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El mara is now 41 years old


with the 3rd soloist,17-years old exaucée

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I dont know if you have been seeing it but after his series on ferre,out of nowhere he is also now constantly on jb's back even going as far as talking about  his physical appearance and things like that,coincidence or not this is also the period where many of the interviews of his boss F have in title that he destroys jb or thing like that
this system between journalists if they can be called like that needs to stop,in the case of F they get an interview after attacking whoever they are ordered for a certain period,the other F does not have any RESPECT for him (though sometimes carine brings outs her pire petite of maison mere side for him),the third F and the rest of the guys in general target europe trip for doing those silly things


I am impressed,biraman is a monster the guy changes voice for fun either tenor soft rough very rough...
His partnership with izebola is becoming something serious
and what about docteur cousteau 10/10

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« on: November 29, 2018, 18:58 »

Werra chatting with his friends ficarre and kibens

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He says his first test in maison was in 2007(when genta advised him to go there since jb did not want to recruit another atalaku) and went to apply for a job to administration of maison mere  and the first time he did his test he got beaten and thrown out of podium,the second time he came for a test the chief of the security section of then willy seta slapped him so hard that he felt pain for a whole week and he says in maison mere  anybody can slap or get slapped anytime you have to be very strong mentally to remain  there because where there is huge success there is also often a huge ugly side   because there is too much excitement around
when he arrived brigade did not like him at all,prince d'angola defended his case and he even fought with brigade because of him lobeso and even brigade's best friend capuccino argued with him and they almost fought aswell but with time situation improved
 adams asked whether its true that its taddet who recruited him(since taddet was left behind in kinshasa when he came for tests) and he says its false its werra and fans who recruit and he joined the group finally on his third test when werra was there
and he has bad memories of taddet because he when he decided to go back to village before officially announcing he has left,taddet accepted to be sent on tv to humiliate him thinking he'd be on the list for the states private trips of werra sankara and co and he says it was sad for a grown man like taddet to accept doing that,and gives his own example that he always refused to participate in such missions against other people
and he says if him or whoever thinks you'll be loved by doing that they are fooling themselves in maison mere there are only two people(in the recent history) that werra genuinely loves heritier and nicodem end of story plus kakol who has almost become werra's brother
 he revealed that in 2011 in the canada tour after stade de france taddet approached him so that they form a band together and he said if they wanted to do it then they should get heritier to be the leader since he has by far the most contacts in the industry and  he just wants the role of financial director and in that same tour fabregas came to tell him he is already advanced in his album while still in maison mere and if he wants he can remove some songs so that he adds his and they leave togher but he prefered to remain loyal to werra because he really loved werra but funnily enough its him who wanted to remain very loyal to werra who is now very hated and fabregas the darling but he would not wish something bad to taddet even though he was very hurt
he has noticed that whether werra himself or some donors who he loved with his heart and did a lot of things for free have tendency to turned their back on him brutally at some point
he is asked about the famous 12  phenomenon and whether he was victim of it and when  and he said the first case was how he was denied possibility to be in clips of malewa  and on some primus ads aswell heritier had to ask that he gets allowed on clip(in another video he revealed that he was meant not be allowed on temps present clip but its heritier who sent his guys to wake him up at 3 in the night and he'd find him a tiny little spot to appear on clip so that he can promote his face) and one day he meet lacoste and complained about that and lacoste hinted to him "in that group you gotta do dirty stuff to get considered"
the second big 12 he was victim of was bercy's arrival all the main guys of maison mere and the boss himself(heriter was then in europe) had agreed on a plan to get rid of him and once  deplick surprised them in studio talking about him but he remained because he loved music and he loved werra and even said and still says that if he had to pick between his father and werra he'd pick werra no doubt(if i am not mistaken his dad passed away before he was born so he never knew his dad)
and he revealed that he had a vieux who trusted him so much that when he came to europe in any of his 7 europe trips, he gave him a key of his house even if himself was abroad for business and already bought food for the whole stay and had hidden some more money somewhere in the house if he needed something and he could go back to kin with the key and come and this vieux and several other people asked him several times whether he wants to remain in europe but he always prefered to remain loyal to werra and even celeo warned him back then that if he can he should remain in europe because the day werra and his guys want you out they'll do you very dirty with no mercy and its what happened when bercy joined,and it started even before bercy arrived but with bercy arrival it reached another level
and one day mayindombe called him and put loud speaker since he was around other guys and asked whether he will come after the rehearsal where he almost cried after being humiliated to test him to see whether they had succeeded but him being smart told him clearly he will be there instead of pouring out his feelings
and he says he is the type of guys who hate being embarassed so had he left he would have felt like he is so weak that he ran away so despite disappointment he decided to still challenge and restore his dignity and if somebody wants to mess with him too much he is ready for anything and will fight to the last drop of blood if needed and thats how he bounced back with muselu and kata fumbwa
and after mipende bercy left and went back to ferre but they continued trying to humiliate him now with ambulance while he welcomed ambulance well and even gave him shoutout on yo te to motivate him
and he says after fleche ingeta werra was openly confronting the musicians for how songs did not have expected success and although he was wanted out  werra used to say "at least lobeso saved us"
despite the fact they wanted him out,his determination to restore his dignity after the humiliations helped the group so much that werra had no choice than saving him from the debut of concert and introduce him in the middle so that proper excitement of the crowd starts and he remembers example of concert of football team renaissance where a fan literally got naked in front of everybody out of excitement when they were playing kata fumbwa,and he did all those efforts for himself but also for the group because despite everything he still loved werra
when they went to do generique of 7 jours ,they went to do pre record in studio DM record in brazza with him and the day they started proper recording they told him to stay at home and he says people who insult him and talk bad about him do not know what he went through and if any of them is brave enough he should do a video show his face and insult him like they do hidden behind youtube accounts and he'd deal with him in any possible way including spiritual
and he asked kakol clearly during that time of studio "tell me what i have done to deserve such hate" and kakol just looked down as if he was embarrassed or ashamed and he continued and said " you just have to tell me straight in the face instead of doing nasty things to me that you dont want me anymore and i will go"
when they did conception of the generique, afterwards they dropped some his parts to give diego space while ambulance got the longest space by far and in that reduced space he got they gave him 22 mabanga to include while he had to put his own as agreed with customers and he asked them" you do this to me,how will i eat,normally in the group after 1 year you have the right and possibility to get a song on album i have spent 10 years but still nothing how can i compensate now you forced me to add 22 names"
but werra and his guys could not give a damn as they had already decided of his fate long ago and he says until today maison mere's spokesmen insult him but when bercy left and dissed maison mere in any possible way he never saw any of them say a word about bercy maybe because they know bercy is crazy and is capable of chasing them and fight with them instead of responding in video
and after those studio sessions he decided to leave because he had enough
adams asked whether he witness the brigade vs heritier incident and he says brigade wants to please admins of maison mere and he says he is not saying that to attack brigade,after their troublesome start they became friends to extent that when brigade would buy clothes or shoes  or him they always bought one more for each other and brigade invited him at home a lot(brigade parties at hom every friday and saturday night when there is no concert)and after rehearsal of concert he'd drive brigade back home and he jokes that when he just joined the group brigade would drive his car and  stop next to him and mock him and go home
and he considers brigade as part of the family now although sometimes he has strange behaviour he'll give you info that he knows somebody who sells cars at reasonable price or who can ease you to get  europe visas but by the time you go to him for further info he disappears and he says nevertheless he loves him and he thinks he formed a great partnership with him, one of the greatest of recent years,and they could have formed an even stronger partnership with bercy if they did not use bercy to force him out because bercy is a great atalaku but unfortunately they were also under bercy's satanic spell as soon as he'd  go "lalalalalalala" werra would turn and give order to a donor "give him 500 dollars, he drove me crazy,he reminds me of kalonji" while they were humiliating him
 and he says even legends like bill or djouna mumbafu praise him a lot but the group forgot his worth totally
and he comes back on the topic of brigade vs heritier and he repeats that its brigade who started teasing and taunting heritier, calling him miyoto (a term which came from a sai sai ad where there was a  very slim character miyoto and a chubby/fat one apitabodo) and when heritier would arrive on stage heritier taunted on microphone this is the arrival of miyoto and it coincided with the period people started to say heritier despite all his advantages remains skinny and even looks skinnier at times because he caught AIDS,and heritier would reply to the diss on microphone and it  continued on and off stage until that day where it happened and he says brigade left because the group did not assist him well enough, and when he was receiving stitches as the injury was quite deep the leader was not even bothered to be there and assist while some of the musicians like himself were there and cried as they were shocked with the injury and  how it was being treated and he says brigade forgot who heritier was in maison mere heritier had become so important in maison mere that even if they received order to wear red uniform if heritier came with white clothes he'd still sing whereas if its who ever else werra would give order to bodyguards to lift you and throw you somewhere outside la zamba

