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One of the most underrated rhythm guitarists in the world has left us. It’s a pity. He deserved way more flowers to his contribution to not just Congolese music but his rhythmic playing alone. He would take a jazz chord, arpeggiated it and made it African and he was super clean and tasteful. A decade or so ago, a question was asked if you were in a Congolese band what instrument would you play? I said rhythm because of Gege Mangaya. There was a reason why he accompanied Franco on so many recordings. He added an element that made Franco’s songs a little more funkier. Something he needed to compete with younger bands who were heavily influenced by James Brown at the time.

Rest In Peace to the Guitar Guru

Congolese Music / Death Notice: Alice Berea aka Miss Alli
« on: October 14, 2021, 03:11 »
Many of us migrated from a forum by the name of Africambiance. It is with great sadness to inform this family that the creator and moderator of that forum Miss Alli has passed away. I am not sure of the official cause of death but I do know she was battling cancer and other ailments.

She is also a part of OK Jazz legacy as her son Adam, whom she leaves behind, is son to trumpeter Kadimoke Seye. It is legend that she is the inspiration behind Pepe Kalle’s Shikamo Seye. May she Rest In Peace.


Glad to see our artists paying homage to a legend. I’m sure Koffi owes a lot to Josky as he’s probably one of the few artists he’s worked with in the past without publicized beef. Lol. Kiekiekie


I LOVE THIS!!! Ferre is a true student. Best OK Jazz cover I think I’ve ever heard. Bravo.

Congolese Music / Josky Kiambukuta w JB Mpiana & Wenge BCBG
« on: March 14, 2021, 06:22 »

Makasso is MURDERING that rhythm!

RIP Le Commandent

« on: November 07, 2020, 18:12 »

Congrats to our new President Elect Joseph R Biden and our first VP woman of color Kamala Harris. A great day in America!

« on: September 28, 2020, 20:22 »
It’s bad enough I have to put up with my wife playing Afropop starring Davido all in my  house, but THIS SHIT??? I’m over it! I’m going back to listening to OK Jazz...  :-\


The energy of this group is infectious. You can’t help but to move. Their band though... a problem!!! Can someone name their solo guitarist?? He went straight Beniko on us towards the end!!

This is not good smh... she’s also doing her rounds doing interviews and she’s getting heavy support.
This is never okay.

Penielle’s Photos on Instagram

Congolese Music / VODACOM’S BEST OF THE BEST 2019
« on: November 25, 2019, 20:28 »
I am surprised we’re not talking about this show. Vodacom has been doing a show like American Idol in Congo for a while now but no one is talking about it.  I watched some performances from last season and they were pretty good. Not sure who won last season but the talent this year isn’t bad at all. Especially the first few that I saw.

Abdallah - Pesa Makambu

This song is right here is fire and I see it as an open challenge to Yo Pe. The kid even has the backing of Bill Clinton so I’m curious to see if he’ll overshadow the other contestants due to his popularity rising.

Stone Zevoice - Mfuidi

P. James - Na Ko Bala

I love that the show is diverse but some of these guys have some great rhumbas especially the two above.

The judges panel also has credibility with M’Bilia Bel helping to usher in the new era.

Not sure if they’re still together but she’s on there looking like a whole snack. For a woman who recently had a baby, she bounced back like teflon.

Ayembi lokola Papa. Elengi!!

Congolese Music / Manda Chante & BANA OK
« on: August 13, 2019, 20:32 »
I have watched a couple of their concerts and it’s refreshing to watch him sing OK Jazz songs but I’ve got questionss:

What is his plan for the band?

Are they releasing new music or is it just a Kinshasa based cover band?

Was Wenge Reference a band of free lance studio musicians or actual members. What becomes of them?

I’d like to see him grow the band and polish their sound but there are no original members for appropriate guidance. Which is the same underlying issue I’m seeing for the original OK Jazz managed by Franco’s son.

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