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i had said months/years ago that i would do a topic of my experience,to explain how conflict of generation started in bcbg,how it evolved with time and the consequences
stay tuned,it should be good by tonight or tomorrow

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they start with ferre announcing he is 3 songs to mix away from finishing his album with other languages than lingala,and papy asked whether he did it to copy somebody and he invites papy to watch old videos and he'll see he had that plan long ago already
and papy joked about ferre's shoes and ferre jokes aswell that them artists hate it when somebody enters their concert with the same clothes or shoes because they like to appear "unique and specialé and it happened once that at a concert two guys came with similar clothes to him and he told one of his guys and he got different clothes and papy asked whether it happened to him like another artist( jb) to have lost clothes  during a flight and he says not really lost but it did not arrive in time so he had to borrow clothes from his musicians to perform in one concert abroad
papy then asks why he released pourquoi tu m'as fait ca and whether its part of an album and ferre says he likes  to release a song prior to next album and he goes on to reveal that he has trouble with censorship commitee,they have to pay,300 for a song 300 for the clip of that song,censorship is refusing to receive his money which blocks the fact clip is allowed on tv,while he had to pay even for songs who were not released officially like the two songs "announcing" his crossover album and he goes on to complain with how they have endless authorization to ask for before going out of DRC even for their private life at times,and they  get no copyright while they pay taxes... and papy asks whether he suspects somebody, and both indirectly mention one of the main men of censorship didi kelo kelo who happens to be fally's uncle,and he did two versions of the clip already and he does not see what's too obscene in there
he is asked whether he listened other docteur jeff songs and he says the other artists all did a good job
papy asks whether he allows his family to watch clips of other artists and he says of course and reveals that in his parking he has a tv so that even when you just enter his house you can already watch clips and he never shut it down because it was this or that artist
papy being the big instigator he is then asks questions about koffi  ferre manages to dodge it says koffi can be his father so he does not want to talk about him out of respect but he is open to questions about guys of his generation  or clan wenge and papy asks about his relationship with werra and ferre says in all honesty its not good they do not see each other they do not talk because of all  what happened in the 15+ years they have not been together anymore and papy says but you can reconcile as your part of the same family and ferre replies that papy should ask werrason also why things are like that,and goes on to hint that his family suffered a lot from what has been happening in the last 15 years and himself still has not healed the pain, some very very serious things happened which you cant just brush away like that,he was insulted along with his family to extent that his mother even had to make interviews to complain(i remember an interview with naty lokole i think before ferre falled out with naty where she could not contain her tears)
he does not have hatred towards werra still but those situations affected him a lot he remembered aswell at some point where order was given to fans to throw stones or pieces of wood at him if they saw him
but despite all that, he is very very grateful to werra for the way he helped him to give a good shape to his career and he also is very thankful to the former 4X4 guys aswell because he learned things with them aswell from the random members to the president jb mpiana but the things he faced because of his choice of leaving was way too serious to forget it like that but he insists he does not have any hate towards werra just a lot of pain which have never been allowed to heal
papy asks if they happen to be at same place as werra would he salute him or ignore him and ferre says obviously he'll salute him and it already happened on a plane he stood and went to were werra was and saluted him,and never would he be able to see werra somewhere around him and act like he does not know who he is
he talks about the contract in congolese music for group members, and he says its a complicated issue because even leaders themselves make most of of their money outside the normal ways you can expect in music so its normal that the money properly generated in music in kinshasa is not enough to really satisfy musicians
 papy refers to his contract in quartier latin saying but some like you sign contract,and he replies papy should not forget it was under particular circumstances while they are talking about everybody
then he talked about whether its allowed for his musicians to date dancers, he says a strict no at first but then elaborates on how it can influence their work for example a dancer can feel ashamed to dance properly  with usual energy with her husband around on stage to avoid jealousy or just out of respect,its possible that they date outside in their private life but he would be against if it starts affecting openly their work
he also went on to sing songs of various artists like papy loves to ask him but he did not know songs of capuccino and brigade and said it was not  in a polemic way

