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Didier Lacoste being the main guest in Zamba Zamba. Does Lascoste not know that they are just using as an orange ?


with an extract of their concert in london of 1999


Why does JR Marot not do an interview with Papy Gene, Ado Yuhe or Teddy Mola to bring his name back by talking about his past in Wenge Maison Mere, his collaboration that went wrong with Koffi Central and promote his new song that came out 3 days ago

This version of Danger de Mort that the guy is dancing on sounds different. apart the part that the guy modified himself by talking on koffi's space (00:26 min to 00:34), you will hear no mabanga. The drum sounds different, the bass being stronger and the lead guitar having that steinbeiger-sound. The keyboards not really being audible. It seems that its the final version just before the mix. I wonder if its also not the version that got leaked on internet a few weeks before Danger de Mort's release.

From 3:56 min you can hear Apocalyps animating on Brigade's space by animating on that part "betu tu kwendila ba tata ba maman kuna Camp Luka". But that part getting erased and Koffi talking on that part in the final version "aaaah systeme eza ya 4/4 bien basé sur endurance, veut dire keba na but ya prolongation nde". Also the part where Apocalyps screams Tshouba along with Brigade to end it by screaming "elengi eeh"

Tayc who's a French artist of Cameroonian origin came two weeks ago to Kinshasa for two concerts. His second concert at Athénée de la Gombé was a big flop with only 200 people showing up, the artist coming late on stage, the organisation not being good, etc. Will French artists now think twice about performing in Kinshasa to not wanting to see their image being damaged ? I saw somewhere a poster of Aya Nakamura having to perform at Showbuzz this month but I didn't hear anything about it later. Got it cancelled ?

I noticed that such problems always occur when foreign artists come to visit Kinshasa. It's not something of today. It used also to happen often in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. Kassav, Zouk Machine and Jimmy Cliff although having big succes with their concerts in Kinshasa, them being scammed by the concert-promoter.


I am happy to see the video back but at the same time I think about INA Congo's original channel. I hope that Igwejunior1030 has also volume 2 & 3


The dancers that participated to the Europe tour

Congolese Music / Fally Ipupa’s Stade Massamba-Debat
« on: May 28, 2023, 16:45 »

Congrats to Fally Ipupa, still  filling the stadium although a big boycott campaign in Brazzaville going on, just because of Fally being foreign. The  stadium exists since 1965 but  not any national artist filling the stadium, them only waking up today and making  hate videos against Kinshasa artists acting like it’s our fault.

I wonder how Roga’s show will be. I saw many fans of Ferre being made because of date being the same like that of Ferre’s SDM. Some Ferre fans of Brazzaville complaining in the comments about it, because of planning to go to Kinshasa.

Congolese Music / Was Tabu Ley born in 1937 or in 1940
« on: May 24, 2023, 18:59 »

Many pages say 1940 but there are also pages that say that he was born in 1937. Did he lower his age with a few years for academic reasons like many others of the pre-colonial generation or was it just a mistake in a biography written on a website and many just blindly copying it.  If remember well on Top Congo FM "Mindule ya Bakulutu" someone explained that there used to be a Catholic Belgian priest who came with a rule that if you reached a certain age (I think 15 but I'm not sure) you could not go to school anymore, which made many parents in Belgian Congo lower the age of their children on paper.

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