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He says after the very tense reunion of wenge musica 4X4 (werra wanted to beat jb for the fact he dealt with the money of feux de l'amour directly with musicians without  it being discussed in reunions so it was for werra like jb betrayed how they were leaving peanuts to musicians and also like jb "bought" musicians on his side by doing that) the members were told to wait for another reunion
but the camp of jb which was already very organized were determined went on to rehearse and  said those who were not there are out of wenge4X4 and werra sent him that guy and other guys to "spy" at the rehearsal to see if its really true that jb and co are rehearsing
and when they confirmed it was true it got werra very determined to counter them
the day after,when the guy went to werra's house he found jdt mulopwe there with werra and in the same period not too long after he went again and saw werra and ferre discussing about doing something together while masela and adolphe were still hoping for 4X4 return and they came after as adolphe failed to convince werra to  go to see jb and co and reunite
and there was a strong connexion between werra and ferre which made werra true ferre even more than didier and  adolphe to organize tests and co  despite his young age
he is asked whether ferre then can be called co-founder of the group  he hesitates as he knows its quite controversial so he does not want to piss any of the camp so he says its werra who came with idea but ferre contributed a lot 
and he says war between fans of jb and werra started that day of the newly born wenge bcbg rehearsal as werra and jdt arrived in that area to challenge them and from that moment split between fans could be seen
they then started  very well like we all know  and he is asked about the kibuisa mpimpa period which almost lead already to les marquis,and says baby ndombe was the most vocal about the group's anger over some issues which lead to relation turning really bad between him and werra and after  werra convinced them to go and finish kibuisa  werra started using that guy and other ones to "spy" ferre baby and co and report to him and some musicians were also reporting to him after attending reunions about forming a band and agreeing with them
and in staff also there were guys who became unhappy as in the past they'd all be asked their opinion and discuss with werra but then at some point he    was ignoring some of them's point of view
about baby and the mampata affair he says its false that baby did that but the thing he remembers is that there was one guy who was coming to rehearsals with baby  who werra ordered bodyguards not to let in anymore and  that guy got beaten by them which pissed baby off and he stopped singing during rehearsal to go and fight with them and the rehearsals ended badly as crowd were going out to watch what happened
and the guy (mike longange) says he become so close to them and werra did not listen to him anymore that he knew they would found les marquis and he is asked whether for him they did well to leave the group and he says he understands them as harmony was not the same anymore and if there is no harmony its easier to see all the flaws and get pissed more quickly and since the staff were protecting their own interests instead of figthing for the harmony to come back it was inevitable


He looks much more enthusiastic,his voice is cracking much less...and he is startlng to heavily praise the new official girlfriend cynthia who he nicknames bobi to refer to late mobutu's wife like a lot of people nowadays lol
(before a balle de match question arrives,the delay is caused by constantly postponing paris trip due to local contracts so he failed to give it in time before holidays)
lol abraham did the guys a bad service,jb is still hurt about it and "warns" musicians on stage

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man this guy made a grown guy like me have some tears...