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The guy literally mixed generiques of cartoons with sebene  :D :D :D


He says he was already singing since he is a kid in church in his native region of bandundu,then at some point a friend of his who knew blaise bula started talking about him to blaise until one day that guy convinced him to be taken to blaise's house in the early moments of the newly born group and blaise was so impressed that he refused to let him go and gave him a room in his house and told the guy to go and tell gemerose's parents that he is at blaise bula's house so they should not worry,and he says since then they developped some sort of father children relationship and he never called blaise president,since he never saw him as his boss but rather like a second father
and he revealed when they arrived in europe and could not perform due to work permit issues at some point blaise did a lot for him to help him get longterm european papers(and his were even sorted two years before blaise)
and when  ferre left maison mere and came to paris he was first about to rehearse with djo lokis  only and some of the future backline  ,djo told him to come and assist to rehearsal and from then ferre who knew him already  convinced him and they said they'd even officially inform blaise but once in les marquis he knew the group would collapse quick because from the start there was already disagreement between the three leaders and every of them had people around telling them "you the man,you the leader" so he was not surprised when things went wrong,and he planned to do some other jobs after his collaboration with jdt  but passion for music was too big and his bond with blaise too strong so when blaise went to record album it was natural for him to come and obviously he participated once again in rendekita and will always be there whenever blaise needs him
he reveals that a good part of the song pire pirate is an 15+ year old song  which started kinda around the way blaise falled out with jb,in response to a vocal of alain mpela which was seen as an attack towards blaise but then with time the song evolved
then in 2009 he decided to join a group in kinshasa so that he can perform week in week out because he was not happy with just the odd session here and there then nothing for ages,and he approached kakol in belgium to join maison mere, and returned with maison mere and succeeded at test
but he did not feel too welcome in the group but since he knew what he can offer he had faith,unfortunately he arrived when malewa was over in studio so he had to wait for next album,which he did, but when album started he was often ignored and started seeing changes,something not being allowed on stage for months with people thinking he is back in europe while he is in kinshasa but one day werra decided to give him a song on album,but he had zero vocal in any of the other 25+ songs and he asked kakol whether he was a bad singer not to deserve even few seconds on a song and it touched kakol and capuccino who was one of the rare who liked him in the group offered him some space
 when his song was out he paid radios and tv's for promotion but to his surprise the song was never played and when he asked he got told that they received order  from werra and maison mere authorities not to promote any other song than those of nicodem,arnaké and limousine so he thought as a plan b it would be good to promote in on youtube with influential channels like the one of ndombolhino and he gave clip to ndombolhino but to his surprise clip was taken down quickly with ndombolhino also telling hm he received order to take down any clip which is not of those three new guys(part of the definitive fallout of heritier with maison mere also started there) and at the 3 grand hotel event deplick who gave him a chance had left,elliot mondobe who gave him a chance had left aswell and he was informed his song was not on the list of the 3 concerts despite it being a triple concert to promote triple cd, so he went to kakol after first day of event and told him he is leaving
but he got no hard feeling towards maison mere its just how history was and now he is a solo artist,and wants to prove himself and his album is almost ready,with blaise bula, deplick and jdt as his main guests
he also talk about his personality saying he has always been like that,calm,humble but he does like to say what he thinks aswell but he tries to never sound rude because he was raised by his parents with a lot of values which he is now also sharing to his kids as their father


nice sound

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I saw few days ago a friend of mine who posted on his status short extracts of fabro chante maitre gims and could not stop laughing at the way he apparently slaugthered lyrics( i dont listen to maitre gims)


With  metro,ali mbonda,mbaliosombo as guests
emo watch at 44 30 I am sure it will make you happy
in the second video there are glimpses of one of the generiques in the female solo dances


There is also eric tutsi,nadou new jack,paty patcheko,japonais,chai ngenge...

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