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Vieux JR Ikoli Quai D'Orsay who was very close to JB Mpiana and Koffi Olomide but has been close vieux to Fally Ipupa sent this audio to Vieux Djuna Gim's dad after the video of Gim meeting with Ferre Gola which has hurt Fally's camp to another level.

On the audio he is telling Djuna he has to support Fally as he is from their village or he will face consequences, trey have already asked Manicke to start insulting them, Ferre Gola is a dead man walking all sort of nasty stuff to scare the Djuna family.

Fally Ipupa and his empire du mal really have lots of people on their book just to hurt, insult, mock, do what ever it takes to see Ferre Gola humiliates, no visibility, as he said himself blocque everywhere.

God is great after Ferre Gola's Martyr concert, a lots of people have been woken and all the people who were hiding behind the scene i.e. artists', politicient, donors, pure vieux etc are being exposed and most of them are from Fally's village Mongo who decided to end Ferre Gola's career damn this is scary stuff

Someone tell me what did Ferre Gola do to Fally Ipupa for them to create such cult against Ferre Gola? 

This was a Thank you barbecue gathering i.e concert for the fans, media, friends, donors etc

Very entertaining and well done to the team

Kie kie Mzee Kinduku this guy is special

Heritier's band had an accident while making their way somewhere in Guinea.

God please help and heal them because watching the video which is only short for about 30 second you can see how bad the accident was and the group injured.

People of this era are sooo heatless as instead of helping people we are now focus on filming while people are dying to share on social for clicks soooo sad and one of the artist even asking for help

I wish them all a quick, full recovery and God be with them

Congolese Music / Ferre Gola Perfect Marriage (Audio)
« on: July 10, 2023, 18:55 »
Le Padre Ferre Gola private wedding song dedicate to Patrick Masoya and Carine.

Now this is a song you want an artist to sing for you on your wedding day

Congolese Music / Rize Ya Gola Acoustic
« on: June 16, 2023, 19:13 »
Aaaa Rize stay strong Mathy De Gaule had to wait for longer than you and his time has come so yours will too cause you are such a talent wahooo the guy can sing in different voices BRAVO

Kie Kie Vibration is just funny, says it as it is, gets his words across very well.

What a singer my God, Ferre Gola has soooo many good singers who he managed out there shame they are not shining as the should if you watch this video

Congolese Music / Ferre Gola FARDC (Audio)
« on: April 08, 2023, 08:30 »
A Song purely dedicated to the Army (FARDC) and the government encouraging, motivating, congratulating them and also inviting the young to join the army.

Ferre Gola you never seems to amaze me this is a brilliant idea and masterclass after the song of Est.

After Papa Wemba (RIP), you seem to manage to sing these type of motivation songs with the right emotion which attracts attention.

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