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WOW at that age i could barely figure out what is a guitar lol


Its instead iyanya,this would have been the biggest madness ever if it was dicap like the look from far can suggest


or a tribute song to mothers like papa wemba did to maman nyondo
for all the criticism jdl rio and kibens get i think they really did their best  work since th or internet especially in terms of chorus


that must be super super tough to endure
she went if i am not mistaken to a week of work in poland for her job and never returned alive
good brotherhood there from ferre,had a lucrative wedding concert in kin but cancelled to stay by his friend
may God give picasse strength


What  on earth is he talking about illuminati baphomet and all that


in a part of his house he's put photos of the best congolese artists according to him and he is asked to explain what they represent to him and obviously they start with his friend and ex boss fabro and he says  he is a big artist God set him to stardom through him and nobody can deny that he's done great things in his career,he likes about him his determination he remembers concerts where they would start with only 7 people in the crowd but the energy he was giving on stage attracted more people
his behaviour is something and his music is something else,and you can dislike fabro's behaviour but you cant deny he's had a decent career
then he is asked about werra and he says werra is like a republic because of how so many people have become stars from the group then from people who left the group and even now from people who left "children" of ex members of the group
then he is asked about his childhood friend robinio and he says what he likes about him is that he came from wenge but he developped his own style different from wenge as a solo artist
then ceda ya mado he says for him he is the icon of the recent generation of atalakus because he's done what is for him the most popular animation of the recent generations,ya mado and it happened that they performed abroad and people were calling them "ya mado" because they did not know their names yet
then he is asked about gaz mawete and he says all that generation of urban music symbolises determination to become stars because they have not gone through groups they just came straight from their houses and decided to put their names on the map


Like in the soyons serieux days he got his legs attacked by mbasu and he has now recovered and is ready to restart working
lol his reflex to  always do the microphone gesture despite being handed a microphone is funny,you can feel that he's still got his street group memories very fresh,when there were barely microphones,the bassist had to turn to the wall to produce bass sound and things like that

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weird move,maybe fabro thinks its good for polemic,but knowing who its about it has 99,99999999999999999 per cent of chances to go against him

« on: March 15, 2023, 17:41 »

in a feat with comedian and influencer noah lunsi


This was when he just joined and the koyimbiko dance was not fully developped yet,this made me remember anecdote from marchouse that in those days when it was kabose's turn to dance celeo was winding him up with big stars' animation "eh eh eh eh tate mame swabiwutu"


among his punchlines he gives shout out to fally and ferre saying "in this game of music  we know who is fally ipupa and who is ferre gola" as to pay respect to them
this might not be as shared on pages as if.... lol just kidding

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