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lol musicians of europe love that system it seems of quick response, he is saying brigade lied that he was the one who said to koffi that fally should do droit chemin and jipson confirmed with ado that it was apocalypse and by the way he does not want to say it but after that reunion koffi told him to wait while everybody went back home and koffi told him face to face they he'll know who koffi is,as he was upset with him supporting fally and apoca says him and fally were not any close and its from that moment that fally's consideration towards him rised
and he feels that he was punished because of that by missing the famous senegal concert just before ferre's arrival but one of koffi's employees at  some point told him that koffi was not angry anymore and it relieved him and he worked harder and made it to europe list again
 he does not understand why decades after brigade is still obsessed with him because its not him who gives visas or makes lists its koffi
 he also reacted about the video we laughed about  of him and brigade and he said it was the concert of brigade's return after first maison mere spell and instead of doing animation he started doing nonsense(actually brigade was throwing shade at apoca in his impro) so him as the guy who did monde arabe had to show authority to tell him to let him do animation like it was  and he is not the type to say things about people behind their back so he said silence to brigade to tell him to shut up
he reacted to brigade saying he did only kisanola on longitima and he said it seems brigade does not know how to count and maybe celeo is right that he did not go to class enough which surprises nolly as apoca used to roast celeo at any opportunity in the name of...
apoca says he is  one of the rare atalakus who "broke the code" of having tenor and falsetto atalaku as he could adapt to both he had  a style which was not strictly fitting in any of the two genres
he has no reason to be jealous of brigade since he was not even rehearsing with them for a while when he joined koffi told him he had 4 atalakus it was already a lot so he took him to rehearse with female dancers only in private rehearsals,so he waited for his chance he did not join quartier latin to steal somebody's spot otherwise he would have gone to sorcerers like brigade does  and he says brigade went to see sorcerers several times to attack him with mbasu thinking he was the reason of him staying behind on tours  and he tells him koffi is in france so he should go and look for koffi to know and not keep hate for decades against him
he says the feats brigade did with naza were destined to him but they created something to make naza believe he was stuck in lockdown in kinshasa and that naza is his petit even before naza became a musician he knows his parents he eats at their house even sometimes,and when naza was looking for him to record his generique and they lied to him and he wanted to show to nolly messages of naza's dad and naza's dad wanted to remove brigade's voices when he realised he got tricked but he told him to let it go and he says to nolly he can call during the interview if he has doubt
and that they had project with naza long ago but naza was still with bomaye musik so it was stalling and now he is independent but he wont reclaim by force what was destined to him

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he out of the blue started a rant on his  instagram story
 "is your intelligence finished/gone?is your bullshit over?is it over? is that the level of your impoliteness?since you are done its now the time of el generalissimo la panthere noire"
"the younger brothers put bleaching cream on their face,hands and feet remained black and now they believe they are stars  i will soon hit you hard"


Yet to watch the whole thing but he is say sorry to ferre for how they left together(and caused problems for visas) and that things happen in life but we must learn to move on so he hopes ferre can forget that and allow them to be in touch since they are in europe
even if they left,their pleasure is to always see ferre doing well


merci mingi ndeko pona archive kitoko boye

Like title says, i am worried with the situation happening between fally's camp and celeo,like we know fally himself remains silent like celeo does not even exist and celeo would hit back directly at fally for letting his guys attack him for years
recently coco dilaso one of fally's guys technicallythe specialist of all sorts of mission went on internet at franck stemay's show to attack celeo and among the stuff he used to attack celeo he used the fact years ago out of raw emotion after a match celeo said dieumerci mbokani not to come to national team again and said sorry to marlene mbokani,but your husband has to seek revenge by sleeping with celeo's mother knowing well celeo's mother died and he was there at burial as they were cool with fally at that time
celeo having enough of his family being targeted for fun,went to popol mopasula who is like a little brother to fally and start emission fairly well  until he completely exploded and mentioned for the first time fally's wife
the interview was not released as popol could not risk his relationship while celeo insisted because he had more than enough
 and on the other hand the coco interview was deleted but i am honestly worried about the future,i  said during the lockdown i had a feeling it would get physical at some point and i am starting to believe it more and more

