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Congolese Music / Is it true that Papy Tex passed away ?
« on: April 06, 2020, 17:55 »

I wonder if Eva Mabaya, Clemenstone and his Wemba's 3th wife Toutou were happy with the worldmusic-songs he gave them in return instead of rumba or that typical rumba-rock music of Viva La Musica.

Didi Kinuani & Mere Malou (R.I.P.) were lucky


From 1:16 min

Must be JB

I started doubting when I heard this part. Because it like they tried to mix the typical Congolese bass-style with that of Reggae during the kisalu-animation

from 0:52 min to 1:27 min

Congolese Music / Guy Guy Fall was also a good atalaku
« on: April 02, 2020, 15:35 »

He did also session work for Soukous-artists like Alain Kounkou. But many credit all those work to Ocean Zibankulu, because their voice sounds almost the same.


The way he played the Zebola-rhythm from 0:16 until that 0:21 min, sounded like everything came to a halt.

I don't know why but the way he played here (0:13 min), made my remind of Ivorian music (Maybe because Ivorian people copied the way of how Durrel Loemba played rhythm in Extra Musica on the first years of Coupe Decale).

The start of this song made me remind Ndombolo Ya Solo of JB Mpiana, Zaiko and Kongo-folklore.

Congolese Music / RIP Loris la Congolaise
« on: April 01, 2020, 23:29 »

Congolese Music / Archive; Festival Zamba Playa (1995)
« on: April 01, 2020, 21:54 »


Werrason managed to perform in Brussels, after seeing his two concerts in Paris getting cancelled by combattans. There was that day big security from the police in Brussels. But the concert was a big mpiaka, because the combattans were blocking people to not get inside the musichall. After the concert, Werrason decided to talk with the "Bana Congo" in Brussels and after that they made peace and he was allowed to finish his tour and the ban against Congolese artists got lifted.

Do you remember when they blocked JB Mpiaan & Wenge BCBG in Abidjan for hours at the airport and were about the forbid the concert and Congolese music in Ivory Coast. It was back in 2000 or 2001 after TH. I don't know if the concert still took place.

If I remember well the year after it they forbid Congolese music in Cameroon and Mali, claiming that it was obscene and that it didn't educate. But they then caught politicians listening to Congolese music in the car, lol. Not long after it the ban got lifted.

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