he starts briefly talking about music in itself saying the major change in current congolese music is that since the level of education has changed/dropped a lot ,many of the young men joining groups think about the "end" and not "the process" as to say they are more interested in what music can make them become quickly in terms of lifestylme rather than going through some proper path with various issues before becoming a stable man and artist and the drop of education level has also affected the quality of music especially the lyrics
also if it did not work out in music,young guys would have other options if they reached a good level of education
he is then asked about the combattants issue he says it has lasted quite some time and he thinks at some point we have to think like people living in developed countries and make well-considered decisions
we congolese people should realise that the issue of music hides some very issues about the congolese community himself which are bound to explode anytime soon if we are not careful,we are heading towards some strong division
he recalls an interview of president mobutu who insisted a lot on unity of congolese people despite coming from different tribes and regions and not to let anyone cause division between us congolese people and reddy has that the division which is about to really happen would benefit occidental forces to officially split the country in several parts
there are no too far from 90 millions of congolese people and we have to realise that  a huge fire can come from a candle or a smoldering cigarette as to say we should realise that what we may see as minor issues can lead to a big disaster which will not benefit to random congolese citizens but rather  of some politicians who see the interest of their pockets and not the interest of congolese people
 he goes on to say several countries in africa are going through some serious issues aswell with their president and gives example of ivory coast which has been struggling for reconciliation even after the years of huge trouble are gone and with DRC  having a much bigger  population it would be even harder
for reddy, we have to have a look at diaspora's of ofther countries and see how they contribute and gives example of ivorian and senegalese people who have big associations here and who work together of projects such as building universities  while in our community it has become very hard to have congolese people united on something without falling out shortly after
and their example shows if we unite we can do bigger things  that when we lose time attacking each other over our politicians which quickly ends up with tribal argument
in mali the diaspora built on their own several hospitals as they surely have realised that talking,protesting,insulting each other because of tribe was a waste of time as while they talked politicians only were getting richer and richer at expense of their people
he goes back on music saying  those ideas can be used by us instead  of thinking that blocking music in europe would lead to politicians of kinshasa ruling the country better than what they do and more especially kabila leaving and he believes its a politician from opposition who completely brainwashed people into thinking that music had any link with politics so it had to be held hostage
it's been almost 10 years that the situation exists and he wonders how much more time people who believe in that theory will need to understand that its not normal and asks himself whether assuming kabila ends up lasting as much as mobutu will music be held as hostage until that time as they deeply think it has anything to do with the change of president
he is asked why they sang for kabila and why they do not attack kabila like for example ivorian singer does with presidents and reddy replies lets not be brainwashed in thinking it had zero impact on his career from the authorites,he ended up living in france because he was not welcome anymore
 and goes on to say yes they could do it but a smart person does not do thinks just for the sake of it you have to take consequences into account of any action you have ,he says people are mad against them for singing for kabila campaign and asks what was the alternative because if they ended up in prison,with our lack of unity,nobody would have bailed them out and we do not have to wait for people becoming martyr because they have family so people have to remember that life is more important that everything
there is parliament and opposition in kinshasa who are there to deal with the country's political issues,not musicians and he insists that no musician in DRC gets money everyday from governement like people are brainwashed to think in order to hate musicians,they do a lot of efforts on their own and with help of donors ....
He says combattants has to remember they are congolese like them and so are their musicians so continuing to hate each other like that is like somebody coming with more fire when people are trying to put out the flames
and adds that people take coaches and cars from all around just to come block somebody else's job while that money they waste on that could be useful to congolese people in the need

judgeing by the likes,i am certain reddy got roasted in comments knowing how many fellow congolese brothers act when you say something they dont want to hear or accept...


i could not watch it all  but from what i gathered he was upset that he was unfairly treated about something which is why he did the letter and three days after he changed his mind and he will participate soon on generique clip


haha he turned it into what used to be the studio sessions back when artists were recording albums fully in europe :D :D :D :D


as often in music whenever something happens to somebody people interpret it as mystic and  in this case also of nono shaka losing his sight a lot of people have been saying that cultura was behind it and cultura's chef d'orchestre eclipse is invited to talk about it
 he says the problems of shaka started years ago and they were noticing that he struggled to see well sometimes at rehearsal,and it keep worsening to extent that once he was not even able to touch microphone  as his eyes were not seeing where it is which got them worried so he was sent to an hospital were wazekwa has a contract so that he pays automatically whatever problem any of his musician and their wives and kids have and they did not find solution so he was sent to another hospital more specialized in eye's issues where they found that the blood pressure of his eyes were not normal and he got treated until it got normal but still could not see so family took him to some fake pastors who have been making him drink some stuff and he still has not recovered while cultura were taking to more serious pastors already known in kinshasa for solving some of those issues
and eclipse adds that no way on earth he'd do something bad to shaka who is not only like a brother but compliments him artistically being a deep voice atalaku while he is a tenor one and both having spent over 15 years together built a telepathic understanding on stage impros so he does not see why he'd basically weaken himself by attacking shaka
they still have been paying shaka's salary for over a year now but the rare times some of the musicians went to see him they got a very cold welcome except from his brother cedric and his other brothers and friend who often come to cultura concerts and what got him very hurt and worried is that it seems even his family did not care about him that much anymore to extent that it happened that it was one day  their singer ceden play who made him take a bath while his wife and family were barely interested in him
they gave the family idea that they collaborate on the fees with family to take him to europe so that its not done on family's back or even just get authorization but shaka's brother who is in netherlands who was willing to do it or give authorization and who told them he'd call them once he is in kin still has not contacted them for months and the situation keeps worsening with shaka being abandoned at that church were he is given stuff to drink but not change is happening so since they cant disrespect the family they backed off and are watching and are ready to step in if called upon again


koffi really liked tetela language in this album lol
ahhh flory aka somono you went from this to insulting your colleagues...

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celeo is talking as usual about the lack of love between congolese artists and saying tha then there are some guys like fabregas who will hate you in private then post about you so that people think he has the right mentality, and later on he says fabregas is the guy who destroyed internet media in DRC by how he allowed carine to become some sort of celebrity and how press has now become more about doing buzz at all costs
surprising from celeo who stood by fabregas clearly when their was the open beef with fally so i wonder whether something happened

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The guy is looking at heritier as if he wants to eat him lol such admiration in his eyes :D :D :D


LOL every single ex maison mere singer i can remember debut from started with this song from didier masela


metro with a surprise contribution (and voice) on generique

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