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I thought that it was a lovely to see! And very rare too! Because MINOU has never posted her father online before. Plus I never knew that her name was “Epiphanie”. Being a fan of Koffi, I always knew her as MINOU from songs like “Elle Et Moi” or “S.O.S”.

I was looking for a good quality version of 72 Minutes De Silence by Extra Musica and it turns out that his channel is gone?


Congolese Music / Lebou Kabuya has finally been laid to rest
« on: August 09, 2021, 19:26 »
There he goes man...

Me being a Koffi Olomide fan from the day that I was born. I love his music a lot. (I was born between Loi & Droit de Veto, for context) I've always idolised the man, I've always looked up to him as a fantastic performer alongside his Quartier Latin band. I don't even know how to go about this right. I've always dismissed the sexual abuse allegations that went against Koffi Olomide.
I always said to myself, "Nah, that's not my problem, I don't really care about that, I can just separate the art from the artist". When you read about these cases. Going away for 10 years and not attending a single trial date to defend yourself screams guilty.

However, when you've been a fan for a lifetime, growing up to his songs and watching VHS tapes and DVDs of him, it's hard. He may have done so much for Congolese music and created such massive milestones, but this is what ruins it. This is genuinely difficult to think about.
What do you think? Let me know your opinions down here.

Because normally we would have names for voices such as, Bass, Tenor, Alto, Mezzo-Soprano, Soprano.

Congolese Music / Adolphe Dominguez played at Olympia?!
« on: March 06, 2021, 13:47 »
I never knew that!

I'm quite curious (Although there are no Cindy fans on this forum haha)

Mine are
1. Selfie (Générique)
2. Piscioles Club (Générique)
3. Envoûtement (Générique)
4. Koffi Confrome
5. Maracas (Zouk/Kizomba Vibes)
6. Loyenge
7. 13ème Apotre
8. Ravirirami (Because of the Beethoven reference)
9. Tueur des Lions
10. Char De Combat

What about you guys? (Even if it isn't exactly a favourable Koffi album)


I really wanted to see if there was a rare clip of him doing Apostolu Ya Bolingo live! Because that version is so much better than the original!

Congolese Music / There needs to be more episodes like this!
« on: February 14, 2021, 17:46 »

We don't really get videos like this anymore! Werra here is demonstrating his talents as a musician! It would be lovely to see other leaders do the same! Like Koffi on guitar solo (As seen back in 1994 and 1992), Fally on bass as seen at his concerts and Ferre on drums and so on. It would be nice to see if these guys can go above and beyond and see what else they can do!

Congolese Music / Nandy ft Koffi Olomide- Leo Leo (NEW SONG)
« on: February 11, 2021, 10:14 »
It sounds like a Part 2 of "Waah" but much calmer

Out of curiosity!


Let's GO!!

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