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He says manda has had a problem with him for over a decade,and he was just telling him that as a big brother to their generation he did not need to play that petty game of because one did not pick your call maybe because he was busy you go and overpraise his rival,he has respect for manda as an elder and a great singer
he says manda has been hating on him since he was still in maison mere over the facts he had with him most of the big donors of ndjili and that its not his fault that ndjili donors had turned their back on manda because they were seeing him as impolite and arrogant( until today manda is not backed much by ndjili people in general) and manda was shouting at them that they are yumas who support a petit atalaku instead of him( in congolese music there are three people whose work name can be twisted easily in a humiliating way atalakus,mbonda players and ngongi players) and he called  manda to express how he did not appreciate manda ridiculing him  and later on they meet at some donors who was having campaign to become a deputy and he apologized to manda as a younger brother on demand of the donors but manda still kept the grudge of how he was privilieged compared to him
and celeo says he is starting to react like that because enough is enough,ferre is the leader of all maison mere clan and if some are cowards to let  people play with him like that using ferre's name to get favours with ferre's rivals he will stand up for the cause,ferre is like a brother to him,he considers ferre's mother like his since his parents both died long ago so he is feeling pain the way ferre has became people's punching ball to endear themselves to another artist
ferre is not a saint like any human but at some point enough with that system and if other guys are afraid to talk he will talk and she tried to tease him about the way people see him  as ungrateful and impolite against werra, and he challenged her to find a single time where he said werra did nothing for him or where he insulted  werra and he had a word for franck stemay calling him a hypocrite who fuels conflicts while acting on tv like a pastor and he says people need to understand that he replies to questions he is asked  and he has the right to be upset with some things and he has the right not to lie when asked questions,for example he cant lie that his departure from maison mere was smooth he will have to say the truth which is that they went with his passport to put him in trouble and they created problems which lead to a process with him almost having to lose his house he bought in maison mere if not for having strong lawyers with him so  how can he fake that he received a warm goodbye but until his last second on earth he will have respect for werra
and about manda he says its sad that a great artist like manda has to beg for a featuring that way,and that artist he wanted to endear himself to just after his interviews he went to the artist's house and the artist did not welcome him only gave some money to his guardians to give to manda and he asks whether manda is proud of having to be treated like that


Here he is singing his balle de match song,one of his 3/4 leads


Yet to watch in full but from the intro i caught interesting points he said ocean told him he was about to comeback to music but unfortunately death changed the plan
 he talked about bercy muana and says heritier should let him have a full generique so far what he knows from bercy is that he is more into answering to other atalakus it would be great to see him prove himself in a full lead
he says one of the secrets of animation when you join a group you must master the old animations of the group and that makes you work sometimes on different styles and it can give you ideas to widden your inspiration,but unfortunately today most young atalakus seem not to be too good at that and also they tend to have the same style you have find several atalakus in a group who sound alike
another secret is having key animation you can repeat throughout concerts and he gives his example with his performance in bercy built around 3 animation only but very impactful
and he also said that he feels that atalakus are underused in the system of 2 generiques 20 rumbas,how can they really prove their worth when they get two generiques are often 3 4 5 or more on the 2 generiques then you have to wait for next album
he said ocean was a very calm guy maybe thats why when he left latino he was not bold to continue career for a long long time as a session artist and that he has called the chef of that time champion and other guys to try organize something

haha jf in the tsholilo part


honestly i would also criticize the other way round if it happened that constantly
but in an interview manda instead of just talking good of fally said something like "fally is the boss of his generation he commands the others,he is their general " and things like that while having repeating for monthsand year shot at ferre that he does not approach people
and celeo said manda should not play those games he is their elder brother and a good elder brother will balance his words to make his two younger brothers feel comfortable and that he is a great proven singer and he should not do that even if he is doing it to get a feat
 and manda replied that celeo is not his friend,he went to europe before him and things like that and that celeo should play at least in a little hall before comparing himself to fally and things like that
dont get me wrong i love fally i was even one of the rare defending tokoss back then if i am remembering well,but i find that phenomenon doing bad service to his image, what is between fally and celeo is none of manda's business to enter it like those internet journalists and say " You talk too bad about somebody who has no problem with you",how does he know?
and then later you'll see that celeo will respond to manda and will obviously once again attack fally because of manda openly allowing himself to speak in the name of fally
mannn the guy was having the cleanest image until just before tokoss,and now  those guys coming to talk about him for whatever interest are constantly bringing his name into dust of polemic

