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It was at an event in front of president felix,and abed arrived on stage to shower money on heritier,and ignored ferre then heritier grabbed abed to tell him to give money to ferre too,which ferre refused but heritier insisted because it would be shameful for them to leave an image of 12 in front of president so ferre accepted half heartedly(abed is a  warrior lol apart from jb ) so ferre was on full wenge mood

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tonight he performs with the authors of jerusalema and a couple of other artists for a concert raising funds for east of DRC


at the start of video he says,on behalf of his boss felix wazekwa who is in europe and in his own name he says sincere condolences to one of congolese biggest artists koffi olomide
even if wazekwa himself already sent his too and could make an appearance in funerals
he says  their problems is between them,but family kids have nothing to do with their issues so maximum of respect for the memory of maman amy


he is saying that regarde moi comes from impros of maison mere days  which they were doing off stage (whereas there are videos of ferre and zulema and zulema on his own doing it in concerts) and took shot at zulema about how he helped zulema several times with money as he was walking to go home (with his liifestyle he has always used money elsewhere than buying cars,or was giving it as ransom like late babia unfortunately)  and people can see the version he did in 2005  is not exactly similar to the one of ferre and that ferre did a good job on his version and he tries to pretend he does not want polemic with ferre over that and he is surprised with that polemic while he is the one who started it posting his old song and calling himself a genius  just one day after regarde moi
and he says when ferre approached him over that idea of album he found it great and he is claiming tha the is the one who is suggesting to  ferre who to invite or literally deciding
then he talks about innoss b yet again acting like he did nothing and does not want polemic,saying that he advised innoss  not to do polemic with fally in order to be protected by all elders because he knows polemic well when he was doing polemic with elders innocent was surely fishing in his village or maybe not even born and he pretends he never reacts to innoss attacks (while there are videos where he even threaten to go and hunt for him to beat him and warned that after  funerals of his dad he will talk ,which he did by attacking him and making that diss track)


he talked about things he already talked about in various interviews,his involvement in politics( he has some indirect role next to his brother in law president felix tshisekedi),his illness...
and he talked about ferre's idea saying its a fantastic idea which should have actually come from their elders and he revealed that he will have a feat with ferre but in his own album
he talked about aimelia and tutu beefing and as their elder brother advises them to stop it,he is invited  to both their concerts same day which puts him in uncomfortable position and says whoever planned it first the second must just change,they must know they are family
 he also regretted the lack of wenge reunions and revealed that there is a producer of gabon who came recently with yet another offer but it will all depend on mainly jb and werra's egos,there cant be  a proper project without one of them let alone without both
and he says them clan wenge guys must realise that time is flying, they are all in their 50's now (except aimelia tutu ferre seguin) so they must not wait to be 60 before doing the right move,first  people will have wayyy less interest,second they will have much less energy to put on a memorable show so better to grab opportunities now


my guy herve is  straight to have grey beard lowkey,time flies

I have not seen that scene,but i am hearing from various people than when ibrator stepped on stage he went in front  of werra and gave him a bow down salute but then as he wanted to sing werra turned and ordered musicians to stop music, and they are saying werra did 12 on him