« on: November 26, 2018, 19:42 »


With 500K albums sold,vieux djanana RTL must be soooooooooo proud,thats how God changes your life,maximum 5 years ago people were laughing at him that he does bodyguard job to survive and were likening people who were still a bit active in music who they considered as past it and finished to him,now who can mess with him again


in the last months whenever he has an interview you can already count on ndombolhino and la mama to name a few within hours to cut the part where he talks well of ferre and heritier which seems to be by far the most controversial thing he ever did
then in no time starts the jb heritier fans vs koffi fally werra fans war,while his interviews are almost identical,defend his decision to take his time to release,explain that he is not fighting against somebody so he does not have to release to compete with him,explain that werra is his brother with journalist saying but this and that,then  him mentioning bm and jugement as his favorites of the moment and  so on

« on: November 26, 2018, 13:56 »

He says he did it with his heart as a christian and papy indirectly hints that maybe he does it so that fally introduces him into the "'game" and he says its a lot of reasons and maybe that one aswell first and foremost he did it with his heart and he says if ever he hurted any of his colleagues he apologizes too he wants to bring a new image in congolese music with less stupid clashes and more unity and he wished happy anniversary to quartier latin and said he would have been happy to be there but he cant invite himself like that
and he says next year he will be releasing 3 albums at the same time,cible of the musicians,cible of himself then radar and that he had called ferre for a feat and ferre told him no problem just tell me when you are ready

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