like title says i saw today on congolese tv that maman tshala muana suffered a severe hypertension and is in hospital
hopefully she recovers


At 3h10 he was asked about rumour of poison spread then in kinshasa and the fact cafe etienne was saying that his career was over when he switched to koffi side,as he was the one trying witchcraft behind wazekwa's back so he was thinking that he was the guy who was making wazekwa a star, and he says the rumour was spread because the other camp who sent a woman with aids and poison and money to seduce him were certain of their coup so they already spread the rumour and that he has the name and the phone number of that woman but he cant disclose in public and unfortunately for them the plan failed because he avoided seeing her
and he says back in maisha park days he was already fearing poison and he was finding strange how during first maisha reunion before the end prayer he was forced to salute his rival he feels like there was something organized behind it because they were already saluting and he wonders why they had to salute again at a particular moment
thankfully he did not eat at somebody's hous in maisha(only them who were invited to his house or to jb's ) and that cafe pretended to people he was his kindoki guy while he never allowed him to enter the spirituality part of his life as he disagreed with witchcraft(which was why cafe was mad that he was not receiving enough from wazekwa as he though what he was doing on his own lifted the group)
but he forgives cafe and says if they meet he'll salute him


In a any group,the most important figure and status is the leader,whether in a configuration of a group of friends or in the configuration of a writer deciding to recruit musicians in order to start a fulltime career(like the example of koffi olomide,felix wazekwa,karmapa...),or the configuration of either splitting members of a big group(the wenge's or the 3 les marquis leaders) or also more recently the formula of leader coming from an established which still exists after him(from alain mpela to these days)
the hierarchy in groups consists of a leader which depending on his popularity can become some sort of everpowerful semi-god,then an administration consisting of a secretary,sometimes a vice-secretary,a director of marketing,spokesmen of different styles then the group's hierarchy consisting of a chef d'orchestre,an artistic director,somebody in charge of discipline in the group, a chef de repetition who is in charge  of coordinating with technicians the setup of rehearsal,picking the songs to rehearse and sometimes picking who rehearses when not interfered in that by those upper in the hierarchy
in some groups there is a vice president role which is an influent member next to the leader


the number 1 of the artistic hierarchy after the leader,often picked over two factors,loyalty or being a charismatic figure in the group
there has been chef d'orchestre for decades in congolese music but if somebody can be picked as very revolutionary for that role in modern era,it would be alain mpela in bcbg who implemented a couple of concepts to make that chef d'orchestre become very special
therefore each group needed to have their alain mpela,the chef d'orchestre in congolese music has ability to decide in every of the other sections of the hierarchy within the band,he can suspend a musician then inform the leader who'd validate based on trust,he can change songs rehearsed or performed in concerts,in some groups he can be more influential than artistic director in picking who is allowed on stage,as sometimes the "superpowerful" leader has no time to closely monitor every single member who has to be on stage throughout concert,especially with the way congolese is turning more and more individualist and self centered,with leaders letting chefs ruling fully as they consider that people come to concerts for them  so as long as them leaders are there its all good
the chef has in most group the right to bring potential contracts in the group,or potential donors,he is one of the rare members of the group generally who talks regularly with the leader
in some groups being chef d'orchestre also implies  an involvement in the dark secrets of the group
he is either involved on unsettling musicians based on their relationships,or on leader's order,or sometimes used as a scapegoat by members who leave knowing they are the closest to leaders


that role in most of the cases is given to instrumentists who are supposed to have a wider understanding of music than singers,their responsability is to train new members,teach them the songs and if needed be adjust their type of singing or playing to the philosophy of their group,another responsability they have is to monitor sound of their groups in concerts and in studios,some of the artistic directors literally becoming  almost full time studio assistants (like djino liaki or jules kibens)
in some cases the artistic director is also one of the charismatic figures of the group(for example alain makaba,flamme kapaya...)
it also happened sometimes that leaders pick artistic director just based on loyalty or affection,regardless of purely artistic aspect


