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And here she sings with him playing guitar surely to respond to diego's ex who is used in interviews by the journalists-pro the group she used to work with


the song basically has everything ingredient of a good rumba,easy lyrics,lyrics people can relate too easily,soulful guitar and chorus
the original song as given by eldorado was meant to be an accoustic song he could have evolved into a semi accoustic with lead guitar at the end for example like celeo did in recent two songs but he chose to do it full of studio effect,second part in pop and autotune
i think the song in itself deserved to get much much more attention

« on: October 22, 2019, 16:24 »

if i am not mistaken it is part of a generique "ya muki" given by mosaka and which was transformed into a generique ad for a company(which they have not done clip for)


he is asked about his impressions he says they have slowed down on studio due to the news and are waiting for his older brother to come for europe to make a proper funerals plan,they could deal with everything themselves but its disrespectful for those who gave him life to be excluded so its better to collaborate with them to mourn their brother nono chaka
 he keeps great memories of nono as a hard worker and a very peaceful person who never falled out with colleagues(unlike bercy gesac and junior wendo who used their roles of boss favorite to beat and  bully people in the group) and he feels for eclipse who was like his twin
and he is even more hurt because he always dreamed that its his musicians who are all way younger than him who'd lift his coffin the day he dies and to see some of them die is painful
 he reacts to some members of nono's family defending themselves saying what happened to nono is due to himself going for witchcraft which backfired on him and he says he does not believe it,and assuming it was true why on earth they never said it during the 4 years he was sick and unable to work he would have gone to nono and asked if its true and even if it was true he would not let him down because as long as you are alive somebody can find a medical solution for a disease no matter how serious it is or it can be solved by God's intervention  to inspire somebody like for example those who found treatment for hepatitis c so they should not have abandoned him like that
audrey decides to switch topic as she had other questions and asks about album and he says they are at the level of the two generiques to complete album recording and title was changed from boza mabe to article 23 which is an article of our constitution about freedom of speech which says we are all free to speak and do things until it can cause trouble,and he gives example of how people film themselves ranting and it makes thousands of views he believes if there was nobody encourageing them and their videos making 5 views 7 views they'd stop it
she asks about him  not taking rumba seriously but rather generiques,and he says he does respect rumba but it just happen that his generiques catch attention much more  its like to some extent a lot of people remembered michael jackson for his dancing shows but he was also a tremendous singer(which he is not saying that he is) and that if we have to be perfectly honest a lot of people prefer rumbas with obscene lyrics which he cant do because of his principles which he does not want to betray he wants his music to be followed by all generations of a family without any shame or embarrasment
she tries to ask questions about koffi but he refuses saying he is always misunderstood whenever he talks about koffi so he prefers to skip that topic she tries to insist but he dodges it  and he says there are not conflicts only in music but in any jobs there are people who do not get along so why do people make such a big deal of it,they can have personal disagreements on issues and she asks how does it become so popular then and he says because of journalists who will ask one then rush to other to counter
she asks about the camps journalists and fans have created of koffi werra fally and co vs jb werra ferre and co and he jokes that he is on jb's side and hopefully werra will join their side and more seriously that he is not a super outgoing person so its normal that people do not realise how well he gets along with a lot of musicians because they dont see him with them in videos a lot
he is asked about why he does not show wife and kids and he replies because he does not want to be popular because of them or them to boost his image,its him the musician or the star if some want to call him like that and thats it,and he wears gloves and glasses just for the looks and reacts to people claiming his mystic power lies in his gloves and glasses and says he is not into mystic things and he remembers when he meet wrestler edingwe one of the most advanced people in witchcraft in DRC during a forum where there was also sai sai defao mama tshala ...edingwe told him "little brother dont even dare do witchcraft one day"
and he remembers one day earlier when edingwe came to his house and they were talking and edingwe told him he knew he was not into witchcraft and he asked how does he know and he replied he is in a advanced enough level to know super easily who does witchcraft,in which  sect he is,from which continent,everything and he has always found him "empty" (thats the term withcraft guys use to talk about those who are not with them)
she asks whether he is really like what he says on tv or a different person in private and he says he does not believe he is different but he is not perfect person anyways he gets angry when he is upset and things like that,and anyways you can fake to be a good person but you cant fake being a bad person,because bad reactions and behaviours are natural and by the way a lot of people do not understand his honesty because of the mentality,in our mentality you will be seen as the biggest monster if somebody dies and you say i am affected by his death but our relationship was not perfect,you have to transform even the meanest person into the nicest  while in europe where he really grew up as a man at there is less hypocricy he has seen for example  a former member of opposition in french say about late former president chirac i am saddened by his death but i did not like some of his ideas which in congo would cause mad polemic
and another thing he learned from his europe experience which does not go well with people in DRC is his rigor,people are shocked by how pissed he can be when somebody arrives 10 minutes at a scheduled meeting because they are used to one turning up sometimes 4 hours later or even both being late and they think its arrogance while its just doings things right and he says for example he is  at the head of organization of francophony event in kinshasa in 2021 and he is often the first to arrive while being the "boss" of the department of culture  and by the way in that role he will be strictly professional he wont blacklist artists because they dont get along
and also adds that some people find him too strict with the way he sues people to court and he says people should see things like this,we are in africa and if somebody "only "sues you to court then you can be sure he believes in God because a lot of people as soon as you fallout their first reflex is where they can find mbasu to attack you and court can end with amicable settlement while the "auto-justice" things people do can lead to death

