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She says  many artists used her husband's work without asking and she'd not have reacted anyways if fally did the same but she appreciated that fally took time to come to her and ask for authorization before releasing it
fally had (obviously) been attacked left right and center by heritier and ferre guys that he stole it or that his career has hit such a massive low that he has to exist through traditional music( for whatever stupid reason,traditional music is considered like a massive step back or almost a mockery of themselves by many of the to say when a popular artist is finished he can revert to traditional music or gospel)

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fantastic sound and zacle  got the moves :D :D :D


Roger said for weeks in several media outlets that abraham should stop playing bcbg songs in concert and abraham replies that he does not believe jb can send roger to do that and roger thinks he is pleasing jb by doing that while he makes people say harsh stuff on jb by doing that and he reminds roger that its them musicians who do the work and he has given almost 17 years of his life doing that for jb so he wont accept roger ordering him to stop singing bcbg songs
he goes on to say maybe roger wants to impress his sidekicks by acting like he is so important to jb but he should slow down on drinking or change drink and come back to reality
he has respect for him but it was beyond ridiculous to put so much energy into doing that thinking you are suxxing your boss and showing you are loyal,also added roger is not even that loyal because he says a lot of bad things  about jb behind the scenes and if he insists he might expose him big time
 i also saw somewhere on fb abraham hitting back to roger in a concert that in jb's testimony the day he dies everything will be for daida soraya and co so he should stop thinking he is a jb relative


He disses one leader who has dancers like his slaves living at his house

Congolese Music / MJ30 TRIBUTE TO PAPA WEMBA
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fabregas is slowly getting back to his former self


From 24th minute,with jose hendrix who was recruited slightly before papa's death and djo le noir sharing papa's voice(as archange has gone solo)


The first few times i listened to this generique i was like WTF when wazekwa said tyson at 2 40 which coincided with start of sebene :D :D :D


quite good


 from 37th minute,i always thought he became a singer out of maison mere

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 Like title says, cultura are working on album bo'a mabe for the end of this year but the members are facing a big difficulty which is to find song customers,or more exactly to find suitable customers
in fact,wazekwa  has a principle  which in the past also went against the likes of joss who was one of the rare chef not to get automatic songs on album
in fact,before allowing a musician to add a song wazekwa likes to know who he is singing for so he'd take a month or two to make inquiries about the person to know if he is not a thief or those guys who have snakes at home who "generate dirty money for them" or if the guy has a bad reputation in general to sum it up
 and it happened few times that he did not figure out the guy himself did song for was not actually fitting his philosophy,he'd decide not to sing for that guy again or once or twice he literally gave money back through his brother jp lukombo mi corazon
 and this year many guys of cultura came happily with guys to buy their songs and it happened that 80 per cent of them were not fitting the criteria so wazekwa told them to come again with other guys or go on tv since there are really really tv shy to sing extracts and attract new customers
my question is if you were in his position,would you accept "dirty money" as long as its good money or stick to his original philosophy


he make a flashback on his pre-music life saying he was a singer and dancer in traditional group but his taste for music really developped when he was studying art there was guitars around and out of nowhere he tried playing and figured out he was playing well and started writing songs and  when he got introduced to papa wemba,papa wemba told him you are a good singer and a good guitarist the day you'll want to record an own album instead of just giving songs call me i will come and sing and was told by papa wemba to witness every step of the song he wrote for him so that he can learn few things
so when he started his career he had a bit of experience already and decided  to get recognition first through his lyrics since they were already a lot of great dancers around like jb,werra,defao,shimita,alain mpela and so on but knew one day he'd show he also can dance
and it started from album signature and he reveals the inspiration of that title came from a situation with his friends of one of them who wrote a letter in french to a woman who left him and it was filled with faults and the other friends were laughing at the guy but when he took the paper to see he said to himself "you can criticizes whatever somebody writes but you can't correct somebody's signature" so he wanted to do an album which would get as little as possible criticism and the surprising energy and success of that album came from the fact  musicians arrived in europe for the first time and within few days some started getting cars from their fans and it created big motivation unlike what people think that that album meant he has signed with the devil
he goes on to say actually the biggest secret of his career is that he arrived  in the game only sticking to God whereas if he came into the grame with witchcraft it would have been very easy to musicians who were already around in that system for ages to eliminate him or block his rise and he is proud of having chosen to stick to God and it shows God can also give glory in music
 he is asked about his unique style of dancing and he replies it came from an analysis he did after years of dancing moves of other groups,he said to himself most of the famous congolese dances are around and behind the waist and many sounding like something too sensual/sexual and some other dances were like fighting so he decided to create his own style even though he is capable of doing all styles
to the traditional question about koffi he reveals they have held some gentleman talks and its not anymore the fierce rivalry it was but competition remains as he says he'll never accept again to be friends with koffi the way they were but he'll salute him if they meet
and he went on to say he believes the starting point of that rivalry is koffi not realising he is already koffi a proven continental  star so him wazekwa was never going to displace him  so he should not have feared him because normally its those who are aiming for the top who fear those at the top and not those at the top fearing those who are way behind and he says because he used to react with a lot of anger to koffi's attacks people though he has unbelievable hate for him whereas even if somebody came to him telling him he plans to do something bad to koffi and only remains something he could help out on he'd refuse because he respects koffi and prefers him to be alive and active so that competition with him pushes him to keep working hard and he says for example he listened to nyataquance and he liked some rhythm parts and it gave him the motivation to create something better and even reveals that when the rivalry went really hardcore a close member of koffi's staff of then called him to tell him koffi had heard him wazekwa went to west african to see sorcerers to kill koffi and that he replied to that guy to tell koffi that he'd never ever do such thing 
about his ex musicians he says  its still difficult to accept him back because of the way they left as he has know seen proof that the guys were approached by koffi to extent that they were visiting him at home long before they left  so it hard to accept them back but  its now other reasons which block their return,joss is a leader,gabbana is in maison mere and he says he believes his friend werra did not give gabbana any chance because he knows how bad gabbana talked when he joined quartier latin so he'd risk the same treatment so he lets gabbana think okay you are in maison mere but he wont get any chance whatsoever and hono kapanga is now in USA and gesac its been a while since he did something worthy so there is not even tentation to bring him back so he can boost cultura  like the gesac he once was so they cant return but he'd help them if they need

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With as usual his employees juvenal,carine and co dancing with him


All three joined bcbg from europe

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