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« on: January 17, 2018, 07:15 »

Here is a video of ibrator at court after responding to a complaint coming from fabregas over kaniaka and its alleged attacks

« on: January 12, 2018, 20:26 »

In short he explains his entrance in empire bakuba with first concert just two days after he was introduced to the three leaders  and explained how he threw his all in the group in the  7 years he spent in the group  and he was named lofombo because of a footballer who was famous for having very strong shots ,in comparison to his style of bass
he says his best memory in empire was the fact he got married( may she rip) and he had disappeared a bit because of loss of his wife he had to take time to recover and even his kids would have found him strange if he kept spending whole days at studio like nothing happened
he says the downfall  of our music is due to lack of proper sponsorship,in the past a lot of companies were being partners of the group and backing them on tours and studio whereas nowadays its harder to find people who will aim higher than the fame they expect from buying a song to their name so they have to depend on politicians and he hints that  he refuses to be part of that system where you are backed by politicians and use black magic for success and even if you sing stupid stuff people cheer he does not want that type of success and there is a lot of talented people  who struggle a lot in their career because they refuse to bow to the system
he adds that  evil has developed a lot in our music, in the past you'd see franco take some other groups on tour with him while nowadays  the  leaders  will do their best to" kill" groups or artists who are on the rise or do not support him while he worked for them whenever they need them and he has proof that one of them even tried to get him fired from one of the places he works at but thankfully his plan failed
about ferre koffi beef he says he contacted koffi praising him as the remaining legend we have after papa simaro and urged koffi not to continue into beef but rather help younger artists and be a role model to them and that he is not hearing about that beef anymore so he hopes they will sort it out anyway
for him ferre is a great singer and a phenomenon,just like bill clinton just like himself because they had influenced a whole generation  there have been a lot of singers trying to sing like ferre or atalakus trying to be like bill or bassists to be like him,even outside drc
he also added emeneya who a lot of singers followed
but he regrets that they are not supported enough so for example to fund material for his studio he had to  play on various albums or songs or be arranger and he mentions zigida,premier soin of ferre,a lot of manda chante songs of je suis,most of QQJD on bass,caligula,bill's kibota generique... but he feels overall in his contribution over the years on people's album he did not get paid back well for example in interventional rapide he programmed arranger and played bass on chantal switerzland and was paid around 40 dollars
 for him 2017 has been a bad year because he lost his lifelong wife and a couple more of people who were very close to him and at job level he was disappointed so many times so he has upped his conditions to do session work with artists and he thanks ferre who quite some time after qqjd release  gave him a good amount of money to thank him for his great contribution on bass sound engineer and arrangement while he had previously paid him those little amounts he used to get  and he is happy because it came from ferre himself as he was appreciative of the great sound lofombo helped  in producing

« on: January 12, 2018, 00:05 »
 Two days in a row of zamba zamba with  attacks to jb and now even kakol is involved ,no doubt now that nsone is aware of everything this is some blatant 12


We are far from the kirikou who was throwing his all to attack ferre and apparently he has started to be left out of some concerts


At 26 15  second artist i see doing that,fabregas also still calls kakol and seguins chefs despite being a band leader

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« on: January 10, 2018, 17:00 »

« on: January 10, 2018, 01:19 »

They have not done these type of songs for ageeeeeeeees


for those who did not know him this is tshanda formerly known as bebe tshanda or bebe rico,he filled stade des martyrs at 6 and 7 years old i highly doubt this record will be erased one day

« on: January 09, 2018, 16:49 »

easily the 5th/6th already


You can hear already some animation mboshi will later do in quartier latin lool my man adolphe always doing funny stuff

