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Like title says,i wonder if you heard about that story of dj arafat and debordo in a restaurant and arafat threatened debordo with a gun and debordo headbutted him to defend himself and things like that?
luckily this type of guys do not exist in our music


In the impro at beginning he says that kakol told him to forgive ferre and that ferre has been talking well of him


At 34 19  :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


disclaimer,i chose to name the topic like that first not seem like i am targetting that artist,second because what she says happens with 99 per cent of the other artists so i did not want to single out dicap,but few women have courage to say no let alone talking about it
she says she went to one of his showcases and got approached by a guy who asked if she is married and she tried to pretend she was but the ring she has was not one the right finger so the guy figured out she was lying and then he said into her ears "the artist wants to talk to you" and she was like for real? and he insisted to confirm and after the showcase fans were going to take selfies with the artist and the guy made sure to take her and her friend she was with there,and she sat next to the star while the guy made sure he sat next to her so that she could not talk to her friend while him and the star were talking in lingala which both of them did not understand
 then the star asked her to add him on snapchat and she said she already did since she was a fan and then the star started talking to her trying to invite her at several occasions at first she thought it could be for professional stuff like clips since she is apparently a model or something like that,then the more they talked the more the artist started to show his real intentions,and in the meantime she tried to learn a bit about him and his private life and discovered he was a married guy with several kids already so obviously she was a bit surprised and she told him "but you have a wife and kids dont you?" and he replied "so what, i know for sure that  you like me " and she started ignoring him a bit especially since she had a boyfriend at that time but he kept insisting and trying to see her again but she was in australia so he said when you are back in france i want to see you and when she returned he tried to invite her for his birthday but to his surprise his wife came to france for his birthday which cancelled his plans,and in the meantime he was getting more and more explicit and asked if she  gets wet a lot when excited and things like that,so she understood why he was insisting that much and stopped responding to his messages,but she was shocked to see that somebody she was admiring would act like that being married,and many women surely felt flattered to go through such things and many surely even accepted everything with them stars but she is not that type of woman and she is so disappointed that she does not listen to his music anymore because she went from excitment of seeing a star to an unpleasant experience  on the long run


feeling nostalgic today :D :D :D choc star with the animation bileko mameee by no other than this guy at 16 07


 He says he apologizes once again for his rant,and uses a part of Bible which says even the wisest person under too much pressure can act like they are  going through madness and he called the guys he did interview with to remove that part,like it usually happens in interviews,which franck confirms,and he thought they had respected their word but to his surprise they released it surely to make buzz
and he says that people should not be surprised if he talks positive of reddy because they have sorted their issues like grown men so its time to move on from that, and  the first step for that was at lutumba's funeral and he did his brief performance like any group invited,and reddy sat  next to coffin so it was impossible for him as an educated person to go pay tribute to papa and ignore  reddy so he went to salute reddy and they talked  and from then they started sorting it out
 he also revealed that he made peace with his former manager cafe etienne tshimanga who he had be in big conflict for over 10 years which lead to café being at the forefront of poaching most cultura stars to quartier latin to hurt his then ex friend

yesterday before the soon to be legendary match of liverpool and barca i was watching wazekwa's olympia concert along with two workmates from the comoros islands who happened to have been at the concert that day along with one of their congolese friends and became fans of wazekwa from that day and who i did not know then and it came to my mind that this concert was the only along with a little bit of ferre's first europe tour,where i was involved and did not come just like a random spectator,so it came to my mind that maybe i should share my experience of the whole processus which lead to that great show,obviously i dont know 100 per cent of everything which happened,but i thought why not share my story,if people are interested?


hahaha nsone still giving baby a bit of cold faces,while with bill the chemistry is still there

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