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He was the son of former big star lita bembo


fally ferre jipson asso and co the dream team

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kinda looks,sits and holds the mic with an angry-like face like another artist lol

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I dont know if i posted it already,if i did sorry


Blaise works here

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From 1 35    ,mimicking the soundcheck antics,the entrance and so on and how everything always start later than planned


He says they became friends around 10 11 12 years as they were in same class and he could already feel he had something special
at his age he was already buying clothes and was coming to class with "big money" for a guy of that age and was already a great fan of fashion
their class prefect being no other than fifi mwamba" ficarre",they were often hanging together when there was a break and jb was already singing and the guy reveals that  he predicted  to jb that he would become another papa wemba which shocked jb but he kept insisting to jb that he was sensing huge leadership in him and he convinced jb to go and learn some spirituality  to be able to use the leadership ability and he is very happy to see that jb did not waste his leadership ability
in class jb was a calm guy who followed lessons seriously then once on a break could talk and have fun and back then he already had a funny way of walking "like a star" which teachers and colleagues loved he was already getting attention
he says they had not meet for years then they meet years ago when he tried to create a fanclub and jb welcomed him well and gave him an amount of money he was told not to reveal and asked him to write a legal status for his fan club so it can be officially registered and he did but he did not receive answer(this was when fans were putting mad pressure on the th generation to leave) but its not a problem and he kept doing business here and there but now he is on a big low so he did this interview also to ask to his friend if he can help him out a bit


Along with another one who seemingly was in maison mere



He has been sick for several months which postponed his return to drc ,so far only celeo despite their beef publicly talked about it and said he put the beefs aside to visit him and he hopes other artists with assist their colleague

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I saw alvarito on tv and he issued an apology to his friend fally,nsiabamfumu like he calls him and says if he hurted him he is sorry they have waisted to much time in ego but events like the death of sunda bass prove its not worth it so they must do their best to keep the family like it was even if they are not working together anymore on daily basis and he revealed he declined groups because he felt he would betray f victeam
he said he has been receiving insisting suggestions from fans and family and friends to return to f victeam and he even talked about it with djino liaki and atele who are the two other guys who decide besides fally who is recruited or who is accepted back but he still need to make his mind up but the tendency goes to a return even though at the same time he wants to handle solo career like a man with its difficulties


He was recruited in angola years ago during the first ever wenge maison mere wenge bcbg common concert for team kabuscorp,he was already in angola with djouna mumbafu and remained there and kept bothering maison mere donor and member of kabuscorp direction to join maison mere  and he was then present that day and thanks to heritier he was tested as he reminded him he used to be in the group of his elder brother pontiack but werra was surprised that there could be a good atalaku in angola so he hesitated but heritier convinced him and symbolically he wanted to give back to heritier some of the money he received on stage but heritier said no go and make your family happy then he went back to kin and like most people tested in la zamba he already prepared his friends to come and fill la zamba to support him he was tested against lobeso,liboka,deodorant,5 chantiers,brandon,kirikou and straight away he raised his arm when they were preparing the last primus generique of maison mere to give his idea and he entered generique like that out of his courage while he was not planned and the day he really started to impress werra properly is when the then second soloist mvuluzi zing who is now also in team wata returned from months of absence  werra asked him to play sous sol so that fans remember him but some atalakus were missing and those who were there were struggling on some voice so he asked to do full generique on his own from celeo brigade and roi david's high notes to kene kene and werra turned to kakol and said "sekutula(like he calls kakol) can he handle it?" and he did it all  and from then he started entering properly rotation and he was called at werra's home to rehearse an ad for a biscuit with werra's main songwriter late chela and other atalkus were shocked and jealous  that a new member like that gets opportunity so quick and he started getting strange attacks and was starting to fall at home for no reason
then bercy arrived and like everyone knows werra started disliking them all in favor of bercy
fleche ingeta basically was him ambulance when brigade left but with bercy's arrival it went to bercy  and he ended up doing kirikou's parts as in studio kirikou was struggleing then at some point he had issues with a general in DRC and had problems for 3 months and was not going to la zamba but was secretly going to rehease with werra to prepare 7 jours de la semaine and he says maison mere musicians barely participated to album,it was mainly guys like innos b's elder brother fonkoji who did a good part of the job even on the diemba generique kakol almost did not play but rather fonkoji and evryl,and kakol was so frustrated that they had to let him at last minute record some little snare drum parts outside somewhere in werra's house and he returned to la zamba and werra pretended not have seen him for ages and doing one of his much love dialogues at la zamba with him and he made peace with lobeso who he was having ego war with and there started properly his rise (since lobeso was on his back in spiritual things) and one first thing really frustated him and made him want to live as his dad was victim of a serious accident and when he tried to pass through people so that they can get for him some money from the big boss since he found it not polite to directly go to werra like that they blocked his move and made false promises and it hurt him a lot and he started thinking about his life, he worked hard for the group and accepted spiritual things but because of some people who made it impossible to reach the boss,he is the only man among his parents children so he has to take care of his relatives older and younger and thats what inspired him the animation CHARGE since he has lots of people to feed and pay school fees for and he sold everything he had in previous house to save the life of his dad and his dad told him "blaise( his real name) how long will you accept this" and it made him think about the sacrifices he did for the group and how while he was having success he was not getting either group's money or connection to donors and was living from substandard hotel to substandard hotel then in very poor suburbs of kinshasa and people were mocking him and he was still respecting werra so was unable to ask him directly but rather through admins even though it was unsuccesful and also the few donors he had he could not bother them all the time because they have family and employees and asking too often is not good for your dignity and he was not raised like that  which is why he decided to go to wata who is younger and who he can more easily expose problems to and who can understand him better surely and he gives and exemple of how him and bercy went to lubumbashi with him for a music competition were they were judges of aspiring atalakus and they received nice money from donors and thanks to it he could leave the house he used to share with his brother from another mother and jokes that the noise they were making in their rooms with women was not compatible anymore so thanks to that money he could rent a new house and make it well equipped
and he also revealed that he was approached to leave group along with taddet and some other guys and he declined because he does not see them like potential leaders without disrespecting them
when nicodem kakol and co went to states the group was under direction of him hugo synthe and bikorino and then religious people around him advised him to leave and in the meantime olivier was approaching him but it was his personal decision still as he was grateful for how heritier always was there for him in maison mere and he meet heritier luckily somewhere and told him he was leaving maison mere and was tempted to join and heritier said we'll see but he still went to maison mere and he argued with somebody in la zamba and  he jumped from podium and stormed out of la zamba and kakol tried to follow him and even followed him until his neighboorhood to try to convince him not to leave and if heritier paid him he should eat and remain like he did with taddet he said no heritier gave me nothing but it was too late he found it strange that they started caring about him now he wanted to go

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