the success of kalayi boeing and les anges adorables vol 1 and 2 will put wenge on another level in africa and will bring a lot of african and european contracts
in 1995 while the group is back from african tour,the 3 main administrators didier masela,werrason,jb mpiana will meet assistant of verckys kiamuangana,denewade at veve center and he will advise them to follow example of carribean group kassav and release individual albums then do group albums in between,and the idea seduces them especially jb mpiana and werrason who are starting to have bigger personal ambitions
In the meantime alain makaba who is settled in europe and who just came to africa sometimes decided to start recording his solo album as he says the group tours without him but he has to feed his family and he picks his favourite singers who are in europe at that moment kester,luciana,dindo yogo and co but misses out on some like pepe kalle who had returned to kin
and when his friends of wenge musica arrive in europe he will make a move seen as controversial by some of his friends,as he takes only jb mpiana,ekokota and titina but he will explain that he wanted something different from wenge which is why he took a minimal number
the recording process of pentagone will mark a new step in personal ambition of jb mpiana and werrason as both start planning solo projects with their private songwriters and werrason plans that when wenge musica is in kinshasa sometimes he would, as he is getting more contacts,tour on his own with a makeshift band of christian mabanga, the newly recruited seguin,ali mbonda and his friend ficarre(and later on ferre)
while recording pentagone,alain makaba will introduce to the group producer simon njonang lowe"sipe music"as thanks to his participation on various albums as guitarist and arranger he develops by what is by far the best network in the industry of music within the group
but this idea will be controversial in the group jb and werrason will be reluctant especially werrason who heard about him before and his habit of breaking bands he produces but makaba convinces them he can do good job for them so they have to give him a chance
unfortunately with the growing ambition of jb mpiana and werrason they will build around themselves staffs who will start feeding them with the idea that one has to officially appear as the supreme leader and coincidentally both will have two older artists who will act like godfathers to them,papa wemba and koffi olomide
papa wemba having good relationship with most members of the group but preferring jb who says he is his idol and koffi the same,decent relationship with most but closer to werra
jb mpiana will officially reveal to colleagues he wants to use denewade's idea has he has over 20 songs to pick from to release his solo album and after werrason being reluctant,jb threatens to record album without wenge if needed so they end up agreeing on it and after release of pentagone start working on it
but frustration and tension is starting to grow within the group first with the leaders who are eager to make strong individual statement but also with musicians who are growing up and have more responsabilities while they get very little money
while the group start recording feux de l'amour between studio bobongo and europe werrason will start planning on his album kibuisa mpimpa motivated by his "mentor" koffi(who will mention that name almost 5 years before release) and the other main members along with werra are also a bit frustated with the fact most of the gifts for mabanga are going to hotel rooms of jb and makaba mainly and werra tries to convince the group to record in the same time group album so that they also earn good money but didier masela convinces him to abandon that idea  because they already made good money from the tour and they should let jb get his proper spotlight for his album
but frustrated with werra's idea to record simultaneously an album,jb gives to werra little space on album and drops the song he had planned in duet with werra(which he still never released afterwards)
the first big sign of the growing tension will be the fact jb and werra will have separate concerts in ivory coast with the group,at different dates and the concerts will also mark the way both camp will openly show rivalry is starting to grow
the pro werra's dressing in the traditional sapeur-like japanese clothes while the pro-jb's dress like hip hop artists
another event will fuel tension its the visit of papa wemba at aquaboulevard concert in france in which,aware of tensions in the groups,says something controversial "oyo kombo nango la musica,respect ya trop na ba petit freres,mibale te moko kaka,pres" and later on presents jb as "mukulumpa,mokonzi"(the chief in tshiluba and lingala)
papa wemba's words will lead later to him being accused of causing the split but in some interviews he will claim he just showed support to his petit jb and urged colleagues to accept letting him remain the leader and remaining together but that he was misunderstood
alain makaba arrives to kinshasa on jb's demand for the big concert at grand hotel to present album feux de l'amour and  he will arrive with good money sent from simon destined to jb for his album
at the concert,the whole world will finally see openly how serious the conflict is getting with  adolphe and werrason singing about conflict in their impro in mon ami coboss and jb will counter them by letting blaise bula do the dirty job with quite agressive lyrics and papa wemba will use opportunity to try to clear out what is being said about him and will ask them to stick together and love each other but will say another thing which will have double interpretation,some will say he is hinting that the camp of werra will be lost after split,but himself will claim he talked about fans because he did not believe there was fans who liked jb but hated werra or vice versa but rather fans were fans of wenge4X4
after that,another controversial contract will arrive from kenya and in the meantime on spiritual level jb and werra do not collaborate anymore for the group success
 the jb camp who negotiated the contract go to kenya without adolphe werra and masela but they end up joining them there but and tension will reach yet another level when while werrason as the financial director of the group waits for the money from producers he never sees that money and for the very first time all the wenge musica members on that tour get paid proper money 500 dollars from that concert,and 500 from the feux de l'amour money
alain makaba who had always being against the system of sharing the money between the main men at expense of the group and who already saved the group from split in 1991 for that reason by sacrificing own money to calm upset members is the man behind that move
for him that is how the group shoud have always been ruled but also in that period of strong tension it appears as a very smart  tactic to get musicians "on the ir side" even more as they complain about werrason always blocking money the group will perform in kinshasa one last time but the mess became too big as they were not talking to each other anymore
 simon thinking purely as a producer does his absolute best to convince jb and co that even if the group splits  with his money they will keep the musicians happy and later he comes with another plan, convincing administrators to get rid of werrason unpopular for his gestion of money and in the heat of that strong tension jb and co agree while masela who was neither really pro werra or pro jb stands for werra and defends him at all costs
 authorities will try to sort out conflict as it would represent a great symbol for them to win over population with the departure of mobutu and arrival of kabila senior but instead it will worsen big time the relationships
in fact,after reunions authorities will ask for them all to pray together before next talks and its at that mo ment that werrason loses it still pissed about the way jb and co tricked his authority and he furiously walks towards jb shouting that he will beat him
 in the meantime monsieur simon had given jb blaise makaba idea and money to prepare plan b in case of split and has made sure to get visas for the whole group from jb to seguin zamuangana ferre so jb reacts to werrason's threat by giving to blaise a head sign to say plan B is on more than ever
and musicians move to blaise bula's house to rehearse new songs
 and while they are determined more than ever to follow plan b based on werra's reaction and monsieur simon's intensive brainwashing for his own profit,it was decided by those holding the peace talks that no rehearsal would be organized until next talks but jb and co were bold especially with bataclan in their hands and alain makaba who then had a bercy pre-offer,they went to rehearse
ali mbonda,ferre,christian mabanga all approached jb's camp but will be denied access not because they are not talented or because they hated them but because they did not fully commit to that camp so there was doubts over whether they are sent to spy
and during those rehearsals since they were now fired up as split was clear,blaise bula who saw in the split a golden opportunity to go higher up in hierarchy took upon himself to really be at forefront of all dirty missions and said if werrason didier masela and adolphe want to rejoin them they'll have to do tests
later on the camp of werra will say if jb mpiana and co do not show up then they are fired from wenge 4X4 since two of the three remain founders were on that side so for them it would not be a split but jb and his rebels fired from the group(hence why maison mere will start as wenge musica 4X4)

here splitted one of the most iconic groups of congolese and african music,16 years after the start

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