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Congolese Music / Question: Is this drummer Djudjuchet brother?
« on: February 15, 2019, 22:45 »

They kinda look alike


Congolese Music / Archive; Choc Stars Live Tele Zaire (1990)
« on: February 09, 2019, 15:57 »
After their European tour and the departures of Carlyto, Djanana and Joly Mubiala Defao was still in Paris mixing Hitachi with Roxy Tshimpaka.

Congolese Music / VHS help
« on: January 27, 2019, 17:17 »

Does anyone have a spare copy of this concert.

Congolese Music / Congolese theory
« on: January 24, 2019, 23:09 »
Ever since I've watched Congolese concerts and listen to music I've noticed  that every artist or band whether they record a success full album, touring in Europe, America or Asia and performing a spectacular concert (Olympia, Zenith, Bercy and Stade De Matrys) I've noticed bad things happen to them such as departures, death and the band splitting and collapsing with the leader or band member doing gospel music.

For example Koffi Olomide, back in 1997 he released Loi which was a big success which led him to perform the Olympia Hall and the Zenith de Paris and record the album Droit De Veto. After the successful album and the concerts in 1999 guys like Sam Tshintu, Modogo, Pathy Bass, Burro, Lebou and Somono decide to leave the band and create academia which was a big blow to Koffi's career but luckily Fally's generation came in to save the day until in 2006 Fally himself and the rest left the band which was another disastrous moment for Koffi.

Papa Wemba, they're many fractions and splinters that happened to his band Viva La Musica for example in 1982 when Papa Wemba was stuck in Europe for months, Emeneya was forced to control the ship until Papa Wemba got back. In December 1982 the 12 apostles decided to form Victoria Eleison. The viva ship was sinking until Lidjo Kwempa got the ship back floating with his hit Ceci Cela but that's not all in 1986 after Papa Wemba came back from the Japan tour and European tour Viva La Musica sunk again but really deep because of no money and because of that it caused Reddy tempt himself to join Zaiko Langa Langa, Luciana joining Choc Stars and Lidjo Kwempa and Ceci Le Roi joining Anti Choc of Bozi Boziana.

But while being in Europe and the help of Congolese sapeurs albums and Reddy releasing his solo albums in addition of Papa Wemba continuing his international career Viva was back on its feet but that lasted for four years after Papa Wemba released Le Voyageur which was a great success. This album caused the split with Luciana, Awilo, Fafa, Bongo Wende and Boss Matuta to form Nouvelle Generation with Reddy and Stino also joining but returning quickly. Viva was quiet until the heroes Felix Wazekwa and Maika Munan helped Papa Wemba by recording Foridoles and that's when Papa Wemba strung back up to success which led to the release of Pole Position in 1995 with the hit song Kaokokokorobo the reconciliation album Wake Up with Koffi Olomide in 1996 and the creation of Nouvelle Ecriture in late 1996 which had Bendo Son, Pompon Miyake, Iboss and Pathy Patechko and the great performance at the Zenith Du Paris with Les Quatro, Nouvelle Ecriture, Cours Des Grands and Molokai also the release of Fula Ngenge. But problems occurred in 2000 when Bendo, Ramazani, Pompon, Christian and Azoze Nouvelle Ecriture de l'an 2000 with Kester Emeneya supporting them this caused major problems for Papa Wemba as he was preparing for Zenith Du Paris to make matters worse his loyal singers Reddy Amisi and Stino Mubi have left the band to record Fin D'Exil and longtime bass player Pinos Tembo leaving the band in an angry mood.

Nouvelle Generation had their time of fun back in 1992 until in 1995 with a mysterious concert that they got paid a lot of money which led the departures of Lidjo Kwempa who got stuck in Kinshasa and was forced to record another solo album with Alfred Nzimbi and Awilo Longomba starting his solo career. This created a big blow for Nouvelle Generation which led the band not being stable with Luciana jumping out and being a session singer with Djena Mandako sadly passed away from an illness and Jose Fataki converting into gospel music and guys like Fafa, Boss Matuta not knowing what to do sadly the band never recovered from these defections.

Wenge Musica : The band had their first splinter back in 1991 when Ricoco Bulamemba who was very popular departed from the band followed by Marie Paul resulting in that with the formation of Wenge Musica Aile Paris and Wenge Musica topping the charts with the success album Kin E Bouge it became a tough competition with Musica Aile Paris guys releasing Molangi Ya Malasi and they aim to crush Wenge Musica especially Marie Paul. But Wenge Musica was saved when they released Kalayi Boeing and playing concerts with Zaiko Langa Langa. After the tours in 1993 Kongolo Mobutu "Saddam Hussein" made the band suffer by punishing them which was a big problem and the departure of Manda Chante which made it worse but they resolved their conflict and when back to top until in 1996 with the generation of the youngsters being influenced by tenor atalaku's Wenge recorded Pentagone which was a big success adding JB's first solo album Feux De l'Amour another good success after that the band was sinking very shallow due to arguments and misunderstandings in result of  that the band decided to split with six members going to different camps in December 1997 and to make matters it became a big war between JB Mpiana and Werrason which ended in bad consequences.

