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Congolese Music / MY FIRST ALBUM: Honest Reviews Needed
« on: April 02, 2015, 07:41 »
Hello good people. I haven't been active in this forum, but now you know why: I've been using most of my spare time working on my album. I started this project four years ago. I spent most of the early days learning how to play the guitar. I then learnt how music is put together in general. Lastly I learnt music production. The compositions have been ongoing during that process and I have been recording myself along the way, while setting up a recording studio - a home one and a mobile one since I'm constantly on the move. I have managed to finish producing my first album of ten songs. I've experienced considerable difficulty mainly with time, personnel and funds. I've been helped largely by technological advancement even though I worked hard to retain authenticity, and that is something I will strive to achieve even more in future albums.

By no means am I an established musician yet (by my approximation I need ten more years to get there). I still consider myself a beginner in music in general. In any case I do music as a hobby, but, since I do it with so much passion, it is leading me towards professionalism and one day I might just decide to switch careers and do music full-time.

In the past I have been a critic of songs and albums and I wrote extensive reviews in our former forum Vibes d'Afrique, praising excellence and denouncing mediocrity. I now put myself on the firing line. I want to be judged by you, music lovers out there. Chances are you don't know me so, to quote the Soundcloud community guidelines: "Criticize, but do it constructively. Criticism can be really valuable, but only when it’s done constructively. So, please share your opinions, but before posting anything, ask yourself 'Would I appreciate receiving the same comment?'."

There are ten songs in total, many of which are in a style that might be appreciated by members of this forum. I'm going to upload them through Soundcloud and link them here one at time. Since this is not the very final product and I am in a position to make any changes in recording, mixing or mastering, please let me know your opinions and if there are any changes I should make to improve the songs. Special thanks to DJ Sly who gave me invaluable comments when this project was in its infancy. Thanks to all of you in advance. So here is the first upload:

Congolese Lyrics / REQUEST: Vita Imana Lyrics
« on: April 02, 2015, 05:22 »
I've always sang this song but I've butchered most of the words. Can anyone post the lyrics here? I might get inspiration to take this song to the studio and do my own version of it. Please?

« on: July 19, 2014, 23:48 »
I have not had such a good feeling in a long time. These guys' album is without a doubt the best that has been released in the recent past (make that several years). With classic songs like Ndoto na Nga and Featuring d'Amour, my blood has been rushing into places it has not been in a while. The work done with the instruments and vocals is amazing. This is creativity on a very high level. Choruses, rhythms and transitions (thinking Tonton Partout Partout) are novel. The rumbas are excellent with powerful singing and wonderful vocal harmonies - and guess what? they have those solo guitar parts we crave.

Just when we thought Congolese music was on its deathbed these guys show up with such great sebene music. I had completely lost interest in new Congolese music - and even opted to create my own music instead - but this group has restored my hope. The only criticism I have is their overuse of the synthesizer sound as padding and for transitions (maybe because I am obsessed with clean sound) but I can live with that since everything else they did is impeccable. I especially love the sound of the live performance which is such a welcome change from the patchwork that characterizes most modern productions.

Congolese Music / A Black List of Musicians
« on: July 30, 2013, 10:16 »
Irrelevant musicians from the past never saw the light of day. Presently, though, musicians releasing rubbish music dominate our discussions and get media attention they do not deserve. Polemic gets them going; the art of producing good music eludes them. We are all to blame for giving these musicians the airtime they shouldn't be getting. Publicity - positive or otherwise - is good for them. We need to stop it! Please feel free to add to this list of musicians whose music is not up to the standards we demand. We need to give them the silent treatment.

In Alphabetical order:
Adolphe Dominguez
Aimelia Lias
Alba Accompagnero
Bouro Mplela
Dicon Caprice
Didier Desert
Didier Lacoste
Fally Ipupa
Ferre Gola
Jpson Butukondolo
KOFFI OLOMIDE (a trend is emerging: many of these artists have a Koffi influence; in which case I have to stop here and agree with Papa PC that Koffi is the cause of all this.)

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