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Finally. A video clip of the Voyage Remix (Album Terrain Eza Mine, 2000).

Mboka Liya and Tata Mobitch must have smoked some high grade joint when they shot this clip  ;D ;D ;D :D. Check minutes 5:36-5:43 and 5:50-5:57....... Direct diss to that other group  ;D ;D;D

Thanks to Ingénieur Lz Tumbula for the clip.


I stumbled upon this video today. Its an old one (from 2014). Featuring the great Beenikooooo (allow me to phrase it that way), Caen Madoka on Rhythm and Michel Lumana (Michel Bass) on bass. Don't know who's on drums, but he's very good. 

The 'Zebola' rhythm from minute  1:10 to around 5:50 brings back memories of "Micko", which I strongly believe that was originally played by Popolipo.

I'm currently watching this clip on autorepeat; I don't know if I'll sleep tonight coz it's already 2 am here. Hehehe. 

Congolese Music / A VERY Flexible Baby Ndombe.......
« on: June 11, 2018, 14:30 »
I did not know Baby Ndombe was this flexible, despite all that weight and tummy  ;D ;D ;D........ I would say General Defao part two  ;D

Kora awards 2001...... watch from 6:00 minutes.

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