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Not sure if it's been posted but great stuff!

So i'm not too well informed on the history of Zaiko because it seems pretty long/intimidating and i'm not where and which angle of their music I should move up from.
The only album that i've listened to in full is Nippon Banzai.

I'm hoping to get into different eras/ and know the their best line up as well as their best albums from their catalogue.
Any suggestions?

« on: May 06, 2018, 02:52 »
Does anyone have a list I can refer to the latest slang in Lingala? Mostly from the perspective of a Kinois. I'm pretty interested in learning more slang when speaking lingala. I know that new slang is hard to keep up with considering Congolese people have a habit of being pretty inventive.   

Literally all I know is TOKOOS and Tshombo.   

Thanks, in advance!

So i've been trying to learn as much as I can about our music through this forum as of recently, and I'm so thankful for it.

I've constantly heard about how other countries have been directly influenced and put their different spin on our music growing up, especially with West Africans. I'm not trying to start an all out music war against different countries, but it's curiosity. It bothers me a bit to see some of our artists reducing their artistry to follow the diluted trend of Afrobeat, when we're the trendsetters from what I understand. As well as not widely known for it globally. 

But also how has the influence of Afro-Cuban music evolved into where our music was at it's prime? But technically doesn't Afro Cuban music come from Central Africa?

So back to the main question, whats's the history of the rest of the continent rebranding our music?
 Any specific examples, timelines, stories?

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