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I wish i knew about the date earlier to plan attending
if only singers could do the same


This guy is a arafat look alike and even his eyes the form of his face and a lot of things look similar to arafat people in comments even say his mother has to tell people if there was not a stolen twin at birth


HAHA reddy never ends an interview with nathy without remind him that he was in school during most of his viva la musica career
and there is messages for his 40 years of career from fally,jdt,ibrator,fleury fleur,joss diena and ceden play who did a video from hospital
i agree with what reddy said about the anniversaries of death or occasions like birthday of legends like nioka longo,there is always like 5 artists max as soon as the death has gone past a year and its the 1st 2nd 3rd anniversary


 ya popo seems to hold extreme grudge,but he does not want to ever really disclose the real reason for that in all interviews of the past 10 plus years,it must be that passport thing which hurt him the most
and he warns his family to not accept even a single cent from koffi because that would be like mocking his dead body

« on: September 15, 2023, 16:45 »

In the past days and weeks he was saying that he was receiving anonymous calls "continue attacking wazekwa and you'll see dont you remember what happened to hono kapanga,your case will be worse "
and he was saying weeks ago already if something happens to me this is where it all comes from and that he refused to leave matete because he is a congolese citizen and he has the right to live where he wants even if he is not form that area
he was coming from shooting a clip and got attacked by young guys who said "we caught you now"

« on: September 14, 2023, 16:35 »

This is the wazekwa i know and love not this very late learner of gangsta attitude who is self sabotaging 
happy 61th birthday,like joss said in his last interview,hopefully he finds back the real felix who is humble and caring about people around him

« on: September 12, 2023, 18:38 »

from minute 10 11
In this interview kakol is naming musicians who are back and those who waited for them and he mentioned ong bak solo the guy with dreads who did a test like few weeks/months ago and it was said that he was related to arc en ciel family wise
and to my surprise he mentionned mayi ya kamba,formerly soloist of celeo and later bill clinton
and he praises the fact that their instrumentist section is very versatile,hugo can play synthe guitars and drums,gb plays rhythm but can play solo bass drum,djino bass can play rhythm and solo


LOL paulin mukendi listening to "himself" aswell


Only the solo sound was not loud enough,even celeo's voice sounded better than every of his release since ici c'est paris


people are really using the political conflict to create a lot of unnecessary hate and prejudice,eric's dad is congolese from equateur and his mom from rwanda and there is many people like that or vice versa
we are in big 2023 and people still dont know that there is a lot of genetic mix depending on neighborhood and things like that from the 80 90's we had people of rwanda grown in kin who dont even look like the stereotype,skinny with "dry" face but then until today if you come from the east and you have those skinny traits and you have an accent you are suspected to be from rwanda or just for coming from east alone,its almost like an insult
somebody like innoss will forever have to justify himself despite both his parents being from the tribes of east
and i believe if lokua kanza had a kinshasa based career he'd have a proper nightmare to develop his career with that mentality

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