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 Part 2

Interesting points

1 ALexandrine was written by Arthur Kadima-Nzuji himself
2. All lyrics  are sent to Rasta Bob Deya who has the final say and is the master lyricis. He wrote the song of Llievain Ngasthie
3. Pire Pirate seems like it was directed to Werra (As Archos earlier pointed out) this is because he mentions two administors of WMM like Elliot Mondobe and considers them acquited from the wrongs of Werra..
4. He acknowledges JB, Dominguez and Makaba in the album and he has nice things to say about Mpela
5. Ziggy Marley/his young Bro did a phenomenal job in the album, he actually started singing before Blaise. He got in QL with Suzuki and Modogo, they were practicing at Bula's home.
6. Simon Lungalala  the 'owner' of the song bearing his name died but he was the first one to have paid so Blaise made sure that his song was the first on CD 2, and he has a lot of respect for him
7. Callugis intervention  was flowless
8. I believe its one of the Best albums in the past 2 years

Congolese Music / FALLY feat Alpha Blondy
« on: June 14, 2018, 23:08 »
Le Grand Alpha Blondy has continued his tradition to feature Congolese artists on his recent albums (Didi Kalombo "bal des combatus" Pierette Adams "sechez vos larmes" ). FALLY is featured on the current album "Human race" and the first single Kanou is available on Itunes and all the other platforms....not yet on Youtube... The full albums comes out in August.

I wish Fally could come up with better lyrics and stop repeating EL Mara when he sings.....All in all an okay song. Also its a slap to Koffi I would guess...
Also featured on the Album Angelique Kidjo and Youssou Ndour

Why do you personally listen to someone who is a wanted criminal in some countries, who raped and abused women. Is the 'me too' movement not apply to Congo? Is Koffi Weinstein Cosby Olomide according to you worth all the hype surrounding him or is he a psycopath (according to Karmapa) who need to be jailed?


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