JB Mpiana & Wenge BCBG: In JB's camp things was going well for Alain Makaba and Blaise Bula meaning the release of Titanic and Bataclan concert but things started to go downhill when they returned in late 1998. Leadership issues started to arise and the recruitment of PPU which Alain Makaba was not impressed and the Abidjan concert which meant it was the last chapter for Blaise Bula as he felt ill and departed from BCBG and you can sense that JB has taken full control of the band when you watch the Titanic clips when you don't see Blaise. After JB's Bercy concert problems started to appear again with PPU's leaving one by one and JB being in conflict with Koffi and Titina Al Capone leaving the band to join Quartier Latin International to make matters worse JB hasn't released an album for 2 years. Until he recorded Anti Terro but it marked the departure of Alain Makaba.

Werrason & Wenge Maison Mere: After the release of Intervention Rapide, the memorable concert at Palais Du Peuple, Palais De Sports and the album Solola Bien including the Bercy concert things was going well until in 2000 when Adolphe Dominguez leaves the band which creates a massive blow and having Maison mere fans being angry at Werrason. But in 2001 people have forgotten about that when Werrason released Kibusia Mpimpa which led Maison Mere to perform at the Zenith Du Paris and getting a gold disc for Solola Bien but problems started again in back in 2004 when Ferre, JDT and Bill Clinton decided to form Les Marquis de Maison Mere which it was a massive defection.

Adolphe Dominguez & Wenge Tonya Tonya: Now I would say that problems started when Adolphe released Affaire Tonya Tonya which was a massive success and forced to compete with Werrason the success also led Adolphe to perform at the Olympia Hall and record Mouna after that the whole band started to leave one by one with Adolphe having nothing.

Wenge Musica Aile Paris & Wenge El Paris: After the success of Molangi Ya Malasi & Nganga Nzambe the problems started in 1993 when Kongolo Mobutu wanted to control the band by starting to offer them more money. Ricoco and Aime Buanga's camp refused to take the money but Marie Paul's camp decided to take the money which led them being stuck in Kinshasa and not releasing an album for four years resulting in the departures of Zing Zong, Rento Vena and JDT. But Marie Paul's camp back with the release of Armageddon which was successful with the help of Maika Munan and the great performance at the Stade du 20 Mai and the recruitment of Bizima Kodos and Patou Bofosa who were featured on the successful album Couvre-Feu after that in 1999 problems re-occurred with Manda Chante leaving the band which created a big blow but Marie Paul managed to maintain the band and released K.O Debout but sadly it flopped but at least they had a chance to tour in Europe well for a very long time until Marie Paul release Eboulement which was in the charts but not that long until the whole El Paris band left and Marie Paul lost his success and fame.

Extra Musica: Their first defection happened when they released Les Nouveaux Missiles, their concert at Mama Agebi and their European tour Extra Musica split in 1998 which led the creation of Extra Musica Z1 but the Extra Musica strung back again with the releases of Etat Major and Shalai adding to that theory they performed at the Zenith but after that in 2004 the band faded away from the scene.

Zaiko Langa Langa: Zaiko is known for having different periods with the success of Chouchouna, Eluzam, Onasis and Yo Na Linga which led the Les Quatro forming Isifi in 1974. And the departure of Manuaku Waku and having a problem with Verckys in 1980 or Liking Redo being arrested in 1984. But the big one that made history was in 1988 this all happened when Zaiko came back from their European tour and their 18th Anniversary which had guests like Papa Wemba, Mavuela Somo, Evoloko Joker and Pepe Manuaku Waku. The split caused a massive blow until Zaiko won their fans hearts with the album Jetez l'Eponge after that success it caused Dindo Yogo to leave the band in 1991 and creating Ngwaka Aye. But the defection did not let Zaiko down when they released Jamais Sans Nous after the success in 1992-93 guys like Mvuemba Shiro, Alpha Kopeya passed away with a result of Petit Aziza leaving the band and Zaiko not releasing an album for 3 years until in 1995 they came back with Avis De Recherche after that it caused another defection when Malage De Lugendo leaving and Wenge Musica, Viva La Musica and Quartier Latin International being success Zaiko were heavily criticized with people saying that the musicians were too old but that problem was sorted when Deo Brondo, Lassa Landu, Willy Bula and Papy Cocaine joined the band in 1997 and released the album Nous Y Sommes the success was received until Belobi Meridjo and Muaka Bapuis decided to leave the defection was another gun wound but Zaiko did not give up until the release of Poison which was a massive success but problems restarted with the departure of Willy Bula staying in Europe and Deo Brondo departure in 2001.

