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Congolese Music / Young photo of Pepe Kalle
« on: March 30, 2020, 13:14 »
I'm guessing during the 1970s when he was with Bella Bella or Lipua Lipua.

Congolese Music / Who was this dancer?
« on: March 29, 2020, 23:00 »

At 10:50 the guy who's wearing the green suit

At 5:28

He's walking with Papa Wemba at 3:34

The guy is always cheerful.


He also played drums on the album "Le Retour De Djuna Djanana" in 1988 all this time I thought it was Petit Cachet Ndjoli.


This photo was taken in the Studio Jet in Brussels during the recording sessions of Deux Temps.

I've just listened to Lutchiana album Chiffre Unique released in 1995 it's a good album which was influenced by Empire Bakuba and Zaiko Langa Langa I just want to learn more about his career and his events.

Very creative it really defines who are the true stars.

Some of the pictures were taken during Koffi's 40th Anniversary and festival which featured Zaiko Langa Langa, Tshala Muana and Papa Wemba and I see Doudou Adoula.

I know during their prime in the early 90s Ilo Pablo was usually behind the mixing desk directing the guys but this time it's a mystery where he is not seen in concerts where was he? On the photo, he is not seen however according to Anthony Sampayo Ilo Pablo held his hand when he joined Familia Dei so it figures that Ilo Pablo probably disappeared somewhere in 1994 early 95.

Bebe Atalaku was also absent in Familia Dei concerts the last I saw him on images was on the reunion concerts with Zaiko back in October 1993.


Congolese Music / Old photo of Lengi Lenga and Nyoka Longo
« on: February 14, 2020, 11:41 »

I'm guessing the early eighties or mid eighties.

This song has some clear connections to Victoria Eleison especially at 0:18 I could imagine King Kester Emeneya doing his famous skating moves on stage and the slightly drunk walk he doe. Also on the vocals Fofana Moulday but if you listen with Eleison ears it's almost like Debaba is singing and Emeneya is directing the band that's what I think.

Around this time Zaiko released Backline Lesson One and I see Deo Brondo joined after his departure from Anti Choc and vocalist Lofanga and guitarist Baroza sadly passed away I got two questions to ask. I'm surprised to see Volvo in Kinshasa I thought he stayed in Europe and at 51:40 I see Ditutala Makengo (ex Choc Stars atalaku).

A: What was the reason why Endho and Laudy departed Zaiko?
B: Why Deo Brondo leave Anti Choc?

Congolese Music / Guys I need help where's this sebene from?
« on: January 17, 2020, 23:15 »
I know it's from Zaiko

For a long time I've been listening to Defao's Amour Scolaire the sebene sounds very similar to Choc Stars before Defao's Amour Scolaire for example in the sebene there's a break where Ditutala originally shouts "Malatumu sah" (Excuse me for the spelling) when I look back on Amour Scolaire that break was there but Defao probably deleted Ditutala vocals and later re-recorded it with Sedjo Kavanda on animations so on the instrument section my guess Maradona is on the drums, Guy Wa Nzambi on Bass, of course, Mboka Liya is on lead guitar along with Lokas Acompa on the rhythm. The album was recorded in Bobongo.

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