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Roga Roga reacting against Quentin Moyascko and giving his version of Extra Musica's history. Giving a different story about Guy-Guy Fall's departure.


Their first concert in Kinshasa when coming back Zenith and the short Europe-Tour, also the presentation of “Ba Fioti Fioti”.


When Koffi tried to sabote Fally’s Olympia by putting the same date, when was informed that Fally was about to perform there. But Fally team was professional by having already reserving the hall for the whole day.

In this interview Emeneya explaining that Congolese artists when performing at Olympia don’t rent the hall for a whole and performing him behind an artist to pay less. Why they didn’t put the names of Papa Wemba in 2000, JB Mpiana in 1999, Koffi Olomide in 1998 and Adolphe Dominguez in 2002,  in ree front of Olympia. Zacharie Bababaswe claiming “Adolphe abeta Olympia sima ya Meiway”. Which explains why some Zeniths and Olympia’s in the 2000s were quickly cancelled after a giving a date and huge promotion in DVD’s and VHS’

Congolese Music / Ado Yuhe & Manda Chante part 2
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Congolese Music / Ferre Gola - Regarde Moi “Live Acoustique”
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Congolese Music / Archive; Zaiko Langa Langa - Cosmofolie (1994)
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0:12 min lol


3:08 min and 3:49 min being covered with white paint


The refrain is exactly how  Quartier Latin used to give short in concerts and those VHS' (Destination Parc des Princes vol. 1 & 2 and Les Coulisses de la Grande Ecole)


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