Bimi Ombale (1952-2011): After the departure from Familia Dei in 1991 Bimi recorded his solo album Trop Des Problemes with Carlyto and Nzaya Nzayadio the album was massive hit which led to creating his own band Basquille Loningisa which had members like Le Beau, Somono and drummer Rokilo but problems started in 1993 when Bimi went back to Europe and he started to get ill but it was over when decided to convert in gospel in 1995.

I think you guys got the idea now but they're other examples in Grand Zaiko Wawa when they released menace de divorce which was a big hit and led the departures of Adamo Ekula, Shimita and Baroza. King Kester Emeneya and Victoria Eleison when they came back from their European tour which led the death of Tofolo and the departures of Djudjuchet, Joly Mubiala and Makolin but Emeneya success came back after the release of Nzinzi but he sunk down again when Wenge Musica dominated. Anti Choc and Bozi Boziana in 1996 when Bozi releases Pere Noel which successful which led the departures of Koffi Alibaba, Micha Brown and Trocadero forming Interpool. In 1992 when Ok Jazz came back from their European tour problems started to occur when Madilu decided to depart and the death of Aime Kiwakana and Djo Mpoyi and Papa Lutumba being fired by Franco's family.

And Youlou Mabiala himself back in 1984 when he released 1x2 = Mabe response ya mamou it was a massive hit which created the departure of Serge Kiambukuta but Youlou was saved by Elba until Youlou's success was over in 1987. Pepe Kalle & Empire Bakuba when they came from their European and American tour in 1996 the team had a good structure until Pepe Kalle released his last solo album "Cocktail" the success of that album was huge and Pepe Kalle had the American tour contracts in inside but the overwork killed him with a heart attack. Choc Stars is another example even when Defao decided to leave and form Big Stars which created a huge blow even when they came back from their European tour it. The tour was a sign that it was time for members to leave it's not just Congolese music even in Congolese film groups like Groupe Salongo in 2000 when the director Tshitenge N'sana passed it as the last chapter for the group and Groupe Sans D'Afrique when Tito and Sans Souci had a fight it was a big blow for Sans Souci who had to look for new actors. If I did some mistakes please feel free to correct but then again it's a good theory and analysis.


This song was released in 1994 and I was listening to it 8 times and I really have to say that it has a good rhythm but at it has a sad meaning it shows the struggles of Africa and how people could be harsh. The composer who wrote the song is Rigidan Mavoungou he never got a chance to go to Europe and he sadly passed away in 1997 during the wars but his friend Rapha Boundzeki luckily went to Europe loads of time even Papy Bastin who sung on this sonf waited a long time until he joined Extra Musica in 1999.

Another song by Rigidan at the beginning he's asking his record producer Max Tounde to bring him to Paris but it never happened.

I knew a few guys like Lukezo Luansi (R.I.P), Manda Tchebwa, Kayumbi Beya (R.I.P.), Mama Agebi (R.I.P.), Lukunku Sampu and Bolowa Bonzwaka who else?

Congolese Music / Archives; Zairian magazines from the 1980s.
« on: January 17, 2019, 22:32 »
The wonders of the past.

Because the guy Matope I know used program drums and play instruments for many artists and he was a guest on the album "Avis De Recherche" (1995).

1.Mofiti (Belobi Meridjo)
2.Osieau Rare (Bakunde Ilo Pablo)
3.Nono (Zamuangana Enoch)
4.Duchesse Lyzieve (Lengi Lenga)
5.Bolingo Etumbu (Dindo Yogo)
6.Reviens Kabibi (Petit Poisson)
7.Dela (JP Buse)

Imagine Dindo Yogo and Nyoka Longo singing on the familia dei songs?

I'm doing research and finding drum machine samples I've always wanted to know which drum machines or computers that Maika Munan, Gode Lofombo, Michel Lorenz and Djudjuchet used for our Congolese music.

Congolese Music / My list of Congolese reunion albums
« on: December 16, 2018, 21:26 »
Pepe Kalle & Nyboma - Zouke Zouke & Moyibi (1986 and 1988)
Evoloko Joker & Langa Langa Stars - Le Retour De Djuna Djanana (1988)
Choc Stars - Bango Oyo Baye (1994)
Grand Zaiko Wawa - Hymme Bayaka (1994) without: Djo Poster, Adamo Ekula, Djo Nickel and Baroza
Afri Jazz (Members from Ok Jazz and Afrisa International) - Force Frappe Aerienne Chirurgicale (1995)
Papa Wemba, Pepe Manuaku Waku Et Viva La Musica - Pole Position (1995)
Youlou Mabiala, Josky Kiambukuta Et Le T.P. O.K. Jazz - Oleli Oleli (1996)
Bozi Boziana, Djo Nolo & l'Anti Choc - Les Refoules De Schengen (1997)
Le Quatro Langa Langa + 1 (1998 and 1999)
Langa Langa Stars - Bikumu (200?)

Feel free to add on the list I never heard any Victoria, Quartier Latin, Viva or Wenge reunion albums.

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