Chef of discipline's main responsability is musicians turning up on time at concerts and rehearsals,suspending with permission of the leader musicians who breach rules
technically their role would allow them to suspend everybody except the leader but their authority is mainly limited to those who are simple members
the advantages of their role is that they have access to bringing people to join their band,adding more people than random members to mabanga lists on albums,they also can bring contract and take a percentage of it(maximum 5 per cent)
one of the flip sides of the chef of discipline and the other chefs is that they tend to overuse their power to either get money from musicians or gifts to be in a good position in the group,or sleep with female dancers with promise to make them become trip regulars


chef de repetition is the role which depends of all the other roles,their role consists of assisting the artistic director and the technicians to set up the rehearsals,discusses with the artistic director,with possible interference of other chefs,about the choice of songs to rehearse
sometimes,their authority allows them to pick depending of their relationships who is programmed in various songs to sing or play instruments
one of their usual ways to endear themselves to leaders is bringing donors to rehearsals(but once leaders are convinced they can influence the donors to help you only when they agree)
in some groups the chef of repetition share with the chef of discipline or the chef d'orchestre the secret spotting of finding women for the leaders in concert(then the staffs dealing with the rest)


their role is pretty simple,basically their work consists in telling to people what the leaders tell them to say,while they chill at home or they party outside
spokesmen can make up to 20 mediatic appearances in a week on various tv channels or on internet but they also have a responsability which is controled by the director of marketing which is to promote and praise their leader about his past,present and future(the director of marketing in most groups having a pretty basic role,very little authority and freedom)
outside their basic role of saying what they are told,they are either told to attack or respond to haters or do it on their own knowing in most cases they wont get suspended as even if leaders is unhappy he'll see the other side of it that you put your neck on the line for him


as basic as it can be,pretty simple,leader says give spokesmen this budget for tv roundups,give this to editors to make short compilations of our concerts to give to spokesmen each week or each other week
it is very very rare in congolese music based in kinshasa to see director marketing having all space to completely build mediatic plans and strategies and have the leader adopting their idea,on the contrary they can try to suggest on the odd occasion but leaders decide the opposite singlehandedly(excepts artists who have a parallel professional staff coming from abroad mainly)
even a simple friend or staff member can see his ideas much more considered than those of the marketing director


often picked naturally by loyalty,the longest serving being cheftaine,then the second longest taking over and so on,or sometimes it can happen that a proven charismatic dancer arriving from another group is promoted  to cheftaine role demoting the one who is there as the most loyal
another factor which can make a dancer becoming cheftaine regardless of loyalty is becoming the leader's official favourite among dancers assuming most leaders sleep with various dancers of the groups then leave them to chefs when they move to newer members
outside their responsabilities of picking and buying uniforms for the dancers,coordinating along with choreographers the organization of their dance shows,they are trusted by leaders to keep an eye on the money showered on them in concert and pick it up to get a percentage after concert
another secret responsability they can have in some groups is to be sent to donors to seduce them in order to bring more money for the boss and the group


at 43 20 neti hein vieux na nga antoine na na na na masta na ye wazekwa soki bakutani ba jour oyo ekozala ba bagarre hein soki ba crrrrrrrroiser, na nayokaki kaka wazekwa il parait akendaki koluke ti na na...liboso ya palin .... kimono mais akutaki deja asi ake mikili

even depitcho cant resist


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