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« on: May 19, 2018, 22:23 »
 Like title says i just checked on spotify its there,vol 1 and2


I dont know if its the stress of leadership role or a too big boost of confidence since he went to village to get traditional power for his career but ever since that and  his rants about the famous jb's comments i have never ever seen the almost shy and smiling abel anymore he has always looked mean/angry even in thumbnails of videos,you can even see in his videos now those throat nerves if thats how its called (in lingala its misisa)
here he is talking about his feat with lobeso and talks kinda bad of bcbg

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« on: May 18, 2018, 10:09 »

Joins the list of guys upset with bendo/tocha

« on: May 17, 2018, 23:33 »

given his record with dancers good luck to her to stay away from his bed  lol

« on: May 14, 2018, 22:59 »

In his hometown matete

 i just got remembered a story of the feux de l'amour europe tour,and that ferre seguin and roger ngandu had visas and were shown it prior to trip and they sold or gave away stuff hoping to come back with much better,and the day of trip they came for checking and were told people were travelling with their papers :D :D :D
and they were sulking soooo bad,and when they returned jb suspended especially roger who was the harshest critic so he literally started bcbg with a 3 month suspension which required the songwriters rastabob and sometimes eldorado to go on tv as bcbg spokesmen


He is asked about why his concerts abroad have not happened as quick as ferre and fally with the same producer and he defends himself asked who between them had performed in several african countries by one year of solo career(which both did,especially faly) and goes on to say even though people see him like somebody who wants things to happen fast he also wants to take him time go step by step and believes so far his record is not bad with several concerts  in DRC angola brazza and takes a little dig at fally and his journalists who say  those countries do not count but when they perform there they hype it saying it was full of angolan people not just congolese diaspora of there
 he says people see him as arrogant because he has ambition but a normal person has to challenge himself for a bright future,so he does not understand how his slogans are seen as direspect towards other artists
he says he will perform in ivory coast in september and he could have done much earlier one if he just wanted to shut haters mouth but he wanted to focus more in making people accept his album in DRC and he could have had showcases or concerts in other countries just to prove a point but he wanted to perform there with his group nothing just something quick to say look i have become international
 he reacts to fabregas comment and says he has no problem with it, and he jokes he has to add to his challenges to get fabregas recognition that he is a true musician since its fabregas who decides,then says everybody knows he is a proven musician and  he does not want to go into war with fabregas over his comment because both families know each other their mothers are friends and fabregas knows how hard he fought for him to become a respected artist in maison mere so one bad sentence can not erase the lots of praise fabregas did for him
 He is asked about future album and he says he knows they make good money with sellings 20 30 songs but he want to go to old formula of 10 12 songs  4 rumbas 3 4 dancing songs 3 feats for example and apart from that they are also working on a group album
then she asks about his intervention to calm controversy involving carine mokonzi and felix wazekwa and he says he had to do it because wazekwa is not somebody controversial so he had to respect and protect that image he has and he believes anybody in his position would have done the same thing and she then asks why he does not stop carine doing polemic with other artists then and he replies  that he does not react because those artist also have people very involved into polemic towards him or other artists so why would forbid something to somebody when the other camp keeps direspecting you
and she then says people say you and a couple of guys are ungrateful to werra and he says he wonders why in DRC people only analyse things in a unique way and not an all round analysis,people say young musicians are not grateful to their ex bosses but people never ask whether ex bosses are also grateful to their ex employees because even though they gained fame and experience next to them they still contributed a lot to their leaders career so they also deserve respect
 he is told that miel has left or more exactly that he claims to be granted leave to work on his album and he says artists who like that formula are afraid to lose supports of their leaders fans so he should man up and say he is gone  and he adds that miel and all the maison mere guys attacked him,said they got rid of the bad egg  and the guy who is ungrateful and now all of them guys who talked bad about him are solo artists so who is ungrateful now by their standards and she adds that miel said clan werrasonic controls kinshasa and he does not agree with it,he says its undoubtable that werrason coached them and made them stars but they deserve their own credit for having decent/good or excellent solo career because there are plenty of guys who were also made stars in maison mere who are struggleing very hard today so he does not like that talk which for him is meant to bellitle other artists and he would prefer people to say congolese music is still going strong with arrival of a new generation

« on: May 13, 2018, 19:21 »


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