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Werra was one of the guests


nice to see he still does music


he says fabregas was along with cafe roum is best friend in maison mere but their relationship will never be the same anymore due to fabregas behavior because fabregas always try to  belittle him and portray him as somebody jealous of him and he says if he was like that maybe fabregas would not go solo the way he went
 in fact he was the only person aware that fabregas was already recording album secretly in maison mere and that during canada tour  of 2011 they planned to live together with lobeso and trying to convince heritier to be their leader,if he was jealous he could have snitched  to werra about all that but he never said a word,and when fabregas went to "steal" his passport to go to europe on his own with heritier's help he could have said it but he remained silent and actually because of his friendship with fabregas his last years in maison mere were a nightmare at times,he was always suspected to go and join him at any possibility and was progressively unsettled until he openly said in front of the group that he'd rather go back to poor life of his pre- maison mere days than continue going through all sorts of 12 like that
what caused his upset this time is that fabregas not only said that he called him when he heard that he suffered an accident,which is not true,but also that after accident deplick went to deny that they talked and deplick takes his phone to show that  he received voice messages of but na filet who could not get him via call and from then they developped friendship, he received from various artists,and he received  call from one of fabregas' close guys which he could have refused if he had a problem with fabregas and its only the day of this interview that somebody sent him fabro's number and when he added the number on whatsapp the conversation was empty so it was not a case of having the number not registered hence not picking the call,and that fabro sarcastically asked if he still did music when he was asked about him in interview(to be honest fabro did the same in another interview about ibrator)
he has no problem with fabregas but he does not like the way fabregas is trying to build sympathy from people while sacrificing friends, he posted a instagram message in public only for his image because people are naive,for somebody that close he would have done way more that what can sound like PR stunt,but thats not a problem his problem with fabregas is lying that he insults him and picks calls then does u turn(fabro says about robinio that they talked in abidjan but once robinio went back to kin he started attacking him again) which he has never done,all he had done wa reacting to fabregas hinting that he was too undereducated to understand some words of the song epave which they both got sold
he repeated several times that he has absolute respect for fabregas the artist as one of the young artists making DRC proud so its not artistic beef or whatever,proof is prior to that they also crossed paths on a song they were about to release and they both laughed about it during the concert where he invited fabro so their thing can not be about that epave song until today
he is asked about fabrega's mumpe comcept and he says its a good thing to create peace,but you also have to be honest,and by the way for him asking for forgiveness  on tv is an image thing,its good to reconcile but real men when they have issues they sit and talk face to face first then people will only witness themselves that things have changed and he gives his example with heritier,saying they had ego issues since maison mere until their solo careers,but when heritier was in an absolute storm for his last sextape with people doing their best to ruin his career forever he  took his phone and approached him while they were not on talking terms at all  and after he showed him support they started saying to each other what they were reproching each other, and he thinks maybe now heritier sees that he was right in saying that all the press guys who were attacking people for him would turn their back on him one day and attack him,and now they are friends and talked regularly,but they never brought it to tv to look like they are angels
he says he knows people will hate him after this interview because fabro has bigger audience but he does not care one bit,he prefers saying things like they are,a friend who lets you do bad things then gossips behind your back is a bad friend,true friends have to tell each other the truth and he says artists are not helped too by people arround them,and gives example of robinio who he calls likaku ya pembe(robinio musicians several times attacked him and his family so i guess its beyond repair for them) who was warning that he will disrespect ferre big time with his musicians clapping and cheering behind and says by doing this they actually encourage you to potentially make a massive mistake for your careeer ,or the way artists like to boast in front of their peoples they'll act as angels on camera once camera is shut they start bashing people they praised and he does not want to be like that,he will praise where its due ,like the way he says  fabregas is a top artist,but he will also react when he is unfairly thrown under the bus to satisfy desire of one artist to clean his image at expense of other people,and he says you can act as much are you want your real nature will still pop out
 fabro goes on tvs and says musicians have to be united he has no problem with anybody,maybe its them who have a problem with him you should ask them,fair enough but then how you somebody who claims wanting peace when asked about people you know very well (like him and ibrator) you take a cocky tone  then ask " are they still doing music" which priest like he pretends to be now,preaches peace while throwing low shots? what type of peace is that?
he suggests fabregas to forget about him and do his polemic as usual with likaku ya pembe,its them the big stars,he is accepts being a nobody like fabro hinted in several interviews but then they should forget about him and says to avoid further problems he will not talk about fabro anymore this is the last interview he will do it ,the next person who asks about fabro he will stop interview
its better that both do their lives separately but he will never wish bad to fabregas,maybe one day he will stop lying and trying to humiliate friends,and by the way he asks why in DRC people consider that its only people who are in a "lower position" who can be jealous,people who are doing better can be jealous aswell about some who are  struggleing,they'd almost rather you dont exist
so to avoid problems he wants to avoid being anymore related to fabregas in any possible way,but he wishes him all the best,may fabro's career prosper even more and good luck to him for the concert of saturday at showbuzz and congratulations for his twins... but he does not want to exist in a fake friendship on camera to gain people's sympathy
he was asked about positives and negatives of maison mere,and he said the positive is fighting spirit,the sense of interacting with fans,believing in your talent... negative is 12 and he remember that in his first trip to europe,he went to wedding of a friend of his girlfriend of then with prince d angola and  they did a playback on demand of attendance and it was reported to werra that they did a concert on their own so when they came to studio out of the blue some guys took them apart and slapped them hard
and he says what also really decided him to leave is when werra slapped him he could not accept it so he left but he is revealing it now with no bad intention they are very well with werra now,and he will put his feat with werra as the only feat  of  first volume of his album unless he finishes his one with heritier in time  due to  heritier's multiple trips europe kinshasa


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