recently in a video bogus bompema talked about politics being a strong defender of president felix and a guy who use to cause panic on national tv whenever he went there as a musician but still switched to talking about politics,and was sometimes cut microphone
then at some point in that video he had a rant about werra over the songs surprise kapangala,sourire des vendeurs he gave to werra plus vocals of all that album and as you can expect fans journalists have jumped  on his back as you cant touch some of the big stars
to go back down in history back in the days when he left jb's private group to go to viva then left viva in 1999 2000 he was already talking about it,he even went to a show with proof of lyrics and cassette with werra's voice when he was teaching him the songs then when he wanted to rejoin bcbg he wanted to go on tv and have a strong rant and take legal action against werra,partly to act "loyal" against jb which jb strongly refused
then in 2010 before the last bcbg tour he started  talking about it again saying he cant get over it because back then those songs were hope for treatment for his mother in a very bad illness situation,and him and jb had a strong argument where he openly called jb  a coward in front of the musicians for doing everything to play it down to protect relationship with werra,which is why he did miss the tour
then few years ago with ado yuhe again he said it and ado kept confronting him
then now he said it again and not only he is getting  insulted for it  and calling werra a faux chanteur who goes out of tune for fun,but also people are insulting jb also,by the principle that they assume that jb is sending him to do it


I'll let you guess which type of comments will be the most liked ...


Im yet to watch full interview but its once again maitre hugo of maison mere and he is once again apologising to didier masela and adolphe for things he had to do to unsettle them,and that he has to get it out of his chest because he has been thinking about it for long and he had to set himself free about that by confessing
and he was also saying that la zamba should have gone to jb as he was the one who had signed the deal as president,my elder brother who has been around  wenge admin for most of his life now was saying that and i used to doubt him,i am not a guy naturally who is made for picking sides strongly(even in soccer i have never been a hater of any rival team of my preferred ones) but i remember i was forcing myself to be like the only hardcore maison mere guy of the family then(until now the youngins outshone by far those who are pro bcbg and the 3 of us who are just clan wenge) and i used to take the piss out of him when he was saying that but maybe he was not wrong after all as hugo is explaining here that its bana kasavubu who put pressure so that the situation switches as they saw that jb already had most of the musicians if he also took the rehearsal hall which was starting to become legendary it would be too much


disclaimer,not posting this to make one look like evil at expense of other i just caught randomly this interview and i was not even aware of that
this guy maitre hugo was one of the security guys of maison mere in the beginning and was explaining in this interview how their area of kasavubu where la zamba is supported werra to bounce back
and that since he had no salary, he created some self salary by creating a system with a couple of guys when people want to enter la zamba they'd pay some extra money on the side  for him to enter and be well treated(this system still exists)
and he talked about 12 saying its them judo guys of kasavubu who brought that in maison mere and says indirectly that he was sent to disrespect and manhandle masela to force him out as werra needed exclusive leadership and until today he is not proud of having done that to a cool guy like didier masela so he asks for forgiveness to didier masela and all his family,he was young and immature and ready for everything ordered by the boss

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both had made peace before he was arrested after months or even a year of abdoul getting himself involved in polemic of other artists and innoss and innoss hitting back,and recently  when he got released he said in several interviews that he wants to move on from beef with innoss and that innoss was making congo proud and that for him he is the number 2 behind the king fally,then recently he has restarted being a bit more direct  i remember he made an interview with cleboa and most comments being against him saying he should not restart it after what he went through and what himself said ,and now he announced that  he is doing a generique niawu which lyrics are " we raised a cat (he claims having been one of the mentors of innoss in his full settling in kinshasa) and suddenly that cat has become a tiger( innoss call himself a tiger) and wants to eat us"


Apparently from the comments he will be produced  by f victeam(nini oyo efuti hein lol)


ladies and gents the new prime minister of quartier latin

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