite Singer / Artist
« on: July 19, 2020, 22:12 »
Who is you favourite singer of all time?

And who is your favourite artist?

Singer and artist are 2 different things. Singer you look at the aspect of their vocal ability and artist is the whole package.

My favourite Singer is Carlyto Lassa
My favourite artist is Koffi Olomide.

Who are yours?

Congolese Music / Sacrifices
« on: July 19, 2020, 22:05 »
I'm just on YouTube, watching interviews etc and I came across people discussing about how Reddy sacrificed his brother and that he doesn't even know til this day where they buried his brother.

I mean i know there's always this talk about sacrificing somebody in order to gain success. Whether on hip hop or Congolese industry.. I don't think I've ever seen somebody actually admit doing so or providing proof.

We just hear testimonies of singer turned brother in Christ but it's like ok we heard it today but by next week everything is back to normal.

I don't know what's true and what isn't but I won't say that I don't believe that people practice magic. 

But the fact that people say these things about reddy or like fally that he sacrificed his parents or mum. I mean it's mad and sad to say things like this especially if it's not true.

But it's just crazy man. I've always imagined what if I were a singer and wasn't even sacrificing anybody but because someone in my family passed away it will become "hmmm a lekisi ye pona succes" it's crazy.

I'm just surprised at how people talk about these stuff but there's no evidence that they sacrificed or not, so they are living their lives believing this person sacrificed a b c or d

Pretty sad. They could be innocent. Who knows.

Congolese Music / Defao & Big Stars
« on: June 14, 2020, 15:17 »
I've finished with my studies on Quartier Latin and Wenge clan.. I want to know more about Defao's big stars.

Started in 1990 I think. I see that Montana was a member from early. Aza vraiment mutu ya kala. I thought he joined around 95, but I see that he was there from before 1994. He should've went solo after leaving big stars, I feel like him and Kabose really shot themselves in the foot by joining new bands.. they basically fell down the ranks. Educate me.

And yeah I just want to know more about Defao's big stars. I'm a fan of Defao but don't know too much about his group. So I want to take this opportunity to learn about their members and the influence of the group.

Thank you 

Congolese Music / Group album catalogues.
« on: June 12, 2020, 16:20 »
In terms of group albums, who's had the strongest better catalogue.

Comparing from the 90s to now.

When you look at Wenge 4x4, Wenge Maison Mere, Wenge BCBG, Quartier Latin, Nouvelle ecriture, Zaiko, Tonya Tonya, Magic System, Dream team dream band..

When you look at whichever groups you want to concentrate on, who can you say had a solid catalogue of group album releases.

Congolese Music / Wenge - Kin E Bouge
« on: June 11, 2020, 16:32 »
Aah why not starting a new thread and ask about the song.

This the original version of Kin E Bougé, which had to be released in 1986 along with the other songs they recorded at Studio Veve, having Zing Zong on the lead (before went to Europe)It was dedicated Papy Kimbi and Soul Gbemani.Then after the arrestation of 1989, when they tried to get in Europe, JB modified the lyrics to sing about that incident. From then they started to sing it in concert and recorded it in 1991, in 1992 they made a remix-version called Le Monde est Méchant as diss song against Wenge El Paris. After that JB decided to record the first couplets of the original Kin E Bougé as No Conment Schengen adding other couplets (Malé, Malé & Ah Amida, etc.) plus de new sebene of Alain Makaba in the Pentagone-album.

I see and Lool ah I didn't want to create a new thread incase someone sends me a link to an old thread to check. So just to be safe I'd rather ask in here lol but since I have a lot of questions to ask I've decided to create a new thread from your suggestion.

1. Wenge's first album is bouger bouger which came out in 1988? But they had music out in 1986? So they made their first public appearance in 1986?.

2. The kin e Bouge remix wasn't released on any albums right? I'm currently listening to this version now. Woooow.

Which album did wenge el Paris attack wenge 4x4 with?

Congolese Music / Tshala Muana
« on: June 08, 2020, 00:38 »
I'm seeing people saying Tshala Muana is dead, has anybody heard anything concrete?

Congolese Music / Droit de veto clips
« on: June 07, 2020, 23:44 »
Was Rond Point and Droit de veto the only 2 videos made for the album?

I've seen Shopping lol that's after Depitcho left but if Rond Point and Droit de Veto are the only 2 videos made for the album why was that?

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