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Rice and Djanny are two of the newer guys in the group and are going ahead of guys who have been there for 5+ years. That doesn't happen in F'Victeam where a faux chanteurs with mediocre dancing skills are taken ahead of other talented artists.

Congolese Music / Robinio Mundibu-Yaya (Official Video)
« on: May 24, 2017, 19:17 »
Congolese music video have become way better in the last couple years whether in Congo or abroad.

This guy who sang the duet with Heritier in Affection and Yannick who can be heard in the song Luxembourg have left the group and are doing a project together. It's really suprising that they would leave before Olympia especially Yannick.

I don't know why but I feel like he sounds like he could've been with the 2000-2006 QL.

None other then Limousine. Very surprising move. He says him,Lobeso and Polystar are all co-leaders, and that their album Elumbe Lumbe will be relased in July. Limousine says that all therre leaders had a plan to join up and do a project, and that there is some MM members that have their own projects as well.

He says the factory was late and that the album will come out his month after four years of working on it.

@14:40 he asks  Marchouse what's his role in the group because he says there is some drummers who want to become like the leader and are removing musicians from the group. He said that the drummer ant even speak well but when it's time  to tattle tell they suddenly know how to talk.


It should have been a warning first and this should've been done in private and not on camera.

@23:46 This type of stuff should be shown in a big concert not a public rehearsal.

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