Congolese Music / INNOSS B IS IN PARIS
« on: October 20, 2019, 20:20 »

with his brothers and carine

« on: October 20, 2019, 12:43 »

Koffi reacts to rants of kisindjora and manicke over him making peace with carine and he says since his humiliation by censorship he learned a lot of things and  that anyway he did not care at all about carine's attacks because koko is not an insult and he understood that she did that because he refused to come to her show(a lot of "journalists" do that,sam kazadi for example has been on innoss' back for a while now over him declining an interview)
and anyways a lot of people invent things about him to insult him because there is normally zero reason to insult him
he says God tells us to forgive and if for example karmapa salutes him he wont refuse,and also why people were not mad at him for him and wazekwa mutually supporting each other over their fathers deaths,and even her kisindjora used to insult him when she was with jb and with fally
 kisindjora replies that she never insulted koffi and she understands now that koffi prefers carine over her who went to prison for him after insulting jb and fally hard to defend him and those who insult him are wazekwa and karmapa and she laments the fact koffi even defended carine saying its ferre who sent her to attack him so he thinks she is a very good person
  her is one of their reactions


japonais with a lot of wenge musica solos


Happy birthday to alain mpela who turned 49 today and to le karmapa who turns 61

« on: October 16, 2019, 11:28 »

MAN gloria will lock his door and cry all day long,for those who did not know carine has falled out badly with heritier and even blocked him and she is trying to reconquer koffi werra fally especially fally to hurt heritier


With that type of solo jb would get a bit of break from people who mock him with " zaiko bcbg"


wazekwa explains how it started with him sometimes having to be taken by the hand to do animation in rehearsal then the day after he walks well then few days after he does not see again then they went to the cultura hospital where doctor said there was no medical reason explaining why he cant see until he became blind and could not come anymore
and he disapproves the way some fans of nono chaka went to cause havoc at the family house and urges them to stop because nono used to say good things about his fans and friends and it would not honour his memory and themselves to do what they did
wazekwa reveals that actually the stroke was followed with mbasu,man who ever did that chaka is super evil
and he has hope that chaka can come back to life as Bible gives to us believers hope of ressurection,and he prays that his soul rests in peace and hopes that God forgives chaka's sins because even if he did mistakes like any human being he was a very good person who never had any issue in his 20 years in cultura

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